Full Moon August 26th, 2018 – Attune to the Great Mother’s frequency and manifest your dreams.

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Full Moon August 26th, 2018 – Attune to the Great Mother’s frequency and manifest your dreams.

Seated Mother Goddess flanked by two lionesses from Çatalhöyük (Turkey), Neolithic age (about 6000-5500 BCE), today in Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara Doubts about accuracy of this description are presented in Wikipedia:Talk:Cybele #Seated Woman of Çatalhöyük.

Fertility Figure, Cybele, Çatalhöyük (Turkey). Neolithic.


As soon as we entered the Virgo territory — first decan (8/23 to 9/2) pictures and flash backs of black Madonnas started to loom out of my consciousness… the Vierge de la Bonne-Mort (Madonna of the Good-Death) was the favorite and my Consciousness hovered above the dormant volcanic area of Auvergne, in France, for a few days. The weird name of this Black Madonna, now sitting in the crypt of Puy-en-Velay Cathedral, translates her origin: she was found protecting a Bishop in his casket and her face was probably rosy until 1830. As the main Black Madonna enthroned on the Cathedral’s main altar, she is not an original. All true black madonnas in the area were damaged at the time of the French Revolution.

For more than a week, the Mother, in her full power, holding her mature Son, has been around, seeking my attention, her fixed eyes watching my movements.

On August 21st, the Sun entered 28degrees Leo, same position as last year during the Great American Eclipse, conjunct to royal fixed star, Regulus at 0 Virgo.

At the end of August we are bathing in a fusion of Solar energy, the Sun, the King (Regulus) and the Virgo. Black Madonnas are often represented seated, with a mature son on their lap, holding a globe. This is the same idea that was conveyed by the Egyptian Isis, whose hieroglyph was a seat or a throne, for the child-god Horus.

During this chaotic period of exposed political and religious corruption, Mother Earth and the Great Feminine energy are seeking for our attention, if not support. Far beyond the noise of the me-too true and fake stars, the Earth wants human beings to hear her message.


Before being ruled by Mercury, Virgo, embodying the Mother archetype, is connected to the Moon, the Moon as the Mother of Form, and therefore associated to the Great Mother. The Virgo discriminates and organizes matter, life in 3D, around herself, to find her way to the Light or, if she has already found her path to the Soul, stay connected to the Light and to the Father. When the alchemical work with the personality has been achieved, she is then the Queen of the Harvest, as she holds the Ear of Wheat [symbol of harvest and abundance].

But the Virgo, being a perfectionist can make herself overwhelmed by the details and the chores that she naturally partakes with. She will then jump on the other side of the axis (Virgo-Pisces) and become her own victim (see below). A mechanism that might be exacerbated or exorcised during this full moon on the Virgo-Pisces axis.

The most important aspect in this full moon is the trine Saturn/Uranus. Uranus is the change; remember, we are building the new, new relationships, new life, new form of expression and Saturn is present to consolidate our efforts, to reward our patience, long term efforts and skills.

Saturn is the past but also the experience. After the baptism of fire and the transmutation imposed by the Scorpio, you will use your assets,  maturity  and wisdom to build your new life.

A full moon being a time of completion (across from new moon: beginning), maturation, you still have to be patient if you are working on a new project. Let things clear up, settle (se decanter); and use your inner balance Earth energy of Virgo to ground yourself and practice perfection [Life, my life is perfect. I am a part of a grander purpose, blessed by the Divine. When I let go, I allow the perfection of the universe to manifest itself in my life. While observing the magic of nature, of life, the intelligence of the universe, I can abandon myself, in trust and faith, to the Divine Arms and Path].

If you cannot do that, follow your intuition that will guide you towards the viruses that you are still accepting in your mental and emotional softwares. Then, clean up!

Although, you might feel highly frustrated because of the retrogradation of the planets, do not rush into action. Mercury just turned direct again on August 19th and Mars (action) will move on the 27th. Strategy, planning with the Virgo, yet, circumspection and spiritual guidance are your best assets.


If, during the last months or even years, you have paid attention to all areas of your life that had to be healed, corrected (Khiron/Saturn), then Jupiter, working in harmony with Pluto, will bless your efforts. Jupiter sits in the Pluto’s kingdom (Scorpio); therefore, the expansion brought by Jupiter, in good aspects with Pluto, is only conditioned by your ability to sustain and ground (Virgo, discrimination, pragmatism) the changes that were/are required.


The harmonic triangle between Jupiter, Pluto and Neptune is still present in the astral configurations (+ harmony with Mercury)  for the August 26 full moon. The message is consistent with what we have learnt over the years: if you have worked out, abandoned the basic illusions and addictions of the lower self, you can access the highest level of Neptune; you will then rely, trust your intuition, your spiritual Self, to renew yourself (Pluto) and be blessed (Jupiter). Another interpretation: expansion and blessings are offered by Jupiter and the present stars, if you have left the fear , the victim side of the Pisces (Neptune in the Pisces; notes) and make yourself available to the infinite possibilities of the universe.



The Mother wants to recover her power, heal from the abuse that the Earth has sustained over centuries. Using the elements and Mother Nature, She is then cleaning and rebalancing the Earth (Fires, floods, seismic movements) to open the path to the Son, who manifests the New Era (Uranus in the Taurus), the Light and the Father’s will.

Saturn is conjunct to Vesta, the goddess of Harmony.  At one with the Earth, anchor balance and harmony in your life. Show respect for the Great Mother who has guided humankind for ever through the necessary journey in matter. Protect, love nature and the animal realm  instead of using them without love.

Accept Her love and support. Recognize the gift that she offered humankind and you: understanding, participate in the manifestation of form, in the creation of everything. With this experience in your heart/mind, you can now create your own dream (the Sun-Moon, Saturn/Uranus configuration). As for Myself, My dream is to bring into  human reality, to manifest the New Jerusalem. The Celestial Wedding occurred, in human time, in August 2011 (Cosmic Love, page 245 http://archangel-michael.us/books/ ). Does the fruit of Her Womb has to wait for mankind to be ready, which implies a slow process that could take centuries? Or, can we, can I push through the uterine wormhole and walk, contemplate, Be on the other side?

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