Full Moon November 2018 and Thanksgiving

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Full Moon November 2018 and Thanksgiving

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Tomorrow night, the moon will be full and facing Jupiter, in his home, the sign of Sagittarius. During the November full moon, Jupiter almost conjuncts the Sun. Expansion of the light; well-being, optimism, wealth, the desire to give or boast a little more…  What a picture!

Jupiter left the Scorpio and entered Sagittarius on the day of the new moon, reinforcing the energy of a new beginning. Then, the full moon is at 0 degree Gemini, again new beginning.

Making a T square with the Sun/Jupiter and Moon axis is the fiery Mars, in Pisces, a sign that is also ruled by Jupiter [and Neptune]. Mars is the action. It is supported by two beautiful trigones with Uranus and Saturn. Action, retraction.

Two ways to look at the situation: the temptation to burst and jump because we want to act now and quickly; or as a sign that we have a full range of possible options; although Neptune (fog, illusions) is teasing our Mind (square with Mercury) and nagging Jupiter.

Yes, Alcyone, one of the Pleiades is conjunct to the Moon, and in Gemini. Therefore, the bipolar star, in double sided Gemini, might be a little tricky and send us some darkness. But, we can decide to focus on the expanded light (Sun-Jupiter) and the windows of change (trigones).

As the Sun and Jupiter are conjunct, we should feel the light flooding our Solar Heart and Jupiter’s blessings at reach. All this happens a few hours after thanksgiving!

After spending 18 months looking in depth at the dark sides of power. Let’s reflect a little more on our relationship with power, how we treat others when we are in a position of authority, and adjust again  our egos and  humility.  This sharper vision of ourselves is the opportunity to use our blessings  to better serve the Divine and the community.

Timely, let’s ponder on our blessings and what we are grateful for.

I am grateful for all the lessons and insights received through Jupiter in Scorpio; for the strength that I was given, for the love that I feel for myself and others.

Thank you to those who have supported the Sanctuary and My spiritual duties. Thank you for the team working on the website improvement.




About the moon: “Grant Lewi, in Astrology for the Millions, offered the most evocative description of the Moon when he wrote the following: “When you “know what you mean but you can’t say it,” it is your Moon that knows it and your Sun that can’t say it. “Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears” are the thoughts of your Moon’s nature. The wordless ecstasy, the mute sorrow, the secret dream, the esoteric picture of yourself that you can’t get across to the world, or which the world doesn’t comprehend or value – these are the products of the Moon in your horoscope. When you are misunderstood, it is your Moon nature, expressed imperfectly through the Sun sign, that you feel is betrayed. When you know what you ought to do, but can’t find the right way to do it, it is your Moon that knows and your Sun that refuses to react in harmony. Also, when you “don’t know why I said that,” it was your Moon expressing despite your Sun, etc”



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