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Tibetan Myth, Michael Parenti

A must read for all those who still have illusions about Tibetan Buddhism….. By Michael Parenti,  January 2007.   “Far from being an enlightened Shangri-La, the old Tibet was a feudal theocracy where ordinary Tibetans were treated cruelly by lamas and landlords and were forced to accept their misery as karmic atonement for their wicked ways […]

Grail, what is the Holy Grail

As man walks up Jacob’s ladder, his level of consciousness changes. At each step, he might believe that he has reached transcendence or enlightenment. However, in the absolute, as long as one is not permanently back to the Womb of God, annihilated into nothingness and free of the need for individual consciousness, the return is […]

Great Mother and the Bloodline

Numbers One, Two and Three; duality and feminine aspect; Black Madonna; the Mother and Lucifer “The Kojiki (Chronical of the Anciens Dits) explains that the sun goddess, Amateratsu Omokami, angry against her brother Suano No Mikoto, that she found too violent, sought refuge in a cave, and thus buried herself in the world of darkness. […]

Are the Jewish people the Chosen people?

An introduction to the concept of chosen people and Divine Bloodline. (Amen, Excerpts) “The Jewish people and their story (real or counterfeit), broadcasted around the world through the Bible, is the perfect image of the human lineage’s role. This certainly does not imply that the Jewish people are the Lineage or the chosen people. But […]

Synarchy, Saint Yves d’Alveydre, World King, Shambala… Is Buddhism the answer?

Saint Yves d’Alveydre, World King, Shambala… Is Buddhism the answer? In Europe, during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, a number of mystical currents emerged that tried to reestablish a conscious bridge between political power and spirituality. The purpose of the Synarchic Movement was to build a society that would respect the people and separate powers. […]

Serpents of Wisdom

Who are Serpents of Wisdom and Dragons, their role. In most areas of the world, human recollect of a time when beings with special powers and knowledge, visited the planet. “In China, this mysterious being, who has a physical nature and spiritual attributes is the mythical dragon, i.e. the symbol of the historical actual Adept, […]

Venus, Mercury and the Mind

WHO, WHAT IS VENUS?  VENUS, MERCURY AND THE MIND. The planet Venus is also called Venus-Lucifer. The pentagram, symbol of Venus, symbol of incarnated man is, when reversed, the symbol of Lucifer . In this case, Venus, symbol of love and Wisdom, becomes essentially Isiac and plays the role of the priestess whose body is the […]

Knights Templars, secret

Picture: www.templechurch.com Humankind lives at the dawn of the manifestation of the Kingdom or the anchorage in a new dimension. Although the foremost events contributing to this magnificent achievement are hidden and invisible to the human eye, the group consciousness feels what is occurring on the inner planes. Consequently, information about the Royal Lineage and the Grail […]

Wake up!

SERVE DIVINE PLAN. THE ARCHANGEL MICHAEL IS EMBODIED, NEXT TO YOU, IN ORDER TO IMPLEMENT GOD’S PLAN AND WILL AND WALK YOUR WALK.  IT IS TIME TO SUPPORT THE ARCHANGEL.  Are you conscious of the urgency of the times? Do you realize the degree of corruption, violence and lies that ooze out at all levels […]

Mont-Saint-Michel, the Merging

Is the United States going to refocus or fail momentarily their original divine mission? How to assist alleviating the chaos on the Planet? THE CASE OF PLANET X, Mont Saint Michel, in France, attracts millions of visitors each year and touches each one of them with a powerful feeling of divine magic. For centuries, kings, […]