Grand Circus, August 2017 Eclipses; Be Prepared

Grand Circus, August 2017 Eclipses; Be Prepared

In the context of preparing ourselves, harmonizing with the energies of the two august eclipses, 7th and 21st, the idea is to review our relationships with others and with love, through Venus’ peregrinations.   The eight-year Venus cycle played a significant part in the clearing of the darkness on Earth (2004-2012) as discussed several times in the past. cannot find the other articles….. better smile! time to reorganize my writings in another volume!


Now, we can also be inspired by the Venus Synodic cycle, the relationships between the goddess Inanna and the Sun, the journey between the Morning Star and Evening Star. Eugene Johnson offers great insights that I will briefly introduce.    “when Venus disappears from the morning sky and reaches an exterior conjunction with the Sun. This period is described in myth as “Inanna’s journey through the Underworld.”


“According to the Sumerian myth, Inanna desires to visit her sister Erishkegal, the goddess of Irkalla the land of the dead. To do this she must pass through seven gates before getting there and each Gate is marked by a Moon Venus conjunction, and at each Gate Inanna will be required to give up something important.


“We have been following in the previous articles in this series, Innana, Queen of the Heavens, adorned herself with her robes and jewels and seven divine degrees fastened to her belt, before beginning her  journey to the “land of no return”  ( Astrologically this ‘replay’ began on March 25, 2017 with a Sun and Venus conjunction.)  to attend her sister Ereshkigal’s husband Gugalanna funeral.

Rudhyar delineated an eight-fold development of compete aspect cycle.  For this essay, I will pare it down to the essential four phases, namely: the conjunction, the first quarter square, the opposition, and the last quarter square.


The conjunction event is considered as the ‘incarnation’ of a new entity, new purpose, idea, or project.  Here, in our experiment, it is the successive Moon, Venus conjunctions we are looking at.

The first quarter square, which is the opening square, marks a crisis point in the cycle in which direct action is required for the process to proceed successfully.  This is a critical time in the evolution and formation of the fundamental purpose that was incarnated at the conjunction.

At the opposition, the ‘full moon phase,’ the challenge is to clarify and objectify your purpose.  At this point in the cycle the ramifications of the ‘bigger picture’ begin to come into focus.

Then, at the last quarter, the closing square, the challenge is to revise your thinking and reevaluate the meaning and consequences of what you are doing as it relates to your initial purpose.

This is a time when all the ‘unnecessary baggage’, inappropriate attitudes and ideas must be eliminated, before proceeding to the finish line and the completion of the cycle.”


This cycle ends with the fifth gate on August 19th and affects everyone;  I suggest to read at least the fourth gate, with a summary and conclusions

This Fourth Gate, the ‘keynote’ is compassion, hence the challenge during this “Venus Month” is to become awake to how we can become more compassionate and empathetic to others.   As Inanna had to give up her breastplate, the armor that protects her heart, likewise before we can be fully and truly compassionate we have to give up our psychological ‘armor’  and allow friends and love to come into our heart.  While this armor does protect us, it does so with the price of dulling the quality, and quantity, of our lives.”






Following are the best articles that I have gathered (Thanks, T.T. for your contribution), about the eclipse and about President Trump:

News, sensations, Eclipse could mean disaster for Trump

Donald Trump eclipses the presidential seal


Leads to: Duncan Steel’s book: modern time examples start on page 26   my favorite website

Americas collective karma, one of the few astrologers who predicted Trump’s victory, Linda Johnsen:

“Looking at DJT’s vedic chart we see that he was born during a lunar eclipse that makes Rahu [author’s note: moon nodes cycles] extraordinarily powerful.  It puts him in sync with the current prevailing U.S. Rahu era. The Sun, which rules Leo his rising sign (see here for argument against that) , is in the 10th House  conjunct to  Rahu (the Moon’s North Node; Ketu is the Moon’s South Node).

This is without argument a very strong indicator of fame and power, and in the extreme, an egotistical and overbearing personality.  During the campaign Trump was running his Rahu dasha; as it was transiting his 1st house and a Mars sub-cycle was also activated, all that contributed to his astrological advantage over Mrs. Clinton.”

I have in the past taken each U.S. President’s natal chart and run a comparison with the U.S. chart, there have been some very interesting correlations, but the DJT/U.S. combo is, hands down, the most striking.  I will not detail it here but look for yourself.  Johnsen’s conclusion is that “in astrological terms, Trump’s energy completely dominates the destiny of the United States of America.”” a list of the other eclipses of the Saros series and challenging consequences in the US and more.


“The New Moon will be conjunct Trump’s Mars and Ascendant as well as (maybe) opposition the USA 1776 Aquarius Moon (depending on start time).

An eclipse conjunct Mars tends to stoke up anger, so can be argumentative if not violent, accident-prone and overly stressed. At that point Trump has another of his wild confidence tr Pluto square his Jupiter and a feeling-unloved tr Saturn conjunct his Moon – so he’s likely to be over-reacting.

A Fire Grand Trine tends also to be supremely confident, taking risks without much thought of what comes next, inducing selfish and ego-centred impulses. Burnout can be a problem.

On the absolutely best reading, this could be a magnificent entrepreneurial plan to Make America Great Again (sic). Though Mars Saturn Uranus tied into the Eclipse is aggravated and reckless, especially with a buccaneering Uranus opposition Jupiter.”





(great article, different elements and info compared to other writers):




And (Thanks, MB!) the last, but not the least: Chinagate? Trump versus Clinton, with a Chinese twist!


As an amateur astrologer, I will not interpret the President’s chart and connection with the upcoming August Solar Eclipse, but would make some comments.




TIME-LINE : A few dates for the new comers, to follow the movement: EXCEPTS from the book COSMIC LOVE

–        2001: Release of the Great Dragon, Earth Kundalini

–        2002: release of the Galactic Kundalini

–        2004: anchoring of the New Jerusalem – womb, container, of the codes of the New Paradigm.

–        2010: end of the 13000 years cycle (NOT 12!)

–        2011: The Creator-god moves His/Its HEART upwards => the earth and mankind in general can attune to the higher chakras instead of being nurtured primarily by the lower centers

–        2013: closure of the Sinai Vortex, source of Middle Eastern spiritual power, and connected to the three religions that it produced.

–        2014: New Spiritual government for Planet Earth (Replacement of What was known as Shamballa and under the leadership of Sanat Kumara).

–        End 2016: Conclusion of the power of the Mantis beings over mankind, generally supervising the Greys (September 2016). The Greys were already ousted and their portals closed years ago. A lot of other alien movements as evidenced by the internet buzz, probably translating an attempt to keep or seize power. The next alien leadership will be from Vega.

–        June 2017, solstice: doors are closing. To ponder on.

We are not announcing the end of the Reptilians or of the Dragons because this is an incorrect understanding of the Cosmic body in which you exist. We believe in the end of the degenerated Reptilians’ power, of the Vampires (mostly Reptilians using blood, human substances and energies as food), of the Satanists and Luciferians groups and Lodges. All these groups’ spiritual power, responsibilities, were removed from Above years ago. It takes a few years to actually manifest in the physical realm.  The Great Dragon, being the carrier of the Earth life force and material Self of the Creator’s Consciousness, cannot LEAVE the Earth. When the Great Dragon was released from the Abyss by his Higher Self, the Archangel Michael, It started Its/His rehabilitation and alchemical transmutation , merging with the Michaelic Consciousness to produce the Phoenix, 2002 (in simple terms).  As for the Reptilians, late descendants of the Great Dragon, they have no choice: transmute and merge with their Higher Self, their Divine Presence or disappear.



“Unlike the 1918 Great American Eclipse, the August 21st, 2017 Great American Eclipse will affect the American Sibley chart, opposing the Sibley chart’s 27 degrees Aquarius Moon in the 3rd house.

This eclipse also very strongly impacts our current sitting President. Donald Trump has his natal Mars at 26 degrees Leo, his ascendant/rising sign at 29 degrees Leo conjunct fixed star Regulus. While the 7th house is open/pulic enemies, the 12th house is hidden/deep state enemies. However, Trump’s Mars being so close to his ascendant – a highly visible area of the chart – means secret enemies don’t stay secret for long. A lot of workings kept behind the scenes up until now are and will continue to be brought out into the open. An eclipse to Mars typically puts a person in fight or flight mode, to the ascendant can affect health and/or show selfishness. Conjunct Regulus either crowns the victor of said fight or knocks the crown right off.

Donald Trump is the only President in this list to have been born under a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, so eclipses in general affect him more than the general population anyway. William Taft – who dodged an assassination attempt – was born three days before a solar eclipse. Harry Truman was born two weeks after a solar eclipse.”


Astrologers have focused on the fact that  Donald Trump was born during an eclipse, and is thus very receptive to this type of energies. Very obviously, the United States — and the world are now in the bottleneck.

No exit, no clear vision of the future. More people, thanks God, are finally aware that the politicians are just actors in a grand circus, feeding their egos and pockets, and that humankind will soon have to face the consequences of its choices, as a group. As the Sun is supposed to be swallowed by a dragon or momentarily occulted, we could choose to project our fears on this event.  However, an eclipse is a portal, the opportunity to grow, shift direction.  Conclusion about President Trump: let’s pray for the best to happen for everyone. This is not a light moment and responsibility for a President, for a soul.


Mars is also at the center of focus. Although violence, anger are predictable, Mars happens to be in good aspect with Uranus in the Ram; we also have these beautiful triangles allowing the flow of energies between the eclipse cluster — Sun, Moon, Mercury, Dragon Head, Regulus, Mars— Saturn (only 6 degrees from the Galactic Center) and Uranus. Without forgetting Pluto’s role; sometimes what looks to the lay men as the path of disintegration or even death, might be the path to renewal. This is the meaning of Pluto.

“From an astrological perspective, this eclipse is not negative since the Sun and the Moon will form a Grand Trine in Fire with Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. As a consequence, its powerful energy will impact all people who have awakened and know that a better world is in the making, that will guide them to step to a higher level of consciousness in their personal and professional lives.” (Patrik Giani, Jupitair, see above links).

Pluto is conjunct with Vega (the future pole star and home of the Michaelic Consciousness, of the Creator-god), in the Capricorn. Mars and Uranus could be the movers, the agents of the change. Mercury, the bridge between Heaven and Earth, is in his home, the Virgo. Through better communication and attention to Heaven, things can change. All this is re-enforced by the presence of the North-Node/Dragon Head, which implies a will, a direction and not a hazardous outcome (Dragon Tail).


A reminder: eclipses are ongoing steps towards alignment between: (See Amen Book)

–        the male/Sun/Light frequency and the female/Moon/Darkness

–        the Creator-god or Michaelic Consciousness’ Frequency and His physical counterpart, the Dragon (North and South Nodes)


–        the Earth Axis, related to Mars

–        the manifestation of the Divine Plan versus humankind’s level of evolution


The Universe works perfectly, like a swiss-watch, and economizes lives and energy. Each President was and is elected for a reason, whether we understand what is going on or not. Not only the Heads of States reflect the average consciousness of a country, but also the culture, the beliefs that a nation still needs to experience and test.

Mr. Trump has a fierce and choleric ego. He wants to win or appear to win at all price. Any difference with the average human being, at this point, especially those who have the opportunity to exert power, at any level? He was elected, by people who agree with him, at least partially. The trashy reality shows are very successful, and Facebook is an ocean of illusions, very similar to a masked parade in Venice or New Orleans. Our President’s erratic behavior might be the instrument of change, so needed in the political scene.

The fact that he was born on an eclipse makes him the best candidate to sense and embrace the energies at work. His decisions will lead the United States and the world in the direction that is now set, as the merging of several frequencies: The Creator-god’s Intent for the Solar System and the Earth, the United States as a whole, within mankind.

We have already mentioned the connection between the August event and the 1999 eclipse often associated with the Nostradamus quatrain announcing the rise of the King of Terror.

The year 1999 seventh (“Sept.”) month,

From the sky will come a great King of terror:

To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois,

Before after Mars to reign by good luck


If he meant, one year and 7 months, we have a few interpretations available. 1998 and 2000. “From the sky will come a great king of terror”. Ed Tamplin had a very relevant insight, when posting his article, matching the show played out now by Trump and Putin.

“Earlier in 1999, NATO’s aerial bombardment of Serbia had brought war to Europe for the first time since WWII. But perhaps it was a little-known event, two days prior to the eclipse, that holds more importance for today. Vladimir Putin was appointed the new Prime Minister of Russia and, by the end of that year, would be president.

Therefore, this eclipse is important to President Putin and the fragile US-Russia relationship, especially regarding nuclear matters. The Caucus area of Europe could also be a key one to watch for political unrest. Based on past evidence, the August 2017 eclipse should present significant achievement in the field of aeronautics and space flight. Also expect technological breakthroughs affecting television and global communications.”



As this is a public page, I want to repeat that we, I am not focusing on the End of the World. What we all want is a shift of what we collectively manifest, an opening to a higher dimension, with more and enhanced communication with the Spiritual Hierarchies, with the Spiritual Government; a world manifested on the basis and principles of higher frequencies, Divine Love (love based on Heart Chakra turned upward — see above—and not on selfish desires) and service to the Whole. To ease the process of manifestation of this New Paradigm, the Earth Astral Matrix must break down. How can you assist?

Monitor your mind, erase negative thinking, practice compassion. Several times a day, link your head, your crown chakra with Above, whatever that means to you; connect with Higher dimensions, your soul, your I Am Presence. Take the Heavenly energies, the Cosmic frequencies and bring them down into your body, your heart. Shower the second and third chakra with spiritual vibrations to fuel your whole system with higher frequencies. Decrease the amount of tobacco, alcohol, coffee, drugs —legal or not—that you ingest daily. Eat more fruits.



Interestingly enough, at this crucial moment in human history, a new fact has to be added to the equation, internationally: the legalization of marijuana. This is not going to increase my popularity but awareness of what is at stake is important.  A wave of young enthusiasts discovers a passion for self-healing with the magical plant, not to forget the multitude of edible products, etc. America, Chinese and Russian investors are jumping on a new financial opportunity, with or without the banks and dress it like a bride! What about other plants? Natural therapy, homeopathy? Old fashioned, too many ineffective supplements on the market; not cool enough. Homeopathy, not in the insurance networks. Meditation… without cannabis? All plants, mushrooms are here for use and experience. Freedom of choice, freedom of fun.

Humans have used plants, incenses, torture, fear from immemorial times in sacred places, temples, churches, Dark lodges, wars, to open and increase their consciousness, discover other realities, heal, soften, alleviate physical and emotional pain, numb the warriors (before Vietnam, we had Hitler and drugs, the Celtic warriors, Hashish/Assassins).  Coffee, alcohol, marijuana, etc are astral products, astral anchors. They keep you in the astral dimension and bring around you astral beings. LSD damages your Alta Major. So, fun, freedom, cooking oil and cookies, with cannabis. Your choice…. While the Hierarchies are working on breaking down the astral matrix. Do you see my point? Coincidence?



True or not? august 9:






SAROS SERIES: Too much for the brain? Long article, Saros at the end. (For Tina …and me…). Ecliptic/s consequences.


  1. Sun and Moon cross/conjunct every 29.53 days


  1. Moon North Node and Sun cross every 346.62 days – thus an ECLIPSE YEAR = 346.62 days


Astrologers have noticed that:

After 223 cycles of 1. we have 29.53 x 223 = 6585.19 days

19, nineteen EY =  346.62 x 19 = 6585.78 days


When the two cycles coincide, we have a grand eclipse and then, a new eclipse-cycle. SAROS means ‘repeat’.


Other eclipses in the series:

Big changes, risks or assassinations of head of states, American presidents, Clington impechement, 1929 depression, first atomic bomb in Japan. Delightful.


“By the 6th century BCE, Chaldean astrologers had perfected a method of identifying the precise eclipse path. It involved identifying specific families of eclipses, which began at either the North or South Pole and gradually made their way toward the opposite pole as they traversed the globe in a longer 1000-plus-year cycle. Each successive eclipse in a particular family occurred 18 years, 11 days and eight hours apart, and was part of a numbered series called the Saros cycle.

Another equally important eclipse cycle was the Metonic. Here, eclipses occurred in practically the same degree of the zodiac, and therefore on the same day every 19 years. Astrologers can interpret the meaning of eclipses by using the two cyclical methods, as well as considering what planets are involved with each individual eclipse. The events of the past can also be considered as the basis of the future potential of the eclipses of 2017, with the total solar one the obvious standout.” Ed Tamplin POSITIVE ASPECTS OF THESE ECLISPES (great article, different elements and info compared to other writers):






Michael, Jesus, the Moon and Issa


Philosophers and researchers have always tried to decipher the nature of God and of the creators, the steps and cycles involved in the evolution process of men and universes. We will be wise enough not to attempt defining things that are still far beyond the capacities of a human brain.

If we simplify the picture at maxima, one could say that the unreachable All-Pervading God Consciousness divided Itself into Creative Aspects. Further down, on the long path to manifestation, Earthlings relate with the Ones traditionally called the 7 Creators.  Each of them takes the lead when his specific energy is needed. The beings that we call Archangels today are late expression, extensions of the Creator-gods.

Let’s look at the forces now struggling for power on the Earth, from the spiritual standpoint. Although political and bankers want to believe that they are the ultimate leaders, mankind, people and the Earth Itself primary respond to Spirit, to spiritual forces, egregores, churches and spiritual leaders. What is the most powerful trigger for passion? How many countries are at war for religious reasons? And who is fighting? Christians against Christians in a few territories, generally separated by political dogmas. But mainly Islamists against Christians, Jews and Buddhists (“80% of the Indians are practicing Hinduism but India counts the second largest Muslim community in the world” – Atlas des Religions, Le Monde, 2015). Islam lives under the influence of the moon and the Coran was inspired by Gabriel.

The earth is experiencing, at once:

  1. The end of the patriarchy – the male power in reference to the dominance of the third chakra.

  1. The end of the hidden cult to the Great and Dark Mother, the dark feminine archetype. The dark Mother revered as Isis, as the Black Madonna, etc has accompanied Lucifer as the initiatrix and is still a part of the old rituals worldwide.

  1. The end of the exaltation of Venus-Hesperus, the Night star.

  1. The dawn of the kingdom of the Sun.

  1. The emergence and anchoring of the Solar Energy infused through the Michaelic Consciousness (You can call It differently is you feel like it), Which Frequency permeates the manifested aspect of your Meta-organism (Cosmic Man).

In order to comprehend the present situation, we have to correlate different religious ideas:

Who, according to the lore, announced the birth of Jesus – accepted by most as the Christian god and Messiah? Gabriel. [For more details, read Amen, section III].

Who is considered by many as the last prophet? Mohamed, inspired by Gabriel.

“The angel Gabriel (pronounced Gav-ree-ayl in Hebrew) means the justice or righteousness of God. The root form of the word, g-v-r, is connected with courage and heroism, as well as a word meaning a man. Thus, Gabriel could be literally translated as a “man of God,” who courageously lives according to the universal laws. The root of Gabriel is also connected with the attribute of Gevorah on the left side of the Tree of Life. Whereas Michael is on God’s right hand, Gabriel is on God’s left hand. The left hand is the one that metes out punishment; the right hand overrules strict justice and is more merciful and thus more lenient.” In the tradition Gabriel lives in, is connected to the Moon. Accordingly the old site of Mecca was, in the far past, dedicated to the Old Woman (Are we speaking of Hagar, mother of Ishmael, who is believed to be the Muslim’s ancestor, or about the Archetypal Mother).

According to Theosophy, the cycle of evolution preceding ours was the moon chain; Alice Bailey mentioned that ‘the inner group around the Lord of the World [note of author: the one who was in charge before, the Sanat Kumara] have been primarily recruited from the ranks of those who were initiates on the moon chain”. Initiation, human and solar, p. 29.

Within the Cosmic Body in evolution and as a response to the recent changes of the Cosmic Man, a general reconfiguration is occurring, in the Solar System and therefore on the Earth, that will remove the last layers of the Moon frequencies, and the Matrix attached to it.  The Earth has to receive the Sun’s rays and frequency more directly while releasing its connection with the Moon. The increased number of earthquakes and natural upheavals, everywhere in the world, are the evidence of a re-adjustment of the planetary energy field.

How is the shift, that we all feel, going to happen in the manifested world? The Moon, as a satellite of the Earth, cannot just disappear. But the energetic relationship between the Earth, the Sun and the Moon is shifting. This change and frequency was anchored, on the Earth, by the arrival and down pouring of the Solar frequencies through the Consciousness known as the Archangel Michael – co-responding to the archetypal Solar deity. (See Amen).

Now, some other ideas to bring to our attention:

  1. The last major shifts that occurred on the Earth were: the end of Lemuria; then Atlantis, about 13000 years ago, with the biblical deluge. (This does not mean that the Atlantis cycle was only 13000 years!).

  1. Around 15000 BC: emergence of more advanced civilizations in South America, India, appearing concomitantly and with similar talents in different areas of the globe – Egypt, South America, Harrapa in the Indus Valley. It is the return of white-bearded gods, sometimes also mentioned as visiting around 15000BC.

  1. The remains of the fourth race and first sub race of the 5th (Aryan race) that have left their imprint on the planet. We are thinking about the civilizations that existed in the Far East, in the Gobi Desert, then India. From them emerged Hinduism and then Buddhism. These belief systems and all their offspring have to give way to the new religion, the new way to communicate with the Divine.

All the belief systems, the religions that have guided, served humankind for a cycle are now obsolete. The understanding of Spirit and of our reality have changed. And the path of mankind through the shadow, through the energies of the second and the third chakra have to be cleansed. All energies, thought forms, karmic stories, dramas, entrapped in the individual’s and in the Earth’s energy fields have to be released. Only then will the new frequencies and their manifestation be able to flow freely.

  1. If you have studied and understood the Amen book, you now know that the character introduced by Christianity as Jesus is a composite of the attributes of the Solar god mixed with stories referring to a group of candidates to the job of Messiah, who have lived in the middle-East.

The Son of God, the Avatar, did not, could not, technically, visit the planet, in Palestine 2000 years ago, at the supposed onset of the Pisces.

In the Hinduist tradition, the last Avatar of Vishnu is not Jesus but Gautama Buddha who is believed to be born around 623 BC. The Hindus are still waiting for the 10th Avatar, the Kalki. The Jewish people expect a Messiah and the Muslims, the Mahdi. In fact, only the Christians believe that their Messiah already visited the Earth and expect a Second Coming.

Do we have to revise our common beliefs according to which the Pisces Era started around zero?  Interestingly enough, around 600 BC:

“Zarathustra (627-585 BCE) promulgated the Dualism of Good and Evil,

Lao-Tzu  (604-531 BCE) wrote the Tao de Ching,

Confucius (580?-479 BCE) “flaunted his agnosticism”,

Buddha (565-483 BCE) taught a “godless wisdom”,

Xenophanes (550 BCE) criticized Greek polytheism,

Pythagoras (550 BCE) taught sacred geometry and mathematically based science,

Isaiah (550 BCE) taught “the first true monotheism in history”,

Theagenes (525 BCE) “rationalized Homer”, and

Hecataeus (500 BCE) “mocked the Greek myths”.

Circa 500 B.C.E., the Olmecs brought forth their calendar and mathematics; Heraclitus talked about universal flux and rhythm, Parmenides wrote about the oneness of Being, Empedocles about the unity of opposites, and Democritus about atoms and progress.” – Very good text on the precession.

It is strongly possible that the Pisces started much earlier, eventually around 600 BC, when, inspired by a group of spiritual thinkers and philosophers, several religious currents started.

Although, at the turn of the Pisces Era, the constellations blessed the Earth and Mankind with a great impulse and new energies, the Son/Sun of God, as the Embodiment of Light and Spirit, did not visit the Earth.  The state and frequency of the Earth and its inhabitants around year Zero were not ready for the 10th Avatar to be able to embody because:

  1. The fall into the darkness was not over.

  1. The Son of God, as the Kalki, or Avatar of all Kundalini could only appear when the Earth and Cosmic body would be ready to justify His Presence. He could not have triggered the rise of the Earth’s and the Cosmic Man’s Kundalini, because nothing was ready. The Cosmic Man was still dealing with polarities. The Earth and humankind as a whole, as evidenced by the present state of affairs, did not have completed their experience of the two polarities (Feminine/second chakra and masculine/3rd center) to be energetically ready for the balance of the energies around Kundalini and in the heart.

This was impossible 2000 years ago.

The major change that occurred around year 0 was the destruction of the second Temple, the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, initiating a general diaspora of the Jews. Three centuries later and for political purpose, the Roman Empire fabricated a new Church, to support its conquests. Then, over the centuries, a full story was built up, an illusion, anchored in buildings, literature and in human’s memories as true. Minor characters and sects who played a part in the religious and political conflict in Palestine around the first century became famous under one unique identity, known as Jesus. Meanwhile, the Jewish community, started its long journey around the world and spent less time in Palestine than often believed.

We understand then why the Asian religions have spread in the western world. For many, they have been an alternative to old fashioned Christianity.  They have flourished amongst the westerners because their role was not completed yet. Until recently; until the arrival of the 10th Avatar and the recent releases of the Earth and Cosmic Kundalinis. (See Cosmic Love).

  1. A 7.8 earthquake shook Nepal in April– the Indian and Eurasian tectonic plates collided. What is an earthquake from a spiritual point of view? The release of tensions, between new energies entering the biosphere and the old energies accumulated, entrapped in precise areas. The earth has been undergoing major osteopathic sessions, translated into earthquakes and tsunamis.

  1. We then understand the two main axis of the conflicts that are shaking the planet.

  1. The polarity shift, from lunar to solar frequencies

  1. The opening of the minds and heart for a new type of communication with the Creator-god.


Chains and rounds: Wiki: The phrase “planetary chain” refers to a group of seven “globes”, “spheres”, or “planets” linked together into a single scheme of evolution. According to Mme. Blavatsky there are seven chains in our system.

The concept was published for the first time in 1883 by Alfred Percy Sinnett in his book Esoteric Buddhism. He wrote:

The life and evolutionary processes of this planet . . . are linked with the life and evolutionary processes of several other planets. . . . One globe does not afford Nature scope for the processes by which mankind has been evoked from chaos, but these processes do not require more than a limited and definite number of globes. Separated as these are, in regard to the gross mechanical matter of which they consist, they are closely and intimately bound together by subtle currents and forces, whose existence reason need not be much troubled to concede, since the existence of some connection – of force or ethereal media – uniting all visible celestial bodies, is proved by the mere fact that they are visible. It is along these subtle currents that the life elements pass from world to world.

A round is a process in a planetary chain, according to which a life cycle or life-wave of souls or monads begins its evolutionary journey on the first and most subtle or spiritual of the series of seven globes; then finishing its evolution there, proceeds to the next, and so on, to the densest or most manifest globe (usually called globe D), which in our case is the gross, physical Earth

Earthquake in Nepal. April 2015

Associated Press – Updated Aug. 8, 2015 7:22 p.m. ET – BEIJING—A typhoon was pounding southeast China late Saturday, leaving more than a million homes without power after lashing Taiwan, where it downed trees, traffic lights and power lines, and left six people dead and four missing. Typhoon Soudelor hit the city of Putian in Fujian province late Saturday night and was expected to move across the region, China’s official Xinhua News Agency reported.

The storm earlier caused more than three million households in Taiwan to lose electricity, as streets were strewn with fallen trees. All 279 domestic flights on the island were canceled Saturday, as well as at least 37 international flights. At least 101 people were injured in the storm.


Water of Life, history


(Excerpted from “Manifestation“)

Mankind is going through one of the greatest times in history. The Aquarius era is on its way, and we are all asked to integrate the laws of the future in our structures, by becoming the bearers of the new frequency. Are you already, on the physical plane, living the new paradigm? Are you changing your emotional and mental response to life, in order to modify your DNA? Can you prepare yourself, in a more concrete manner to face the changes and challenges which will probably affect the planet, in the individual as well as on a collective level? Are you being helped by the Great Ones or spiritual entities and how?


How does the spiritual system work and how are you affected?

Certainly, you played with Russian dolls as a child. One doll lies inside another doll, itself inside another and so on, up to 7. If you can picture yourself as a tiny doll which belong to a greater body, planet Earth, which herself belongs to a celestial body… you will have a good idea of the way the Cosmos functions.

Your structure includes atoms, cells, a physical body, 7 main chakras, 7 bodies which give you access to 7 dimensions. A spiritual entity also consists of cells, a physical body, 7 chakras… A healing happening on your etherical body (aura) will reach your physical body within 7 days. In the same way, a change in the aura or in the subtle body of the planet will be manifested on the physical level after a number of years.

Planets are the physical emanation of an entity or spiritual Consciousness. We can also say that a spiritual being took the responsibility of a physical body, planet Earth for instance. Thus, this being transmits his / her vibration to the globe and its inhabitants and, at the same time, perfects him/herself and evolves through this collaboration or team experiment.

Just like you, although a greater level of awareness, this spiritual Consciousness goes through of growth, challenges, disease. The inhabitants of a planet, you on earth, may decide to flow with or to be hit by the waves and actions undertaken by the planetary consciousness to reach its goal. You probably enjoy meeting with friends, for instance, to meditate and tone together; spiritual Beings or planetary Lords are also gathering to meditate and chant. “At the beginning, the Word was…” For you, these beings chant materialize the sounds in the form of geometrical patterns (sacred geometry) which they send to you. The vibrations broadcasted and impregnated with these cosmical patterns activate the magnetic field of the planet as well as its acupuncture points or energy vortices. These patterns also imprint your DNA, within your cells and activate your transmutation. In fact, they direct the evolution of the race in accordance with the cosmic scheme.

The Cosmic Lords create what we call in astrology “planetary alignments” and generate changes in the cosmic system. One of the most important ceremonies of the year occurs on the full moon in the Taurus, generally in May. This event is known as the “Wesak Festival”. It is said that “at this festival, taking place in the Himalayas, at which the members of The Hierarchy are present, the Buddha, for a brief period, renews His touch and association with our planet”. Holy Ones, from all denominations / religions are present, standing in a specific area, according to his / her spiritual achievement.

When a ceremony / party takes place in the / your cosmos, the energy built or ‘cooked’ up by the Lords is transmitted to human beings directly and by the channel of a spiritual body known as the Great White Lodge. The expression “great White Lodge” has nothing to do with a racist organization or White supremacy. It is a group of Beings who came, in most cases, from other systems, to implant and escort the Light in its trajectory and history on earth. Most of the Great Lodge members are now disembodied, however some of them have accepted the responsibility and karma of a human body.


Below, we will summarize the latest events (some of them) monitored by the planetary Lords in order to lead you progressively to the energy of the Aquarius. Millions of years ago, the responsibility of our globe was entrusted to a Consciousness whose name in Sanskrit is Sanat Kumara. His was the leader of the spiritual government of the planet or Hierarchy. He has six brothers. They all bear the title of Kumaras.

MAY 1996, Wesak Festival:
A plan, scheme, was set to prepare the Sanat Kumara, and therefore the planet / you for an initiation, the merge of the energies into the heart. An initiation is a door, a passage from one state to the other. A spiritual marriage occurred in the Cosmos between the Kumaras and the Pleiades. This marriage opened the way to the harmonization of the masculine and feminine principles, also called Yin and Yang, White and Black, Light and Shadow. When those two principles merge, there is no more duality, no more feeling of Separation.

JANUARY 1997, Full Moon:
With the arrival, in the terrestrial magnetic field, of Comet Hale Bopp, a opening was created in the aura of the Planet. A new color / vibration as well as a new gas were introduced in the atmosphere to speed up the evolution of the planet and the race and remedy the pollution problem. The energies of the Pisces were cleared from the Sanat Kumara.

But, more importantly, the comet was bringing a hologram, a huge six pointed star. This geometrical figure was visible on the front of the comet as well as in the astral chart of the day, as a very specific planet configuration.

MARCH 20, 1997,Equinox:
The Sanat Kumara spent several weeks in a state of intense meditation, immersed in the vibration of the six pointed star, as in a cocoon. During the whole day of the equinox, new coded information was broadcasted or beamed on earth, using the following geometrical patterns: six pointed star, triangle with the apex pointed up and a spiral. During the afternoon, your DNA was worked on, to allow humankind to change on a cellular level and thus to follow the evolution of the planet itself. Then a cosmic dance took place, repeating the merging of the masculine and feminine energies. The emphasis was placed on the necessary marriage of matter and spirit in order to allow the influx and stabilization of the Christ Frequency.

The second and third chakra of the planet and of the Kumaras were purified in order to minimize the sexual and violent tendencies of humankind and to open the group consciousness to the Christic, heart energy.

MARCH 23RD, Eclipse:
The ceremony immediately started with an opening of the crown chakra of the participants, of the planets and of the human beings, allowing each and every one to receive an abundance of blessings coming through the cosmic ritual. Human beings need to learn how to utilize their whole system brain connected to the heart, and thus the Soul, as a tool to practice meditation and telepathy. The Aquarian era will be an age of communication, sharing and community. We are not only speaking about material and limited communication based on machines and computers. We means true exchanges, true love, made possible by the abolition of emotional barriers, the ability to create empathy from aura to aura and increased spiritual awareness. Love is the free flow, back and forth, of pure, conscious and transcended energies, filtered by the heart. It is total communication.

The Sanat Kumara, assisted by the planetary Lords under the influx of the rays of Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and the Moon, tremendously increased the level / power of his vibration. In order to affect the Sanat’s physical body, or planet earth, a ray was beamed, combining the energies of the Sun and the Moon on the apex of the Great Pyramid, in the vortex situated under the temple. The Sanat Kumara, who had already begun to vibrate with extraordinary power burst out in Light and Divine Joy. We would dare to say that he experienced a formidable cosmic orgasm. A new era started, on the aura of the planet, made possible by the combined energies of the two last eclipses super-exposing the vibrations of the Sun and the Moon and using the Comet as a filter / booster. Now, the vibrations of the terrestrial magnetic field are just reaching the dimension of the heart. Sanat Kumara withdrew Himself for another responsibility.

At the conclusion of these ceremonies, and according to the guidelines of the Hierarchy, a pure water was imprinted with the geometrical principles and the frequency blended for the evolution of the race. This water, is a blueprint of the energies allowing the DNA to change and follow the planet in its evolution. The WATER of LIFE also contains the imprint of the new DNA and of the Christ Consciousness. This water needs to be distributed to the maximum number of people, as a blessing and tool to facilitate one’s “passage” in the Aquarius. We have already started to inform and distribute the WATER of LIFE and are asking for your participation and collaboration, in the name of the Great Ones, in order to be able to take on our responsibility.

In Christic Love and Conscious Light,
I AM Michael El Nour

NOTE: This communication has been voluntarily simplified to make it comprehensible to any interested person


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