WESAK 2016, Minute

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  • Thierry Mahieux says:

    I don’t know if you are Archangel Michael but I’m sure that you have a big, big connection with him. All my personal story have been explained last year by reading your books (De la terre à Sirius) in a so beautifull and strange way that even today I have not digest all. And I discover this books AFTER my connection with Archangel Michael that was an huge amazing revelation (with also a lot of difficulty and suffering) for me. I was in France in November 2001 in Toulouse and i became mad in that moment with a delirium that included Isis, the dragon, etc so exactly at the place and the moment that you’re talking about. It takes me 12 years to heal myself after that. A very strange story…Thank you for your books. I would be an honor for me to speak with you. I tried to join you several times on your ancien website but without success. Perhaps this time, I would have more chance…

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