Earth level

For all those who want an easy summary…. Jupiter is in his home, the Sagittarius, and is ready to dispense his blessings. He is pretty much having a good time with Neptune. Together they build big dreams, with enthusiasm and even love.  You are launching wonderful projects. Mars is ready to give all his energy for action to happen,   often in synchronicity  with Uranus.Uranus would prefer to challenge or innovate the system big time, give a kick in the projects that Neptune and Mars want to manifest. Uranus likes to create upheavals… gilets jaunes for instance… But… Saturn, time, might still be eating his children…. Saturn says: “slow down, not yet, not enough wisdom, still karma to handle… not until you have definitively dealt with my friend Pluto,  Lord of Underworld”. In his corner, Mercury tries to find a solution, to organize things better with the help of the Capricorn or just make sense of the situation.

Heaven level (Hypothesis)

The forever big guys have a conversation. Jupiter, on Skype, calling Saturn, in his home, the Capricorn, who happens to entertain a guest and friend, Pluto, Lord of Hades and Death.  Jupiter, Earthly king, is ready to be kingly and distribute bounties; In close collaboration with the Old Dragon and the Cosmic Lords, Jupiter prepares to pull out his sword and free the Earth-Axis, with Mars. But the situation might be too explosive. Saturn, his father, is advising patience. Cranking the system, time, darkness, finances is on schedule, but  the Underworld is still full of people on probation. Pluto cannot release them unless they finish their time or get kicked by the gangs. More harmony is needed between Mars and Venus, which could happen at the next eclipse (January 20-21).

-That won’t be enough, says the Old Dragon, unless enough humans can access the dimensional and time portal, we  MIGHT HAVE TO IMPOSE A DRASTIC MOVE, eventually a POLE SHIFT.

– Saturn: Yeah, a little more time; why don’t we wait a few months, when we can all gather in my home, Capricornus? (January 2020).

-The Old Dragon:  maybe, but, still too early…. we  need more couple therapy for Sun and Moon. Moon wants to dominate the dance.  The  specific tango,  staged in 2003, takes 6586 steps. This specific act, this dance, will end in May-June 2021. We have chances to end this part of the play smoothly. Remember, this was the wish expressed by My Heavenly Counterpart, the Archangel Michael, in 2003.  

“A geometrical form emerged from Heaven, magnificent and radiant… the Celestial Jerusalem is now anchored on Earth, as announced in the prophecies….the main vortex of Mont Saint Michel is being activated, overshadowed by the New Jerusalem. The Archangel Michael says: “it is time to reconstruct the poles. A movement of the vortices is starting… if I direct the movement slowly, with kindness and compassion, we will be able to avoid a brutal reaction of the physical bodies of the planet, and thus, as much as possible, spare the human race.” etc

(More in the books Kiss for Lucifer, annex, Cosmic Love: time lines and Wesak reports 2001 and 2003).

1/6/19 The Archangel Michael Speaks… less and less because everyone knows everything…

The world in general, everyone wants to be seen and be in power; in 3D, the situation manifests into impossible governability mixed with disillusion about democracy and globalism. In truth, men have rightfully discovered segments of truth about self, religions, Aliens, about spirituality and science.  Yet, they cannot see the big picture and are still polishing their low ego. In consequence, they have decided that God is dead instead of rephrasing the meaning of God and gods, and how to joyfully merge with the Universal Consciousness. The result is a possible fracture between the Spiritual Hierarchies and the human world.  We can cut the umbilical cord between a mother and a baby. But, no one can decide to live separated from What sustains Life Itself, from Consciousness manifested in many layers, one of them being your Spiritual Government. This fracture might come with consequences, more struggle than needed to ascend.

In truth, the Archangel Michael, My Spiritual Self, does not speak to human beings; as, His/My Consciousness are so far out that such an exercise is impossible. Yet, My Consciousness has generated an Embodiment of Myself, an expression and anchor for My Frequency. This Embodiment has been overshadowed, performing specific tasks, teaching and guiding mankind, leading its evolution. An Embodiment is a precious tool, for the spiritual Hierarchies and for humans. It is a bridge between realities that mostly do not connect.

In other words, I, the Embodiment can transmit information about the Earth and human reality to Higher levels of Consciousness, easing the Earth transformational process. And… I can give you some clues. Do you like driving with your eyes closed? That is exactly what most humans do. How can you efficiently assist the Earth, your neighbors and your family while stopping to use the compass that the universe compassionately provided for you?

What have you understood, integrated with the last 5 articles (Since John Dee)? How have you used this knowledge in your personal life? Ok, you are not Dee and this is none of your business.  The astrological trends are way over your head and you still do not know how to use them? Remember, we can work on that together.

Do you know what astral cyclic mechanisms can help you navigate life? The easiest one to consider in the present is the arrival of Jupiter in his house, the Sagittarius. Again, easy, just remember what you were focusing on 12 years ago.  Have you grasped how to use the eclipses, 4 to 5 windows per year?

It seems that readers did not comprehend the full meaning of the last article: Human journey between Sirius and Vega. I am trying not to make predictions for the future, but I thought that the audience who has followed my teachings for years would get it. So, do we need a webinar? Or is it time to reset your vibration and consciousness with a retreat? That’s what retreats and workshops are about. Re-center, focus on spiritual matters, reset. Remove all worldly affairs and interferences for a few days; meet again your soul as well as the Archangel Frequency, My Frequency.

An answer for one of our readers: ABOUT DISEASE AND SELF-HEALING:

(I am repeating the same things, but it seems necessary. Dear One, we spoke about your problem on our very first meeting, and again later, a few times).

Disease and pain are the body’s manifestation of:

  1. Inner world: you and you

– Inner struggle: you in the third dimension, fighting with your soul, your karma, your purpose. Self-demolition.

– Inner pain: you, dealing with or denying a trauma, a situation and all the consequences of this trauma on your personality, life, perceptions, and body.

  1. Fight with the outer world:

Dealing with the environment: weather, wind, sun, work, viruses, cars and trees (creating accidents) …. entities, implants …. and people!

  • Others imposing their will, their desires, their needs on you and your unhealthy response to the situations.
  • Ohers imposing their energies on you: this is the ultimate consequence of all the above and has many manifestations that translate into diseases.

First-aid-kit: read again several chapters of the Book I Am That I Am : Subconscious, karma, energy relationships and APPLY the techniques. Oh, the book is not on Kindle… bad… when is the last time that you have cut the links with others? Or, have you ever cut the energy connections with almost everyone as recommended in the book? The only beings that you are not suggested to nicely clean out of your energy field are the babies and young children. All the rest is complaisance and complicity.

Or, is your denial so deep that you did it with such compassion for your abusers that they became your vampire-lovers? That’s exactly what humans do. Better marry a vampire than navigating life alone. As you see, I am in the mood for humor.


Prayer, praying for self and receiving other’s prayers is a good tool on the moment. It helps to keep the head of out the water or to decrease the pain; but it is a band-aid if the problem has not been identified and dealt with.

Denial and the habit of pushing the dirt under the carpet are the most convenient way to avoid facing the mirror and continue being a victim.


How it translates: invasion of one or more of your chakras. This is the easiest and most common cause of disease. If you cannot see or feel your chakras, just clean them every month or every spring, like your house! (again, I Am Book). Some examples:

  • Sexual organs and area: invasion of the second chakra, physically, by force, abuse or emotional struggle (i.e. the lack of respect of a husband, a drunk; last of self-respect: sleeping with someone that you do not want to be with, because it is convenient!).
  • Loss of love: most breast cancers are the consequences of emotional traumas and losses.
  • Sexual parasites and all forms of itching: invasion by a human or by an entity
  • Digestive and abdomen pain, dysfunction, inflammation:

Always the reflection of problem with other’s power or personal power. In work and family situations, in the couple, there is always the same question: who is in power and can we deal not being the one in power? A consensus exists. Is it what we wish or not?

Then, if there is struggle, people just jump in other’s 3rd chakra and stay there for ever, incognito. As most do not ever deal with that, they will have to marry again or be abused again by the same person in the next incarnation!

Disease can also occur if you are powerful, yet not in the right position to exert your power accordingly => self – disbalance. Example: a bright young man with a high IQ, who did  not go to school and has to flip burgers for a living.

  • Back, lower back pain, degenerating in pinched nerves, back surgery: something, generally someone finds you and your energy very attractive and tasteful and decided to eat your substance (spiritual vampire). Find the culprit and get your back straight again and pain-free.
  • Inflammation of the nerves: neck, back: a foreign energy, often an entity is attached to you.
  • Headaches: many roots, difficult to summarize in a few words. What is the area affected? Liver and Gall bladder are most often the culprits. It can also be a friendly visit in your crown chakra, and that could affect your thinking process, your nervous system.


One session, isolated within a few years, is rarely enough, because the homeopath needs to clean up the system (motor oil and filters), work on the last layers of  disbalance (the accident of last summer, the antibiotics taken in hast, the grief of losing a friend), then, then, reset your life-force.

We recommend a follow up session every 4- 6 months, or when your body is honestly screaming that there is a crisis to deal with. If you are never sick, or know how to rebalance yourself after each of the above, bravo. As long as your body did not become a burden, all is perfect.

Love and Blessings


End of the dinosaurs, in Soho… and elsewhere….

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