Between Hale Bopp and Neowise

Comet NEOWISE – 6500-6800  years before we see it again. Just after the super important June 21st eclipse.

“Officially known as C/2020 F3, Comet NEOWISE is a comet that was discovered on March 27, 2020, by NEOWISE, the asteroid-hunting afterlife of the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) mission.”

The comet orbits the sun every 6,800 to 7,000 years, NASA has said. The comet is currently about 70 million miles (111 million kilometers) away from Earth.”

Strange? ¼ of a precessional cycle. One cycle = approximately 25920 years. 72 years to move 1 degree. The Zodiac expands along 360 degrees. 72 x 360 = 25920 – One era = 25920 : 12 = approx. 2160 years.

One can prove everything with the internet…. the first time that I heard about this comet, a comet that we will not see again before 6500 years, my mind reacted. In fact,  about 6500 years ago was the restart of our world, the intervention of the fair skinned, blue eyed, mysterious visitors.  Back to one of our most revealing series of workshop. Although some of the information available around 2000 was probably erroneous, it rings a bell.  A world change, an eventual cataclysm and new beginning.

In 1996, when Comet Hale Bopp visited us, I was navigating between Utah and Los Angeles and had reconnected with the Seven Creators while hiking in Zion National Park. Probably the true reason of my ongoing visits to the park.

In the workshops, I  was painstakingly explaining the multi-dimensional nature of the soul, mentioning our extra-terrestrial extensions, in front of very perplexed faces. In 1995, I had reintegrated the Great White Brotherhood and was lecturing in their behalf. In 1996, I met Sanat Kumara and reconnected with the Spiritual Hierarchy. His touch on my heart was felt until 1998. In the meantime, Michael the Archangel has reached out, forcing through a friend’s voice: “I Am the Archangel Michael. You will understand my message in about a year. When My Heart beats, so does your heart. And when your heart beats, so does My Heart.” Soon after, the Water of Life was born (the modern version of it, with new DNA imprint).

1998: Michael the Archangel sets foot on Earth, in 3D.

Then, 1998-2001, planting the Seeds of Manifestation (numerology and sacred geometry, seed the Earth energy field to re-organize the matrix.  Ground the Archangelic and Vega Frequency. After clearing the dramatic memories of the Cathars (2000-2001. Three days of torrential rain around Montsegur at my first visit), who were the first carriers of the Christ Consciousness, it was time to prepare the world for the 6 in the heart (2 triangles, see book, I Am That I Am) + activation of the Alta Major, multidimensional center in the human structure and bridge to the blossoming of the higher chakras.

Preparation of the French cross, the ley lines necessary for the awakening of the Dragon. Four devas were anchored in Paris to clean up the heavy past of the city (June). Cleaning of the Alsace Lorraine sacred vortices. Simultaneously, preparation of the path of the Divine Bloodline, reclaiming of the vortices in the south west of France.

2001: November, release of the Great Dragon = Earth Kundalini.


Do you see how logical things are? 24 years of work between 2 comets. Funny how humans can be blind… or stubborn. Ego, ego when will you surrender?

In the seminar series about multi-dimensions and re-start of civilizations under the care and impulse of extra-terrestrial visitors, I was only mentioning Sirius, as I was not attuned yet with Vega. Now, the new vortex connected to the Lyra and Vega is functioning.  So, what is next for us?

In 1997, the Earth was attuned — in our modern time, for the first time with the Christ Consciousness:

“For the full moon of January, the planets were positioned to form a perfect star of David, as seen on a two-dimensional picture. During this Ceremony, the Sanat Kumara was cleared from the remaining frequencies of the Pisces and prepared for the Aquarius Era. Since then, He has been gathering all his strength, supported by the blessings and vibrational impact of his heavenly companions. Throughout the day of the Equi­nox, several geometrical patterns were imprinted/anchored on the etherical body of the planet through the channels of the Planetary Hierarchy and the White Lodge.

One of those patterns was the 6-pointed star. This symbol can be extended as a 3- or 4- dimensional figure. It is the pat­tern of the merging of Matter and Spirit, the at-one-ment of the Earth with the Spiritual planes. This pattern was broadcast all day and will stay focused towards earth as long as Mankind needs this frequency.” (funny for the recalcitrant ones… I was already using astrology…)  (Book Manifestation, chapter: Manifestation).


Some astrologers pointed at the ‘devastating power of comets’

“My research on the comets’ influence upon Earth has been mind-boggling, to say the least. My findings suggest that comets “cause” (or are synchronized to) an incredible high number of natural disasters and man-caused accidents. They are probably related to happy events as well, but much more research need be done before any definitive conclusions are reached.”

“According to Jonathan Flanery, the “effects of comets were supposed to last for 1/8 of their period; to the ancients this would most likely have been their period of visibility… Their appearance was heralded by disturbances in humans, animals, and the weather. The comets then dispensed, by perihelion position and their dispositor, their good or ill effects – usually ill. They also often heralded the rise of an agent. This agent could be a war leader but might, depending on the position of the comet, show a religious leader, reformer, or great trader.”

Comet NEOWISE opposite Saturn signifies restriction, contraction, delays, boundaries, isolation, worry, depression, trade losses, unemployment, infirmity, and poverty. It puts pressure on governments, leaders and corporations. It forces you to be responsible, patient, practical, economical, loyal, respectful of tradition, and also to look after older people.”

Yes, but an opposition implies letting go for a renewal. Humankind obviously has to surrender to the changes.  For years, mankind has witnessed  the destruction of the eco-system as well as a deeper divide in resources, access to peace, food, water, freedom, etc. The structures of the world must be renewed, as well as human relationships to the governing bodies and with each other.  No one likes social distancing. Yet, it forces everyone to reconsider one’s ability to face self.  Who Am I outside of the system? Also, as already mentioned, confinement imposes  social and family karmic clearing, de-tanglement, an obligation for global evolution.

At the global level, humans are experiencing  “Crises of human growth: life cycles work concurrently to bring about periods of crisis in an individual’s development, times when structures that are thought  to be safe, reliable and supportive of one’s existence either cease  to support one’s life and crumble away altogether or become a threat to the well-being and happiness of the individual. In either case, change becomes inevitable, as the individual is forced to create a new life with new structure in order to make more room in life for living.” Robert Hand, Essays on Astrology, p. 78

Now, are you ready for the next step?  Do not resist Saturn, or the weirdness of situations with Covid19.  Welcome the message of the stars: movement, breakage for change and trust in the perfection of the Divine Universe.

Angel Landing, Zion, my favorite hike between 1995-98


Blue eyes:

Blue-eyed, fair-skinned settlers inhabited the Levant some 6,500 years ago, according to an international interdisciplinary team of scientists. An article released Monday in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Communications solves the mystery of how Chalcolithic culture got to the Galilee: via population migration.

When they mapped the genomes of bones from 22 of the 600 individual skeletons discovered in a massive necropolis near Peki’in in the north of the country, the scientists found a genetic mix quite unlike that of previous and successive settlers of the region.

new research reminds us that humans have actually been reshaping the planet for thousands of years, in ways we’re only just beginning to understand.

A paper published Wednesday in Nature suggests that human activities caused a major shift about 6,000 years ago in the way plant and animal communities were structured on Earth — this was after the start of the geological epoch known as the “Holocene,” an era which includes the growth of human populations and their rising influence around the globe. The study compared data from the fossil record with observations from the modern era to reach its conclusions.


No free will

EXOPOLITICS: Extra Terrestrials are going main stream: SETI = Search for Extra-Terrestrial Institute.

“NASA has awarded the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California, a contract to support all phases of current and future planetary protection missions to ensure compliance with planetary protection standards.

The SETI Institute will work with NASA’s Office of Planetary Protection (OPP) to provide technical reviews and recommendations, validate biological cleanliness on flight projects, provide training for NASA and its partners, as well as develop guidelines for implementation of NASA requirements, and disseminate information to stakeholders and the public. The role of OPP is to promote responsible exploration of the solar system by protecting both Earth and mission destinations from biological contamination.”


While the Pentagon admits interest : “THE NEW YORK TIMES    J

Despite Pentagon statements that it disbanded a once-covert program to investigate unidentified flying objects, the effort remains underway — renamed and tucked inside the Office of Naval Intelligence, where officials continue to study mystifying encounters between military pilots and unidentified aerial vehicles.


“We have things flying over our military bases and places where we are conducting military exercises and we don’t know what it is — and it isn’t ours,” said senator Rubio to CBS Miami.

“Frankly, that if it’s something from outside this planet — that might actually be better than the fact that we’ve seen some technological leap on behalf of the Chinese or the Russians or some other adversary,” added Mr Rubio.”



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