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(Excerpted from “Manifestation“)

Mankind is going through one of the greatest times in history. The Aquarius era is on its way, and we are all asked to integrate the laws of the future in our structures, by becoming the bearers of the new frequency. Are you already, on the physical plane, living the new paradigm? Are you changing your emotional and mental response to life, in order to modify your DNA? Can you prepare yourself, in a more concrete manner to face the changes and challenges which will probably affect the planet, in the individual as well as on a collective level? Are you being helped by the Great Ones or spiritual entities and how?


How does the spiritual system work and how are you affected?

Certainly, you played with Russian dolls as a child. One doll lies inside another doll, itself inside another and so on, up to 7. If you can picture yourself as a tiny doll which belong to a greater body, planet Earth, which herself belongs to a celestial body… you will have a good idea of the way the Cosmos functions.

Your structure includes atoms, cells, a physical body, 7 main chakras, 7 bodies which give you access to 7 dimensions. A spiritual entity also consists of cells, a physical body, 7 chakras… A healing happening on your etherical body (aura) will reach your physical body within 7 days. In the same way, a change in the aura or in the subtle body of the planet will be manifested on the physical level after a number of years.

Planets are the physical emanation of an entity or spiritual Consciousness. We can also say that a spiritual being took the responsibility of a physical body, planet Earth for instance. Thus, this being transmits his / her vibration to the globe and its inhabitants and, at the same time, perfects him/herself and evolves through this collaboration or team experiment.

Just like you, although a greater level of awareness, this spiritual Consciousness goes through of growth, challenges, disease. The inhabitants of a planet, you on earth, may decide to flow with or to be hit by the waves and actions undertaken by the planetary consciousness to reach its goal. You probably enjoy meeting with friends, for instance, to meditate and tone together; spiritual Beings or planetary Lords are also gathering to meditate and chant. “At the beginning, the Word was…” For you, these beings chant materialize the sounds in the form of geometrical patterns (sacred geometry) which they send to you. The vibrations broadcasted and impregnated with these cosmical patterns activate the magnetic field of the planet as well as its acupuncture points or energy vortices. These patterns also imprint your DNA, within your cells and activate your transmutation. In fact, they direct the evolution of the race in accordance with the cosmic scheme.

The Cosmic Lords create what we call in astrology “planetary alignments” and generate changes in the cosmic system. One of the most important ceremonies of the year occurs on the full moon in the Taurus, generally in May. This event is known as the “Wesak Festival”. It is said that “at this festival, taking place in the Himalayas, at which the members of The Hierarchy are present, the Buddha, for a brief period, renews His touch and association with our planet”. Holy Ones, from all denominations / religions are present, standing in a specific area, according to his / her spiritual achievement.

When a ceremony / party takes place in the / your cosmos, the energy built or ‘cooked’ up by the Lords is transmitted to human beings directly and by the channel of a spiritual body known as the Great White Lodge. The expression “great White Lodge” has nothing to do with a racist organization or White supremacy. It is a group of Beings who came, in most cases, from other systems, to implant and escort the Light in its trajectory and history on earth. Most of the Great Lodge members are now disembodied, however some of them have accepted the responsibility and karma of a human body.


Below, we will summarize the latest events (some of them) monitored by the planetary Lords in order to lead you progressively to the energy of the Aquarius. Millions of years ago, the responsibility of our globe was entrusted to a Consciousness whose name in Sanskrit is Sanat Kumara. His was the leader of the spiritual government of the planet or Hierarchy. He has six brothers. They all bear the title of Kumaras.

MAY 1996, Wesak Festival:
A plan, scheme, was set to prepare the Sanat Kumara, and therefore the planet / you for an initiation, the merge of the energies into the heart. An initiation is a door, a passage from one state to the other. A spiritual marriage occurred in the Cosmos between the Kumaras and the Pleiades. This marriage opened the way to the harmonization of the masculine and feminine principles, also called Yin and Yang, White and Black, Light and Shadow. When those two principles merge, there is no more duality, no more feeling of Separation.

JANUARY 1997, Full Moon:
With the arrival, in the terrestrial magnetic field, of Comet Hale Bopp, a opening was created in the aura of the Planet. A new color / vibration as well as a new gas were introduced in the atmosphere to speed up the evolution of the planet and the race and remedy the pollution problem. The energies of the Pisces were cleared from the Sanat Kumara.

But, more importantly, the comet was bringing a hologram, a huge six pointed star. This geometrical figure was visible on the front of the comet as well as in the astral chart of the day, as a very specific planet configuration.

MARCH 20, 1997,Equinox:
The Sanat Kumara spent several weeks in a state of intense meditation, immersed in the vibration of the six pointed star, as in a cocoon. During the whole day of the equinox, new coded information was broadcasted or beamed on earth, using the following geometrical patterns: six pointed star, triangle with the apex pointed up and a spiral. During the afternoon, your DNA was worked on, to allow humankind to change on a cellular level and thus to follow the evolution of the planet itself. Then a cosmic dance took place, repeating the merging of the masculine and feminine energies. The emphasis was placed on the necessary marriage of matter and spirit in order to allow the influx and stabilization of the Christ Frequency.

The second and third chakra of the planet and of the Kumaras were purified in order to minimize the sexual and violent tendencies of humankind and to open the group consciousness to the Christic, heart energy.

MARCH 23RD, Eclipse:
The ceremony immediately started with an opening of the crown chakra of the participants, of the planets and of the human beings, allowing each and every one to receive an abundance of blessings coming through the cosmic ritual. Human beings need to learn how to utilize their whole system brain connected to the heart, and thus the Soul, as a tool to practice meditation and telepathy. The Aquarian era will be an age of communication, sharing and community. We are not only speaking about material and limited communication based on machines and computers. We means true exchanges, true love, made possible by the abolition of emotional barriers, the ability to create empathy from aura to aura and increased spiritual awareness. Love is the free flow, back and forth, of pure, conscious and transcended energies, filtered by the heart. It is total communication.

The Sanat Kumara, assisted by the planetary Lords under the influx of the rays of Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and the Moon, tremendously increased the level / power of his vibration. In order to affect the Sanat’s physical body, or planet earth, a ray was beamed, combining the energies of the Sun and the Moon on the apex of the Great Pyramid, in the vortex situated under the temple. The Sanat Kumara, who had already begun to vibrate with extraordinary power burst out in Light and Divine Joy. We would dare to say that he experienced a formidable cosmic orgasm. A new era started, on the aura of the planet, made possible by the combined energies of the two last eclipses super-exposing the vibrations of the Sun and the Moon and using the Comet as a filter / booster. Now, the vibrations of the terrestrial magnetic field are just reaching the dimension of the heart. Sanat Kumara withdrew Himself for another responsibility.

At the conclusion of these ceremonies, and according to the guidelines of the Hierarchy, a pure water was imprinted with the geometrical principles and the frequency blended for the evolution of the race. This water, is a blueprint of the energies allowing the DNA to change and follow the planet in its evolution. The WATER of LIFE also contains the imprint of the new DNA and of the Christ Consciousness. This water needs to be distributed to the maximum number of people, as a blessing and tool to facilitate one’s “passage” in the Aquarius. We have already started to inform and distribute the WATER of LIFE and are asking for your participation and collaboration, in the name of the Great Ones, in order to be able to take on our responsibility.

In Christic Love and Conscious Light,
I AM Michael El Nour

NOTE: This communication has been voluntarily simplified to make it comprehensible to any interested person


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