Eclipse January 31st, Lilith, Saturn and the Goddesses

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Meet the characters on stage for the January 31st Eclipse:

(Archetypes feminine Isis Lilith, Ceres)

  • The Moon, Feminine luminary, emotions, moods, maternal instinct, subconscious mind.


  • Saturn/Chronos, the old god, the grim-reaper, associated in the occult with the Titans’ era, with the entity Azazel, later represented by Jehovah. Also connected to the Dragon’s Tail (Dragon’s instinctual, primitive aspect). The Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is linked to the old Scapegoat, or “Sabbatical goat”. Along the way, utilized in Witchcraft, and seen on the inverted pentagram, it became “ubiquitous throughout the left-hand path [ask if you do know!] of occultism. The letters around the perimeter, usually displayed in Hebrew consonants in common usage, spell L’V’Th’N: Leviathan [sea-dragon or monster in the Old Testament]. In apocryphal Jewish holy literature it was Lilith, fleeing to the Red Sea, who became identified with the Leviathan, a sea monster, often portrayed as a giant serpent or Draken.” Dragon Legacy, p. 217. [Author’s note: I do not think that Lilith is a part of the Great Dragon’s Family].


  • Zeus/Jupiter, the father of the gods; he had so many consorts and children that we wonder if it symbolized the abundant mind of a creator. Or just the empowered male who is NOW finally looking at his own shadow and operating his own transmutation.
  • Ceres porcelaine

    Ceres, goddess of agriculture

    Photo: Wiki: porcelain model of Ceres with cereals by Dominik Auliczek of the Nymphenburg Porcelain Manufactory, late 18th century

  • Hermes/Mercury, traditionally Zeus’ son, sometimes his brother. Rules the Virgo. He is the messenger of the gods; also, known as the ‘Bridge’, between Heaven and Earth, and the Priest-King. Remember, the Herma-Phrodite.


  • Ceres: goddess of fertility, associated with the Virgo and the harvest, as both are represented carrying wheat or spelt. Ceres is considered to be the same archetype as the roman Demeter, goddess of agriculture and harvest. As a goddess of fertility, Ceres is associated with the chthonian deities, connected to tellurism [tellus= terre, in Latin] and thus to the Great of Dark Mother, the Dragon and the cycles of death and rebirth (Hades/Pluto)Beyond being the goddess of agriculture, and the one blessing the crops, Ceres was at the chore of the Elysian mysteries, in which her story is remembered: Ceres/Demeter had a daughter with her brother, Jupiter, Persephone or Proserpine. Demeter’s daughter, Persephone/Proserpine was abducted by Hades/Pluto, the god of the underworld. Demeter stopped then to bless the earth and the crops ceased to grow. Which brought Zeus/Jupiter to call Hermes to the rescue and bring Persephone back periodically


  • Pluto/Hades: god of the Underworld. Rules the Scorpio.


  • Lilith: not to be confused with Inanna, the Sumerian goddess. She was Adam’s first wife. According to the apocryphal texts, she refused to submit to Adam, ‘lay beneath him’, but chased and seduced him aggressively, showing, again and again that he was unable to resist to passion and lust. Lilith is also believed to be or sexual vampire. Nice pedigree.


  • Eris, whose name means ‘discord’ and we met in 2017 (article, Love Again). Eris, the dark goddess of discord, started a scandal and cursed everyone because she was not invited to a party… At this time, everyone was sleeping with everyone, and curses were just a part of the daily meals.


We have then a fantastic meeting, the full moon and a trio of goddesses: Ceres, Eris, next to Uranus, and Lilith, haunting the Capricorn, close to Saturn. For a FULL DISCUSSION about the role of these characters in the eclipse: http:


Burney Relief, Queen of the Night

Queen of the Night, Lilith or Inanna?

Lilith appears in the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, then in the Babylonian and Jewish cultures. A  favorite subjects for writers, as her character inspires fascination or dread, as expressed by the Jewish prophet Isaiah (34: 14-15):

In the King James Version of the Bible, Lilith is not mentioned by name, yet she is called the ‘screech owl’: “The wild beasts of the desert shall also meet with the wild beasts of the island, and the satyr shall cry to his fellow; the screech owl also shall rest there and find for herself a place of rest.”

On the most famous representation of the female demon, two owls stand on her sides.


Below two versions of the text in which the name Lilith appears. Note that she is called the night demon and encounters the wild or hairy goat, also appearing in other translations such as the Christian Standard Bible.

“The creatures of the desert will encounter jackals and the hairy goat will call to its kind; Indeed, Lilith (night demon) will settle there And find herself a place of rest. (Amplified Bible).

And the wild beasts of the desert will meet here with howling creatures [wolves and hyenas] and the [shaggy] wild goat will call to his fellow; the night monster will settle there and find a place of rest.” (Amplified Bible, Classic Edition).

“The Talmud’s Lilith recalls older Babylonian images, for she has “long hair” (Erubin 100b) and wings (Niddah 24b).8 The Talmud’s image of Lilith also reinforces older impressions of her as a succubus, a demon in female form who had sex with men while the men were sleeping. Unwholesome sexual practices are linked to Lilith as she powerfully embodies the demon-lover myth.”



First degree…

“The wilderness traditionally symbolizes mental and physical barrenness; it is a place where creativity and life itself are easily extinguished. Lilith, the feminine opposite of masculine order, is banished from fertile territory and exiled to barren wasteland.”


Do you feel that you have been in exile for a while, whatever the reasons? Is it time for you to return to life, out of a ‘barren wasteland’? Is this an invitation to follow the wild Capricorn on top of the mountain? Are you still enacting subconscious patterns, self-sabotaging your success? What steps, efforts are you going to take, combining the ability of a goat with the wisdom and discipline of the old Saturn to manifest your dream? What parts of your shadowy self (Lilith) — traits that you are finally aware of and willing to endorse as yours — have you released to be able to reach the top of the mountain?

Are you, like Lilith, in a situation of spiritual barrenness? Are you letting the insatiable Chronos, the 3D obligations, rule your life and transform you into a zombie, addicted to technology or buried in domestic concern and enable to connect to Spirit?



During a lunar eclipse, the Moon frequencies are more potent. Moon rules emotions, feminine side, subconscious and hidden astral world. The Moon is Queen of the sign of Cancer (Home, mother, protection) and happens to be sitting in front of the Cancer Constellation.

So, the energies on this eclipse are strongly feminine and protective.  You will feel the need to protect yourself and your daughters like Ceres (next to the Moon during the eclipse) did for Persephone; you will strengthen your power, voicing and reacting more than usual to any abuse, authority.

But, most importantly, Ceres remind us of the Elysian Mysteries, the secret rites during which the cycles of Light and Darkness were ENACTED, with sacrifices. This is not in your history book; yet the virgin daughters and girls have been sacrificed to the lord of darkness (Hades). This type of rituals has been at the chore of our system, practiced by the elite, the rulers as an initiation and a lot of people, unknowingly on the astral, thus TRIGGERING EMOTIONAL BREAK DOWNS and ADDICTIONS.  Even if the rituals have progressively disappeared under the pressure of the light, of a wave of consciousness, it has lingered in the ASTRAL WORLD. This is what the MOTHERS ARE QUESTIONING AND STOPPING. The violent uproar about lower male instinct and behavior is enabling the masses to finally question their beliefs and habits, habits that are often a mirror, a exteriorization of what have been happening in the ASTRAL for thousands of years.

The Moon is mostly the Queen of the Night and of the Astral world.

To make sure that the big cosmic cleaning is effective, Lilith is present, Lilith the super Queen of the Night, leading rebellion with lust and demons. Lilith is not just an innocent women asking for her power. She is a powerful demon, who likes to be surrounded by succubus (dark larvae) and send them on the innocent pregnant women and people that she cannot control.

Do you have, women and men, a past of abuse? Are you originated from a Satanic family? This is a bad word, that people prefer to forget and avoid. The fact is, more people than you think have been affected.

This eclipse is the shift, announcing a big cleaning. So, be happy, your healing will be deeper, as humankind, as a whole, is cleaning its subconscious mind, its astral world and bad habits, involving sex, abuse, power, money (Jupiter in Scorpio).

How do you behave as a woman? Do your use your beauty and hormones to get a job or dominate men? How do you dress? Is your behavior similar to Lilith’s or congruent to your claim for respect?

Do you (women and men alike) have, because of your past, or sexual urges, any of Lilith’s babies attached to your field? You need more details: we are speaking about demons, succubus and all delightful cousins… who will not pass the wormhole towards the New World. Or, have you succumbed to the habit of either becoming a vampire yourself, or using plug and succubus to feed yourself with others’ energy, light and codes? When is the last time that your mate or your friend has experienced stomach pain or uterine cancer because you were squatting his/her chakras?

Gods Chronos Time Saturn

Saturn, Chronos, god of Time

How do you know if an entity is in your field: itching, rash, skin parasite are the easiest symptoms to detect. To start the treatment: ask yourself: when did it start? What was I doing? In what environment? Why is the entity interested in my field?

Finally, Saturn is the master of Karma? Are you clearly coming to full circle, finishing a soul-experiment, a project, an assignment that had to do with Lilith, Ceres and the Moon? More in the membership section.   In that case, with the discernment coming from experience, you will rebuild your path in the right direction, because the Moon is coupled with the Dragon Head. The Dragon Head takes the lead, while Venus and the Sun bring Light to the Dragon Tail (so that it does not do silly things any more!).



Within the context of her relationship with Adam, Lilith introduces the theme of imbalance in polarities,  both, for humankind and for the Earth, as Adamah in Hebrew = Earth. In the context, men/women, and the onset of patriarchy, Lilith stands as the defender of women: no one needs to be subservient. Excess of one energy, male in this case, brings rift, anger and retaliation.

In our relationships with others, like Adam and Lilith, we are invited to reconsider others with their own desires, capacities, gifts instead of freezing situations with unreasonable expectations. A man is a man and a female demon is a female demon…



In the context of the Earth, and as epitomized in the traditions that we are still connected to (Babylon and Judeo-Christian, Lilith is, without a doubt, an archetype of the dark side, connected to the demon Samael and to the old goat, mostly linked to witchcraft and dark magic. Yet, Lilith bares wings. She might have grown her wings because she dared to utter the Tetragrammaton, JHWH, or Jewish name of God. At this point in Earth history, each living soul on this planet is invited to reconnect with the Divine, not YHWH, a Saturnian deity,  but with the Creator-god in Its Highest Form and with The Unfathomable God. Human beings will then grow wings and become the phoenix. Now, to achieve that, … How many times a week are you connecting through silent meditation or focus?

Without any doubt, a metamorphosis is taking place on the Inner Planes, in terms of rulership and restructuration, because, in spiritual wildness or not, Lilith is meeting her old companion, the Goat, ruled by Saturn. In the Amen volume [Section 8, Chapter 1, the King], we discuss the creation story: Gaia and Uranus unite to create a family. Uranus is quite surprised by the nature of his offspring and decide to decimate them. Gaia, the Earth, allies with one of her sons, Saturn/Chronos/Time to stop Uranus. “creatures disappear, swallowed by Time. Kronos brings the spell of oblivion. They will resuscitate by the intervention of Jupiter.”

Again, these are the characters whose story arrives at a full climax. See members’ section.

Jehovah and Saturn are connected to the old energies, manifested through the Old Testament and the Old Judeo-christian system. Humankind is thirsty for a new form of connection with the Divine. No more sacrifices, no rigid rules (Saturn) but a natural relationship with the Cosmic gods and the All-In-One Consciousness.


For 3D options, eclipses as the triggers for change, new chapters; in what area of your life? check in what sign and house, in your chart, will the Moon be on January 31st.

PHOTO: Saturn,

Finally, we are moving towards a different Time/Chronos-line. To successfully follow the transformation, keep contact with Jupiter and with your inner Sun! Remember, Saturn entered the Capricorn on the day of the Solstice, with the Sun! Let the Solar God and the solar-self guide you!












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  • cangemi says:

    Dear Archangel,
    Thank you for the new article and cosmic news.

    About Lilith, the Zohar interpretation is interesting :

    “To summarize the Zohar which establishes the Hebraic myth of Lilith, in the beginning God created the Sun and Moon. They both ascended with equal dignity but the Moon did not feel right with the Sun, in fact, each mortified one another. The Moon asked where does thou pasture and the Sun asked the Moon where dose thou make thy flock rest at noon. Then the Sun asked how she as a little candle could so brightly shine in midday. God thus interceded to avoid strife between them and told the Moon to diminish itself. The Moon asked why she should be the one to veil herself, but God insisted, saying, ‘Go your way forth in the footsteps of the flock’ (Song of Songs 1:7). Although when connected with the Sun, the Moon was equally bright, but when departing she lost her light and assigned charge of her hosts, and shells were created for the covering of the brain, and for the benefit of the brain (Zohar I 20a). After the primordial light was withdrawn there was created a ‘membrane for the marrow,’ a k’lifah husk or shell, and this k’lifah expanded and produced who was Lilith (Zohar I 19b).”
    (all this story linked to an esoteric meaning in relation with the brain ?)

    “He (God) summoned to issue from the side of Darkness a sort of a female Moon which rules the night, and is called night, and is associated with Adonai, Lord of the Earth (Zohar I 16b)…the Left, side of Darkness, flamed with its full power, producing at all points a kind of reflection, and from this fiery flame came a Moonlight essence…Just as it is the desire of Darkness to merge itself with Light, so it is the desire of night to merge itself with day (Zohar I 17a-b).”


    A question: is there a difference between a demon and a fallen angel ? Can we imagine a redemption ? “… so it is the desire of night to merge itself with day (Zohar I 17a-b).”

    And to finish, a gnostic interpretation of Adam and Eve (not really the one we all have in mind) :
    Adam and Eve in the interior:
    “When we study the story of Adam and Eve, we should not take history literally. It’s an initiatory story. It is symbolic: it is psychological, it is spiritual. When we apply the story of Adam and Eve to ourselves to understand how we can access the door of Daath, and how we use knowledge now, we understand that Adam symbolizes our brain, and that Eve symbolizes our sexual organs . These are linked to two energy channels that are wrapped around our spine, symbolized as the two serpents on the caduceus of Mercury. In India, they are called Ida and Pingala, and in Kabbalah they are called Od and Ob. These are two forces, energy channels, that relate to Adam and Eve. One is masculine, the other is feminine. One is Adam, the other is Eve. Adam refers to the brain (electric and solar fire) and Eve refers to sex (vital fire).”

    I dont know what to think about that, but i found it interesting and different from the “traditional” interpretation.

    With my love.

    Laurent C.

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