Summer Solstice, retreat: Who is the Archangel Michael?

painting, Rassouli, Reflection

Rassouli, Reflection

Start or deepen your relationship with the Being known as The Archangel Michael, the Light Principle

Rassouli, Temple of Silence


You are a spiritual seeker; you have been cleansing, fasting, meditating, chanting, praying, practicing. Yet, are you connected consciously and in awareness with the Consciousness, the Being Who leads the return to the Light and to Spirit, the Archangel Michael?


What is an Archangel? Who is the Archangel Michael? What is His role in the creative process, in humankind’s religious history and in the recent decades. What has been done by the Archangel Michael to close the last cycle and usher the next Era? Where and how can you connect with His essence and Blue Print, with the Blue Light Frequency now leading the way to the New Paradigm.


For those who have already joined the Archangel’s dedication to serving God, the Solstice and this workshop are an opportunity to deepen your relationship with the Solar energy and the Monad.

To register, for information and rates, use the contact address or call +1 760 342 8008

Limited accommodations available at the Saint Michael Sanctuary – Desert Hot Springs, California