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John Dee, Alchemist, Astrologer, Mathematician, Part One

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John Dee, “the brilliant, controversial adviser to Queen Elizabeth, was an alchemist, astrologer, mathematician, and cartographer” who lived in the 16th century.  Dee, who “owned one of the most complete libraries in his country, including about 4000 volumes was obsessed, yet very humble in his search for the Divine. He was eager to communicate with the spiritual world and felt very close to the Archangel Michael whom he called “the angel who lights your way.” Dee had petitioned, “Jesus Christ, I most humbly beg your Divine Majesty to send me the timely help of some pious wise man and expert philosopher. And if no such mortal man is now living on earth, then I beg your Divine Majesty to consider it fitting to send me from heaven your good spiritual ministers and angels, namely Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel … who may instruct me.” (Excerpt of Amen, The Archangel Michael, the Messiah and the Grail Bloodline- note 14   ). http://archangel-michael.us/spirituality-occult-metaphysics-self-help-empowerment-secret-societies/

The book Amen is a puzzle and has, indeed, puzzled a few readers, who could not connect the pieces. Initiation and mastery are not for the faint of heart. Amen was written consciously as an anchor and, I could dare say, a time machine. On the back cover, one can read: “Before and behind the Grail Bloodline, the Secret Societies, Jesus and Gautama Buddha, the pharaohs and the kings, the Serpents and the Dragons, there is Archangel Michael. Then, as mentioned in the annex, while writing, I was spiritually dealing with international time-loops.

Do you understand how time, time loop, magic, prophecies and the Verb are interconnected?


Profession? …Angel? Dee scrupulously celebrated the Archangel Mass and the Saint Michael day, as evidenced in his dairy. On March 14, 1582, and in the presence of his medium Edward Kelly, Michael blessed him, in a vision:

“The man kneeled before Michael, and Michael dubbed him on the head with his sword. Then the man stood up. Then the man turned his face toward E.T. the skryer. And the man did resemble me (John Dee) in countenance. Michael wrote upon the man’s back, thus:






























Then E.T. asked me if there were such angels of a man’s profession: and I answered: ‘yea.’

Then Michael said: “We lead time, time leadeth not us.”

Believing that he could not communicate with the spiritual world by himself, Dee used mediums, the most famous having been Edward Talbot, who was said to be “seeing.” But what did Talbot see? One can only access levels of consciousness and dimensions covered by one’s frequencies. What we are, an angel, a 3D human or a reptile determines our range or movements and purpose. Talbot/Kelly was mostly an astral medium; the encounters were mostly astral and demons.

The old magician had faith in the text of the Old Testament and in the Book of Enoch, which he owned. He wanted to believe in the importance of the language of the angels and received an angelic alphabet, and then a few words, painfully decrypted.  This language was later appropriated by the occult lodges—namely the Golden Dawn, and the occultist Aleister Crowley–  later used to create the Enochian Magic (communication system with entities). Unfortunately, the Enochian magic, because of human attachment to sex and power, because of their inability to reach higher dimensions, mostly blossomed into more darkness and support for the satanic lodges.  The darkness became preponderant in the spiritual world and played its necessary role more fully.

Dee possessed both a brilliant mind, out of his time, and a soul locked into a religious shell. His writings convey a deep love for the Divine but also a soul entrenched within the Catholic faith. Dee also had practical reasons to follow the Church, the need to maintain the reputation of a good Christian in order to save his head while practicing occultism and magic. His habit of studying, cartography, and mathematics pushed him to the edge of the intellectual logic that he tried to apply to his relationships and interpretation of the spiritual realm.

John Dee had definitely a rarely developed mind and intellectual focus. In his native chart, Mercury, the mind, and Jupiter are conjunct. Already reaching out to the monadic level, as evidenced by his famous treatise, Monas Hieroglyphica, Dee functioned beyond the stage of astral infatuation. Although a practicing magician, Dee could not see the astral world and therefore let himself be impressed by people whom he believed to be gifted. In fact, the world of mediums and channeling is the world of the astral, not of clairvoyance and true communication (telepathic, natural) with Spirit and higher realms.

In the 16th century, Science and spirituality were still very intertwined.  Alchemy paved the way to chemistry, metaphysics to physics and astrology to astronomy. Dee ran into trouble because of the needs of his sophisticated mind and his illusions about the astral plane. The entities that responded to his prayers were most often of a very low level, as demonstrated by the childish discourse, the ongoing presence of demons, their manners with Dee and his partner, their demands and prerogatives. Although famous in the occult world of their time, Dee and Kelly, his most famous partner, lost their momentum after repeated attempts to extirpate from their invisible associates the recipe for the fabrication of gold, promised to their audience.  According to Dee’ own words, Kelly performed once: ‘On December 1586, “Kelly made a public demonstration of the philosopher’s stone in the proportion of one grain to one ounce (28 grams) … and almost one ounce of the best gold was produced.” Diaries, p. 204.

The team found itself in a tenuous situation when they were both accused by the Church of practicing magic, and under pressure from the Emperor Rudolf II, before whom Kelly, estranged from Dee, was unable to reproduce his miracle and was running out of the original powder (The philosopher stone?), allegedly robbed from a grave. As for the ‘angels’, they never delivered the magical alchemical formulas that Dee and Kelly were anxious to receive. According to Dee’s diaries, and through Kelly’s channeling,  the angels asked the two men to exchange their wives. What is a ruse from Kelly, trying to destabilize Dee? There was ongoing power struggle between the two men, that ended up with Kelly using black magic against the gullible philosopher [A story that only ended in the 21st century].

Dee accepted, sacrificing his wife to his obsession and appetite for knowledge. Some modern writers want to believe that this demand forced Dee and Kelly to drop their education and human attachments. But for anyone who has already reached a little higher toward Spirit, it is easy to recognize the low principles of astral magic, based on the lower chakras and demonstrating obvious lack of respect for the couple and for women.

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