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“My quest into lion shamanism was not an act of blind faith, nor was it an act of blind fact. I have come to combine dualities such as faith and fact, myth and reality, and science and religion, in a meaningful, interconnected way that I hope illustrates that they should never have been separated.”

(Linda Tucker, Mystery of the White Lions, Children of the Sun God).”



A good example of balance Neptune-Jupiter.


Writing a blog about 2020 formidable aspects. Erring in space with other planets. So, I am sending you what I already have.


During 2019, we have felt the square Jupiter-Neptune: all is possible … but… no! optimism, expansion were stymied by Neptune, lack of clarity, emotional miasma/left overs; the old karma from the Pisces Era still not transmuted :Pluto-Saturn dancing together and south node. Also, Read Between Sirius and Vega. We are only getting ready for a powerful 2020.


Three exacts square, in January, June and on September 21st – two days before the equinox.

“We have been swamped by the media all years with information about the symbolism of this dissonant transit. Between D. Trump and his arm wrestling with China, his political bluff and incendiary tweets; the head of North Corea launching provocative missiles, Matteo Salvani (Pisces, second decan) on an ego trip; Boris Johnson playing poker with the UK and Brexit and Bolsonaro watching the fires in the Amazon, we are more and more conscious that the world is under the responsibility of a handful of men playing the Russian roulette.”


And an American story, besides the ongoing Trump-saga: “WeWork, once viewed as the future of work, was now seen by many as a money-losing real estate play.

It’s somehow fitting that Neumann got shoved out of the CEO’s office on the same day House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) finally announced an impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s conduct. Neumann is, in some ways, a Silicon Valley Donald Trump — grandiose, greedy and ethically challenged. His fall shows us just how fast public perception can change, and how leaders can seem all-powerful until, suddenly, they’re not.”





Jupiter tumultuous clouds, Juno

Jupiter, Nasa, Juno

After the big cleaning in the Scorpio, a good look at personal power, occulted areas, Jupiter visits his own house until December 2019.  Self-confidence, faith and big dreams are looming out of our happy self.  “With Jupiter in Sagittarius, we attract the best fortune when we are open-handed and generous, tolerant, and inspirational, and when we practice what we preach. We need only believe in ourselves and our goals, show our enthusiasm to learn and to teach, and look at the big picture. We may find particular success in travel, education, teaching, sports, publishing, and foreign cultures.

Jupiter’s zeal can supersede moderation at times. It can expand the more negative qualities of a sign, just as it can expand the positive traits. Its zeal and enthusiasm are well-intentioned, but it can blind us to our immoderate behavior.” (very good description of Jupiter. Recommended).

Sagittarius is acquainted to the 9th house, international travel, higher education, spirituality. Ruled by Jupiter the typical Sagittarian is a traveler, a gifted adventurous philosopher and often a guru. He can be too straightforward and selfrighteous.  The Sagittarius esoterical ruler is Earth. When a Sagittarius has overcome the need to expand in all directions without settling down, then he will be more grounded, and capable of using his many talents for others. The positive aspect of the visit in Sagittarius is to bring knowledge, truth, with the jupiterian capacity to look at the big-picture.


Jupiter being the guru, the spiritual leader, champion of ethics and morality, the square with Neptune amplifies the release of hidden, secret behaviors of established religious leaders; priests and menofgod taking advantage of their position to abuse children and women.



“Discovered on September 23rd, 1846, Neptune’s position was predicted before it was found. In astrology, we use the circumstances around a planet’s discovery and naming, to find its meaning. These correspond with the Roman God or Goddess that gives the planet – or asteroid – its name.

Neptune rules prediction. Seeing across time and space with clairvoyance. Looking into the future. You can call it clever guesswork or intuition. Other realities! Yet – this is ultimately how Neptune was found. Through a sense of knowing.

NASA: “Neptune is the only planet in our solar system not visible to the naked eye.””


In the same way that Neptune was predicted, intuited, its energy in the chart, is about spirituality, mysticism,


When Neptune is no more about subconscious mind, drugs, bluff, illusions, lies, its energy brings the capacity to see beyond the 3D reality, the ability to transcend self and situations, look at the bigger picture of our life, psychic world, psychological environment, untangible world and things.


Neptune in Pisces=  Water, emotions, empathy, intuition, imagination. Mankind has spent thousands of years refining the emotional body; emerging from the reptilian brain, location of the fight or fly mechanisms, we have moved our awareness to the emotional mammalian brain. Now, emotions have triggered our higher glands, opened our hearts and we can feel more, else.

Neptune retrograde

Still 4 planets retrograde (reviewing our mechanisms) plus Pluto still conjunct to south node (1 degree), which is digging into our past and karmas.




Both Jupiter and Neptune are in their signs, therefore increasing the value of their impact.

All year long, we have swayed between facts and fiction, politically, personally; is it time to reinforce our faith or destroy our fantasy world, whether personal, romantic or financial?

Faith and true spiritual life versus delusional beliefs and behaviors. The square with Jupiter induces your beliefs to be tested. Yet, the incorrigible dreamers can benefit from the sextile Saturn-Neptune prompting them to be more grounded, to channel their inspiration into manageable and practical projects.

Expansion/empathy and dreams: we are learning to establish boundaries without building walls, between each other, between the 3D and other realities, and finally geopolitically with the immigration crisis. Can an individual respond to his dreams? How are the rich(er) countries supposed to react to the challenges brought by mass-immigration?

Enthralled by the inner or spiritual world, we might have difficulty to be practical and take action (Neptune 180/opposition with Mars still in the Virgo as of 9/27).

Overcoming the Neptune-Jupiter square is key to embracing a brighter future. With Jupiter, more connected to organized religions and beliefs, and Neptune intuiting his way through the veils, we are forced to release any desire to impose our own truth and embrace others’ as equally valid. In societies in transition, tolerance and acceptance might be the key to peace. Yet, is it a Neptunian illusion? While prompted to understand that people and situations can change, how will the shift occur, in fact? It is still a mystery testing our strength and faith.




Pity: ‘In my brain are studies, filled with books and pictures of old which I wrote and painted … and those works are the delight and study of archangels,” wrote Blake



Saturn and Pluto are both retrograde, not conjunct yet,  but with the help of the Sun and the mind/Mercuruthe soul to balance itself, with Mercury’s assistance. Going from the emotional self (Moon-Neptune) to the thinking solar self. Finish our karmas


Saturn conjunct Pluto at 22 January 12th

Jupiter conjunct Pluto April 4th at 24.53; June 30th and November 12th (22.52)

Jupiter conjunct Saturn, December 21, 0.29 Aquarius


What were you doing in 1982?

And around 1520 (1518-1524)






The last Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto alignment occurred in 1284-1285 CE. Although not as tight, it was quite significant because it occurred in opposition to Uranus (the mid-point of the Uranus-Pluto 142-year cycle, which began in 1201 CE.)

King Philip, who had been in debt to the Templars, made false accusations against them for several political and financial reasons in 1305 and then coerces his pawn, Pope Clement to instruct all Christian monarchs throughout Europe to arrest all Templars and seize their assets, which Clement finally acquiesces to and does in 1312.* * Helen Nicholson, “The Knights Templar: a New History,” Sutton Publishing, 2001, 2004.

It is interesting to note that King Philip IV of France (b. 1268 d. 1314) became King Philip I of Navarre in 1284 (through his marriage with Joan I, the queen regnant of Navarre), the exact time of the last Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto synodic confluence, which occurred during the Uranus-Pluto opposition; and that he accuses, arrests, and overthrows the Templars in 1305, the exact time of the Jupiter and Saturn synods with the Uranus-Neptune synod (shown in the timeline below).

Jupiter and Saturn enter the completion phase of their 20-year synodic cycle that began in 2000. Jupiter and Saturn make their climatic arrival to conjoin with Pluto in late sidereal Sagittarius and under the auspices of Aquila the Eagle in 2020. Jupiter-Saturn cycles are one of the most powerful and influential in our solar system dynamics. Jupiter’s magnetic field creates a huge, intense and complex magnetosphere that is larger than the diameter of the Sun and envelops the orbit of Saturn.


If you want to study your chart: Exploring Ketu & Rahu’s passage through Sagittarius/Gemini in a Natal Chart 2019-2020.

Although the Ketu-Saturn and Jupiter conjunctions occur throughout 2019, the passage of the Lunar Nodes through sidereal Sagittarius/Gemini continues through September of 2020.

Keep in mind the theme of the Ketu-Saturn-Pluto conjunction (deconstruction and discarding antiquated forms and structures (Saturn), how we use our personal power (Pluto) and elevating or spiritualizing this energetic to the higher ideals the Zen Archer exemplifies (Ketu-Saturn-Pluto occuring in Sagittarius / Lyra). This in no way means that these areas of your life are being destroyed, it means areas of life where there is impetus to claim the wisdom from previous modes of participation. The house that Rahu transits determines where there is impetus to explore new possibilities and where to engage in new experience to serve your greater growth and life purpose. Occuring in Gemini, this involves communication and exploration amongst humanity and in social interactions, and also in areas of commerce and the exchange of good and services, and all that is associated with Gemini in general.



Then, as 2020 rolls on, the mighty Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions in Capricorn will help you to get up where you belong – at the same time, helping raise your entire chosen field, profession or industry higher. As always, if a path was never really right for you, it may disappear. You may decide to leave it, or that pathway may shut, making it necessary to find another.

These patterns seem profoundly fated to an astrologer’s eyes. First, the tests and trials of Saturn in Capricorn, then the change in the balance of power that comes with Ceres and Pluto in Capricorn, making patterns in January 2020. Then, the restructure, repair, reform and renewal of Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn together, for the rest of 2020 as a whole. It’s a story. If you have Capricorn factors, or actually are a Capricorn, then it’s also your life story too. The specifics – the dates you are affected – and the shape of it all – will be decided by the patterns in your chart at the time.









  • PLUTO-NEPTUNE TRANSIT, First  Russian floating power plant arrives to its base, across the Bering Strait set off on a 5,000 km (3,100 mile) journey on Aug. 23 through Arctic waters to reach the Chukotka region.



  • LABOR CAMPS, EDUCATIONAL CAMPS, TORTURES, why do we even have an International Declaration of Human Rights? And a Pope?

Let’s hope that we don’t have this in the US… let’s see…

“When detained in China, political prisoners often disappear for months at a time. Sometimes, they reappear after lengthy interrogation, having mae a coerced ‘confession’ that is then televised. Others are less fortunate, reduced to just an announcement that they were convicted without access to family or lawyers.

still, others are tortured and denied medical care and die without ever resurfacing.”

What is happening or happened in Guantanamo Bay? Pretty hard to read, but at least, no more illusion.

“Current and former detainees have reported abuse and torture, which the Bush administration denied. In a 2005 Amnesty International report, the facility was called the “Gulag of our times.”[16] In 2006, the United Nations unsuccessfully demanded that Guantanamo Bay detention camp be closed.[17] On 13 January 2009, Susan J. Crawford, appointed by Bush to review DoD practices used at Guantanamo Bay and oversee the military trials, became the first Bush administration official to concede that torture occurred at Guantanamo Bay on one detainee (Mohammed al-Qahtani), saying “We tortured Qahtani.” wiki

Three British Muslim prisoners, known in the media at the time as the “Tipton Three“, were repatriated to the United Kingdom in March 2004, where officials immediately released them without charge. The three have alleged ongoing torture, sexual degradation, forced drugging and religious persecution being committed by U.S. forces at Guantánamo Bay.[75][76] The former Guantanamo detainee Mehdi Ghezali was freed without charge on 9 July 2004, after two and a half years internment. Ghezali has claimed that he was the victim of repeated torture. Omar Deghayes alleges he was blinded by pepper spray during his detention.[77] Juma Al Dossary claims he was interrogated hundreds of times, beaten, tortured with broken glass, barbed wire, burning cigarettes, and sexual assaults.[78] David Hicks also made allegations of torture[79][80][81] and mistreatment in Guantanamo Bay, including sensory deprivationstress positions,[82] having his head slammed into concrete, repeated anal penetration, routine sleep deprivation[80] and forced drug injections.[83][84][85][86]

President Donald Trump has vowed to keep the prison open and to use it to detain “bad dudes,” potentially including American supporters of ISIS.[325] Trump has also considered bringing back waterboarding or “worse”.[325] On 30 January 2018, just before delivering his State of the Union address, Trump signed an executive order keeping the prison open indefinitely.[326]



  • FAKE NEWS. 5.3 million Venezuelan migrants and refugees throughout Latin America by the end of 2019. There was a major crisis.

Alas! These figures were pure propaganda: the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees has just published its official statistics as at December 31, 2018.
57% of the world’s refugees came from Syria (6.7 million), Afghanistan (2.7 million) and South Sudan (2.3 million).
Venezuelan refugees represented only 341,800 people (many of whom have since returned to their country). VOLTAIRENET.ORG



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