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John Dee, Magician, Alchemist, Astrologer, and the Archangel Michael, Part Two

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John Dee, alchemist, magician, astrologer and the Archangel Michael

[for those who already know the story: what does this post mean for the advancement of Divine Plan?]

Why did we (2005 and later), why do I speak about John Dee in the context of a volume exposing the Michaelic Consciousness?
1. First, because the character once named Dee, the incarnated soul, has a special relationship with the Archangel who overshadowed him/her, guided this soul for centuries, if not since the beginning of time and prepared him/her for a future role.
Dee related, at a certain level of frequency, with the Archangels and the spiritual Hierarchies, as understood in the 16th century, as well as with the message left by Saint John, in the Apocalypse. It was believed that the direct relationship with God and angels, lost in the Garden of Eden, would be recovered after the battle against the Darkness, eventually the Antichrist, and the arrival of the true Son of God.

2. This example demonstrates the difficulty of communicating between worlds. The Consciousness of Archangel Michael has remained constant from the 16th to the present century. Michael has always offered His presence with compassion and non-judgment to this being who served Him. But the Archangel knew that the relationships of the old alchemist with the astral world would be painful and deceitful. John Dee briefly and episodically connected with the Archangels, and specifically with the Archangel Michael. The messages and vibration could only reach him in a distorted manner. Yet, there were interferences:

o – Dee’s personal level of frequency and comprehension.
o Living in the 16th century and locked in the culture of the time, Dee and Kelly could only hear or translate the messages according to the level and confines of 16th-century awareness.
o Heaven/Spirit and Earth/Matter were not ready for a reunion. In other words, the Cosmic Body in which the Earth exists, the Adam Kadmon had to reach another evolutionary door to allow a descent of the Michaelic Consciousness [as it occurred in 1998].
[10/22/18: I was just called outside by a very close, loud and unusual bird. A magnificent angel was waiting for me in the sunset!]

3. Dee’s experience reveals how the Michaelic Consciousness has been directly involved in the development of the occult tradition and the enfoldment of the Divine Purpose throughout human history, providing for information and rectifying Dee’s beliefs and findings through dubious entities when possible.

It exemplifies the mechanics of the multi-dimensional universe and soul, of the Divine Creator’ Mind in action throughout TIME. Mankind’s evolution, the liberation of the human soul could only occur through long-term and ongoing contacts with higher layers of consciousness. The Creator consciousness has always been present and represented in the physical world, overshadowing an individual X, in this case Dee (we will discuss later how we can prove it). The Creator Consciousness, or Michaelic Consciousness takes over their consciousness and brain and dictates ideas, projects that will be implemented by X over the centuries. X will be born where his/her frequency and brain is needed to advance the project and anchor a frequency.
Although the dialog was seldomly possible and distorted, this connection has been one of the most important channels of knowledge and data download on the earth and earth field during several human cycles. As space and time are bound with each-other, touching and communicating with ‘angels’ equals and implies touching other layers of creations, frequencies, and therefore other spaces, other dimensions, as well as connecting the elements participating in time.

Dee’s experiences with ‘angels’ were used as a model for many spiritual seekers, as for centuries, men have tried to access, conjure, eventually trap non-human entities, hoping to gain knowledge and/or simply power. Most rituals, whether practiced by basic shamans, brandishing a bloody sacrifice, a Satanist offering the purity of a child, a magician before a war, or an initiation-seeker, start with an invocation, in the attempt to reach anything or anyone beyond the veil, any entity willing to deliver a message or a helpful hand.

Until recently, there was a problem inherent to the nature of human existence and creation. Humankind was still in descension. The Cosmic Body was still polarized in the frequency of the second and third chakra. Therefore, the exoteric religious system (All Churches, all faiths) as well as the hermetic and occult organizations, Rosicrucian, Martinist, Masonic, etc, were controlled by the Shadow, at least on the occult level. Dee’s example and knowledge, largely utilized by magicians, seekers, lodges, although instrumental in the development of consciousness, of the brain, precipitated, focused, accelerated the expansion of the darkness. It is believed that the magical work of Crowley, the Golden Dawn and the dark Tibetans have precipitated WWII; as for the United States, the channeling storm that occurred in the 80’s have opened energy portals to thousands of unnecessary astral entities and aliens that have burdened the energy field and egregore of the nation and the land.
The lodges had a multiple role to play: bring occult knowledge, if not wisdom; raise the consciousness of an elite, forbearers of the present consciousness-movement. Assist Lucifer and the Old Mother in their initiatory task for humanity. Play out the drama that opposed the spiritual lineages of Lucifer and Michael. (See Book A Kiss for Lucifer). Yet, there is more.

1. Dee’s story teaches us awe and patience, inalterable faith in the grandiose mysteries of Life and God. Because, only faith can measure patience.

TIME, PROPHETS and time travelers:
Time is the necessary component for the consciousness experiment and evolution of the whole. “Most physicists agree that time had a beginning, and that it is measured from, and indeed came into being with, The Big Bang some 13.8 billion years ago. Whether, how and when time might end in the future is a more open question, depending on different notions of the ultimate fate of the universe and other mind-bending concepts like the multiverse. The so-called arrow of time refers to the one-way direction or asymmetry of time, which leads to the way we instinctively perceive time as moving forwards from the fixed and immutable past, though the present, towards the unknown and unfixed future.” http://www.exactlywhatistime.com/physics-of-time/

The idea that governments and intelligence agencies have always known more than the general public about the multi-dimensional aspects of the soul and the universe is finally broadly discussed in the internet. Several authors (Lambremont-Webre; Andrew Basiago) have reported the use of a jump-room to travel to Mars.

We also know that they are natural time-travelers and that they do not need a jump-room or any Tesla device to visit and merge space-times. Now, because of the Divine Calendar and the general rise of consciousness, the individuals who have achieved a reasonable connection with the past/parallel existences have developed concomitantly their ability to consciously communicate with other dimensions and space-times.

The main tools are: personal DNA and frequency, the brain (as a receptor), personal memories locked in the body and energy field. Dee was/is an time traveler and time-anchor. His consciousness still works on the completion of a time-loop, involving

As space and time are bound with each-other, touching and communicating with ‘angels’ equals and implies touching other layers of creations, frequencies, and therefore other spaces, other dimensions, as well as connecting the elements participating in time.



The prophet uses three main tools:
– His innate and unusual connection to the Divine;
– The power of the Verb, with which he anchors the Divine Purpose in Time.
– His natural multi-dimensional energy field.

His involvement in an aspect of the Earth evolution and the pertaining time-loop induces:

Anchors in time. As he uses a body in the third dimension, the prophet anchors a story, a concept in the Earth field and in 3D.
“Unification: The prophet communicates with the spiritual worlds and the divine Mind. He is a channel and a messenger who establishes communication between the less gifted and God. When he connects mortal beings with the Divine, the prophet accomplishes a task of unification of the universal and cosmic fabric, of the group consciousness, in time. A junction is created between the souls and God so that, when the time is right, the Whole and All fuses, merges in an explosion of love.
Heal and complete karmas: The gift of prophecy is in fact the capacity to circulate inter-dimensionally and to transcribe in words the vibratory essence, the result of these travels. The prophet travels freely on timelines and explores the probabilities of future planetary, political, or religious situations. When he discloses the completion of a situation, the prophet triggers and participates in the closing of a time-loop
Because of his connection with the Divine, he has the capacity to instill in his visions the Divine point of view in the situations that he is exploring. In such a case, he is the messenger, bringer of a warning or an advice. Each event or series of events connected with each other by a theme/purpose corresponds to a sound or frequency. This vibratory signature engenders successive situations that are subtly connected in a space-time continuum. When those situations are resolved in harmony, the continuum tends toward Unity, then toward the Zero Point, and thus makes a circle.

The most important consequence of the prophet’s work is the healing of karma. Karma is the result of non-comprehended situations, thus incomplete. Energies are suspended, in a state of unbalance, instability, or war. When a situation is understood, integrated and completed, its trajectory comes to an end and its energy reaches a neutral point. While crossing time-space and harmonizing the present and the future, the prophet is the divine instrument of healing and of reunification.” (Amen, p. 132).
The Jewish prophets Moses, Daniel , Hosea, and Micah announced the fall of the kingdom of Israel and the destruction of the temple.
Concept: Problem to solve—identity of a chosen people focalized around a religion, a territory, and a temple. Etc. “ (Amen, Ibid).

DEE’S ROLE in the PREVIOUS CYCLE – see next article



Very interestlingly, the astrological configurations are showing that we have to make a choice. While “Paris, is the world capital for one day: Donald Trump, Angela Merkel, Vladimir Poutine, Benyamin Nétanyahou, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Justin Trudeau, Mohammed VI and dozens of other dignitaries have assisted … to a grand ceremony under the Arc de Truiumph, under which rests the unknown soldier and burns the perpetual flame of remembrance, as a reminder of the conflict that killed ten millions people.” (Lemonde.fr)

Is Macron aware or more sensitive to the stars?  We know that the presidents, as Queen Elizabeth, still have astrologer. Macron ‘rebukes  Trump’s nationalism at world war I commemoration. leaders from around the globe gathered to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the armistice that ended World War I and reaffirm the international bonds that have once again come under strain.” New York Times.

So, for the world, and for us, this is the question that we face in November: We are moving along a karmic axis, reinforced by the presence of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. After spending years working on our ego, finding ourselves, listening to our soul, anchoring our dream, we are now asked to make new decisions:

  • Is nationalism the answer, with strong borders, limited trade and the return of extremism?
  • as the personal level:  Uranus has seeded a wave of extreme need for freedom, fantasy and a culture in which you pretend to communicate, through screens and Facebook. Yet, true, physical bonding is declining with the mental dis-balance already noted in the youth. With the revelation of corruption and abuse, leaders without soul qualities, you have pretexts to reject all authority. So, nations are closing up, individuals are mostly concerned by themselves. What will be the outcome?





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