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NOTE : MARCH 2013 

The Wesak ceremony was mostly brought to the Westerners’ attention through the writings of Alice Bailey. However, any true Adept or Master has known, in his heart, the importance of this full moon and respected it. Alice Bailey, Blavatsky and all the warriors of the early 20th century planted the seeds for a new type of relationship with Spirit, encouraging the seekers to study the Old occult Tradition. Yet, the Eastern religions are the past. The West has his own tradition kept alive by the European occultists and the hidden Masters.

However, at this point of human history, there is a growing discrepancy between the calendar, the Zodiac, and the Cosmic reality. The clocks and the axis are no more in alignment. 

* * * Since May 2000, the Wesak has been lead, in terms of the Hierarchical, by Michael, Archangel and Solar God, the only Christ, embodied in order to assist the Planet for the new cycle. For more information about Jesus, the Christ and the Archangel Michael, it is recommended to study the book Amen. 

Wesak celebration:

It is said that Gautama Siddartha was born, became a Buddha and died during the Indian month of Vaisakh or Wesak, corresponding to the time of the Taurus. It is also said that “on the day of the Wesak, Buddha renews his touch with the Earth.”

The Wesak is the moment during which the Hierarchies are setting the energies that are anchored to rule the planet for the next 12 months. When you receive those energies consciously, you facilitate your attunement and your path becomes easier.


For some, the word “hierarchy” is not acceptable. I thus explain: the belief and the interaction with the Hierarchy does not imply one’s submission to a superior and totalitarian government. It only means one’s recognition of our belonging to a gigantic Consciousness organized in systems. Similarly, your body has cells, organs and systems. We are One with this Consciousness at each level. Thus, the components of your body have prerogatives and correspondences, as well as responsibilities.

The planetary Hierarchy, or invisible government of the planet, cannot be intrinsically perfect because it does stand partially in the darkness. In other words, all that is out of Spirit is in the Shadow.

All parts of these Hierarchies are overlapping with one another and evolving together with the Divine Consciousness. Each human being’s task then is to:

  1. Be able to contact the Hierarchies

  2. Align and harmonize with them

  3. Find one’s place and responsibility within the Hierarchies

  4. Do one’s job as an accountable and adult member of the Divine and Cosmic Body

Wesak is a privileged time to contact the Hierarchies, as in fact the Masters and Cosmic Beings themselves are creating the opening and coming close to you. You have direct access to the Christ Consciousness (which Christians call Christ) and to Buddha. Bear in mind that those terms refer to frequencies or vibrational fields that have no bodies or personalities. When they were represented on our planet, it meant that certain beings were ready, before the masses, to incarnate and hold those frequencies, anchoring them in the human dimension, in order to facilitate the task of humankind. Each aspect of the Infinite Consciousness (God) incarnated at the time and in the group or context that needed this specific impulse.

From the divine point of view, there is no Buddhism, no Christianity, no Islam; there is only Unity manifested in the multitude. Wesak gives you a taste of the One-Consciousness in which the east and the west are united.

In the past, Sanat Kumara has led the Wesak ceremony. However, for a few years now, the frequencies of the Buddha and of the Christ have been dancing together, as the Christ frequency is now prominent. In fact, their Consciousnesses are giving you the model of what you have to accomplish: acquire the buddhic and christic frequencies (which also means to build your buddhic, monadic, atmic bodies) and harmonize them to work in synergy.

During the Wesak celebration, you will have the opportunity to practice your alignment and self-attunement abilities with the Cosmos. You will also have contact with your non-integrated spiritual bodies.

I would like to make you smile. You know that the secret services of many governments, such as the United States, Russia, China and Israel, have been researching the ability to do remote viewing and remote control through the mind. Well, Wesak is a good time to practice this because the magnetic walls (“Rings pass not”) of the systems that you belong to are lessened.

Wesak is the most auspicious time to graduate spiritually through initiations offered directly by the Masters. The higher you are, the higher your initiators. These initiations are most powerful and integrated if you go through them in a conscious state (not while sleeping).


  1. As usual: intent, intent, intent.

  2. Set your goals. Express them. Speak to your Monad and tell this part of you that you want to connect, that you are doing your best to be ready.

  3. As this year we will be focused on the merging of the energies, work more on your shadow; that is to say, on all parts of yourself that you do not know, do not like, or are in denial of. Look at them and get rid of anything that is burdening you spiritually, emotionally, mentally or physically (spring cleaning!).

  4. A diet without animal protein and without alcohol for several weeks is highly recommended.

  5. Daily meditation during which you connect yourself with the egregore of the Wesak.


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