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A few days ago, in search for some activity, I walked through a Halloween maze in down-town …, …well, no, I will not advertise for it!  Ranked one of the top of its kind in the US.

We all know, at this point, that Halloween is not an innocent game of candy collection and batman costume display. Halloween is the celebration of the plunge into the dark side. The more the merrier (plus on est de fous, plus on rit). It is the subversive, commercial version of the most important Dark Mass in the year. This is the time when the dark and satanic initiations are performed, using abuse, mind control, torture, drugs and human sacrifices. Well, that was perfectly enacted, for the excitement of the tourists, in this maze. All basic examples of human madness and perversity, minus the lodges and occult background (are the organizers uninformed or playing dumb?).

It was interesting to watch the rubberneckers (Badauds) and exhibitionists of all kinds slowly engulfing the sidewalks, before turning into a wave of drunkards, … but this usually happens later in night, while I am dreaming about angels. At first, the scene appears like the celebration of freedom, creativity, assertiveness and self-confidence. Everything is permitted, no judgement; the positive sides of California. Freedom and fun, costumes, humor; yet one might wonder about the necessity of exhibiting so much flesh, alcohol and wannabe decadence-style; it looks to me like a desperate, attention looking meat market, where the subtleties of the old-fashioned sensuous vibes, spiced with a zest or romanticism, have given way to a wild and raw narcissist display of the low consciousness of mankind. The astral world has merged with the physical realm and taken over the minds and hearts.

That is exactly what was only supposed to happen at the time of the Halloween full moon, a door between the astral and physical dimensions, with an invasion of the earth of low demons, larvae, etc. So, how can use this situation in the best way? Turn around the intent.


The October full moon, on the 16th, is heated up by the presence of Eris, a good friend of our dear free spirited rebel and sex addict, Lilith…. (almost quiet, at 16 degrees Scorpio) Supermoon and super-Halloween. For more information about Lilith and feminine figures, read A Kiss for Lucifer, page 158, English edition. Chapter 5, Sacred Sexuality.

So, what are YOU going to do and to celebrate? Are you done with Lilith, or do you still feel her tickling your feet at night? Do you still need to explore more aspects of your vibrant plunge into the world of Lucifer and his hordes of demons?

In the chart that I have prepared for Halloween, the full moon, in the US,  transits  at 27 degrees Aries. In Europe, the transit occurs at 23degrees. Very interestingly, the stars meeting with the moon on October 16 all have a connection with water. I do not know astrology enough to say if such a conjunction is exceptional. But it is quite remarkable, especially during Hurricane season. I added the meaning of the stars’s names between parenthesis.

Between the water elements and the boots of energy brought by Mars and other upsetting or upset goddesses like Antares, Eris, we already have to be very centered if we want to stay calm and focused.

According to Kingstarastrology.com “The October 16 full moon at 23°14′ Aries aligns with a planet, a dwarf planet and two fixed stars as listed below:

22   11    Fixed star Baten Kaitos (located in the Cetus constellation, or Whale. Baten Kaitos is the ‘belly fo 22   28    Planet Uranus 23   04    Dwarf planet Eris 23   14    Full Moon 23   31    Fixed star Acamar (the end of the River constellation)


The moon conjunct with Uranus brings strong emotional responses with the possibility of outbursts while attempting to be express yourself more fully: Jupiter, Sun and Mercury rubbing shoulders, under the stressful (or very productive) impact of Pluto/Mars. Under the influence of Mars, you might be tempted to make decisions too fast. Let in the softening energy of Saturn on Mars; use the wisdom that you have acquired; master the art of silence or breathe before exploding).






I have been dealing with Extra-Terrestrials since the Equinox, wondering who are supposed to be considered in or out of the present scene = the building and evolution of the human race within the body of the Adam Kadmon. The general consciousness is also invited to ponder on the subject: new Star Wars, Star Treck.

In terms of stars and our path, I had noticed and utilized the portal opened between the two September eclipses. Between the 1st and the 16th we were invited to look firmly and for the last time at the past accumulated challenges and karmas. On September 16th, with Chiron, the old Centaur, son of Zeus, we were able to end those old stories and time loops. But then our friend, LC, reminded Me of the dream that he had on September 9th (a day 9/9/9), involving Egypt and a dying ET; the ET was letting him know ‘that this is the end of the popes, worshippers of the encephalons, and the end of a cycle.” Great dream, bravo!


The question is: what extra-terrestrials influence are we speaking about?  We know that the human DNA is a concoction mixing elements from several Constellations, therefore fully extra-terrestrial. Life on Earth is the result of a team of Creators and a few interferences = ETs that are not supposed to be there or to take the lead.


What I had felt as a fact on September 16th was the end of my bodily self’s story and karma with Egypt. On the 9th, LC also saw and felt that he was dreaming about Egypt. But we might have to look at a bigger picture. For many years, I have been pointing at the story of the intervention of Sirius in human evolution, with the creation of the sexual initiations and rites that led to the fall into Satanism (See, Manifestation, section II, Chapter 1: A Story, From Sirius to the Earth). I thus decided to look at the position of the Star Sirius on the charts. Sirius is a fixed star, located at 14˚Cancer.  Rights across from Pluto.


Pluto entered the Capricorn in January 2008 and will exit this sign in 2023.  Pluto has been moving back and force around 14˚ Scorpio, diametrically across the triple star Sirius.

Capricorn is an earth and cardinal sign, ruling the structures that are at the top of the system, leadership, money, as the Capricorn likes to climb to the summits. Ruled by Venus, the Capricorn governs “the second House, which is concerned with economics, the distribution of money and metals and which rules Taurus, the “seed house” of illumination and the new emerging light. Venus also rules Libra exoterically and the seventh House wherein enemies are recognized and unions and friendships achieved.” (AABailey, Esoteric Astrology). Capricorn can also represent the governments, the corporations, the father figure.

Now, let’s add to the picture the hint given by the Giza Pyramid shafts: they are oriented towards the constellations Draco, Sirius, Orion and Ursa Minor, house of the present pole star, Polaris. This is telling you what are the main influences on humankind’s evolution had to focus on since the erection of the building.


Orion’s main star is Belgeteuse, located at 28 degres Gemini. Orion happens to be the last constellation whose energy has been added to the human DNA. Orion holds a male, aggressive energy. It gave humankind the possibility to experience individualization more deeply, through personal power and assertiveness. But is also brought the rise of the patriarchal society. It is the energy under which the present major religions were created and fostered worldly, reducing women to slaves at the mercy of their husbands, fathers and male leaders. Our societies have to evolve towards a more spiritual, more connected to their Higher Self. Women are taking more responsibility and growing into power, human as well as spiritual.


Sirius is usually assimilated with Isis. I have always had a problem with that. Two reasons, or three:

– The Sirians are the ones who gave human beings their DNA. This sounds to Me like a male function, operating on a receptacle, Earth.

– the Hieroglyph generally associated with Sirius encompasses 3 figures, Osiris, Isis  and Horus.  Isis/Osiris and Horus would represent the Trinity or manifested representation of the One-God, Sirius.

– this interpretation would fit with the common belief according to which Sirius is the Earth’s Spiritual Sun, some sort of a Higher Self for the Sun. That would explain why the White Lodge is an emanation of Sirius and why the occult system that have ruled Humankind for eons is headed by a Sirian Council. (See Manifestation, Section II, Chapter 1).

As a consequence, I am not inclined at this point to believe that Sirius is no more going to be involved in our Spiritual governance (opposition seen as detachment). Let’s think together…. Sirius is called the Dog Star, and was believed to be connected to Anubis (The Sphynx?) and Thoth, the eternal Teacher. The dog was supposed to bark when something needed to be known. That would fit with the role of the Sirians as mankind’s Spiritual leaders, under the responsibility of Thoth, connected to the Archangel Michael as evidenced in the scenes of judgements. Both Thoth and Michael are using the scale to weigh humans’ souls. Here we might be going somewhere. Jupiter/Zeus/the Bull just entered the Libra, the Scale.

Then, another detail about Pluto. Mars is the will, human will, associated with sexuality, blood. Pluto is the higher octave of the Will. Thus, what about Pluto directing our gaze towards men’s natural Teacher and spiritual Guide, the Star Sirius, although still mysteriously remote. The Sirians had already reached the 6th dimension when they intervened in our system. Where are they now? In any case, still protecting and longing to give you their love. Probably involved in the transformation of the religious system and beliefs on Earth. The experiment evoked in the Manifestation book is over. The Dark Lodges are closed for ever. The religious and occult structures of the past are obsolete. It is time to re-direct the consciousness of Mankind to a different alchemy and the rebirth of the Phoenix (Pluto, Lord of Transmutation). Read again, if you do not remember, the Wesak 2016 report: ‘reconfiguration of the Adam Kadmon’. The transformation of human’s consciousness is a necessity and follows the Creator’s own evolution.

Out of curiosity, let’s now add a few more stars + the Galactic Center- the Galactic Center is at 27˚ Capricorn, in fact opposite to Betelgeuse. So, through Mars, we have an alignment with the Galactic Center, often said to be the siege of the Great Mother.


As for Venus, it is at 3 degrees of Spica, associated to the Virgo, the Divine Feminine; does this mean that women are invited to embody a different aspect of the feminine, more oriented towards wisdom instead of goddess of fertility and servitude?


To finish with a lighter note: a few days ago, before going to sleep, I asked the question: whose aliens are supposed to leave, if this is the case. Followed a dream about the astral realm, and many doorways connected to it. In it, different types of people, blocked into this dimension for various reasons: traumas locking the reptilian brain; lack of conceptual/higher mind practice, service to the old serpents – the ones who abandoned the Dragon’s family and went to the other side (Manifestation, again, p attention to the details). In the dream, I was hoping over pools in which the old serpents (not the Dragons), late degenerated progenies of the Dragons, dying). Thank you, My Presence. Let’s meditate and focus.


Interdimensional work/vision, this morning, during the meditation and before completing this article: members of the Egypt team showed up,  involved in the organization of religion in the present era. They had aliens attached to them, to their spine, the insect-mantis type, that I removed! Let’s smile!

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Sirius and Venus http://www.interpres.cz/worag/cosmol/sothis.htm


Interesting facts; how the full moon has affected people and business: http://www.fullmoon.info/en/fullmoon-calendar.html

“16.09.2016 – Samsung announces a recall of 1 million Galaxy Note 7 cell phones, due to numours injuries of consumers after the batteries exploded.” Great metaphor!


Stars: Acamar: darkstarastrology:

Legend: Eridanus represents the river Padus or Po into which Phaeton fell when slain by Jupiter for having set the world on fire by misguiding the chariot of his father Phoebus. [Robson*, p.44.]

Influences: According to Ptolemy all the stars with the exception of Achernar are like Saturn. Eridanus gives a love of knowledge and science, much travel and many changes, a position of authority, but danger of accidents especially at sea and of drowning. [Robson*, p.44.]


Astrology, study: for those who started to dive a little more into astrology, during the last school session, there is a very interesting summary about the signs as seen by AAB in Esoterical Astrology,  paragraph 332.





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