LOVE, April 2016

Newsletter April 2016

The 2016 Wesak minute will be published later. In the meantime, I would like to say this: There is one certainty in My/my human heart: it does not matter how we strive together to appease our overwhelming energies or old karma/stories, still hooked to the Earth-matrix; I cannot stop loving and supporting our Spiritual Family. Yet, a part of myself, probably in resonance with the overwhelming necessity for a planetary shift, is more and more detached from human concerns and priorities.

The last Wesak was/is another important step for the planet and for the implementation of the Divine Plan. The theme of the Wesak was power and legitimacy:

  • Who holds the legitimate power on the Earth and the establishment of Spiritual power through the Son of God, for the manifestation of His Kingdom.
  • Resumption of leadership of the Light, represented by God’s Son and Face, the Light Principle, the Archangel Michael.

All lingering power issues, that have been generated throughout the centuries, for the sake of the journey into the Darkness, and self-awareness have to come to a stop.  Not only the Earth has entered the realm of Light and Heart, thus exited the era of selfish power, but the new Spiritual Government for Planet Earth and Humankind — previously under the leadership of the Sanat Kumara and known as Shamballa— was formed in 2013-2014.  Time has come for Its manifestation, implementation on Earth.

As usual, a group have met in order to anchor the energies. Remember the principles:

  • The individuals that I work with represent humankind.
  • According to the Earth calendar and the needs of harmonization of mankind within the Meta-Organism, a specific location is chosen.
  • For a few weeks, intense multi-dimensional work takes place; bridges are established in space/time, connecting the present with specific events from the past, in order to take a new direction. These events are/were at the chore of important and unresolved issues in regards to the evolution of Consciousness within the Divine Plan. The goal is to face, be exposed to facts that result from a concept, a belief, then to open human consciousness and bring the race to a higher level. in order to close a time loops and solve problems, the individuals who were, have been the actors of human dramas in the past are meeting again; their job is to face, eventually see their unfinished business, reconsider, re-evaluate the situation and act in accordance. Opponents might fight again or arrive to a balance, a solution.


Mankind exists within the body of a Consciousness and is at the mercy of energies continuously balancing themselves, these energies being the result of the interaction of the Creator’s Mind with numerous layers of consciousness and intelligences + imput of human will and frequencies.

The Light had removed Itself for a full cycle.   The Creator-god or Michaelic Consciousness, Principle of Spirit/Light, thus Hand and Face of the Unfathomable Divine Consciousness, had to withdraw in order for Matter to organize itself; as a consequence, and for thousands of years, the Heavenly ambassador on Earth also HAD to temporarily remove Himself from the forefront and give/allow commandment and authority to the Lucifer’s frequencies and leaders.

Political and leading families, religions have emerged and exercised the governance, according to the various necessities of human experience.  Do not imagine the gods, staring at humankind and choosing leaders or winners on the battlefield. Except for a very small group of souls who have been serving the needs of the Hierarchies, the energy makes its way and uses the individuals whose personalities are fit for the jobs (no interview needed, just the right frequency and ego’s features!).


SPIRIT’s INTERVENTIONS – the Return of the gods.

When chaos reaches a critical point and in coherence with specific cycles, Spiritual Teams and semi-gods intervene directly to protect the Earth and re-direct the path of mankind. They generally have to impose a shift, a new world, to human beings. Spiritual power and spiritual leadership —triggering and consolidating a shift in consciousness, or the apparition of a new religion for the masses, is always the basis of all discord and wars.

The last two major interventions occurred:

  • About 3500 years ago, with the passage of Niburu. The presence of the gods might explain why the Royals were sometimes represented with elongated craniums. The fact that something unusual happened, with the sudden appearance of language, mathematics, astronomy, agriculture, etc is now well documented on the internet- we have presented a series of workshops on this matter years ago, inspired by intuition, recollection or my human and non-human presence in Egypt as well as in other key areas on Earth, and by the work of author William Hart (The Genesis Race, our Extraterrestrial DNA and the True Origins of the Species). I have always remembered my journey from Sirius to Earth with a team; then I have repeatedly stressed out that the dramas that occurred during the life and end of the XVIIIth dynasty, around 1500 BC had, at their core, the presence of the Divine Ambassador. It ended up with the creation of the three religions that are, to this day, at the core of the battle for power on the planet.
  • During the 12th century, with the brief appearance of the Cathars, in Europe, and mostly in south western France and Italy. In 2001, during a Wesak celebration, I introduced Myself publicly as an Avatar in Montsegur, one of the key Cathars’ castle;  the mountain appeared astraly surrounded by flames. For three days, heavy rain was pouring down, while the sun was absent. It returned a few hours before the end of our meeting. Later on, the same scenario repeated itself while visiting the cathars’ strongholds with groups. I honestly thought that My ongoing visits, soon after My embodiment and for many years, had completed this time loop and healed the scars created in the South West of France and in many souls or at least de-activated the memories of these events on the earth matrix.



  • In 2016, Wesak… the Cathar’s frequency was back! Lingering around the group, questions, articles in the internet, emails, and then…. One of these strange twists of fate;  I am facing the memories of their ordeal and disappearance through the frequency of Arnaud Amalric, a Cistercian abbot who played a significant role in the war against the heretics.  He first appeared in the flesh, but I did not recognize him. My Presence was only sending loud messages of Divine love.  It was not the right timing, but I knew that ‘something was to be revealed’. This character then visited me at night, standing, on my right side, head down, grave, only speaking to reveal his identity. Obviously, the time-loop was not completed.


  • In 2001, I wrote : «The perfects were sent to encode the Earth… they knew that humankind was not ready. They were of the links in the long chain of Initiates who have given their lives for the planet and Its children. They have changed the religious path of Europe while bringing back the Tradition, openly and publicly, like a stepping stone firmly grounded in front of the Church.”



What we know, mostly according to court and Inquisition’s reports, is that the Heretics were not merely poor and idealist people, preaching and healing. They were, since the mid-twelfth century, structured like a church with ‘deacons and bishops, next to the Bonhommes  (Eglise Cathare, Julien Roche 98-…).

Rivers of books and articles have been authored on the subject; yet it is still unclear what their doctrine truly was: dualism implying Docetism? Gnosticism?

Most researchers agree on two ideas:

  • they believed that God, essentially good, could not have created evil; thus the responsibility was assigned to Lucifer, the head of the rebellion. [Note: let’s not forget the difference between Lucifer —the one who accompanies the souls into the Darkness to prompt them towards the Light— and the principle of the falling Creator-god, the Demiurge].

This philosophy was rooted in the interpretation of the writings of Paul of Tarsus, and his disciple Marcion of Sinope, who stressed out the difference between the god of the old testament, emanating an animal reality and the proposition of a new reality, based on Spirit. Jesus would have been the one introducing this new realm.

  • the Cathars did not believe in the concept of redemption — through the Christ— but in the necessity of self-discipline and responsibility towards the Divinity. The believer is invited to receive a spiritual baptism through lay on hands. The baptism through immersion is not related to Christ but to John the Baptist.
  • Because of the doctrine of full separation between the worlds of Spirit and Evil/Darkness, the Cathars preached that Christ cannot be touched by evil, thus cannot incarnate.Docetism: (from Greek dokein, “to seem”), Christian heresy and one of the earliest Christian sectarian doctrines, affirming that Christ did not have a real or natural body during his life on earth but only an apparent or phantom one. (Britannica)

This is an example of the modern interpretation: « The main difference with the Catholics resides in the refusal of the incarnation of the Christ, of his carnal reality, of his passion and, in some ways his ‘material’ resurrection. Of a divine nature, he did not incarnate/embody but only took a human appearance.”

As for Mary, she is eventually portrayed as an angel….giving birth!?

In brief: Did the Christ incarnate or not? Was he a ghost floating around in the middle east or did He use a holographic image? Or, are all these epistolary contortions mere attempts to hide or explain that the concept of His incarnation 2000 years ago was the true heresy, a fabricated dogma fulfilling the interests of a new church in search of power? 2000 years later…. The question remains unanswered. Humankind shall have to come to terms with that.

  1. WHO IS IN POWER, in relationship with the contested beliefs:

Under the authority and manipulations of Rome and the Popes, armies were raised and preachers sent to deter the population from the new religion. The most famous preacher was Dominique de Guzman —founder of the Dominican Order— Dominicans, Cistercians and Franciscans were called for help over the centuries. This is also the time of the creation of tribunals of exception, supplying arrests, tortures, excommunications and then the Inquisition. “in 1177, Raymond V, Count of Toulouse request the support of the Cistercian Order in order to battle the heresy” Wiki. For decades, a violent waltz of excommunications, assassinations, betrayals changed forever the Languedoc and the Toulouse Comte, two fierce and rich regions which finally ended up under the full control of the King of France.

“The Cathars belonged to the lineage of Initiates whose mission has been to prepare the path to the Christ frequency. This vibration, the Christ love and the vibration of selfless, egoless service, waiting in Montségur, was waiting and was re-activated during the Wesak celebration in May 2001.This event occurred under the frequencies of Jupiter, the giant planet of the Solar System, carrying the energies of the Law, the King, the Ruler and the spiritual government. In 2001, “the vibration of the planet Jupiter announced and allows the emergence of an Avatar, which is a manifestation of the divine will. Each Avatar anchors on the Earth—or elsewhere—the divine thought, which will take form in the years or centuries following its appearance.” Kiss for Lucifer, p 242



Julien Vantadour: “If the crusade launched by the Popes had not destroyed the Cathars down, the whole society of Provence would have become an initiatory order, an order with its hierarchy.”

Millions of people still believe that the Christ, the Anointed One visited the Earth 2000 years ago. That was not possible, because Humankind was in full downfall, experiencing the Darkness. The Son, Ambassador of the Light can only manifest Itself when Spirit and the Light are in motion — if not manifested. It could not happen before the balance of polarities in the Cosmic Body, an event that only took place in 1996.

If we forget the multitude of Christian institutions in the world, and only focus on the Roman Catholic Church, we have to remind ourselves that it is one of the most powerful financial group on the planet.

“Our best window into the overall financial picture of American Catholicism comes from a 2012 investigation by the Economist, which offered a rough-and-ready estimate of $170 billion in annual spending, of which almost $150 billion is associated with church-affiliated hospitals and institutions of higher education. The operating budget for ordinary parishes, at around $11 billion a year, is a relatively small share, and Catholic Charities is a smaller share still. Apple and General Motors, by way of comparison, each had revenue of about $150 billion worldwide in Fiscal Year 2012.”

Most importantly, the Christian Churches have imposed intellectual, spiritual and religious tyranny on humankind for centuries. This is power, a power based on lies, intimidation and human’s needs for support, guidance and imposed discipline (the Church shares responsibility with those who need this kind of structure). In regards to the Christians faith, although one pope was removed from office and the glory and purity of the Roman Catholic Church has faded under the assaults of periodic revelations of corruption and abuse, millions are still trusting and believing in the lies perpetuated by the churches. At the center of their mere existence is the belief that the Son of God incarnated   as the one called Jesus. The Christian Churches and their false doctrines are still alive and still in a position of international power. My attention had to be caught. Let’s now welcome and precipitate situations that shall definitely stop this mascarade and open people’s consciousness.

I, Michael El Nour, Avatar, anchor the Manifestation of My Archangelic Presence, the magnificent and Creating Power, the gracefully loving Face of the Divine Spirit and Light, That have willingly sacrificed a part of Itself in the Abyss of Matter; That have surrendered to the necessity of the Realm of Lucifer; and patiently waited for Its time to lead and manifest Its purpose.

I anchor on the Earth-grid the restitution of My Archangelic Presence’s true identity, that have been willingly buried and forgotten, along the centuries, for the purpose of keeping alive an obsolete and manipulating group of religions and churches.  I call for the downfall of all groups, organizations, churches that do not serve the Divine Purpose, in Its just and true expression, in this moment in time and creation. I anchor and welcome the resumption and manifestation of the Archangel Michael’s role in the life of Earth and human beings, Its role as Creator-god, Son of God, Principle of Light/Spirit;

May the Infinite Consciousness be served through My Divine Self.  May a higher consciousness prevail and support the future of the Earth and of Mankind, within Light and Love.

For the sake of Humankind and for My Presence, I, the Archangel Michael demand and command justice and reparation.  I take responsibility for all karmas that I have created as the Ambassador of the Presence and then the Avatar, bringing situations that fitted the unfolding of Divine Plan, in the best of my human abilities. I take responsibility for the work accomplished with all the love, compassion and comprehension accessible; with complete dedication, will to serve and humble surrender to the Higher Purpose.

I, Michael El Nour, take responsibility for all situations that I have not seen clearly enough to avoid creating new karmas; for all stories of the past that have impacted my work and human vehicle.

Yet, I ask and manifest reparation and justice, for all parts of my body, brain, that have been stained, assaulted, damaged, without necessary reasons, in the last 18 years of my carrier on this planet, for the purpose of keeping one’s selfish power and freedom. I command and manifest justice and reparation for all damages selfishly inflicted to Planet Earth by humankind, only preoccupied by lust, greed and selfish power.

I command and manifest a new order, a new world serving the Grand Cosmic Purpose, the evolution of Earth, within Divine Consciousness; serving Higher Principles and the expression of the souls dedicated to harmony, love and the building of a Divine, perfect, radiant race. Amen.



Twice in the last part of human history, while the gods where present and actively impacting human consciousness and the Earth Matrix, the Cosmic Man still had to experience the frequencies of the lower centers, involving sex and power. Consequently, the Light and Its Ambassador as well as the group/families working for the Light Principle, known nowadays as the Archangel Michael, had to be killed or removed from power.

In Egypt, the Archangel Michael’s Bloodline lost control in a twisted series of events, with the killing of Akhenaton’s second wife Kiya. Her remains disappeared, her face mutilated and her coffin utilized for the ritualistic burial of the mummy found in tomb 55.

At the time of the Cathars, and over decades, towns were sacked, thousands killed, for the sake of power and religious hegemony.  In Montsegur alone, main Cathars’ stronghold, more than two hundred people were burnt at stake while a few leaders escaped.  One of the human leaders and head of the Cathars was the occult Ambassador of the Light, serving the Archangel Michael, the same being who was murdered in Egypt centuries ago.  Time was not ripe for the Light leadership. The Perfects’ attempt to expose and balance the Roman Catholic power and dogma was severely repressed; the Popes imposed their doctrine and hegemony until today.

However, the Cathars’ egregore (purity, beliefs, connection with the Divine) impacted the Earth Matrix, anchoring a first layer of the Christ Consciousness. Were the Cathars the true emissaries of Divine Plan, eventually hiding the Divine Lineage and Heir?

Interestingly enough, in both cases, the events have strongly affected the group consciousness. The pharos and artifacts remaining from the XVIIIth dynasty are amongst the most talked about. The mystery of tomb 55 has not been solved. The scars left in France by the destruction of the Cathars and the disappearance of the powerful counts of Toulouse are still sensitive.

Now, let’s connect those historical moments with other events:


The Divine Imprint has touched the Earth at regular intervals, in relationship with the various life-cycles and planets/stars to which the Earth is linked. The existence and evolution of life on the Earth is connected to a specific group of planets, stars, and to the Zodiac.  All heavenly bodies (Stars, planets, comets), constellations are the bodies of expression of Intelligences/Principles/gods; We have recently been reminded by the scientific community that humankind has most probably been affected by a mysterious body, Niburu our Planet X. According to Z. Sitchin, Niburu means Planet of the crossing. “This planet, the 12th member of our system, has a very large orbit of 3600 years; and every 3600 years, it comes between Mars and Jupiter, close to us.”

Niburu is invisible;  Yet, it has been recently detected: “Caltech researchers have found evidence of a giant planet tracing a bizarre, highly elongated orbit in the outer solar system. The object, which the researchers have nicknamed Planet Nine, has a mass about 10 times that of Earth and orbits about 20 times farther from the sun on average than does Neptune (which orbits the sun at an average distance of 2.8 billion miles). In fact, it would take this new planet between 10,000 and 20,000 years to make just one full orbit around the sun – See more at:

 Where did Planet Nine (Author’s note: or 12) come from and how did it end up in the outer solar system? Scientists have long believed that the early solar system began with four planetary cores that went on to grab all of the gas around them, forming the four gas planets—Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Over time, collisions and ejections shaped them and moved them out to their present locations. But there is no reason that there could not have been five cores, rather than four,” says Brown. Planet Nine could represent that fifth core, and if it got too close to Jupiter or Saturn, it could have been ejected into its distant, eccentric orbit.”

 See more at:

“700 years BCE, the Assyrians were waiting for the return of what they believed to be the “Planet of the Gods”, and anticipated the changes triggered by this event:

“when the planet of the Throne of Heavens

Will go brither

There will be flood and rains


When Niburu attains its perigee

The gods will give peace.

Troubles will be cleared up

Complications will be unraveled.


On the old tablets gathered by the Assyrian king Assurbanipal. “amongst the purely astronomical texts, there were tablets that belonged to a series titled: the Day of Bel- the Day of the Lord!. Epic tales and histories pertaining to the gods’ comings and goings were deemed important, especially if they shed light on NIBURU’s passages. Enuma Elish – the epic of creation that told how an invading planet joined the solar system to become Niburu – was copied, translated, etc [they] were guidelines for observing Niburu’s arrival. A Babylonian text that retained the original Sumerian terminology stated:

Planet of the god Marduk:

Upon its appearance SHUL.PA.E;

Rising 30 degres, SAG.ME.NIG

When it stands in the middle of the sky: NIBURU

(12th planet , Z. Sitchin, p.203)

3500 years ago, the Earth faced catastrophic events, amongst others the Santorini eruption, that could be at the root of the story of the Plagues in Egypt. That would also explain the sudden appearance of hundreds of statues of the lioness Goddess Sekhmet. She was a protective figure but was also called the Eye of Ra; when needed, Ra uses Sekhmet as his arm. We have already experienced an increased number of natural disasters of all kind in the past two decades. Has Mankind, as a group, sufficiently changed and moved to a higher frequency in order to avoid or alleviate a challenging future?




The story of the XVIIIth dynasty and Tomb 55, in the Valley of the Kings, involved the life of Kiya, Ambassador of the gods and Akhenaton’s second wife. The karma and implications of this story have to be cleared from the planetary field and memory bank. Around this human drama, the opponents on all sides, used magical rituals, that have impacted each other lives, as well as the path of mankind until the present. This drama is connected to the last anchoring on the earth matrix of the eternal archetypes in the human reality and the functioning pillars of the last part of a human cycle. Thus, it is imperative for the story to imitate, sample all the archetypes that humankind molded has itself around.

The main question, the concept played out (Involving a consciousness direction for humankind) and resolved in the story is the one of legitimacy. Who, on earth, hold the legitimate power? The gods or human beings? And which gods, embodying which frequency, Light or Darkness? What Aspect of God/Infinite Consciousness is to be the leader in the context of the evolution of the human race?

Then, the secondary archetypes are built around this question: what families (Bloodlines) will exert power, control over others, how will humankind relate to God: a subconscious decision of mankind to choose a religion, a spiritual direction, whether just and legitimate or not. What kind of relationship should human beings have with the world of Spirit? What form should the organized religion take — to fit the needs of humankind at this time.

The end of XVIIIth Dynasty has impacted human history until recently. For modern Egyptophiles, theis family brought all ingredients of a fantastic story. Beauty and the beast to start with: the most beautiful woman in antiquity married to a king who likes to introduce himself with exaggerated features, enlarged hips, sagging stomach and feminine breasts! Halloween forever! Did he love his wife or the goddess so much that he wanted to look like them? Or, did his image-team-specialist had a problem and could not dismiss the artist who saw his sovereigns as weird crowned insects…. May be a past life of Charlie Hebdo caricaturists!

More seriously, the epic of the 18yh dynasty, started with the dream of Tuthmosis IV, the son of Amenhotep II, the eight king of the Eighteen Dynasty.  Tuthmosis IV is still remembered because of the survival of the Dream Stela, an artifact still standing between the paws of the Sphinx. According to the inscriptions, while resting next to the Sphinx, the young man had a dream. The Sphinx,  as Horemakhet,  promised him that he would be the next pharaoh if he cleared the sand around His limbs and restored His statue.  And he did!

At this time, over several generations, gods and families interacted in a ballet that might be at the root of the Old Testament (Thus the three religions still fighting for power and at the front of today’s scene). With a background of Plagues, volcanic eruptions, the possible lurking of Planet X, the emergence of Sekhmet, the characters of the Bible appear in the midst of pharaonic tales. Texts of the Bible as well as the Egyptian hieroglyphs have been compared with ancient Hebrew. What is the truth? Who are the Jews? What and who was eventually hiding amongst the Egyptians? Is the truth going to emerge, in the 21st century, now, while Muslim extremists known as ISIS are trying to invade the western world (whether on their own of assisted by the US and Russia)?

Interestingly enough, the story of the XVIIIth dynasty has been back on the front line with new investigations of King Tutankhamon’s tomb:


Nicolas Reeves, one of the archeologists interested in the story of Tumb 55, claimed that a hidden chamber might lay behind Tutankhamon’s tomb, in which Nefertiti would be buried.

“Upon the invitation of Egypt’s minister of antiquities Mamdouh Eldamaty, University of Arizona archaeologist Nicholas Reeves will arrive in Egypt mid-September to prove his theory that Nefertiti’s remains lay in Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Early this week, Reeves published a theory suggesting that the west and north painted walls inside King Tutankhamun’s tomb have two secret passageways that lead to two chambers, one of them containing the remains of Nefertiti – queen of Egypt and the chief consort and wife of the monotheistic king Akhenaten, Tutankhamun’s father. The remaining chamber could be another gallery for Tutankhamun.

“Minister of Antiquities Mamdouh Eldamaty opposes part of the theory of British archaeologist Nicholas Reeves, who claims that a hidden chamber located behind the tomb’s northern wall could be Queen Nefertiti’s resting place. Eldamaty suggests that the chamber could belong to his mother, Queen Kiya, and not his stepmother, Queen Nefertiti, for two reasons. The first reason, according to the minister, is that when Tutankhamun came to the throne, Nefertiti was already deceased. Secondly, when Tutanakhmun restored the cult of Amun and abandoned his father’s monotheistic religion, leaving the Aten capital Akhtaten to Thebes, he certainly would have taken his mother Kiya with him. Eldamaty explained to Ahram Online that Tutankhamun’s unexpected death prompted the Valley of the Kings’ priests to search for an already complete tomb to bury him in, as they only had 70 days to place his mummy in its final resting place. “Kiya’s tomb was an ideal choice,” Eldamaty suggested. Eldamaty asserted that they may have selected a completed tomb of one of his family members, such as Kiya’s, taking a section of her tomb and dedicating it to Tutankhamun.”



  • Examine what power means for you
  • How do you see yourself in society; how you exert authority; how you offer your talents to the world – with the grace of someone in peace with him/herself or with arrogance?
  • Do you need to compete with others, for power or else? If yes, why? What is your motivation (overt and subconscious)?
  • How do you act with children, with people in need of attention, protection? Are you naturally loving and at service? Or do you use your power to dominate, eventually hurt others?
  • How do you speak with people who are weaker (or in deeper trouble) or appear weaker than you, because they are not as lucky or as intelligent as you are? Are you respectful of their situation? Are you patient, caring, judging?

Power is stabilized at two levels/two frequencies: the third (Earth) or the seventh chakra (Heaven). Do you understand and feel the difference in your body?



The first and main Christian channel used by the spiritual Hierarchies/energies was the Benedictine order. Under their impulse and responsibility, the main vortices and temples dedicated to the solar gods, were re-appropriated and converted into Archangel Michael’s churches. Yes, the solar vortices were protected, still dedicated to worship during the fall of Mankind but the glorious Archangel Michael lost his statute of deity and was slowly relegated in a long list of saints.

A few centuries later, the Benedictine order had lost its purity and strength. A reform occurred with the appearance of a new body, the Cistercian order, promoting the return to the strict observance of the Benedict rule and offering structures for ascetism, rigor and physical labor. Saint Benedict believed in moderation, but over the centuries the monks had lost their purpose.


  • WHAT THE CATHARS HAVE ACHIEVED (Excerpts: Kiss for Lucifer, Annex 1):

“the Cathars were the precursors, anchoring the necessary reversal of Consciousness for the coming of the Christ Consciousness. The founders were a group of Initiates, emissaries of the Invisible Lodge. The frequency that the Cathars embodied marked a turning point in the evolution of human consciousness. For centuries the practitioners of inner alchemy had been using sacred sexuality. Then human beings had fell in the extremes of matter and lost sight of the goal. From sacred sexuality, they plunged into satanic abuse and depravation. A shift in consciousness was necessary in order

to start an ascending motion. The Cathars and most especially the Perfects were the instruments of the shift, the ones who planted the seeds for the future.” Kiss for Lucifer, Annex 1.

  • POLITICAL WARS underlying the Cathar’s decimation

The Roman Catholic Church was heavily involved in the fight against the Cathars, but also wanted to limit the evolution of a different society in the Languedoc (Southwestern France).

“Social life, ideology and the interests of the Church of the Middle Ages are inextricably linked to the feudal system. However, the process of granting collective liberty, common in many cities of the Languedoc region, threatens the clergy there more than elsewhere. Confronted to these mostly secularized communities, and to the [Cathar] Perfects who had no desire to lead or control the people but only to bring them the gospel, the clergy is outwardly threatened.

Additionally, the papacy has already organized a crusade against the town of Montpellier in the 12th century, in spite of the lack heretics there. When the crusaders arrive at the gates of Bezier in 1209, the city lets them know that they won’t accept any treaty that requires any kind of change in their city government. When these same papal crusaders descend on Toulouse in 1211, this city of successful economic development fears, above all, the constraints of feudal law, and its citizens choose instead to defend themselves, armed for hand to hand combat if necessary.

The social and political power of the Church reaches its peak at the beginning of the 13th century. The papacy attempts to impose a theocratic form of government across Europe. The kings of Aragon, Bulgaria, Portugal, and later, England accept to being vassals of the pope. Innocent III takes on the role of a full feudal lord. At the same time, he leads a fight against a trend of democratization and emancipation in the cities. Life in Languedoc — at the same time an example of philosophic rebellion and democratized urban traditions — threatened the power of the Church and its theocratic objectives.”

« La fonction sociale, l’idéologie et les intérêts de l’Eglise du Moyen Age sont inextricablement liés à la hiérarchie féodale. Or, le processus d’émancipation collective en cours dans de nombreuses villes du Languedoc menace le clergé plus qu’ailleurs. Dans ces communes assez laïcisées, face à des parfaits cathares qui ne cherchent pas à diriger ou contrôler la société mais seulement à lui apporter l’Evangile, le clergé est objectivement menacé. Aussi, la papauté a déjà organisé une croisade contre la commune de Montpellier au XIIème en l’absence de tout hérétique. Lorsque les croisés papaux arrivent devant Béziers en 1209, cette ville leur fait savoir qu’elle n’acceptera aucun accord qui “puisse entraîner un changement quelconque dans le gouvernement de leur ville”. Lorsque ces mêmes croisés papaux approchent de Toulouse en 1211, cette commune en plein développement économique craint surtout une main mise féodale et choisit de se défendre les armes à la main.

La puissance sociale et politique de l’Eglise connaît au début du XIIIème siècle son zénith. La papauté essaie d’imposer une forme de théocratie européenne. Les rois d’Aragon, de Bulgarie, du Portugal puis d’Angleterre se reconnaissent vassaux du pape. Innocent III se comporte en arbitre de toute la féodalité. Il mène en même temps une lutte déterminée contre les processus d’émancipation démocratique dans les villes. Or, l’existence en Languedoc, à la fois d’une contestation idéologique forte et de traditions urbaines assez démocratiques, menaçait cette puissance et cet objectif théocratiques.


“the point is to convince the heretic of the contradiction in which he has put himself in regards to the Christian faith and to convert him… if the heretic is persistent, the Church will abandon him to the secular authorities, that could, from the 13th century, apply the death penalty, yet forbidden since the third council of Latran. Since 1252, the Inquisition has the right to use torture on the defendants accused of Heresy,  a standard procedure in common law at this time. We understand the seriousness of the function of Inquisition”

« Il s’agit de convaincre l’hérétique de la contradiction dans laquelle il s’est mis au regard de la foi chrétienne et de le convertir: l’inquisiteur devra donc être un bon prédicateur. Pour les fautes les moins graves, le tribunal distribue des peines d’ordre religieux: port d’une croix, visites aux églises, pèlerinages – ou plus importantes. Si l’hérétique est opiniâtre, l’Église l’abandonne au bras séculier, qui pourra appliquer à partir du XIIIe siècle la peine de mort, pourtant interdite au III’ concile de Latran. A partir de 1252 l’Inquisition dispose du droit de soumettre à la torture les prévenus d’hérésie, comme il était courant à l’époque en droit commun 6. On comprend la gravité de la fonction d’Inquisition.”

Prayer to the Archangel Michael

The Archangel Michael, sword in hand, leads the battle against the Darkness (Absence of Light and ignorance), against negativity. Prince of the Heavenly Host, Angel of Light, He is always available and the most powerful protector. Many prayers exist, the most famous written by Pope Leo XIII in the 19th century: “Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. Etc”

Prayers and requests for protection or any spiritual assistance can be made to the Archangel Michael. Find strength, faith – Michael the Archangel works on the ray of Faith and get rid of your enemies, outside and inside of yourself. Below a simple prayer to the Archangel Michael. Choose your language.

Archangel Michael,

Ambassador of the Light and Divine Face,

Guide me and protect me

On my journey toward the Divine Heart.

Through your power and under your wings

May I find strength, joy and love.

May your saint angels be with me

And instill in my life a taste of paradise.

May your Sword cut all ties that are keeping me imprisoned,

All obstacles that are impeding me from rejoining my soul.

Keep me in faith, integrity and justice,

So as to be spared by the Sword of Judgment,

In order to receive Divine Mercy and Grace,

For all that I still do not comprehend.

Archangel Michael,

Thank you for your Presence, next to God and next to Mankind.

My heart is open, in service to the Divine.


Michael, Jesus, the Moon and Issa


Philosophers and researchers have always tried to decipher the nature of God and of the creators, the steps and cycles involved in the evolution process of men and universes. We will be wise enough not to attempt defining things that are still far beyond the capacities of a human brain.

If we simplify the picture at maxima, one could say that the unreachable All-Pervading God Consciousness divided Itself into Creative Aspects. Further down, on the long path to manifestation, Earthlings relate with the Ones traditionally called the 7 Creators.  Each of them takes the lead when his specific energy is needed. The beings that we call Archangels today are late expression, extensions of the Creator-gods.

Let’s look at the forces now struggling for power on the Earth, from the spiritual standpoint. Although political and bankers want to believe that they are the ultimate leaders, mankind, people and the Earth Itself primary respond to Spirit, to spiritual forces, egregores, churches and spiritual leaders. What is the most powerful trigger for passion? How many countries are at war for religious reasons? And who is fighting? Christians against Christians in a few territories, generally separated by political dogmas. But mainly Islamists against Christians, Jews and Buddhists (“80% of the Indians are practicing Hinduism but India counts the second largest Muslim community in the world” – Atlas des Religions, Le Monde, 2015). Islam lives under the influence of the moon and the Coran was inspired by Gabriel.

The earth is experiencing, at once:

  1. The end of the patriarchy – the male power in reference to the dominance of the third chakra.

  1. The end of the hidden cult to the Great and Dark Mother, the dark feminine archetype. The dark Mother revered as Isis, as the Black Madonna, etc has accompanied Lucifer as the initiatrix and is still a part of the old rituals worldwide.

  1. The end of the exaltation of Venus-Hesperus, the Night star.

  1. The dawn of the kingdom of the Sun.

  1. The emergence and anchoring of the Solar Energy infused through the Michaelic Consciousness (You can call It differently is you feel like it), Which Frequency permeates the manifested aspect of your Meta-organism (Cosmic Man).

In order to comprehend the present situation, we have to correlate different religious ideas:

Who, according to the lore, announced the birth of Jesus – accepted by most as the Christian god and Messiah? Gabriel. [For more details, read Amen, section III].

Who is considered by many as the last prophet? Mohamed, inspired by Gabriel.

“The angel Gabriel (pronounced Gav-ree-ayl in Hebrew) means the justice or righteousness of God. The root form of the word, g-v-r, is connected with courage and heroism, as well as a word meaning a man. Thus, Gabriel could be literally translated as a “man of God,” who courageously lives according to the universal laws. The root of Gabriel is also connected with the attribute of Gevorah on the left side of the Tree of Life. Whereas Michael is on God’s right hand, Gabriel is on God’s left hand. The left hand is the one that metes out punishment; the right hand overrules strict justice and is more merciful and thus more lenient.” In the tradition Gabriel lives in, is connected to the Moon. Accordingly the old site of Mecca was, in the far past, dedicated to the Old Woman (Are we speaking of Hagar, mother of Ishmael, who is believed to be the Muslim’s ancestor, or about the Archetypal Mother).

According to Theosophy, the cycle of evolution preceding ours was the moon chain; Alice Bailey mentioned that ‘the inner group around the Lord of the World [note of author: the one who was in charge before, the Sanat Kumara] have been primarily recruited from the ranks of those who were initiates on the moon chain”. Initiation, human and solar, p. 29.

Within the Cosmic Body in evolution and as a response to the recent changes of the Cosmic Man, a general reconfiguration is occurring, in the Solar System and therefore on the Earth, that will remove the last layers of the Moon frequencies, and the Matrix attached to it.  The Earth has to receive the Sun’s rays and frequency more directly while releasing its connection with the Moon. The increased number of earthquakes and natural upheavals, everywhere in the world, are the evidence of a re-adjustment of the planetary energy field.

How is the shift, that we all feel, going to happen in the manifested world? The Moon, as a satellite of the Earth, cannot just disappear. But the energetic relationship between the Earth, the Sun and the Moon is shifting. This change and frequency was anchored, on the Earth, by the arrival and down pouring of the Solar frequencies through the Consciousness known as the Archangel Michael – co-responding to the archetypal Solar deity. (See Amen).

Now, some other ideas to bring to our attention:

  1. The last major shifts that occurred on the Earth were: the end of Lemuria; then Atlantis, about 13000 years ago, with the biblical deluge. (This does not mean that the Atlantis cycle was only 13000 years!).

  1. Around 15000 BC: emergence of more advanced civilizations in South America, India, appearing concomitantly and with similar talents in different areas of the globe – Egypt, South America, Harrapa in the Indus Valley. It is the return of white-bearded gods, sometimes also mentioned as visiting around 15000BC.

  1. The remains of the fourth race and first sub race of the 5th (Aryan race) that have left their imprint on the planet. We are thinking about the civilizations that existed in the Far East, in the Gobi Desert, then India. From them emerged Hinduism and then Buddhism. These belief systems and all their offspring have to give way to the new religion, the new way to communicate with the Divine.

All the belief systems, the religions that have guided, served humankind for a cycle are now obsolete. The understanding of Spirit and of our reality have changed. And the path of mankind through the shadow, through the energies of the second and the third chakra have to be cleansed. All energies, thought forms, karmic stories, dramas, entrapped in the individual’s and in the Earth’s energy fields have to be released. Only then will the new frequencies and their manifestation be able to flow freely.

  1. If you have studied and understood the Amen book, you now know that the character introduced by Christianity as Jesus is a composite of the attributes of the Solar god mixed with stories referring to a group of candidates to the job of Messiah, who have lived in the middle-East.

The Son of God, the Avatar, did not, could not, technically, visit the planet, in Palestine 2000 years ago, at the supposed onset of the Pisces.

In the Hinduist tradition, the last Avatar of Vishnu is not Jesus but Gautama Buddha who is believed to be born around 623 BC. The Hindus are still waiting for the 10th Avatar, the Kalki. The Jewish people expect a Messiah and the Muslims, the Mahdi. In fact, only the Christians believe that their Messiah already visited the Earth and expect a Second Coming.

Do we have to revise our common beliefs according to which the Pisces Era started around zero?  Interestingly enough, around 600 BC:

“Zarathustra (627-585 BCE) promulgated the Dualism of Good and Evil,

Lao-Tzu  (604-531 BCE) wrote the Tao de Ching,

Confucius (580?-479 BCE) “flaunted his agnosticism”,

Buddha (565-483 BCE) taught a “godless wisdom”,

Xenophanes (550 BCE) criticized Greek polytheism,

Pythagoras (550 BCE) taught sacred geometry and mathematically based science,

Isaiah (550 BCE) taught “the first true monotheism in history”,

Theagenes (525 BCE) “rationalized Homer”, and

Hecataeus (500 BCE) “mocked the Greek myths”.

Circa 500 B.C.E., the Olmecs brought forth their calendar and mathematics; Heraclitus talked about universal flux and rhythm, Parmenides wrote about the oneness of Being, Empedocles about the unity of opposites, and Democritus about atoms and progress.” – Very good text on the precession.

It is strongly possible that the Pisces started much earlier, eventually around 600 BC, when, inspired by a group of spiritual thinkers and philosophers, several religious currents started.

Although, at the turn of the Pisces Era, the constellations blessed the Earth and Mankind with a great impulse and new energies, the Son/Sun of God, as the Embodiment of Light and Spirit, did not visit the Earth.  The state and frequency of the Earth and its inhabitants around year Zero were not ready for the 10th Avatar to be able to embody because:

  1. The fall into the darkness was not over.

  1. The Son of God, as the Kalki, or Avatar of all Kundalini could only appear when the Earth and Cosmic body would be ready to justify His Presence. He could not have triggered the rise of the Earth’s and the Cosmic Man’s Kundalini, because nothing was ready. The Cosmic Man was still dealing with polarities. The Earth and humankind as a whole, as evidenced by the present state of affairs, did not have completed their experience of the two polarities (Feminine/second chakra and masculine/3rd center) to be energetically ready for the balance of the energies around Kundalini and in the heart.

This was impossible 2000 years ago.

The major change that occurred around year 0 was the destruction of the second Temple, the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, initiating a general diaspora of the Jews. Three centuries later and for political purpose, the Roman Empire fabricated a new Church, to support its conquests. Then, over the centuries, a full story was built up, an illusion, anchored in buildings, literature and in human’s memories as true. Minor characters and sects who played a part in the religious and political conflict in Palestine around the first century became famous under one unique identity, known as Jesus. Meanwhile, the Jewish community, started its long journey around the world and spent less time in Palestine than often believed.

We understand then why the Asian religions have spread in the western world. For many, they have been an alternative to old fashioned Christianity.  They have flourished amongst the westerners because their role was not completed yet. Until recently; until the arrival of the 10th Avatar and the recent releases of the Earth and Cosmic Kundalinis. (See Cosmic Love).

  1. A 7.8 earthquake shook Nepal in April– the Indian and Eurasian tectonic plates collided. What is an earthquake from a spiritual point of view? The release of tensions, between new energies entering the biosphere and the old energies accumulated, entrapped in precise areas. The earth has been undergoing major osteopathic sessions, translated into earthquakes and tsunamis.

  1. We then understand the two main axis of the conflicts that are shaking the planet.

  1. The polarity shift, from lunar to solar frequencies

  1. The opening of the minds and heart for a new type of communication with the Creator-god.


Chains and rounds: Wiki: The phrase “planetary chain” refers to a group of seven “globes”, “spheres”, or “planets” linked together into a single scheme of evolution. According to Mme. Blavatsky there are seven chains in our system.

The concept was published for the first time in 1883 by Alfred Percy Sinnett in his book Esoteric Buddhism. He wrote:

The life and evolutionary processes of this planet . . . are linked with the life and evolutionary processes of several other planets. . . . One globe does not afford Nature scope for the processes by which mankind has been evoked from chaos, but these processes do not require more than a limited and definite number of globes. Separated as these are, in regard to the gross mechanical matter of which they consist, they are closely and intimately bound together by subtle currents and forces, whose existence reason need not be much troubled to concede, since the existence of some connection – of force or ethereal media – uniting all visible celestial bodies, is proved by the mere fact that they are visible. It is along these subtle currents that the life elements pass from world to world.

A round is a process in a planetary chain, according to which a life cycle or life-wave of souls or monads begins its evolutionary journey on the first and most subtle or spiritual of the series of seven globes; then finishing its evolution there, proceeds to the next, and so on, to the densest or most manifest globe (usually called globe D), which in our case is the gross, physical Earth

Earthquake in Nepal. April 2015

Associated Press – Updated Aug. 8, 2015 7:22 p.m. ET – BEIJING—A typhoon was pounding southeast China late Saturday, leaving more than a million homes without power after lashing Taiwan, where it downed trees, traffic lights and power lines, and left six people dead and four missing. Typhoon Soudelor hit the city of Putian in Fujian province late Saturday night and was expected to move across the region, China’s official Xinhua News Agency reported.

The storm earlier caused more than three million households in Taiwan to lose electricity, as streets were strewn with fallen trees. All 279 domestic flights on the island were canceled Saturday, as well as at least 37 international flights. At least 101 people were injured in the storm.


Grail, what is the Holy Grail

As man walks up Jacob’s ladder, his level of consciousness changes. At each step, he might believe that he has reached transcendence or enlightenment. However, in the absolute, as long as one is not permanently back to the Womb of God, annihilated into nothingness and free of the need for individual consciousness, the return is not complete. And strictly speaking again, as the All in One is in perpetual movement and mutation, there is no end to the process of reaching infinity.

We will therefore limit our discussion to the restricted fraction of the human universe, to the confines of creation that make sense to our limited brains.

During its epic in the human body, the soul utilizes many aspects of the human structure to learn, experience and evolve. A human being consists of a physical body, an etherical body, an astral/emotional self, a mental self and so on. (See I Am That I Am, ). The bodies are being built by progressive addition of the spiritual substance corresponding to each layer of the self. As time does not exist, one’s perception and awareness of another layer of one’s structure occurs when one can access or navigate through a consistently higher frequency.

It is thus comprehensible that the concept of the Grail has many meanings, each of them linked to a specific level of awareness. The mass consciousness has produced reflections, translations, of its understanding of the universe mechanisms. In other words, each level of comprehension has generated religions, rites and behaviors that corresponded to a temporary state of consciousness.

    While experiencing the stage of animal-man, the being is abandoned to the sensations and satisfactions of the primary body. Existence is limited to mere survival and reproduction. The body is self-regulated by the production of hormones, and sexuality is triggered by the ebb and flow of chemicals. Eating and killing are a matter of survival and one does not question what is food and who is killed.

This was the time when the magic of life was celebrated in fertility rites, during which man duplicated the principles of nature and creation through mating and fertility. The female body was honored as the sacred vessel capable of receiving and nurturing life. Eventually, the celebration of the female body with large breasts and buttocks lasted a little longer than needed. But again, some feelings are so simple and comforting that man gets hooked on them without being able to evolve.

    Then man started to think and to use the knowledge injected onto the planet by Spiritual leaders, nominally by the Dragons of Wisdom   (add an appendix about who are the Dragons of Wisdom)

The Dragons created the mystery schools in which a body of knowledge as well as a system of initiations were offered to man. However, the gnosis or knowledge and the rites instituted at this time, although taught by entities of a high level of consciousness, had to be adapted to the capacities and the understanding of the population.

The body and sexuality are the tools through which man experiences duality/separation and unity/love. As God and nature are intelligent, specific apparatus and hormones are provided to ensure that man will remember his true identity and access his divine self.

At this time, sex was introduced as a sacred path towards extended consciousness. Sex and physical union, practiced as a rite and an art within the temples,  were proposed as bridges to the divine and to other dimensions. The mechanisms and the inherent responses of the glandular system were utilized to develop the first and second chakras and anchor humankind in the principle of “union.”

    Much later in time, when enough human beings were ready for another leap in consciousness, man was guided to turn his focus to purely spiritual union. The body, although still the vessel carrying and manifesting the divine, was to be utilized differently. The attention of the spiritual seeker was to be seated in the higher chakras in order to achieve the inner marriage of polarities and then UNION WITH THE DIVINE.



As long as one is not ready for the sacred marriage, sexuality can still be devoted to spiritual progress. The lovers, a male and a female, come together consensually. They do not have to be married or engaged in an emotional contract (“You are my Prince or Princess forever.”). However, maturity and mutual respect are required. Otherwise, one will take on the role of the victim and eventually be hurt. If Soul-love is present, the effect is more pleasurable and powerful. Romantic human love can be succedanea.  The choice to practice belongs to the partners only. No temple, no parent, no secret society or institution, no guru or philosophical principle, no family/clan tradition can be involved in the decision made by both lovers to engage in sexual acts. Any attempt to justify one’s involvement in sexual relationship with anyone, especially someone younger, virgin, pure, etc., under the pretext of initiation, spirituality or ancient tradition, is an easy way to give adults, unable to achieve spiritual maturity, the right to abuse children and to steal their life potential. And by sexual relationship, I do not only mean intercourse per se, but any touching, kissing or hormonal harvesting.

The woman, in the manner of Mother Earth and of all feminine archetypes, plays two parts in the repetition of the drama of life:

The Materia Prima and then Earth and Nature are the recipients of the Thought, the willed  and creative intent of the Divine Consciousness in its masculine aspect, as an initiator, a leader. When a woman agrees to receive and bear the seeds of life, the same schema is reproduced. She welcomes life in her womb and then manifests it.

The Earth, while allowing the incarnation and therefore the experience of independence from God – from Spirit, offers the way to consciousness. The Divine Itself evolves through its creation. In the same manner, the woman offers to the man the energy, the vibration, the hormonal substances that will allow him to vitalize his glandular system and especially his pineal gland. In doing so, man receives the extraordinary gift of consciousness that allows him to begin his redemption, and then his way out of the karmic wheel.

As a consequence, the recent awakening of the public to the presence of Mary Magdalena next to Jesus (whether this character is real or symbolic) is a balm for humankind. Yet it is very important not to get stuck at this level. Such an attitude would reduce considerably the significance of this saga.



Great Mother and the Bloodline

Numbers One, Two and Three; duality and feminine aspect; Black Madonna; the Mother and Lucifer

“The Kojiki (Chronical of the Anciens Dits) explains that the sun goddess, Amateratsu Omokami, angry against her brother Suano No Mikoto, that she found too violent, sought refuge in a cave, and thus buried herself in the world of darkness. The other gods then used a magical stratagem consisting of dancing and chanting, then presenting a mirror in front of the opening of the cave. Intrigued, the goddess slightly opened the Door of the Rock, saw herself in the mirror and came out to understand what was this light. This is how the Heavens and the Earth were once more brought to light.” Dragon Ritual, p 320.

Budapest, Museum of the Church of St. Matthew, Black Madonna of Loretto, 17th Century.

Before going into this subject, let us review again the concept of the origin. When the Divinity or Infinite Consciousness is in a state of rest or inaction, a closed circle symbolizes it with no dot in the center, or as a zero. In this case, the Infinite Consciousness is asexual. The author, often confronted with the outraged comments of female listeners, is happy to note that the word Consciousness in French, Italian and Spanish is feminine. This balances the masculine gender attributed to the word God in many languages. (Would this imply the idea of an un-conscious God? Smile.) This is a good reason to prefer the neutral gender utilized for the word God in English and for Consciousness in German!

When the Infinite Consciousness comes out of its latent state and starts thinking, emitting its will, it becomes the 1 or Monad. The number one is the initiator, the leader, the beginning, the trigger. It has a male polarity that represents the impetus, the might that gives birth to the whole. It is the number that corresponds to the maximum of Yang energy. It is the symbol for the Father.

Plato considers the Monad as the origin, still virgin of imprints, that has not yet started its development. According to Plato, the One has to be differentiated from all other numbers; all these numbers are born from the Monad by dieresis. Symbolic of Numbers, 74.

In fact, the One is the initiator of a process, of a movement, that only has a brief and relative existence. This is so because at the moment when it decides to exist in time-space, it splits and engenders the number two.

This is summarized as such:

God (1) is the number of numbers
The Verb that created Heaven and Earth
The male and the female
One is God (1) that has lived forever
God is the unique one to reproduce ad infinitum
Multiplying itself 1×1=1
And dividing itself 1:1=1. Symbolic of the Numbers, Text from George Jouven, Hidden Numbers, 78.

The One does not represent the concept of God, with a capital G, or Infinite Consciousness, but more precisely the creative principle that enters into action. It symbolizes the decision or impulse of the Divine, the Conscious decision, to express itself.  The Two allows the expression to manifest, giving it a seat in space-time. This idea will be developed in the chapter King.

The One contains the idea of intent, of will. The Supreme Intelligence makes the decision to create or to move in a certain direction. An act of Will is then at the origin of all creation. In Hebrew, the One corresponds to the letter Aleph that signifies Head,  bull head or bull. Aleph is associated with the element air.

The bull is present in all mythologies and embodies the energy of materialization, of the fecundate power or manifested god. For the Phoenicians and the Semites, the god El was honored under the name Bull-El/Baal. The god himself was not identified as a bull, but was often represented as a bull. In Egypt, Apis, the sacred bull, was the incarnation of the god Ptah. In Persia, the first man, Gayomart, and the bull, Gosh, were the two creatures who produced all life. As for the Celts, they honored the bull in their ceremonies. During the celebration of Beltane, fires of Bel, the herds were led in the midst of fires in order to insure their protection and fertility. As we will see in our study, the symbolism of the bull is found in many stories or aspects of the life of the Goddess.

We notice that the Hebrew letter Lamed means balance and movement toward heaven. Peh, located at the end of Aleph, corresponds to Mars. We have, therefore, the idea of an impulse with a link between heaven and earth.

In general, odd numbers are masculine and even numbers are feminine. In the I Ching, book of wisdom of the antic Chinese civilization, the odd numbers are attributed to the celestial world (male, authors note) and the even numbers to the terrestrial world, to the Earth or to Mother-Earth (feminine world). Symbolic of Numbers, 87.

The number Two is the feminine number par excellence. It is the answer, the reflection, and the companion. Dual number by essence, it is the symbol of duality, thus of the manifestation of that which was created. It is also the recipient that welcomes the energy of intent of the One and allows the One to take form. Thus, the One cannot exist without the Two. As soon as the Infinite Consciousness enters into the volition process, the Two is inevitable.

The Feminine energy, the Mother, is then the revelator of the Consciousness in incarnation, in the world of physicality. The woman, the Mother, the Creation, are the vessels by which the One or Creative Intelligence exists and expresses Itself.

All cosmogonic legends propose an identical story for the origin of the world. The Source, the Intelligence, divides itself successively into complementary and twin gods who then share the responsibilities of creation. These two forces incarnate the principles of expansion (yin) and retraction (yang).

In Genesis, the Spirit of God or breath is the expansive and dilative force that moves above the waters and begins to create.  Fabre dOlivet translates the term the waters to mean universal passivity.

In the Babylonian and Chaldean myth, when the heaven-from-above and the earth-from-below had no name, there only existed Apsu, the primordial Ocean, and Tiamat, the Tumultuous Sea. The merging of their waters gave birth to the Chaos or Mummu, the tumult of the waves; then to two monstrous serpents, Lakhmu and Lakhamu.

Lakhmu and Lakhamu are identical to the first two Logoi. They gave birth to the male principle or celestial world (called Anshar) and to the feminine principle or terrestrial world (Kishar).  From these two creative principles were born the gods Anu, Ea, etc. The latter are the Igigi who have peopled the heaven and the Annunaki who scattered on the earth and in the inferior world. QUOTE?

Tiamat, called the Dragon, the Sea Serpent, rebelled against the god Apsu, who wanted to destroy the human beings. For the battle, Tiamat gathers around her dragons, sea monsters and storms. The one who confronts her, in the name of the male gods Apsu and Anshar, is Bel-Marduk. Bel kills Tiamat, opens her skull in two parts; with one Bel molds the celestial vault and with the other, the solid grounds.

According to the myths, the Great Mother is also the Sea, the Waters. If the Mother is not directly assimilated into the Dragon, she gives birth to monstrous dragons and serpents. She is surrounded with dragons. In China, the feminine principle represented by Kwan Yin rides a dragon.

In the context of the terrestrial story, when the Michaelic Consciousness, Creative Spirit, manifests under divine hegemony, It sends a fraction of Itself into matter and then onto the earth. The Michaelic Consciousness or frequency then takes form successively in the systemic body or meta-organism from which the Earth is a part. At the systemic level, It overshadows and utilizes as a tool or a body, a constellation – the Constellation of Draco or the Dragon. Then, through the Dragon, It penetrates the terrestrial body and brings Life to it, the Fire of Prometheus. This fire is amassed in what Gnosis calls the first chakra of the Earth. In the same way that the first human chakra contains the individuals life force and DNA, the first terrestrial chakra holds the vital force and genetic map of humankind.

The Dragon enters planet Earth and brings to it the combination of the Vital Force and the DNA. It is then the terrestrial Kundalini or Coiled Serpent. The Dragon, espousing the terrestrial body, reverses his polarity. The Kundalini or terrestrial fire is feminine. This fire represents the vital potential and the characteristics of the human race that have seeded the Mothers body, planet Earth, and have blossomed in the Goddess womb. The terrestrial Kundalini must climb/rise along the planetary spinal column and rejoin the six planetary chakras, in order for the Earth to be able to transmute its atomic structure and to evolve in harmony with the solar system. (See Chapter)

The Great Dragon is then a part of the Michaelic principle, Its lower Self incarnated, and thus became dual, physical and feminine in its expression. But the Dragon is also the MALE POLE, the SEEDS, the VITAL IMPULSE in the Consciousness of the Mother. In other words, the Dragon is the masculine aspect of the Mother

In his book Sepher Yetzirah, Aryem Kaplan says: According to the Talmud, the pole serpent mentioned by Isaiah is the male dragon, while the coiled serpent  (Nashash Akalkalon) is the female. (Jeremiah 31:22) Sepher Yetzirah, 236.

In consequence, the mother under its multiple forms, is not only associated with the Dragon, but with the Michaelic principle. The Archangel Michael or Saint Michael is found on the same sites as the Mother, whether she is called Isis, Diane or Mary. Saint Michael is the Mothers protector. He, the spiritual part of this Consciousness, overshadows and gives his strength to the sites, temples and churches in which the Dragon energy is present, received by the Mother.

All the edifices that are now dedicated to the Virgin Mary were not specifically, in the past, consecrated to the Great Mother. But the elders knew that on these sites the Dragon energy flairs up to give its might to the Earth, to the Mother. It is on these magical sites or vortices that the ancients celebrated the cult and built the temples dedicated to the Goddess, to the Dragon, or simply to the Divinity.

The practice of the Mysteries and of the cult spread around the Mediterranean Basin and had even penetrated the territories that were under Hellenistic traditions, such as Crete, Cyprus, and a part of Asia Minor. The Mysteries were common under the Roman empire of the first century. The Isiac cult and the Mysteries grew with success, stirring up governmental opposition for centuries. In the third century CE, they were supplanted by the new religion of Christianity imposed by Rome, which has endured until our time.


“It would seem more than a chance that so many of the virgin mothers and goddesses of antiquity should have the same name. The mother of Bacchus was Myrrha; the mother of Mercury or Hermes was Myrrha or Maia; the mother of the Siamese Savior – Sommona Cadom was called Maya Maria, i.e. ‘the Great Mary’; the mother of Adonis was Myrrha; the mother of Buddha was Maya; now, all these names whether Myrrha, Maia or Maria, are the same as Mary, the name of the mother of the Christian Savior. The month of May was sacred to these goddesses, so likewise is it sacred to the Virgin Mary at the present day. She was also called Myrrha and Maria, as well as Mary….   T. W. Doane, Bible Myths, p. 332.

The Great Mother, symbol of manifestation on the physical plane, has been at the center of the cult in all ancient religions. Under diverse names, she incarnates Life, fertility, healing and protection. Whether she appears under the traits of an ancient goddess, a Black Madonna, or disguised as the Virgin Mary (especially in Europe), her nature is unchanged. The Great Mother, the Goddess of the Darkness, gives birth, feeds and seduces. She is the inevitable passage. She invites human beings to immerge themselves in all aspects of matter, to go into the depth of themselves, into the darkness of their being, where She waits for them in order to lead them toward the Light.

In the kabbalistic Tree of Life, the One corresponds with the sephirah Keter and with the causal concept, thus opposed to the lowest sphere of the tree, Malkuth, which represents the concept of effect.

The goddess is associated with the Dragon and the Reptiles:

–        Ishtar, whose name is also attributed to the planet Venus. In Babylonia, she is escorted by the Dragon-Serpent, symbol of the god Marduk.

–        Lamia, the Serpent Goddess from Lybia, daughter of Heaven, has a reptilian body, with the head and breasts of a woman.

–        Medusa, goddess of wisdom, has the snakes, symbol of wisdom, as her hair.

Later, the Mother mutated into the Black Madonna; she is often represented with serpents or with theVouivre under her feet:

           – Notre Dame de Valfleury (Loire, France)

-Vierge de Saint Aventin (Haute Garonne, France)

-Vierge de Saint Julien, France, in Vinca (cedille) stands on two dragons

Examples of Christian sites where there was a cult to the goddess in the past:

–        Farfa, Benedictine Abbey

According to some lists, a Black Madonna was found in the Benedictine Abbey in Farfa, Italy. Only her face is still visible, the rest of her body was covered with a layer of copper. The foundation of the abbey is attributed to San Lorenzo Siro or Saint Laurenthius (sixth century) at the time of the emperors Julien or Gratien. A church was built to the glory of Notre Dame. The Abbey was destroyed by the Lombards and rebuilt at the end of the VIIth century by a monk from Savoy, Tommaso of Maurienne. Archeological searches seem to prove that this building was erected on a Roman construction and eventually on the ruins of a pagan temple. It is also noted that this abbey stands on a territory that was occupied by the Sabines, who have been famous in history after they were betrayed and raped by the founders of Rome.

The Vatican: Although the Son superceded the Mothers popularity, her presence  imposes itself in silence in the museums.  In the past on the site of the Vatican, the cult of the Goddess Cybele was celebrated:

Altar dedicated to Cybele and Attis

Rome, St. Peter’s Square, 374 AD marble

The shrine of the Phrygian goddess Cybele, from which numerous inscribed altars come, was situated in an unidentified place near the Vatican Basilica. It had to be closed following the measures taken by the emperor Theodosius against pagan cults in 391 and 392. Among the numerous inscribed altars found there is this altar dedicated to Cybele and Attis, with the sacred pine of Attis, a bull and a ram, a souvenir of the sacrifices made, together with various cult objects. The precise date of its dedication is inscribed on it: 19 July 374 AD.

Montovolos Black Madonna and its Presumed Ancient Temple of Isis

by Graziano Baccolini

Another “legend, reported in some books, relates that at one time there was an ancient temple of Isis at Montovolo. This story probably arisen or by the presence, at Montovolo, of a Black Madonna or by the fact that this Black Madonna was a reproduction of an ancient statue of Isis located in this site. In fact, modern historians recognize that the statue of the Egyptian Goddess Isis holding her child Horus in her arms was the first Madonna and Child. About Montovolo we found a legend of a serpent which is hidden under a large stone. This serpent is the guardian of a treasure and it is waiting for a kiss of a young girl to return to his original human form.

           – Chartres, France: The cathedral was built on a druidic site, on which, it is believed, the elders venerated the Parturiente Mother, that is to say, the mother that is going to give birth.

Black Madonna: There are many in Europe and most especially in France. Some of them do reside on the vestiges of temples or sites dedicated to the ancient feminine goddesses.

–        Roquamadour: one of the most famous Madonnas stands on a Celtic site, successively dedicated to Cybele and to Venus.

–        In Cassel at Our Mother of the Crypt existed a domain dedicated to the Love Goddess Freya and to Hella, Goddess of Death. In Cassel, they are many ley lines. For this reason and according to the tradition, on Saint John day, during the winter 1128, the founders of the Knights Templar, the nine knights sent  by Saint Bernard, walked up the hill, side by side.

–        Bourisp: the Madonna rests on an ancient cull site dedicated to Cybele.

As the Goddess of Fertility, the Mother assures young couples and childless couples of having descendants:

–        Black Madonna at Bourbon LArchambault.

She has also the power to bring back to life children who have died at birth or before being baptized:

–        Black Madonna at Saint Roman dAy

–        Our Mother of the Path at Serigny

–        In Douvres, Our Mother of Relief

–        Our Mother of Antioch (Meuse)

–        Our Mother of the Irons (??) in Orcival

Megalithic presence:

On various sacred sites on which the Mother is now venerated as the Virgin Mary, no trace of ancient goddesses is left. But, on those sites were implanted megalithic stones, dolmens, that mark the presence of the serpentine energy of the earth and of the serpent.

–        Our Mother of Fontpeyrine in Tursac

–        Black Madonna in Saint Beat

–        Black Madonna in Cassel

The ancient goddesses are associated not only with stones, but often with black stones.

Before being represented, the archetypal concept of the darkness associated with the Mother was symbolized and honored under the appearance of a black stone that had fallen from heaven.  Bethyl, meteorite black stone, represents the Mother as the recipient of the darkness, the Chnotic Goddess.

           –     Aphrodite in Paphos

–        Cybele was adored by the Amazones under the form of the black stone of Pessinus in Phrygia, in central Anatoly, now located in Turkey.

–        Astarte in Biblos

–        Diane/Artemis in Ephesus.

–        Mecca: at the south-eastern corner of the Kaaba, stands the black stone. The black stone is not associated with a cult of the goddess anymore. However, it is entirely plausible that before the conquest of the Kaaba by Mohammed, the Moslems also celebrated the Mother. Curiously, it is the site made sacred  by Abraham when he conceived a son with Hagar. Moreover, the priests who officiated at the Kaaba are still called the sons of the old lady. It is also said that on the site of the Kaaba, the Moslems used to adore tribal gods, the gods of nature called the daughters of Allah.

Virgins associated with Saint Michael:

           –    Corneilla de Conflent

–        Longpont sur Orge, next to Saint Michel sur Orge

–        Perillos?



It is interesting to note that in the ancient cults, the Mother is associated with the Dragon, with the Solar God, with Satan eventually, but rarely with Lucifer.

In ancient Egypt, the pharaohs changed their names when they had a radical transformation in their destiny or their religious beliefs. The most famous example is Akhenaton. The pharaoh bore the name of Amenophis in Greece or Amenhotep IV in Egypt. Amon is in peace. In his fifth year of reign, he then changed his name into Akhenaton  the grace, the light, the one who is useful to Aton. Secrets of the Exodus, 46.

When a spiritual Consciousness descends from Spirit into Matter, it endorses multiple bodies, which are all a different aspect of Spirit. The names attributed to the Creators and their progenies correspond to the frequency level crossed by their consciousness.

The names born by the Goddess, incarnations of the feminine Energy, correspond to a language, to a culture, to an interpretation of the cosmogony by the people. But, the archetypes move and evolve also according to the times or epochs and their circumstances, e.g., although Isis, Ishtar and Lilith are all feminine Goddesses, they have nevertheless radically dissimilar personalities.

The Luciferian groups who practice sexual rites do not specifically honor the Mother. They eventually do speak about the feminine principle, but mostly they use women. They are stealing the energy, the power, the hormonal substances, the light of the Mother, and they give nothing in return.

The planet Venus is also called Venus-Lucifer. The pentagram, symbol of Venus, symbol of incarnated man is, when reversed, the symbol of Lucifer. In this case, Venus, symbol of love and Wisdom, becomes essentially Isiac and plays the role of the priestess whose body is the temple.

Lucifer is a male spiritual principle. When the Archangel incarnates, abandoning his light to lead the human beings in their terrestrial journey, He takes form in matter and then reverses his polarity. He then becomes feminine.

Venus has been known since pre-history and she is the most shiny object in the sky after the Sun and the moon. As was the case for Mercury, the popular belief was that they were seeing two separate bodies: Eosphorus was the morning star and Hesperus the night star. But the Greek astronomers already knew that these were a one and only star.

Venus is the daughter of Zeus. Before the rise of the Sun, she is Hesperus, Star of the Night. In the darkened world, in the absence of the Solar Gods, she is then allied with Lucifer and with Babylon. As in the legend of the War of Troy, her beauty triggers battles. During the Lucifer cycle of reign, Venus is the alter ego of the earth.

As Venus-Aphrodite she brings experiences and sensations to the young soul, willing to learn the archetypes/principles of darkness, matter, sexuality and procreation.  The souls voluntary descent into matter and darkness is thus performed next to Lucifer.

Venus, Isis, the feminine principle, allowed humankind to be acquainted with the capacity of feeling. Through maternity, sensual desire and then through romantic relationships, a human being experiences the various faces of love. Parental love and especially maternal love is the love of the blood, the instinctual attachment even felt by animals. It is inexplicable and imperishable. Romantic love teaches the capacity to love, without reason sometimes, but still with the possibility of making choices. Mastery consists in the understanding of and working with a feeling instead of being enslaved by it.

The soul has to INTEGRATE what was experienced or felt, using it as a tool for evolving. This aspect of the work is achieved with Mercury, who is called the god of Wisdom. In this sense, he is Hermes, the one who brings wisdom to the gods and to the human beings. The tool proposed by Mercury is the mind.

With the assistance of the Serpents of Wisdom and through the Hermetic Tradition (Hermes=Mercury), the soul is progressively guided toward higher dimensions. The integrated experience allows the spiritual marriage, the birthing of the Herma-phroditus or the fusion between Hermes and Aphroditis. Venus Aphroditis plays then her role of Morning Star and covers, with her presence, the sign of the Taurus, symbol of divine manifestation.  When the link is permanently established, the need of questioning, the doubt, which is Satan or the opposition principle, disappears. Lucifer does not need to play his role as a guide any more. Venus has transformed into Sophia.

This evolutionary principle of the soul was well understood by the ancients who venerated the menopausal woman. Maturity and wrinkles were not considered or lived as degradation. The woman was not rejected by society because her body had changed. She became the channel and embodiment of wisdom, of the counselor. The woman at that time comes back to Saturn, the planet that incarnates wisdom.


The Divine Royal Lineage is associated with:

–        The cult of the Great Mother: The Mother, hierophant of the Darkness and lunar principle, conducted the Lineage to the initiatic crypt. The Sons of the Dragon have then accepted diving into the darkness. They have in the past practiced Satanism.

–        The Goddesses of fertility and later with the Black Madonnas: The Sacred Bloodline is then active on all sites where those rites were practiced. These cults are not necessarily represented by the presence of statues or of the Mother, but often with megaliths.

–        The Dragon, and then with all activities related to the veins of the Dragon or terrestrial meridians. The Children of the Dragon are naturally attracted to the Vortices with which their bodies are in resonance.

–        The Archangel Michael, who is the Dragons Higher Self: the Lineage, the Royal Blood is not associated with Lucifer but with Mikael. Although the roles of those two Archetypes are intimately connected, the excesses of the Darkness were only a passage, a necessary phase. Therefore, the Bloodline has to come back to its starting point, through the use of the Mercurian principle.


The relationship between the Great Mother, the Sun and the Dragon is brought to light by their periodic meetings on the path of the Sun or path of the Ecliptic. When the Solar God joins his companion and lover, the moon, they have two privileged meeting points named the Head and Tail of the Dragon or Lunar Nodes. The axis of passage of the Dragon is called Teli in Hebrew and Al Jazhar in Arabic, from the Persian word Juzhar that means nodes.

In occidental astrology, the interpretation of the Lunar Nodes is limited. The Indous attach more importance to it and call them Rehu and Ketu. Below is the tale of the birth of the demons Rehu and Ketu:

In Hindu mythology there is a wonderful story that describes how the gods and the demons once formed an alliance to produce a nectar that could give them immortality. This is the story of the churning of the milk-ocean and the descent of Lord Visnu as the Kurma avatara, the divine tortoise. When the nectar that was churned from this ocean was being served to the gods, a demon, disguised as a god, sat between the Sun and the Moon in an attempt to procure the nectar. When he was detected by the Sun and the Moon, Lord Visnu immediately severed his head from his body. Unfortunately, it was not fast enough, for the demon had already tasted a small quantity of the nectar and had become immortal. Ever since, this demon is said to wreak vengeance on the Sun and Moon whenever they come near. The head of this great demon is known as Rahu and his tail is known as Ketu.

The earth orbits around the sun, while the moon goes around the earth. But, from the standpoint of the observer, the sun seems to turn around the earth. The illusory path of the sun around the earth during a year is called the ecliptic The lunar nodes are the intersections between the moons orbit around the earth and the path of the ecliptic.

The North Node, also called Dragons Head, is the point at which the moon ascends from the south to the north. The moons orbit rises above the ecliptic. It is also called the Ascending Node. The South Node is the point at which the moon goes north to south, that is to say, the path of the moon falls below the ecliptic. It is thus called the Descending Node or Dragons Tail.

When the Sun and the Moon are conjunct and either lunar node is conjunct with both, a solar eclipse occurs. When the Sun and the Moon are in opposition, and one of them is conjunct with a lunar node, a lunar eclipse takes place. The ancients said that during the eclipses, the Dragon swallows the moon momentarily.

In occidental astrology, the Dragons Tail represents the subconscious tendencies, the karmic programs that control ones present daily life as well as the interferences generated by parallel lives (= past lives). The South Node brings into ones reality the decisions made by Self and the human will, according to the experiences of the past. The energies of the Dragons Tail are then considered karmic, material, destructive and dividing.

The Dragons Head symbolizes the karmic objectives of the present life and the focal point of the soul, in regard to personal evolution. The soul is confronted with its possible futures. Higher objectives are proposed when the soul is in contact with the Solar Self. It has the possibility to opt for a reversal through the acceptance of the Spiritual, Divine Will.

The Sun and the Moon:

The most fundamental of the contrary is the one formed by the couple Moon-Sun, the feminine and the masculine. The mediator that harmonizes one with the other is, from an astronomic point of view, the Axis of the Lunar nodes. Licorne, 395.

If we consider the Sun and the Moon as the symbols or embodiments of the Masculine/Father/Spirit energy and the Feminine/Mother/Matter energy, the role of the lunar nodes becomes very clear. The interplay between Heaven and Earth, the Light and the Darkness, the Soul and the Body, the Solar God and the Goddess, is thus enacted indefinitely and at all levels of creation.

The band of energy generated by the relationship of the solar and lunar forces triggers the appearance of the Body of the Dragon. For centuries in the case of the soul and for eons with that of the Solar System, these energies dance and cross each others path until they reach perfect equilibrium. Then the masculine/solar and feminine/lunar polarities merge.

For the Creator or Michaelic Consciousness, the necessity to express Itself in exile implied a phenomenon of separation and generated the appearance of the Great Dragon. The Dragon, in turn, entrapped itself in density and took on a body, the body of the earth. The Goddess, earthly Queen, who rides the moon, is the tool utilized by the soul to practice the tricks of the subconscious mind and of the non-self. The Dragon is a phase, an intermediary state.

At the individual level, it materializes the time-space in which the soul learns and grows during a cycle. The cycle is the Mothers womb that will later be symbolized by the crypt. During this long stay in incarnation and density, the soul feeds itself regularly through its contacts with the Solar Presence. It feels its impact and regenerates itself in the energy field of the Dragons Head, when the Dragon comes close to the sun. When the soul engulfs itself in the subconscious mind, in the miasmas of the past or the meanders of karma, it returns to the Dragons Tail and experiences another cycle of darkness and chaos.

The feminine Goddess who incarnates the subconscious forces, the parts of self that are not understood and denied, is the recipient of the lunar energies. The Goddess seeks her companion, the Solar God. She reaches him through the Dragon or Lower Self of the Creative Consciousness. At each eclipse, the lovers come together temporarily. The ancients understood that the Mothers destiny, as evidenced by the lunar nodes, is intimately linked to the Dragons fate.

The Dragons Head is associated with the energies of Jupiter, which embodies expansion, and the Father or the Fathers will.  Note that the Head of the Dragon leads the soul or the Earth toward the Solar Consciousness.  An important point in this volume, Jupiter symbolizes the Presence of the King and the application of the Divine Plan.

The Dragons Tail is linked to the energies of Saturn. Saturn presides over and represents the incarnation into density, as well as the force of retraction. However, Saturn also brings wisdom to the one who knows how to welcome this planet with an attentive ear and an open heart. This brings us back to the Dragons descent, that is to say, to the Serpents of Wisdom. The latter brought to humankind the Knowledge and the Mysteries that open the path to Wisdom and Redemption. The leader of the Serpents of Wisdom is Mercury, messenger of the gods. (The term Hermetic is derived from his Greek name, Hermes.)

In consequence, the Dragons Head is of the same nature as the two fortunes Jupiter and Venus, and increases the forces of the planets with which it is conjunct. So much that with the goods planets, it is good and fortunate, and with the bads, it is very pernicious. The Dragons Tail, in the contrary, it is of the same nature as the unfortunate Saturn and Mars. It brings prejudice and decreases the strength of the planets with which it is conjunct, as with the goods it is bad and with the bads, beneficial. LUsage des Ephmrides (Paris, 1624) dAntoine de Villon.

The message is clear.  According to the Divine Plan, the Dragon or Serpent has left his spiritual state in order to follow the human race in its journey into the flesh. He has participated and contributed by bringing his DNA and then Knowledge so as to make the earthly experience more efficient.

This statement also applies to the Dragons or Serpents of Wisdom, to the Children of the Great Spiritual Dragon, who took the responsibility to incarnate as human beings at the beginning and at each turning point in the history of humankind. The Dragon and his Children allow human beings, through the relationship with the Mother in the crypt, to see the Light by generating spiritual eclipses. During the eclipses, the candidate for initiation can access the Solar Light and thus connect more deeply with his soul.

When the candidate is ready, he can decide to utilize the positive aspect of the Dragons Tail, and apply discernment in order to acquire wisdom. Later, he will walk toward and focus on the Dragons Head. There, he will be guided by the Dragon toward a goal common to the race, i.e., the retrieving of the Divine Soul and the return to the Light.

Within the planets Jupiter and Saturn, we recognize the concept of expansion-retraction. If the soul does not learn wisdom, it retracts itself. Saturn applies the karma according to the individuals capacity or inability to find wisdom in the challenges that are presented. As soon as the disciple is free from fear and the ego, able to let go of the need to control situations, then he opens the door to the beneficial energy of Jupiter. In fact, this means that the soul has accepted the solar will or the Fathers will and, at the individual level, the will of the Monad. The candidate does not need Venus in the role of the Evening Star any longer because his passage in the crypt with the Mother has freed him of the need for the Darkness. He is ready for the Conscious Light and for Divine Love.


At the planetary level, when a meeting of the Sun and Moon occurs in a house or conjunct with planets whose energies will create a dissonance, the Dragons Tail rises and scourges the elements all around. It is then the instrument of Karma. Fired up by the presence of the Solar Star, the Sun, the Dragon becomes a conduit for purification. The energy of the Michaelic Consciousness enters through the channel of the Teli and applies the transmutation. This is the role of the sharp sword of the Archangel which transforms, cuts and discards the tatters of the past. With these kinds of astrological aspects, important earthquakes were recorded.

When planets are conjunct with the Dragons Head, the systems, the groups, and the mechanisms designated by the planets have already been affected by the alchemical transmutation of Mercury. A deeper harmonization then occurs between the Dragon and Its Archangelic Self, and simultaneously between the Earth and the Solar Consciousness. In this case, We assist in the progressive growth of the soul or soul group in the area pointed to by the planets or the houses in question. A choice was made, and the Presence of the Archangel brings more Light and more blessings.

Bear in mind that, in the concept of creation, the Dragon represents the part of the Creator that was projected out onto the earth in order to engender the human race. The Dragon (the Serpent, the Kundalini) brings the vital life force and the genetic map or DNA.

It is also the initiator of the Lineage of the Dragons. Consequently, when the North Node is affected, a will toward the evolution of humankind is imprinted on the magnetic field of the planet modifying the genetic map of the race. It is also judicious to check if, at a political level, the planetary aspects indicate a thrust of the Royal Bloodline to reach its goal.

The movements of the energy on the Dragon Axis activate:

At the individual level:

–        The deployment of the personality of the one who gets rid of his instincts  South Node, and is heading toward aligning himself step-by-step with the Monad or Solar Soul. In so doing, one resolves internal challenges and overcomes opposites. When one ceases to be concerned only with ones limited personal world, that individual is then ready to participate in the realization of the Group-Souls destiny. In actuality for humankind, the destiny of the Soul-Group is dependent on the destiny of the Solar Logos (Solar Consciousness).

At the planetary level:

–        The alignment of the Earth Consciousness with the Solar Consciousness. In the process of its growth, a soul or a planet naturally develops alignment with the Star or Being that is its center. This harmonization first takes place at the frequency level. Then the terrestrial body follows by changing its atomic structure and its axis.  In its course around the Sun, the earth aligns its poles on the stars/Consciousnesses/vibrations that it needs for evolving. This implies a movement of the poles. Our current Pole Star is Polaris in the Little Bear.  3,000 years before the Christ Era, the Pole Star was Thuban, the third star from the end of the tail in Draco. In about 14,000 years, Vega, the most brilliant star in the Lyra, will be the Pole Star. Vega will be six times brighter than Polaris.

At the solar and galactic levels:

           – There are also solar and galactic axes according to which the Earth orients itself. The Dragon runs along these axes, called Teli. The Earth was harmonized with the galaxy between Draco and the Lyra, in order to prepare its future. The Serpent or Dragon rose along the Galactic Teli, from Draco and the Lyra, in September 2002, and triggered from Mont Saint Michel, Saint Michael Mount, in France.


The term Teli, with which the kabbalists take many opportunities to exert their love for rhetoric, is found neither in the Torah nor in the Talmud. However, it appears in the text of the Bahir. Only one word in the Bible has a corresponding root. It is the term Talah which designates a kind of weapon. The root Talah would also mean to hang. The scholars inferred that the Teli was the celestial axis around which the heavens rotate.

In describing the position of the stars, the ancients made use of the ecliptic pole, rather than the celestial pole. In this system, we find that the constellation of Draco actually surrounds the ecliptic pole. It also has stars in the sections of all the signs of the zodiac. It is therefore literally the Pole Serpent, since it is the serpent that surrounds the ecliptic pole.Sepher, 234.

Some cabbalists identify the Teli with the Serpent Pole mentioned in Job 26,13 and in Isaiah 27,1 under the name of Leviathan. It is the imaginary axis around which the heavens rotate. It is seen as an imaginary line from which the celestial sphere hangs very much like a bola from its line. According to this, the word Teli comes from the root Talah, meaning, to hang. Sepher, 233.

There is a tradition that there are two Telis or dragons, one male and one female. They are identified as the two Leviathans and are mentioned in the account of creation, God created the great dragons.(Genesis 1,21). According to the Talmud, the Pole Serpent mentioned by Isaiah is the male dragon, while the coiled serpent (Nashash Akalkalon) is the female. Some cabbalists state that the constellation of Draco is the male Pole Serpent, while the inclination of the ecliptic is the female Coiled Serpent. The female therefore encompasses the male, this being the mystery of a female shall surround a male (Jeremiah 31,22). Sepher, 236.

Let us first mention that in the common translations of the Old Testament, the text of Genesis 1,21 does not speak about dragons or Leviathan, but about great fishes and whales. The author then consulted once more Fabre dOlivets translation. He interprets the Hebrew word as a relative and proper movement or circular and rectilinear, a reptiform vibration. Then he concludes: One finds in the proper sense a reptiform movement, and in the most restraint and materialized, a reptile. In regard to the verses of Job and Isaiah, they mention a crooked serpent and the dragon that is in the sea.

In the human structure:

In the human body, the reptilian energy and the Serpent move according to several axes. The most important work that one has to accomplish is the process of balancing the opposites, the masculine and feminine energies. The results of this gradual task are manifested by an accumulation of energy in both meridians, the Ida and Pinguala, on both sides of the spinal column. This process of harmonization concerns the individual versus him/herself and with his extensions or parallel selves, disseminated in space-time. We can say that this harmonization is internal and lateral. When Ida and Pinguala have reached a sufficient state of growth, the Kundalini, until then dormant, wakes up and rises on both sides of the spinal axis.

At the same time, a second process takes place which is the harmonization of the Total Self with the Solar Consciousness. It is a bridging task between Heaven and Earth. It is, in fact, a search for alignment, that concretizes little by little by the placement of ones energy Structure and Monad into the auric and magnetic field of the Solar Consciousness. This movement is a vertical harmonization.

At the Earth Level:

If the Teli is the axis around which are organized the Dragons reptoid movements, then we must consider several axes:

–        The horizontal planetary axis, around the ecliptic

–        The central axis that crosses the earth through the poles

1.     The Earth, as a Consciousness and in tandem with humankinds soul group, balances itself between the masculine and the feminine polarities, between Light and Darkness. This work is promoted and triggered by the interaction on the earth magnetic field of the Sun and the Moon. This is the movement evidenced by the Lunar Nodes.

The axis, around which the setting into balance happens, is horizontal. The Teli executes a reptoid movement between the Dragons Head and Tail. This aspect of the Teli is feminine in polarity.

2.     Simultaneously, the planet tries to align itself with the meta-organism from which it is a part, thus with the Solar System, with the Solar Consciousness, and with the Spiritual Sun. This is the alignment process between Spirit and Matter, between Heaven and Earth, the goal of which is the refinement of the earth frequency. Throughout the cycles, the planet orients itself physically toward the star or constellation that concretizes the level of evolution that it has to reach during a  specific cycle.

About 4,500 years ago, the North Pole was marked by the star Thuban from the Draco constellation. It was the epoch during which the Serpents intervened again in the progress of humankind. The North Pole is currently oriented toward Polaris in Ursa Minor.  At a future time when the Earth is oriented to the Star Vega in Lyra, it will be working on its alignment with the Higher Self of the Michaelic Consciousness for the present creation period or the complete creation cycle. At the end of this phase, humankind will have reached complete harmony with its Creator and will be able to accomplish its maximum evolution.

The vertical axis that crosses the poles is the masculine aspect of the Teli.

To end this chapter, a series of strange little sculptures photographed in  Chartres. No copies please. Copyrights, Michael El Nour

Mont-Saint-Michel, the Merging


Is the United States going to refocus or fail momentarily their original divine mission? How to assist alleviating the chaos on the Planet? THE CASE OF PLANET X,

Mont Saint Michel, in France, attracts millions of visitors each year and touches each one of them with a powerful feeling of divine magic. For centuries, kings, pilgrims and poets, such as Victor Hugo, have celebrated the Mont, fascinated and in love for this natural and architectural wonder. Why? They are many reasons for that, which we will discuss later.

First and very obviously, because Mont Saint Michel as a whole is a reflection, a physical image of:

  • Archangel Michaels personality
  • The multiples aspects of Gods creation living in harmony
  • The balance between the masculine and feminine energies.

Archangel Michael is a warrior, mostly represented brandishing his sword. He is a mighty combatant, who pledged allegiance to God, in his battle against Lucifer. He is the keeper and transmitter of Gods Fire, and as such he has control over the Eternal Dragon. The Earth Dragon is the life, the Kundalini of the planet. As part of their evolution, the Earth as well as the Universe are working with their Kundalini.

Archangel Michael is also:

  • The Fire whose consciousness was split, spread out between the two spiritual poles of our universe, the Lyra and Draco. From Spirit (the wings), Michael is casting and mastering the Dragon, in fact his lower self. The Dragon is the aspect of Archangel Michael that incarnated and was imprisoned in density. It is also the male aspect of Mother Earth.

Recently Archangel Michael released the Dragon. The event precipitated the last battle between the entities of the light and of the darkness.

The Consciousness that allows the merging, the fusion of Heaven and Earth, of Light and Darkness, the male and female energy.

  • As the Creator and guide of the Serpents of Wisdom, Archangel Michael has been involved in the story of secret societies and of the Illuminati.

Mont Saint Michel in France, has always been considered by anyone as a magical place, as an area where one can feel Unity and the blending of Heaven and Earth. It is precisely the vortex, the focal point where is now happening:

  • The blending/merging of the two divine energies for the Cosmic Body  our universe.
  • The anchoring on planet Earth of the merged frequency of the constellations Lyra and Draco. The bridge between the Lyra and Draco was built in September 2002.

This is the last necessary step that has to occur in order for this part of thee universe to reach the Heart Frequency. (Detailed information in the book A Kiss For Lucifer). It is the same attunement that you do when you merge the energies of your 1st and 6th chakra to allow Kundalini to raise up your spine.

It is said that the Druids were worshipping the Dragon in a cave situated under Mont Saint Michel.

In fact, the Earth Dragon or Earth Kundalini did not rise, out of its imprisonment on Mont Saint Michel but somewhere in Paris. This was the connection between the first and 6th chakra of planet Earth.

Then the Dragons and Serpents from many areas of planet started to leave the center of the earth and flair up through many vortices, following the Saint Michael ley lines. And in September 2002, all the Serpents of the Earth converged to Mont Saint Michel, and merged with the Cosmic Dragon Energy. A huge caduceus, made out of millions of Serpents and Reptiles, the Sons of the Great Dragon blended and created a cosmic bridge between Draco and the Lyra.


Since the Beginning of times, the two energies, light and darkness or male and female have been anchored on Earth by the White and the Dark Lodges, and by the 24 Elders. The Light and the Darkness are represented in the physical system through the body of the religions, of the secret societies and the organizations lead by the Illuminati.

The White and Dark Lodges, the Masters composing them are not antagonistic; they are working together. They are the ones who are co-creating the planetary fusion, the merging that has to occur prior for the planet to reach the heart-consciousness.  Among them are the 24 Elders, 12 anchoring the Light and 12 embodying the Darkness. They were attuned to the Christ/Heart energy in October 2002, at Stonehenge and went back all over the earth to anchor the merged-heart-frequency around the globe.

The completion of the merging, at the planetary level, will occur during the Wesak 2003. This energy will be anchored on the earth on Mont Saint Michel. The Wesak festival is celebrated on the full moon in the Taurus, which will occur on May 16th. On the 16th a total lunar eclipse will also happen, so that human beings may receive fully the light of the Sun, and thus move closer to their solar-self.

In 1997, Comet Hale B. appeared and brought many shifts (See Manifestation). We all remember the Six Pointed Star figure appearing in our sky/chart in March 1997.

Behind Comet HB was a second body. People were wondering about this second body. Was it a planet, a spaceship?

It might be time for humankind to have the answer. This is what happened while visiting the Mont Saint Michel in September 2002:

“A contact was made with the Lyra. I then looked and distinguished a huge doorway, opening itself in the galaxy, in the midst of the constellations. A comet appeared that will produce a physical change in our galaxy, and could bring destruction. In my human heart, I felt sorry for my fellow human beings, although I know that collateral damages might occur while the Cosmic Logos is harmonizing its chakras (the constellations). I thus interceded and spoke to His Consciousness, in order to find out with him if we could alleviate the challenges that humankind might have to experience.” (A Kiss For Lucifer)

The second body that I -and many others- saw in 1997 appeared in the center of the sixth pointed star. Since then I had an inner-vision, the second body coming back in the center of a 6 pointed star. A similar figure will be seen in our astrological sky on November 9th 2003. At this date we will again have a total lunar eclipse.

The eclipse will occur between November 8th and 9th, according to the area in which one is living. It has been said that a doorway will be open, allowing those who are ready to depart this dimension. The beings that would be leaving would avoid the mass destruction and chaos that might occur on the earth physical plane.


There is much concern about the arrival in our field of Planet X, by the middle of May or later. Planet X is the 12th planet of our system (Sitchin); Chiron was the last to be discovered. How much do we know and are we supposed to physically prepare ourselves for this event, in order to survive the ordeal?

This idea fits with the comet (or planet?) that I saw in September 2002, heading towards the Earth at high speed. I have to say that I was absolutely not aware of Planet X e-groups and I am not inclined to foresee disasters. Also, astrologically speaking, the aspects for May 2003 as well as until November are pretty heavy.

Finally we can link this idea with the writings of Dr. Michael E. Salla, (, the conflict now opposing the United States with Iraq has to do with the control of the a stargate, located in Iraq :

“If there is a Stargate existing in Southern Iraq that will play a role in such a ‘prophesied return of the gods’, then it is most likely that clandestine government organizations that greatly influence or control the Bush administration, are aware of the existence and the role of this Stargate. Iraq’s President Hussein is most likely also aware of such a Stargate’s existence as might be inferred by his architectural projects intent on reviving the grandeur of early Mesopotamian civilizations, and cementing his place as the restorer of Iraq’s past glory. (37) More significantly, his permission for a German team of archaeologists to resume excavations in the Sumerian city of Uruk after detailed underground mapping, suggests that this may be the location of the Sumerian Stargate. This knowledge of a buried Stargate, may also be part of the reason why the German government has been publicly opposed to a US preemptive war against Iraq.”

I will first say that since September 2002, I have been following the movements of the invisibles Masters and Initiates over Europe and Mont Saint Michel. Their moves are immediately followed by a move of the troops between the US and Iraq.

Early March, I asked my Higher Self to show me in what state Bush and S. H. were on the moment . I will not reveal which one, but one of them came out as a dog, a heavy, bull pit-type dog, but very nice in fact and harmless. The dog was  at the end of a leash, itself divided into 12 parts. Each part was in the end of the 12 Masters of the Darkness (see above), thus in the ends of the hidden illuminati-government.

The other character appeared with wings on his back. My next question to myself was then:

  • “What is his spiritual contract?
  • Similar to Hitler’s agreement. To clear something and reveal to the world something that needs to be seen, in regards to the United States.”

I will not go further on that. All the governments are controlled by hidden powers. We are back to the same old story: the control of the planet and of the portals by two lineages of outsiders or extra-terrestrials, with their own diverging agenda and the possible control of the whole human system by a single group of beings. This is a possible scenario if we are staying in the 3rd dimension.

My understanding is that, whoever is really in charge in the United States, this nation needs the assistance of its people, YOUR ASSISTANCE to re-align with their divine destiny:


At this time, THE UNITED STATES has FAILED THEIR MISSION and have failed their ORGINAL INTENT and intuition.

  • The plan has been distorted for two reasons:

  • The need for power, the lack of integrity of the leaders and the fact that they had not completed their agreement with the darkness. On the contrary, they are wallowing in the practices that are the expression of the three lower chakras, among others:

  • Physical, emotional and mental abuse of the population through the economical system, the police, the media, the entertainment industry.

  • Manipulation of the population with drugs, medical or non-medical.

  • Use of mind-control techniques and of sexual abuse in the context of the army, the intelligence community and on children.

  • The lack of education for the mass of the population and its alive desire to ATTRACT DRAMA AND TO BE VICTIMS.” (Excepted from A Kiss For Lucifer)


What is really going on? Are the Annunakis returning? Are the Annunakis the gods, the Nephilim who came on earth millions of years ago? Is this the important point?

Stargates, doorways are inter-dimensional portals. Whether we are speaking about the doorway located in Israel, the one in Iraq, the Great Pyramid, Rennes le Chateau or Mont Saint Michel, we are referring to the major vortices of planet Earth. The inter-dimensional portals are the acupuncture points, the main attunement points of the magnetic grid.

“To explain in simple words, the presence of foreign races on this planet, I will use an example: You agree that part of your task is to develop 7 main chakras and to have them work in synergy and harmony. In the same exact way, a greater entity, Mother Earth, that you are a part of is refining and attuning its centers to make them work together. Above/around the Earth, another being or celestial body which is larger, more conscious, more aware, is attuning planets, systems and so on.” (Excerpted from A Kiss For Lucifer)

The Cosmic Body from which you are a cell is attuning its chakras (in fact constellations). Thus all the living Beings (Ets) that are composing its Cosmic Body are being moved around, cleared, and harmonized. You, the cells of the Cosmic Logos have to follow the movement. The Beings/ETs who are not supposed to be there might be asked to leave, just like you remove implants and entities from your aura. Do you ask yourself if those entities like it? No, because you are your own Master.

So, what are you supposed to do? Do you know enough to be able to choose between the Annunaki, the Venusians or the Pleiadians (I purposely do not want to mention high profile groups) as the right ones, the ones who will either save or enslave humankind? Especially if your information is coming through channels, thus possibly distorted or manipulated.

And even if you know, how can you ensure your safety? And if fact, are the gods going to return physically? If the planet is to exit the physical dimension, TIME WILL COLLAPSE. Then, all occurs simultaneously. This might be why some believe that the gods will return.

The point is that the human system, humankind is a mess. Manipulation, torture, slavery, millions of children utilized as sex-slaves, hunger, war. The western cities, with the American megapolis as the leaders, Paris and London in the first rows are becoming a jungle or a vast swamp, populated with crocodiles and piranhas.

Is this what you aspiring to? Well, this is not what Mother Earth is willing to keep experiencing. Mother Earth is evolving and will evolve no matter what human beings are doing or believing. And, in synchronicity with the Earth, the Cosmic Body is and will evolve.

It is my belief that humankind STILL has a chance, still HAS THE CHOICE to DO THE QUANTUM LEAP, to avoid CHAOS. Even in the event of Planet X approaching. It is a matter of critical mass, mass-consciousness and of personal choice. Many are already responding (peace movements for instance).

We do not know EXACTLY WHEN PLANET X MIGHT VISIT US. Also, IN THE PAST FEW YEARS, WE HAVE BEEN ABLE TO SHIFT THE ENERGIES AND TRANSMUTE MANY POSSIBLE CHALLENGING ASTROLOGICAL ASPECTS, thus following successfully the growth of the Cosmos. For instance, when an earthquake is happening it is because the ley lines, the grid have to be cleared, harmonized to a higher frequency. If an area and the population living in this area are attuned to the right frequency, Mother Earth does not need a natural disaster to shake off the magnetic pollution.

How can you assist? By choosing to:

  1. BE OF SERVICE TO THE EARTH AND TO MANKIND. Make the decision that your frequency is going to touch as many people as possible and to pull them out of blindness and childish innocence. We are not rescuing others, we are touching their hearts.

  2. Avoid any feeling of fear and stand in faith and compassion.

  3. Do not believe the media or anybody else but your divine intuition. Stop being gullible. Many scenarios could be played out by human and non-human factions to deceive you.

  4. Stop calling upon the Earth consciousness all kind of beings that are manipulating you, attracting you with important information and distracting you from the main focus: change YOURSELF, and clear yourself from any remains of your shadow (shadow=unknown, unaccepted parts of self).

  5. Stop messing up with the earth-grid, creating more infected doorways, polluted by Ets that are not Masters and not supposed to be a part of the game.

  6. Stand up for peace, if you feel like it but avoid organizations that are only present on the front line to confuse you and manipulate you even more.

  7. Call and anchor your Divine Self, the One only concerned with Mastership, in alignment with the Cosmic Body and the Infinite Consciousness.

  8. Until Wesak (May 16th), be your best. Focus on being your Higher-Perfect Self. Anchor within yourself the Conscious Light (Light merged with Darkness  sometimes called golden light), so that you can be and broadcast the non-dual, Heart energy.









Role of the Mont-Saint-Michel



It is 7 pm and the noisy hordes of tourists have finally left the Mont. The last sunrays slide across the clouds and beam a corner of silky rainbow. This is the time for which the Mont’s lovers long for, the blessed moment when its magic is so tangible that even the body surrenders and lightens.

Regretfully, the last visitors try to leave, taking their last picture. Their steps slip along the dock, their bodies seem to float, in the velvety air. No one escapes this sensation of weightlessness, of solid softness, that forces one into silence or meditation. Is it nature, omnipresent; is it the birds’ screams or is it the Archangel’s Presence whose powerful and protective wings sweep the pilgrim’s soul?

For thirteen centuries, Mont-Saint-Michel has attracted crowds of pilgrims and tourists who surrender to its call, hypnotized by its beauty and mystery. The Mont, amazing pyramid, overlooks the bay, swept by the waves. It is a compact conglomerate of fortified walls, middle age houses and gardens, crested by a cloister and an impressive Abbey Church, on the summit of which the gold Archangel brandishes his sword toward the sky. To understand the Mont, to visit it consciously is an experience with self and with the Divine, omnipresent. There, the bursting feeling of love is as strong as the sensation of power, imposed by nature, intensified by human endeavors. Still, the Mont is also famous for violent winds, the fastest tides in Europe, and quick sand, in which the incautious visitor could die.


The bay, now called Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel, is famous for its three legendary mounts, Mont Dol, Mont Tombe, and Tombelaine. Dol means table, in the Celtic language and probably refers to a dolmen. On Tombelaine, the pagan rites were practiced, “dedicated to Belen, the Apollo of the Celts […]. In all the charts of the Middle Ages, the two twin islands – Mont Tombe and Tombelaine- are called duas tumbas. One could admit that, since the protohistorical period, existed on the top (of the Mont)  an important burial mound – dolmen or tumba.” In the past, the Mont Tombe was probably the site of worship to Belen-Apollon and Mercury, until “the catholic Church, while banishing Mercury […] made sure to replace him by the winged Archangel.” Some also cite the existence of a temple to Jupiter.

During the year 409, under the reign of Childebert, the Abbey Aubert had a vision in which Saint Michael the Archangel spoke to him. This is how the Abbey tells the story: Saint Michael “told me to build a temple for Him on the Mont Tombe and that he wanted to be honored and called upon as he was in Mont Gargano.” . After being agitated/in a state of mind of unrest) continues the Abbey, “I concluded that I had to believe in this revelation. After a few days only, the same Archangel appeared as previously, but his aspect was more severe, while he told me that it was his will that a temple would be erected in the location that he previously mentioned.” The Abbey fell into prayers, asking the Divine presence to be sure that he was not lead astray by some bad spirits. A few nights later “ I see this Archangel reprimanding me strongly about my skepticism and blaming me of being too late to believe, he then hit my head with a finger. Then, shaking and afraid, I asked him where on the Mont Tombe, he wished to see the oratory.” MSM 25

Aubert knew the Monte Gargano, where Saint Michael appeared on May 8, 492. He then built a simple chapel “in the shape of a cave, similar to the one that Saint Michael himself had digged in the roc of the Gargano Mountain.” It is told that Saint Michael produced a spring for the use of the people who would live in this place. The Mont Tombe then became Mont-Saint-Michel and attracted both the poor and kings for centuries. Today, only a wall remains of the sanctuary built by Aubert, still visible in the Notre-Dame-Sous-Terre chapel.

It is interesting to note the details of the legends pertaining to the ancient solar cult. It is said that once, the villagers “‘begged him to deliver the land from a frightening dragon that was hunting them as well as the flocks ». Also, when Aubert asked about the size of the chapel, the Archangel Michael answered: “Equal to the space trampled by the bull.” Aubert then “easily located the bull, attached to a menhir that was later miraculously removed in order to build the chapel.”

Because of its strategic location, the Mont attracted the covetousness of all powers, Britons, Normands, and English, until 1450. The Benedictine monks who had worked there since the 860’s are supposed to have built the first chapel, Notre-Dame-Sous-Terre around the 10th century. Then, « Construction began with the Abbey church, erected on the summit of the rock between 1023 and 1085. » (Conn des arts, 10). In the twelfth century, the Mont became known as ‘the City of books’. It stayed famous for its scriptorium and collection of illuminations.  In the early 13th century, Mont-Saint-Michel suffered because of rivalries and was set on fire. “Fearing that ‘the archangel would take his vengeance’, the French sovereign donated money and started the building of the Marvel, completed in 1228.


The visitor enters the Mont through the Porte du Roy —Kings’ door. Before visiting the Archangel abode, the pilgrim must first face the world and its grievous temptations. One crosses a narrow and dirty little paved street, a stone bowel, in which one is then assaulted by the merchants of the temple, a series of shops and hostels, offering cheap rubbish.

In the middle part of the main street, the careful visitor is invited into the small Saint Peter Church in which the Archangel already rules, a foot holding a dragon.  This location has held the energy and the vortex for centuries, in waiting for the Monarch, identified by the prophecies.

One must now climb up high, slippery and unequal stone steps, in order to exit the world and finally have a glimpse of the proud and magnificent Abbey Church raising 144 meters above the waves.

One must merit the Marvel. In order to reach it, the visitor climbs about 400 steps, his heart beating and his face lifted up  toward the imposing walls, watching his steps, but longing to discover the fortress.


In order to comprehend the vibration and unique role of the Mont-Saint-Michel, one must first analyze its primary symbology and remember that the physical world is but a metaphor for the spiritual reality. Throughout the centuries, the Archangel’s home has been the price for battles between dukes and kings from France and England. A protection system was then progressively built between the XIIIth and XVth centuries.

The Mont is the Dragon’s last visible abode, the only one that survived the destruction of the caves in Tibet, in which He was living. The Archangel of light has launched his domain in a different area of the planet but then, He had to protect it against invaders. In the same way, throughout the centuries, the battle between the Light and the Darkness has raged in the secret lodges and the invisible government. Simultaneously, mankind lost itself in the process of modernization and an attempt to escape the Divine. During the XVIIIth century, the Century of the Lights, in Europe, the new philosophies led to reject man’s innate bond to the Divine. The result was a society in crisis, as it has been disconnected from Source. In 1791, after the French Revolution, the monks were chased out of the Mont that became a prison until 1864. The Light was hidden for centuries until the right time for its resurgence. The general shape of the Mont is one of a pyramid, divided into three parts, in the same way as the cathedrals. The main street, devoured by mercantilism, represents the human world, life in the human body. One has to experiment it and then detach from it.

The central part, located away, is composed of the Abbatial Church and of the buildings occupied, in the past, by the monks. It is the symbol of the pilgrim’s conscious work, the quest toward one’s soul and toward the Divine.

Then, out of reach, beyond the flying buttresses that hold the building, beyond the Escalier de Dentelles (Laces stairs) that runs toward Heaven, is the spire on which the psychopomp Archangel statue, the Hermes-Anubis that leads the souls to paradise stands.

The one who consciously climbs the Mont, puts himself in relationship with the Solar Archangel,  ‘about whom « the Talmudic Targum Yerushalim, says that he is responsible for the creation of humanity itself » rimmel, 22

One is surprised by the Mont’s masculine aspect. Besides the top floor of the Marvel, the whole building is remarkable due to the purity of lines and sobriety that only equals the feeling of power and nobility that it conveys.  The Mont is a vertical and steep rock, on which man has piled up stone blocks, reaching out like souls toward Heaven. Yet, the pilgrim feels welcome, loved. Is it because of the Light, or of the water, feminine principle par excellence, surrounding the Mont while the Dragon dances with the Moon, merging conscious and subconscious? One’s warrior’s masculine will, necessary on the spiritual journey feels balanced by the appeasing softness of the horizon, vast and sinuous amalgam of sand and water.

Here, no stained glass windows with screaming colors, no artificial beauty, and no details. Only the light and Spirit’s magic usher the pilgrim toward God’s magnificence and praise. The Divine dictates to let go of any luggage, of all unnecessary thoughts.

The essential function of the Mont is to hold the frequency of fusion, the merging of the masculine and feminine energies. Isn’t Michael the one who transmutes the Darkness into Light? In Hebrew, his name translates the blessings that He brings and that the visitor feels while walking through His terrestrial home. The letter Mem, motherly and soothing, represents the Fountain of wisdom, the flow of light reaching from the Source, Kether. Kuf, associated with Kether, corresponds to Jupiter, anchoring Divine Plan, and represents the crown and capacity of manifesting it. El is the sting, the wing, and the movement toward Spirit that one is searching, while coming to the Mont.


In the same way as Santiago de Compostela, the Mont-Saint-Michel is located at the far end of Europe, of the western world. “For all these people of the earth, Europe continues to be called western, from the Latin occidere, meaning both to fall and to die. That is to say the land of the falling or dying sun” Symbol, 26. After crossing Asia and Europe, man —or the human race— faces the sea. He must inquire about his close future or surrender to the unknown and leave further west.

The Mont-Saint-Michel has always been a powerful and fascinating site, whose role has long remained occult. It is animated by two vortices. The minor vortex, on which was built the small Saint Peter Church, and which represents the exoteric religion, was the only one functioning until recently. The major vortex, located at the center of the rock, under the heart of the Abbey Church, remained inactive until 2001.

There are three main Mounts and sanctuaries dedicated to the Archangel in Europe: Monte Gargano, in Italy, Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy, and Saint Michael Mount in Cornwall. The three are situated on a straight pathway extending from Mont Carmel, in Israel, to Skellig Michael,  an old site sitting on a pyramidal island-rock 8 miles away from Scotland. On this straight line of 2500 miles, sometimes called the Apollo/Saint Michael Axis, a series of internationally renowned religious sites are located. Amongst them are Rhodes, Delphi, Assisi, Sacra di San Michele, Cluny and Bourges. Most of these sites were dedicated to the Solar gods and to the Dragon, “a universal symbol of life-force within the Earth”. The Mont-Saint-Michel, in France, is located at the crossing of the ley lines that run through Europe, and connect, among other sites, the Tor, in Glastonbury (= Avalon), Aveburry and Stonehenge. Bear in mind that the Archangel is represented with the Dragon under his foot. The Apollo/Saint Michael axis concentrates and launches the Solar Consciousness’ energy, which operates through its two aspects. The spiritual, masculine aspect has been portrayed in the Solar God, fighting for the Light. The material,  feminine and dark aspect, is symbolized by the Dragon or Typhoon, which is linked to the Mother.

The Dragon’s energy runs horizontally, following the ley lines; these movements are evoked in astrology by the lunar nodes, also called Dragon Head and Dragon Tail. At the personal level, these movements “activate the deployment of the personality of the one who gets rid of his instincts and aligns himself, step-by-step, with his Higher Self and Monad or Solar Self”. Amen171.

But the Dragon’s energy also rises vertically, on the most powerful sites. These are the command posts for the movements of the Earth’s axis. The axis moves according to the Earth’s Consciousness and gradually aligns with the Solar Consciousness. Mont-Saint-Michel, in France, is the most important axial point at this time, for the planet. Crucial events for the Earth’s future, thus for all spiritual warriors in search for harmony with God and planetary Consciousness, have been occurring on the Mont-Saint-Michel:

In November 2001, the Archangel released the Dragon Consciousness from its captivity in matter, which means that the Earth Kundalini arose. In September 2002, at the Mont-Saint-Michel, the Dragon operated a second major move. Coming from all corners of the Earth, the Dragon ran upwards into the Cosmos between the Constellations of Draco and of the Lyra. That was ascension of the Galactic Kundalini, which allowed an attunement of the first and sixth chakras of the Cosmic Lord’s body. (Amen, Annex).

Then, in May 2003, under the lead of the Michaelic Consciousness, the Blue Print of the planet’s future, called in the Bible, the New Jerusalem (Apocalypse 21) was anchored. The codes of the future are thus anchored in the Mont-Saint-Michel’s energy field. Immediately after the anchorage of the New Jerusalem, the Michaelic Consciousness programmed the movement of the terrestrial axis, as it shall occur for alignment with the Sun. In the past, the anchor point was located in Egypt. Thus a subtle connection exists between the Great Pyramid and the Mont, which explains its specific shape. The pyramid’s configuration was an image of the primeval mound, the Benben that was raised out of the great waters by Ra-Atum-Khepri.  There are, in fact “many correspondences between the Creation myths and certain aspects of Saint Michael” Rimmel, 26. In the same way as Michael, Horus was battling Seth, the Typhoon or Dragon.

Mont-Saint-Michel, on which an increasing attention is focused, shows to the seeker the direction that the spiritual current took on centuries ago. At the birth of Christianity, mankind initiated a movement toward unity, the unification of all beliefs. Men also started to focus upwards and towards a Center, an axis.

The learned and discreet monastic communities, silent guardians of the Tradition, although wearing Christian garments, adapted the old gods’ abodes. Michael, whose name means, “Who is like God”, but also “Face of God”, enforced His position while anchoring Himself on all sites formerly dedicated to the gods of the Light (Baal, Bel, Apollo, Jupiter, Mithra, etc). The only Archangel to be called a Saint, he “became the living symbol of the new religion”. Furthermore, the Mont-Saint-Michel invites the visitor to the fusion, because it tells and offers to participate in an eternal love story, the love between the Solar Archangel and the Dragon, then between the Archangel and His Bride, according to the Apocalypse: the Mont is the place chosen by the Archangel to invite the New Jerusalem, his Bride and matrix of His Kingdom.

These events, invisible to human eyes, are gradually transmuting the group consciousness and the Earth’s energy field. It is crucial to become aware of these phenomenal events in order to set yourself in resonance with these shifts and the new frequencies pertaining to them.

Ref: Amen, the Archangel Michael, the Messiah and the Grail Bloodline, Michael El Nour

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Note: Early 2007, the US unconsciously set themselves in resonance with the Mont Saint Michel and the New Jerusalem. An advertising campaign was launched for a SUV, with the Mont in the background. The Mont’s picture was up everywhere, at least in California, bringing the energy of the future. Immediately, a clearing occurred, manifested amongst other things by devastating fires, the Targum of Jerushalmi says that “he is responsible for the creation of mankind.”

WESAK, what is it and how to prepare

NOTE : MARCH 2013 

The Wesak ceremony was mostly brought to the Westerners’ attention through the writings of Alice Bailey. However, any true Adept or Master has known, in his heart, the importance of this full moon and respected it. Alice Bailey, Blavatsky and all the warriors of the early 20th century planted the seeds for a new type of relationship with Spirit, encouraging the seekers to study the Old occult Tradition. Yet, the Eastern religions are the past. The West has his own tradition kept alive by the European occultists and the hidden Masters.

However, at this point of human history, there is a growing discrepancy between the calendar, the Zodiac, and the Cosmic reality. The clocks and the axis are no more in alignment. 

* * * Since May 2000, the Wesak has been lead, in terms of the Hierarchical, by Michael, Archangel and Solar God, the only Christ, embodied in order to assist the Planet for the new cycle. For more information about Jesus, the Christ and the Archangel Michael, it is recommended to study the book Amen. 

Wesak celebration:

It is said that Gautama Siddartha was born, became a Buddha and died during the Indian month of Vaisakh or Wesak, corresponding to the time of the Taurus. It is also said that “on the day of the Wesak, Buddha renews his touch with the Earth.”

The Wesak is the moment during which the Hierarchies are setting the energies that are anchored to rule the planet for the next 12 months. When you receive those energies consciously, you facilitate your attunement and your path becomes easier.


For some, the word “hierarchy” is not acceptable. I thus explain: the belief and the interaction with the Hierarchy does not imply one’s submission to a superior and totalitarian government. It only means one’s recognition of our belonging to a gigantic Consciousness organized in systems. Similarly, your body has cells, organs and systems. We are One with this Consciousness at each level. Thus, the components of your body have prerogatives and correspondences, as well as responsibilities.

The planetary Hierarchy, or invisible government of the planet, cannot be intrinsically perfect because it does stand partially in the darkness. In other words, all that is out of Spirit is in the Shadow.

All parts of these Hierarchies are overlapping with one another and evolving together with the Divine Consciousness. Each human being’s task then is to:

  1. Be able to contact the Hierarchies

  2. Align and harmonize with them

  3. Find one’s place and responsibility within the Hierarchies

  4. Do one’s job as an accountable and adult member of the Divine and Cosmic Body

Wesak is a privileged time to contact the Hierarchies, as in fact the Masters and Cosmic Beings themselves are creating the opening and coming close to you. You have direct access to the Christ Consciousness (which Christians call Christ) and to Buddha. Bear in mind that those terms refer to frequencies or vibrational fields that have no bodies or personalities. When they were represented on our planet, it meant that certain beings were ready, before the masses, to incarnate and hold those frequencies, anchoring them in the human dimension, in order to facilitate the task of humankind. Each aspect of the Infinite Consciousness (God) incarnated at the time and in the group or context that needed this specific impulse.

From the divine point of view, there is no Buddhism, no Christianity, no Islam; there is only Unity manifested in the multitude. Wesak gives you a taste of the One-Consciousness in which the east and the west are united.

In the past, Sanat Kumara has led the Wesak ceremony. However, for a few years now, the frequencies of the Buddha and of the Christ have been dancing together, as the Christ frequency is now prominent. In fact, their Consciousnesses are giving you the model of what you have to accomplish: acquire the buddhic and christic frequencies (which also means to build your buddhic, monadic, atmic bodies) and harmonize them to work in synergy.

During the Wesak celebration, you will have the opportunity to practice your alignment and self-attunement abilities with the Cosmos. You will also have contact with your non-integrated spiritual bodies.

I would like to make you smile. You know that the secret services of many governments, such as the United States, Russia, China and Israel, have been researching the ability to do remote viewing and remote control through the mind. Well, Wesak is a good time to practice this because the magnetic walls (“Rings pass not”) of the systems that you belong to are lessened.

Wesak is the most auspicious time to graduate spiritually through initiations offered directly by the Masters. The higher you are, the higher your initiators. These initiations are most powerful and integrated if you go through them in a conscious state (not while sleeping).


  1. As usual: intent, intent, intent.

  2. Set your goals. Express them. Speak to your Monad and tell this part of you that you want to connect, that you are doing your best to be ready.

  3. As this year we will be focused on the merging of the energies, work more on your shadow; that is to say, on all parts of yourself that you do not know, do not like, or are in denial of. Look at them and get rid of anything that is burdening you spiritually, emotionally, mentally or physically (spring cleaning!).

  4. A diet without animal protein and without alcohol for several weeks is highly recommended.

  5. Daily meditation during which you connect yourself with the egregore of the Wesak.