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John Dee, part 3: Preparing a Global Empire with a Sovereign Chosen by God

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John Dee played a key role in the 13000 year cycle that has just ended, in 2010. The soul incarnated as Dee, brings around him/her other characters who share the same quest, and are in fact inhabited by the same essence, the Michaelic Frequency: King Solomon, Daniel the Israelite prophet, Saint John, the author of the Apocalypse. Under the Archangel’s guidance, they all worked on a common project, involving recognizing and mastering angels and demons, preparing the end of time and the Messianic project.

The Archangel Michael revealed to Dee that ‘He was present’ next to Solomon and, ‘taking a ring of the flame of his sword, …., said: “I will reveal thee this ring, which was never revealed since the death of Solomon. (Fenton, Diaries, page 33). According to the Old Testament, Solomon was king David’s son. Known for his wisdom and wealth, a poet and writer, Solomon allegedly built the Jerusalem temple, anchor of God’s Presence on the Earth and practiced magic. According to the Testament of Solomon (most probably a later composite text) the king could build the Temple and command over demons because he inherited a magical ring from the Archangel Michael.

Daniel also communicated with angels and with the Archangel Michael, whom he calls ‘the Great Prince’ or the ‘Great Chief’. Daniel had visions involving time and calendars. One of the most famous verses left by Daniel (12:7) is both in his text and in the Apocalypse (12:14). Daniel contemplates the suffering of his people, the desolation of the temple, and asks:


  • “How long shall it be?
  • It shall be for a time, times and a half”

Daniel is told that Michael will be present for His people, the ones whose heart longs for God, for the Light, ‘till the time of the end’ (Daniel 12:9).

Saint John, who was probably aware of Daniel’s prophecies, uses them when he describes mankind’s future, when ‘the woman with man child (the Messiah?) persecuted by a dragon: “she might fly into the wilderness […] where she is nourished for a time, and times and half a time.” John happens to describe Michael’s interventions at the time of the Apocalypse and before the establishment of the New Jerusalem. This is not a mere coincidence or a case of plagiarism. The Archangel Michael is guiding the soul working for Him in the third dimension.

It is easy to note a common thread in those stories. The Archangel Michael has been working with his ambassador, with a soul anchoring His Essence and purpose throughout humankind last historical cycle. After the educ


During the 16th century, two major astromonical events chocked the populace as well as the kings and emperors in China. A supernova in 1572, extensively studied by Tycho Brahe and a great comet in 1577. “Tycho was not the first to observe the 1572 supernova, although he was probably the most accurate observer of the object. Almost as accurate were his European colleagues, such as Wolfgang Schuler, Thomas Digges, John Dee, Francesco Maurolico, Jerónimo Muñoz, Tadeáš Hájek, or Bartholomäus Reisacher.” Wikipedia SN 1572.

Copernicus had recently already divided the opinion, proposing a heliocentric universe, that resulted with threat and aggressions from the Teutonic Order. People were thus open to the idea of an apocalypse, reinforced by special astrological aspects. “the year 1988 was supposed to be when the asrological conjunctions of 1583 would come into full force. Writers like Gaspar Brush predicted the second coming of Christ and the end of time” (Margaret Aston, cited by Fenton, Diaries, p.207).

Dee always felt involved in a grander scheme. He was devoted to God, more than to a specific Church and felt invested with a mission. He obviously dedicated his life to merging scientific research with spirituality and mysticism. He knew and wrote in his diaries that the Archangel Michael was the higher source for the knowledge he was looking for: “Michael only can interpret that book [Book of Soyga, 16th century treatise of magic that Dee was studying]. That book was revealed to Adam in Paradise… Michael is the leader in our works.  Michael above all has the charge of these things. Michael is the angel who lights your way.” (Fenton, Diaries, p. 28)

Whether he had ulterior motives or not, he offered his knowledge and spiritual abilities to Queen Elizabeth or the Prague Emperors as a way to further the Divine Plan. Whether he was genuine or cunning, Dee said to the Emperor Rudolf in Prague: “I did not come to you, most serene Emperor, on account of your riches, so that thereby I might become rich. I was sent by God, and do not dare do other than to declare His will unto your Emperor’s majesty.” Diaries, Fenton, p.152. As for the Queen, a very attractive intellect and personality for Dee, he saw her as ruling an empire that would expand into the New Continent. “in November 1577, Dee presented a new imperial plan to Elizabeth, suggesting that England wrest control of the New World from Spain — General and Rare Memorials, a set of documents laying out plans and technical guidelines for a new era of English colonization.” (John Dee and the Empire of Angels, Jason Louv, p 131). “In his most important treatment of the issue, the Brytanici Imperii Limites (“Limits of the British Empire”) of 1578, he [Dee] wrote that Elizabeth could claim “title royall to all the coastes and ilandes begining at or about Terra Florida, and so alongst, or neere vnto Atlantis [i.e., America], goinge northerly, and then to all the most northern ilands great and small, and so compassinge about Groenland [i.e., Greenland], eastwards until the teritoris opposite vnto the farthest easterlie and northen boundes of the Duke of Moscovia his dominions (Dee Limits 43).

Dee’s arguments, culminating in the Limites, do not rest exclusively upon Arthur’s supposed conquest of the northern latitudes (an Oxford friar, the Welsh Prince Madoc (Williams 1987), and St Brendan the Navigator were all also cited as evidence for a historical dominion and thus current ownership) but Dee himself admitted that his case did “depende cheiflie vppon our Kinge Arthur” (John Dee, King Arthur, and the Conquest of the Arctic, Thomas Green, Institute of Archaeology, University of Oxford. http://www.heroicage.org/issues/15/green.php

Now, let’s follow Dee’s interests and trends: The Bible, Kabalah (the impact on mankind of language, Verb, gematria, sacred geometry), Astrology (Earth timing and planets), alchemy (transmutation of metals and self) angels, archangels, Arthur, Apocalypse (the need for a transmutation) and the implementation of the New Jerusalem, World Empire included the Americas, Second Coming. Archangel Michael.

What is really going in terms of geopolitics and exopolitics: Dee is guided to study, gather and publish information that will be utilized by spiritual seekers and lodges. Under the guidance of the Archangel, who also used the beings called Thoth/Hermes,  he is the educator, opening huge avenues of research, technics and contacts, for the transmission of the old wisdom and the spiritual evolution of mankind. He anchored and expanded the notion of Monad, through his study and book Monas Hieroglyphica. Taking on a challenging karma, Dee built an energetic bridge, a vortex between Heaven and Earth (whatever the level of consciousness in 1600), navigating through the astral, yet, anchoring the archangelic energies, preparing the occult leaders and consciousness for a new form of government and religion.

Compare with the astrological insights below. Besides other things, I worked on John Dee’s life  during the second part of 2006 and 2007… visited Prague… Again, the universe is perfectly organized and if we are opened and receptive enough, we collaborate in the grand Scheme. This is what is called the perfection of the universe.


“A time loop is the completed trajectory of an experience within the space-time of a universe X, by an individual, a consciousness or a group.” (Amen, page 134).

Of course, and fortunately, only a few souls are concerned and involved. Yet, at a crucial moment ‘in time’, it is important for the consciousness-seekers to ponder on their role, their understanding of the time mechanisms, as each soul is a part of the creative fabric and mind.

All souls experience time and time loops; a young soul will create stories in which it will taste different emotions, make decisions, solve the create karmas. The stories may involve a few people and only affect them.

Now, old souls and a few restricted teams are involved in stories that have affected humankind and its evolution. This is how the world is truly lead and assisted… or destroyed.

John Dee is an easy example illustrating time mechanisms. His role as a magician, an astrologer and a writer was pivotal in many ways.


There are two types of magic: the one that requires knowledge, books, talismans, sigils, candles, rituals; in fact, the transposition and fixation of the life-force through objects and symbols. The goal is to constrain entities or forces of nature, and then, influence life itself.

Black magic is an unnatural way to influence and thus interfere in the perfection of the universe, in others’ life or in the Divine Purpose. When black magic impacts a leader, a soul with a special mission, then, the magic work will impact the group and eventually history. Magic infects personal and global time lines and time.

During the fall into Darkness, countless individuals and organizations have interfered with Divine Order through rituals and black magic. Men have always wanted to reach God, receive the guidance of spirits and know more about the other worlds, the other dimensions. This innate call reflects our bond, our belonging to the universal Heart/Mind. Individuals have tried to seize Divine power and authority for themselves, for the satisfaction of their own ego.

Under the pretext of guiding others, religious and occult organizations have also interfered, replacing the natural enfoldment of the Creator Purpose. Yes, the intent could be honest, as Dee was, when he attempted to reach the Divine.  The impossibility for Heaven and Earth to merge yet, to join hands imposed more darkness on mankind. Let’s believe that all is perfect and a part of the experience! This is what is now purified, exorcised.

The second type of magic is rooted in love, faith and surrender. It is the art of listening, connecting with the Divine Presence, and riding the doors of time throughout the universes, without trying to control and impose our human, egoic fears and wishes. Love is the capacity to stick to the core of the Creator’s Heart/Mind and let it create magic for us, for the Earth.


In the I Am Book (LINK), and subsequently during years of teaching, I have recommended to work on personal extensions (parallel-existences). The idea was not to discover a bunch of famous self and shine the ego. The goal was/is to impose a continuous gymnastic on the brain and force it to open and function multi-dimensionally. This is the best way to change your conscious structure and merge with the multi-dimensional universe. Also, with the group that I have trained, we have seeded the magnetic field to force the expansion of these mechasnims to the planet. I personally have noticed around age 25 how my brain was educated and untilized to seed and encode the global energy field with new ideas, trends, concerns, etc. i.e the introduction of integrative medicine.

VIDEO about the migrants: ‘the crisis in Venezuela could destabilize the whole continent.”


The Khashoggi story:  lies worth 50 billion dollars:  “The Saudi royal court said it would announce $50 billion worth of deals from the conference, with companies from Hyundai to Halliburton.”  “Saudi Crown Prince Seeks to Separate Himself From Khashoggi Case, Calling It a ‘Heinous’ Killing. Last update: why not killing the men who executed orders from the top?

Connected thermometer! This flu season, Clorox paid to license information from Kinsa, a tech start-up that sells internet-connected thermometers that are a far cry from the kind once made with mercury and glass. The thermometers sync up with a smartphone app that allows consumers to track their fevers and symptoms, making it especially attractive to parents of young children.

The data showed Clorox which ZIP codes around the country had increases in fevers. The company then directed more ads to those areas” Newyorktimes.com


Two astrological events that we cannot miss in November:

  • The change in the nodal axis.
  • The arrival of Jupiter in his sign, the Sagittarius.

The size of Jupiter is about a tenth of the Sun. However, as Jupiter rotate very quickly, with a spin of 9.8 hours, its energy field is very powerful. “The stronger the magnetic field, the larger the magnetosphere. Some 20,000 times stronger than Earth’s magnetic field, Jupiter’s magnetic field creates a magnetosphere so large it begins to avert the solar wind almost 3 million kilometers before it reaches Jupiter.”

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, evolution, amplitude. Jupiter, the Ruler, is the planet of finances, trade, religion, law. Sagittarius, the Archer is a Centaur, a human mind with the raw power of an animal. The Sagittarius is a constant seeker, a little restless, pushing boundaries, traveling to reach the goal set with the arrow. Globally, mankind has the opportunity to expand; you might feel the need to throw away what is stopping you to explore, grow.

Neptun entered its home, the Pisces in 2012 and will stay there until 2026. has been visiting the pisces for a while. Jupiter is in a dissonant aspect with it. Neptune is the mysticism, the need to believe, and delusion.

Neptune takes about 164 years to go through the zodiac and the last time it was in Pisces was 1848-62. That was the era of spiritualism, seances, egyptology and theosophy. Women saw their skirts expand through extra ruffles and, later, the crinoline. Hooded capes and indian shawls were in vogue. It was also an important moment for communism (“let us all be the same”!) with Karl Marx publishing his communist manifesto…” https://www.horoscopefriends.co.uk/Current-Astrology-Articles/neptune-in-pisces-spellbound

With the need of spiritual expansion triggered by Jupiter in Sagittarius, we might feel our brains rubbed by the presence of Mercury, activated by Jupiter. We will review our beliefs or illusions, question the religious and spiritual leaders, explore areas behind the veil, occult or hidden information. Neptune being in the Pisces, Christianity, the big movement that started 2000 years ago is, of course, in the hot seat.

And to make sure that we will hear the calls, Jupiter and Uranus in Quincunx, 150 degres. The two energies are in conflict, the two planets do not understand each other. The energies are constantly moving and we feel that nothing is certain. An adjustment is necessary as this transit “can bring changes to your believe system, wealth, education, travel and general happiness.”


Uranus is back for a fourth months visit in Aries (until March). The fiery Ram is strengthening the already volatile and eruptive Uranus. Four months during which the need to react or for a revolution intensifies while Neptune in the Pisces intensifies religious conservatism and the return to the basic Pisces values. Social unrest is expected.

To add to this picture:

  • the change in the nodal axis (lunar nodes), Dragon Head in Cancer, Tail in Capricorn. This is where the next eclipses will take place. Again, check your charts: what do you have at the end of Capricorn and Cancer. These will be the areas of change in the next few months. The movements will eventually be brusque as the nodal axis squares Uranus (Orange lines). We are moving, in terms of our general evolution, from an energy Leo-Aquarius to Cancer-Capricorn. Those signs are much more introspect; the Capricorn climbs the mountain, yet is very practical.

Cancer and Capricorn are ‘more conservative, more inward looking. They like to preserve what is.” Emotional (Cancer) and financial (Capricorn) security are concerned.” This is exactly the movement that is happening internationally; nations protecting their borders, their economy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-Ellj9yvHs

Will Uranus (in T square) respect this need for protectionism and nationalism? Exciting perspectives! Your comments and insights are always welcome. I would like to make a common page about forgiveness. What is your definition, your perspective?

Locate on your chart what planets and houses you have in Sagittarius. This is the easiest way to know which areas in your life will be affected. I recommend finding a video in your language explaining the influence of Jupiter in each sign. You will then check your sign, rising and MC.

Jupiter visited the Sagittarius in November 2006. What we you doing, focusing on at the end of 2006 and 2007? This could give you insights about the menu for the coming months.

For those who have evidenced historical past-lives, the news or the trends should bring back stories that you remembered or worked on in 2006-7.  Call for an appointment if you want to process a time-loop with me.

I stumbled on a happy, young astrologer from Canada, Yann Loranger, beekeeper, one of old dreams. For the French speaking readers : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49Ep0l_kvYw

At the beginning of his astrological capsule, he gives a very simple, practical insight: while Jupiter was in Scorpio, we have dwelt on the notion of power and how power can be corrupt and ; for ourselves we were learning ‘how to use our Jupiterian power (force in French) to bring a change’. Jupiter is the ‘authority’ that we can exert within ourselves to manage our inner strength and power, to deal with the other 5 planets: ‘the Sun/Conscious self; Moon/subconscious; Mars/will; Venus/heart and Mercury/head.

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