Mars ballet around Uranus – summer 2018

Mars ballet around Uranus – summer 2018

Janus, double-faced god



June-July 2018 Mars ballet around Uranus

I have just spent a few days at a UFO conference. The main subject was —still— the discovery of a conspiracy that spanned on decades in 3D and millennia in human multi-dimensional history. The speakers in general were pointing at aliens involvement with government and army, sometimes commenting on their control over human history,  yet failed to connect the dots with the leading role of the lodges. But they are coming closer to the truth. No one really knows more than what has been exposed for decades in the internet; same stories, same photos recycled.

As several speakers are scheduled at the same time, it is difficult to cover all the subjects. In the lectures that I attended, there was no understanding of the big picture and global mechanisms that led to a conspiracy. No mention of Satanism or initiations, except a brief mention of pedophilia. Yet, it was beautiful to watch such an open minded and eccentric crowd, the growing level of consciousness and general mind opening to subjects that we considered anathema 25-30 years ago.

The old boy club has changed; instead of business men, we were watching friends congratulating each other for their research, and fortunately a few female speakers who are now bringing to the table a more connected, more intuitive vision.

Now, we have to mention that, although everyone claims to be genuine, it was obvious that the general scene is still highly monitored, and a number of the speakers are controlled by energies and groups that go far beyond their reach (I guess, or they are just liers). The old and very dark ETs who were in charge of internationally famous channels and groups in the 90s and early 21st are still present. They are still feeding themselves of human energies while dispensing a mix of true and mis-information, enough sensational to bring people.

Do you fully understand how egregores function? As HBs are energies and data processors (receivers, and dispensers), there is no innocent long-term association with someone or something that is controlled by the dark side or the dark-side+entities+government programs.


So, what is the point?

We still have a few important markers for 2018, the June Solstice, 2 eclipses and the Equinox.  “Solstices are connected to Janus, the double-faced god, god of the doors. We find the symbolism of the solstice in the New Testament. John the Baptist whose feast takes place on June 24th said: “He must increase, and I must decrease.” The role of Saint John was (author: in the exoteric tradition) to announce the coming of the Christ whose birth is celebrated on the winter solstice. In astrology, the Sun enters the Cancer at the Summer solstice. This water sign, cardinal, governed by the Moon, feminine principle and matrix is linked to the origins. It indicates a fecundation, the start of a gestation by which the Christ will be born, reborn, on the winter solstice.”

The June summer solstice, pretty balanced, energetically speaking, will be followed by two eclipses in July:

  • A partial solar eclipse on July 12-13th, 21 Cancer
  • A total lunar eclipse on the 27, 5 Aquarius.


But we have to look at Mars, mentioned in the 2017 article Stargate conclusions, [ ROLE of the PLANET MARS] LINK.  Over  2018 , the planet Mars, at the core of Alien conspiracy and Orionic in energy is playing a strange ballet with the exo-planet Uranus, both triggering change and action, if not re-action and violence. Before even going into details: Uranus, the trigger of change, exchanging strikes or using Mars. War, pole shift?

I am trying to be light with astrology, but it is still a very good tool.

The Mars cycle that we are looking at started in July 2017 (curiously when Trump and KJU began their bull-fight) and will culminate in July 2018 at the eclipse. Mars will be located at 180 degrees (opposition) from the start of his journey and conjunct to the Moon (in total eclipse, next to the South Node).

“On July 31st 2018 @07.51 hours, mars will be at its closest approach to earth since august 27 2003, the year of the US led invasion of Iraq. .. the two approaches are the closest that the earth began first migrating out of Africa southward to Australia and northward into Europe. It will be 2287 before mars again looms so near.”


Was and is Mars the platform that has been utilized to navigate in and out the Earth?


Besides Mars, four other planets are also retrograde:  Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune. Another opportunity to correct mistakes, re-caliber wrong judgements, look back and find more information about the past, more patterns, more karma to let go of. Retrogradation is not unusual. What is interesting is to pay attention to the signs and houses impacted in your chart; you will know what you need to work on.  For instance, globally speaking, Neptune will retrograde in the Pisces. What house or planet do you have in the Pisces? As we are launching the Aquarius Era, it is a ‘good coincidence’ offered by the universe to review all illusions that we have entertained for 2000 years, victimization patterns, habits of self-sacrifice that were acceptable in the past cycle and energies (Jesus on a cross). Time to be honest and let go of the masks, the mental and physical addictions and fantasy world. No more crutches and a clean sense of self are necessary to make it into the next world.

And eventually no more illusions about aliens, inter-stellar conflicts and the impact of ETS in your life. The Aquarius energy is ruled by Uranus (See April 2018 newsletter). There is a strong attempt of implementation of alien values and artificial intelligence ruling the human world.

Do you still feel the change, not only the general consciousness moving upward, but yours? Are you ready for the shift? And what shift is your consciousness welcoming and feeding?

Yes, we have been speaking about it since 2015 and the earth is still quietly turning on its axis. Yet, we entered the year of manifestation of the Aquarius Era (See article Uranus in the Taurus) in a year 11. As for the Alien lovers, and the new ‘New Age’ movement, it is all about disclosure. What kind of disclosure? Are we speaking about the US or Chinese governments offering a public mea-culpa: ‘we tricked you and treated you like slaves, we are sorry’. ‘Really?’ Or are people expecting to be saved by a group of aliens? This is not such a great spiritual progress. This means that a small section of HBs are finally really to wake up and stop accepting the abuse perpetrated by their own — helped or not by a bunch of renegade aliens, also lead by their egos and low consciousness.

Isn’t the most important and realistic part, knowing who you, we, truly are? Finding out what your soul is made of; coming out of the limited image of body-soul to an extensive and magnificent being, whose aspects expand far from the Earth. Do you have an alien extension? Where? How is it congruent with your story, with your parallel existences?

Let’s open the dialog.

When Neptune starts its retrogradation, it creates a harmonious triangle with Jupiter (expansion, rulership) and Mercury, a configuration that is still present on the 21st, for the solstice. Mercury happens to be conjunct to Sirius.

Several hints: Expansion. Sirius initiation. Message. Hermaphrodite. I read love to read how you get the hints.

And of course, mars is making it to the front page:



Now, whether you know the technical aspects or not, do you know, do you feel, in terms of frequency, the difference between aliens, entities, angels, robots, clones, hybrids?

Although I cannot consciously use ubiquity anymore, i trust that I have heard what was necessary. One speaker (Who?) mentioned the experiment/s made by Ron Hubbard, head of the Church of Scientology, and Jack Parsons, an O.T.O members, thus follower of Aleister Crowley. Although, I have always known and ‘seen’ Hubbard practicing black rituals, for himself and against others, I have never investigated.

This magical ritual is also mentioned in the Netflix documentary about Scientology. Why are we speaking about this particular experience? Because, if we look at what Scientology is about, it is the perfect blend of old lodge magic and alien presence. Who were the beings who responded to magic rituals?


“EARLIER ciphers were presented to initiates in a ritual context. This ritual context has, from at least the times of the Egyptian and Babylonian Priesthood, formed the bridge between human initiates and their Ultra-terrestrial sponsors, sometimes associated with the double star system of Sirius, even in ancient times. Thus, we find the ‘modern’ Egyptian Masonic Rite of Memphis conferring a secret Degree called ADEPT OF SIRIUS, the name of which, decoded using the eleven-fold cipher encrypted in The Book of the Law, means SECRET CHIEFS and, also, SECRET MASTER.”


What exactly are the Hierarchies made of?  [very funny, I imagine the face of someone who does not like when I keep asking questions instead of giving straight answers!!] Ascended Masters, coming out of Earth school? Cool! Even romantic!

What did you feel with the Ashtar Command, Kryon? And when you read Zacharia Sitchin? [if you have never studied anything from him, time to read, at least, some excerpts]. What do you feel when I am with you and My Presence anchors Itself, stronger in my body? Can you make the difference?

Who were the beings mentioned in Genesis and the book of Enoch? What is the difference between a Elohim and an ET? Billions of years of consciousness seems to be the answer. [ouf, an answer!].

Between a Creator-god and an Anunaki? Same thing. A different level of consciousness and a huge different in the timelines.

Between the Dragon and the Serpents of Wisdom. Billions or millions of years of tumble, collapse (degringolade) into physicality and loss of self.

I was surprised when I painted the Blue Lightning, because of the weird cat-like/bird/like feeling. Then amused when the Face emerged in the middle of the wings in the Eclipse painting. Yet, I have communicated with so many different aspects of my/Myself; face, no face, body, no body;

What is the difference between an extra-terrestrial being from Sirius, the Pleiades or Vega and an angel? To me, they are still different species. Are all ETs bad or all good?

Who met with Enoch and Ezechiel? Ets or Angels?

Staircase to the star Sirius


Photo: Staircase leading to Sirius:

As the Sirius Star Sirius ruled the Earth (as the holder of both male and female aspect), your first goal iswas to pass the initiations offered by Sirius. Then, if this is the case, re-connect consciously with a Sirian extension.




Trump and Kim – Astrology, great article

“It’s kind of like a third time proves it loop regarding the square to Uranus! And it’s only natural that, coincident to this volatile transit, simmering sparks of unresolved global tensions could suddenly ignite into larger conflagrations. Certain dates must be closely watched for their developments.

After heading retrograde on June 26, Mars will be caught up in a Lunar Eclipse on July 27. Mars links in with the Moon and South Node, whilst opposing the Sun and retrograding back onto the square with Uranus. It then heads direct on August 27, in its exaltation degree. This final direct movement, late August back in 1939, precisely timed Hitler’s mobilisation to the Polish border and invasion the following week.”

CLOSEST FOR 60,000 YEARS NEAR ECLIPSE TIME: On July 31st 2018 @ 07.51 hours, Mars will be at its closest approach to Earth since August 27 2003, the year of the US led invasion of Iraq. It will be the best viewing time for professional and amateur astronomers alike.

The two approaches are the closest that the Earth and Mars have been for 60,000 years. According to paleontologists, that was when early humans began first migrating out of Africa southward to Australia and northward into Europe. It will be 2287 before Mars again looms so near….. The Mars Uranus triple squares and oppositions, across the last century, have coincided with conflict connected to revolutionary movements.”


Hubbard’s compares: Jack Parsons, Wiki: John Whiteside “Jack” Parsons (born Marvel Whiteside Parsons;[nb 1] October 2, 1914 – June 17, 1952) was an American rocket engineer and rocket propulsion researcher, chemist, and Thelemite occultist. Associated with the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Parsons was one of the principal founders of both the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and the Aerojet Engineering Corporation. He invented the first rocket engine to use a castablecomposite rocket propellant,[1] and pioneered the advancement of both liquid-fuel and solid-fuel rockets.”


Michael Lee Hill, contacts with ‘Marduk’, lake Erie


lucifer’s left  overs: SAALAM supreme anunaki alliance of Lord Marduk – connection with the Zion Protocols


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