October 2018 Full Moon, Venus in the Scorpio

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Full Moon, October 2018: Venus Retrograde in Scorpio


In 1971, towards the end of October, I said: ‘The end of October is always bad. Something terrible always happens.” Four decades later, with a lot more awareness, hard spiritual work and more sense of responsibility, I can finally breeze and smile, even at the end of October.

My wish is that the Planet and humankind in general could feel and say the same thing: we have understood our lessons and are now ready for a brand-new world, although it does not look like it. We are still unravelling the murder of Mr. Khashoggi, commanded by the Saudi elite and ‘crown prince’. Whether or not the dissident journalist and activist was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, or promoting democracy across the Arab world, no leader, no country should have the right to practice or order torture and decapitation. Now, how will President Trump, and all other political and economic leaders react? Who will have the courage to stand up and refuse the ongoing comedy?

Concomitantly, Sotheby’s and the international art market discuss the true identity of Bansky; Art market: smile and sip a new glass of champagne, while your last acquisition self-destruct: “When a Banksy painting “self-destructed” after selling at auction for £1.04 million ($1.4 million) last week, it looked like the perfect stunt.” https://www.msn.com/en-us/entertainment/news/banksy-video-reveals-shredded-artwork-stunt-did-not-go-as-planned/ar-BBOxhcK?ocid=spartanntp

“I believe that we are puppets – we are puppets with perception, with awareness; sometimes we can see the strings and perhaps, our awareness is the first step in our liberation” Dialog, movie Experimenter, Doctor Stanley Milgram, a Yale Professor who studied human response to orders and choices (why did people accept to make others suffer, for instance during WWI).

How long is the world continue to accept being ruled by corruption, idiocy, genocides and murder? It is time to for the population to stop envying and begging for a space on the international stage (look at me, vote for me). It is time to take a stand, in any possible way: protect the Earth, save energy, refuse to consume, refuse technology, ban the old-boys-clubs and drunk fraternities (and sororities), refuse murders by decapitation and without a trial. Whether or not Khasoggi was part of the Muslim Brotherhood, we are in the 21st century and no one should be allowed to order torture and murder because he is in a position of power. This is gruesome and disgusting. The United States should not continue selling arms to a band of regime based on a consensus of ‘caution, reservation and deception’ where torture and dismemberment are the norm.

“The question now is not whether the Saudis’ latest explanation for Jamal Khashoggi’s death is credible, but whom do they think they’re fooling. In the autocratic world of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, what common people think is irrelevant; what matters is whether throwing his hit men under the bus is enough to satisfy President Trump” or any other so called-human being. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/20/opinion/saudi-arabia-jamal-khashoggi-prince-mohammed.html?action=click&module=Opinion&pgtype=Homepage

Venus retrograde in Scorpio

How can we link the ongoing events with the stars’ energies? “Venus retrograde prompts a more critical re-evaluation and reassessment. The transit can also prompt an exploration the shadow side of desire, i.e. addiction, obsession, self undermining, destructiveness, jealousy, hidden agendas, abuse of power, sexuality, betrayal, violence.

To paraphrase Mick Jagger: “You can’t always get what you want” – but like it or not, you’ll certainly get what you need from this transit. Watch for the transit to peel back layers, to expose what you need to know. Ultimately, the journey through the dark is meant to turn up the light.

Venus in Scorpio lifts the veil so you can better see what is of value. Dilemma and hard choices are in the mix. Through the start of December, Venus works through a skipped step (evolutionary astrology) or at the bendings (classical astrology term) relationship with the karmic axis. This is suggestive of running up against it yet again, of facing a threshold that has not yet been successfully surpassed.” https://cosmicintelligenceagency.com/month-ahead-horoscopes-october-2018-2/

Classical astrologers emphasize again on personal feelings, love, etc; a a full moon in the Taurus is the sign of an emotional-self searching for stability. Joined/conjunct with Uranus, the unpredictable, we have upsetting uncertainty or unexpected love affairs. This is still baby-nicy talk. If we consider the dance executed by Venus and Mars over a few weeks, there is much more to learn. Venus, the goddess of love and harmony, is in detriment in the Scorpio. Also, Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars, the god of war, trigger of violence.

“Venus rules those things that we’re attracted to – whether it’s a person, a piece of food or an integral value. On the flip side then she also rules what we don’t like. In forward motion, Venus does her best to smooth things over, to make good, to see the positives. But in retrograde motion and especially in Scorpio, she is likely to become more vehement about what she doesn’t like. Venus will for all of us, reveal something of where we too have been making good rather than dealing with what we don’t like.”

Venus Retrograde October 2018

Venus, in this uncomfortable position, forms a T square with the nodal axis (North and South lunar nodes), and a grand cross with Uranus (180 degrees with Venus).

The lunar nodes axis is an evolutionary axis. It speaks about our past, our karma and our path towards evolution. Mankind is globally facing emotional challenges; Uranus is shaking the consensus (Venus and Moon). Venus is in a violent house.

The complete non-sense of our system is exposed: violence, abuse of power, acceptation of horrific situation in the name of business or diplomacy. The western world is clinging to a fragile balance and fake harmony; while people continue wearing a mask (Venus retrograde almost conjunct the Sun) or pretending that all is fine, Uranus is shaking the ground. If humankind is truly ready and willing to evolve, we must, globally, recognize the horrors that we hide under the rugs to keep the illusion of harmony. We must change what we call love. Confronted to violence (Venus is a sign co-ruled by Mars), our souls must make choices and eventually act upon those choices; of course, if we are not involved in the ruling elite, we might wonder how to participate. Stop using the word love in vain, like a marketing tool. Do you remember John’s expression: God is Love.

Start with changing your beliefs, your habits of hypocrisy and deception in your little world. Be a true and active role model for the youth (not a phony). Participate in a protest. Support the right leaders, not the president or the prince who is in favor; the boss, the Church or the guru who allows you to perpetuate falsity and pretense; the husband who pays your bills while molesting a child. Connect your brain to the right Frequency and intent, so as to anchor a different future.


Khashoggi, Brotherhood operative or tied to? https://www.thedailybeast.com/fox-news-spent-the-past-week-repeatedly-emphasizing-jamal-khashoggi-once-supported-the-muslim-brotherhood

About Jamal Khashoggi; in an interview with As’Ad Abukhalil, writer and Lebanese-American Professor of Political Science at California State University, describes Khashoggi as ‘a loyal servant of the Saudi propaganda apparatus’… who then ‘he bet on the wrong prince’ one who moved out of favor…., a man who was ‘advocating for Palestine’ in Arabic, yet had a different rhetoric in the Washington Post… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRG8lA3v0sg

Four massive planets found: https://www.msn.com/en-us/video/wonder/four-massive-planets-found-mysteriously-orbiting-a-young-star/vi-BBOtmFj?ocid=spartanntp

Under attack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OoBhySK3JA

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