Fire in Saint Sulpice, vandalism or accident?

After a few days in Los Angeles and still feeling Mercury retrograde, my mind is spinning like a washing machine. LA is a disorganized bee-hive, idea-incubator, boiling with creativity, lust for body-beauty, attention craving, money seeking. Great for 48 hours, but not the world that an Archangel envisions. The Saint Sulpice incident is a pretext to write and anchor my thoughts, Be The Word. Bear with Me. There is something you can do.

Although there no update on the cause of the fire in Saint Sulpice, a person was seen by the priest, a few days prior, attempting to ignite a fire. In any case, because of ongoing vandalism in churches, French people and the Catholic Church should rise and defend such a symbol of the French and European culture. Saint Sulpice, at the core of the Paris Meridian, has been a special site for centuries and for France. It should be protected by the French people and by the Archbishop for the treasures on its walls and for the vortex that it was built on. For the American readers, this is the Church connected to the Da Vinci Code story and movie. It has been a bastion for occult mysticism and for good reasons. What the police said: {French, scroll down) “no doubt for the police; the flames… were arson; ‘the fire started from a load of clothes and clothes do not ignite by themselves’… according to the central police laboratory, the origine of the fire is crimimal and intentional”.Let’s go further. “In France, 1063 crimes have been perpetrated against churches. The fire set last Sunday in the Saint-Sulpice Church, in Paris 6th district, starts the debate about christianophobia. … Unlike antisemitic events, that have been exploiting symbols of hate such as the swastika, the crimes and offenses against Christian buildings (mostly Catholic) are almost never signed. According to ABC magazine, it is extremely difficult to get to the root and find the offenders. Sunday, after the fire, Mgr Aupetit, Paris Archbishop, was also very carefully reporting the circumstances around the arson.”

As four French churches were vandalized in only one month, «numerous articles were published during the week, openly describing those crimes as ‘anti-Christian vandalism’. [Thank you to our reader for sending me this link!]. “The Church choses to be discreet about these events. It justifies its position by invoking a possible risk of imitation, if the facts were strongly mediatized.”

According to the fire-department, the material damages in Saint Sulpice are minor (Mkl : only 900.000 euros !] ; ‘besides the door, a stain-glass was burnt and heavy black smoke filled the interior of the church.” REally, who cares about an old piece of stain-glass and some smoke. It only took two years (2016-18) to restore the three Delacroix paintings! And it only costed 438.000 euros. And who knows Delacroix anyway?! I did not find details about the paintings, but the Bouchardon statues, recently restored are all covered with soot (suie). According to the local priest (Le Parisien, 3/25), it ‘was not an anti-religious act, because there was no soil, no tag on the statues… it looked like a problem between homeless people who stand next to the church portal. I have no certitude yet.” “the front portal revolving mechanism, a master-piece of the 18th century is gone.” How tall are these men to reach to top of the huge door?

Good point for the Vatican: the crimes are reported on with a testimony by Bishop Robert Wattebled, in Nimes, France:“We are witnessing true, deliberated, acts of profanation… the acts of vandalism and profanation that are committed are as serious as despicable: consecrated hosts spread on the floor, pulverized statues, burst opened tabernacles… although not all churched did not suffer the same degradations.” “excrements were disseminated in the church and on the cross”. As Uranus and Jupiter are working together at the manifestation of the new world (Uranus in Taurus, Jupiter at 120 deg in Sagittarius), you must do your part The Catholic Church, as many others, has failed to keep the worshippers happy and interested. The comments on Le Parisien magazine are eloquent: ‘ask money to the Pope and the Vatican’… ‘Dear priest, if you want to be listened to, you have to move to another religion!’. However, no temple, church or religious building should be deliberately desecrated in such manner. No art should be damaged during a protest. It only shows the low level of education, consciousness and altruism of the protesters involved. Also, destroying public property is destroying our own heritage and assets. More spending, more taxes. I am aware of the recent pacifist gilets jaunes protests in Paris.

Westerners are brainwashed with political and social correctness to the point of being submerged by extremists of all kinds, any color, any religion. Yes to freedom, brotherhood, initiatives, fantasy and self-respect, but giving up your power is not the solution. Shunned away, the intellectual and spiritual elite is no more leading. Instead, internet and phone culture, money have replaced honor, soul character and the sense of duty. Compassion does not mean abandoning who we are and losing power. Are you not tired of people’s lack of respect for beauty and art, for human genius, for each other? It is time for the Christian community and the spiritual elite around the world to stand up. Although weakened by all excavated cases of abuse, the Catholic Church should be more vocal and show what sacredness is. We cannot replace the Inquisition, the casts, the intolerance of the past with weakness and a bottomed down society. Humankind shall not start again from the beginning, dragging a population of young or damaged souls who are not ready for the new era. This is My Will. Amen.

The human world needs to be rebuilt with equality of rights, justice, opportunity; however, equality does not mean permissiveness and tolerance should not rime with decadence. Are we working on evolution or devolution? How firm and vocal are you in your community and when socializing? I do not believe that all humans are equal. Besides brain and talents, some souls have existed longer than others and are thus more trained to connect with the Divine and lead, SERVE their younger siblings. As an active light worker, you are supposed to show to others how to behave, and proclaim what you are instead of hiding.

All humans share the Divine Spark, but until it blossoms and without producing fruits, it can still return to the ground. A body, a brain that have no purpose and are only displaying the fruits of the darkness are meant to be worked on, transmuted or calcinated. The spark, eternally alive, will grow and flourish in a different vehicle.

America, Europe and many other countries have welcomed all other religions, from Islam to Buddhism with an open mind and often an open heart. Each religion had and has a purpose and is appropriate in due time. Religions and groups, cultures, from Islam to the freemasons, without forgetting Judaism, etc, who do not recognize women in their full power and Divine beingness are wrong. Groups, leaders who encourage and tolerate violence and decadence are linked to the Darkness and should change or disappear.

Once again, it is time for those who believe in merging with their Monad, or with the Christ Frequency (Not the Anointed Frequency, the self-belief that one has returned to God, Father of us all) to continue working grounding their Monadic Essence and be living examples, anchors of this Frequency for their families and their professional circles.
You need to stand firm, without intolerance for others, yet, defending what you are. If the Catholics truly believe in the reality of Jesus, the importance of the Catholic Sacraments, they should be in their churches, in their voting booths, asking their governments to deal with the situation, firmly. As for their countries — whether by birth or choice: each of us must work on building the type of society that we dream of. You cannot let others impose their culture and choices. Again, accepting double standards for immigrants is a weakness and when moving to a different country, we should conform to local customs, integrate. This is how we all meet to create a new world.

It is time for the White westerners to stop kowtowing (courber l’echine) under the weight of culpability. History is like an ocean, with waves coming and going. No land belongs to one group alone. Each soul visits many areas of Mother Earth, work with the energies and stories present on the moment, and leaves. While witnessing the end of its financial and economic system, the western world, debilitated by corruption and intellectual loss is allowing other countries to take control. The deepest reason for this decline is moral and spiritual decrepitude.Let’s be clear; this page is not discussing the disappearance of the white, blue or purple race, or of the Catholic worship. The problem is the voluntary abolition of classy and self-controlled behavior, the disappearance of intelligence, esthetics and harmony as standards to strive for, for a stew of low consciousness, uneducated, addicted population, only concerned with instant gratification, money and the body. The problem is that we are starting a new paradigm while, in our societies, a soccer player or a socs merchant with properties in Beverly Hills or Singapore is more important than a priest, ‘because he made it …. with his father’s millions’ or because he has more support from the drug market. Finally, the issue is that you believe that we are free to make choices; you are not, they are imposed on you.

If humans do not want to face extermination, it is urgent for people of all colors and religions to come together, come out of spiritual childhood, examine their beliefs and behaviors ships and grow up. Wake up! Take back the leadership if you can. Voice your beliefs. Speak about your spiritual life, what you have done and discovered over the years. Use your professional and family circles to plant the seeds of a better world, based on strong principles. Although we do not want to impose discipline on others, self-mastery and exiting the matrix should be your goal.

Ok, when I first read about the Saint Sulpice fire, two thoughts collided in my brain: noooo! Delacroix’s masterpieces! And… is this happening because of the vortex?
A few weeks ago, writing Spiritual State of the US, part II, I was looking for the a reference, about Mont Saint Michel being the last nest of the Dragon. Just found it. Please follow this link.

So, because of the re-appearance of the New Jerusalem Blue-Print, my consciousness went back to Le Mont Saint Michel. Do you remember that I had closed the vortex there, in 2015? Bear with me; we are speaking about opening and closing vortices. It means that vortices, just like your chakras, have a specific purpose, and when the Earth Consciousness is done with one of them, it loses its power. The Giza Plateau vortex became vacant in 1996 —the Masters who we inhabiting it left (Manifestation Book). Then, the vortex was shut down definitely in 2010, followed by the main vortex in the Sinai Desert (Cosmic Love).

So, in regard to Saint Sulpice…. The vortex under the church played a fundamental role about 20 years ago. Stories about Saint Sulpice and the Paris Meridian were played out fully, assisted by the media and the book Da Vinci Code. No one mentioned what truly happened occulty there because no one knows. But,… I visited this church often. I was told at this time that, one day, all these beautiful places of worship and art will be destroyed, and it was difficult to imagine.

it seems that more clarity is needed. Not all churches are built on a vortex. When there is a church on a vortex, the religion involved and the worshipers are taking advantage, getting the blessings from the vortex; NOT THE REVERSE. A church or the decision by a group to inhabit a place does not make a vortex – which is a natural feature of the earth.  Humans who know where the vortices are utilize them, either in harmony with Divine Plan or for their own sake. This is the reason why the Roman Catholic Church has built major cathedrals on previously pagan sites, to use the power of the vortex!

I am not questioning the importance or role, or end of power of the Catholic Church or of the secret societies who have been using this vortex.  We know that their rule is over. What I am proposing is: the vortex or Earth chakra,  located under this building might have completed its mission; and therefore, it could be losing its power and purpose. 

We passed the stories of the Great Dragon, the Grand Monarch, the Bloodline, the Grail. The rule of the (bad) Illuminati ended. Now is time for the NEW everything. Are the people damaging churches instruments of the Divine Will? It might take a few years, but there is definitely something going on there.

So, for the ones who were clearly connected to the Dragons of Wisdom, you could be of service. Prepare your body and Light Body. Reconnect with the Great Dragon…. Not the degenerated Reptilians. How far are you from the transmuted Dragon and the Phoenix? …. We might have to organize a webinar to get ready.


I found the source that I was looking for a few weeks ago, about Mont Saint Michel being the last Dragon Sanctuary. And when do I find them again? When I am writing about Saint Sulpice…. For the new comers, read the book Amen! Although I do not support Pierre Plantard’s stories, I do believe this: the vortex located under Le Mont Saint Michel, France was indeed inhabited by the Dragon’s energy, if not the Dragon, until recently. This is how these events could happen: “September 2002, releasing of the Dragon energy, Attunement of the first and sixth chakra of the Cosmic Lord body, that is to say, attunement between the constellations of Draco and of the Lyra.” Also, the very first time that I visited Le Mont: in St Peter Church: “connection between the Mont vortex with ‘all areas of the earth and vortices synergetic to it, were connected to the Lyra… Then, in the Abbaye: “hundreds of serpents and Dragons rushed towards me from all sides, from all regions of the Earth… they crawled all around my body, together at one, and created a hudge Caduceus, that rejoined Heaven, far in the Cosmos, … I was the Bridge, the acupuncture needle… a contact was made with the Lyra… a huge doorway opened into the galaxy… etc (Kiss, page 297).
“Note: This article was not written by Le Comte Moncharville (Maurice Lecomte-Moncharville, 1864-1943) and the book “Mystères de l’Inde” has never existed. Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre (1842-1909) wrote a book entitled “Mission de l’Inde” in 1886 when he decided to withdraw it, all but two copies were destroyed.” [Mkl: Mission de l’Inde is available].

Note: This article was reprinted as “Agartha: La Science Secrète des Sages” by Pierre de France, in Initiation, Magie, Science, Number 1, pages 28-33 (1946), and still falsely attributed to Lecomte-Moncharville.”




Professor of Law at the University of Strasbourg

(Chargé de Mission in Tibet)

The Sanctuary of the Dragon was not abandoned – a new monastery was constructed on its site. And so, beneath the crypt located underneath the flagstone of the Galatean Knights a crypt more ancient still, dating from this period, gives access to the old Sanctuary.

It was through the Sanctuary of the Dragon that the first knights passed to meet with the subterranean dwellers, who led them to the heart of the Breton crypts 379 metres down, in the City of the Alpha, where the Temple of Aga was located.

Is this still the only entrance to the City of the Alpha? No, but it is very certainly the oldest. This was probably the penultimate voyage that I made when I decided, in 1907, at the repeated invitation of the masters, to visit Brittany.

What I saw and learned there reminded me exactly of Lhasa.

There also present-day science was surpassed, and the psychic development of the mages left nothing to be desired in comparison with that of the wise men of Tibet.

What most caught my eye was a collection of indecipherable signs covering the largest part of the granite walls of the ‘great work’. Seeing my perplexity, one of the Masters of the Secret hastened to explain to me, to help me understand, that only three symbols were sovereign, and that these formed the unity of all symbols. They all have intuitions but the wrong ones as they are still looking for Jesus, instead of the True Bloodline!

French texts :
« L’Eglise préfère rester discrète sur ces événements. Elle justifie cette position en invoquant un possible risque d’imitation si les faits étaient trop médiatisés.
L’évêque de Nîmes, tout comme la Conférence épiscopale de France, se montre toutefois prudent, ne souhaitant pas attiser le ressentiment dans un contexte social déjà tendu.
En France, 1063 actes contre des églises ont été perpétrés en 2018. L’incendie de Saint-Sulpice, dans le VIe arrondissement de Paris dimanche dernier, lance le débat autour de la «christianophobie» …. Contrairement aux actes antisémites, qui exploitent des symboles de haine tels que la croix gammée, les délits visant des édifices chrétiens (catholiques pour la plupart d’entre eux) ne sont presque jamais signés. Il est ainsi extrêmement difficile de remonter la source des coupables, souligne le quotidien ABC. Dimanche soir, après que le feu a été maîtrisé, l’archevêque de Paris, Mgr Aupetit, s’exprimait également avec prudence sur les circonstances de l’incendie.
les actes de vandalisme et de profanation commis sont aussi graves qu’abjects: hosties consacrées répandues à terre, statues pulvérisées, tabernacles éventrés… Toutes les lieux de culte n’ont cependant pas été la cible du même type de dégradations. Vaticannews

Le Parisien. Le prêtre : Je n’ai pas pensé à un acte terroriste, les terroristes ne s’y prennent pas comme ça, ils s’attaquent aux personnes. J’ai vu que ce n’était pas un acte anti-religieux parce qu’on n’avait pas souillé ni tagué une statue ou quelque chose de ce genre. Ça ressemblait plutôt à un problème entre SDF qui se tiennent à la porte de l’Eglise. Mais je n’ai aucune certitude sur ce qui a pu se passer. La police enquête. … le tambour d’entrée brûlé est un chef-d’œuvre de menuiserie du XVIIIe siècle, le vitrail qui est au-dessus est détruit et au-dessus encore un bas-relief du XVIIIe siècle est parti en morceaux. Sans compter l’odeur de brûlé qui continue d’envahir l’Eglise.
Quelques jours plus tard : le Parisien: « Pour la police, plus de doute possible : les flammes qui ont endommagé l’entrée de l’église Saint-Sulpice (VIe) dimanche après-midi n’ont rien d’accidentel. « Le feu est parti d’un tas de vêtements et les vêtements ne s’enflamment pas tout seuls », indique une source policière.
L’origine du sinistre est, selon les premières conclusions du laboratoire central de la préfecture de police, « humaine » et « délibérée ». « Un individu avait embrasé et jeté quelques jours plus tôt un chiffon côté rue Palatine », rapporte le maire (LR) du VIe Jean-Pierre Lecoq. »

ELSEWHERE: Bahai community in Yemen: WASHINGTON—Over the last few days, the Houthi authorities in Yemen have escalated their persecution against the Baha’i community.
Due to pressure exerted by the Houthis on officials in Yemen, an appeals court hearing for Mr. Hamed bin Haydara, a Yemeni Baha’i sentenced to death early this year, has been abruptly scheduled for tomorrow, January 1, 2019.
The Houthis have also refused to include six Baha’i prisoners of conscience in the previously agreed-to prisoner exchange negotiated with the Yemeni government under the auspices of the United Nations. The Houthis are fast-tracking the issuing of a verdict against 24 Baha’is, including the six prisoners along with 18 others who are not currently detained, whom they have indicted on charges of apostasy and espionage. These charges, widely decried as baseless by the international community, can carry the death sentence.
Almost a full year has passed since Mr. Haydara appealed his death sentence. The same judge who issued this death sentence is presiding over the case of the 24 Baha’is.” There is also an Iranian Bahai community and it has also been persecuted. 12/31/2018 former leader released ‘after serving a10 years sentence for practicing his faith’.

Ethnic epuration in Mali, 500 dead in 2018, 160 women and children on 3/23. Fight between Peul and Dogon.

Saint Sulpice paintings:

Saint Sulpice, details:


  • devecchilo says:

    (les médias n’en n’ont malheureusement pas parlé)

    Explication de l’amie qui a envoyé cette info :

    Depuis quelques années, le gouvernement égyptien a décrété la construction d’une ville nouvelle, entière, en bordure de la Mer Rouge, à 1 heure du Caire.
    C’est un chantier pharaonique.
    Il s’agit d’une ville “administrative” ayant pour but de désengorger Le Caire (18 millions d’habitants) en y installant certaines administrations, leurs employés et leurs familles.
    Avec écoles, opéra, hôpitaux etc … Et, côte à côte, une gigantesque mosquée et une tout autant gigantesque cathédrale.

    La construction d’une cathédrale est un acte très fort posé par les autorités.
    Toute construction d’église était en effet interdite depuis 1857 durant la première occupation ottomane de l’Egypte.
    Un acte fort donc pour les 15 millions de Coptes ; pour célébrer l’identité de l’Egypte : pour contrer les extrémismes.
    Parce que tous les habitants, citoyens d’Egypte, sont, avant tout, des Égyptiens.

    Lors du Noël copte du 6 janvier 2019, la mosquée et la cathédrale (9.500 places) de cette nouvelle ville ont été inaugurées.

    Dans la salle de séminaire de la mosquée s’est déroulé un spectacle chanté tout en sobriété. Non par des sheikhs et des prêtres. Mais par des “civils”.
    La vidéo montre un chanteur égyptien (peu connu) interprétant de très beaux chants islamiques et une jeune femme, chrétienne d’Orient, interprétant un sublime “Ave Maria”.
    Dans le fond, des projections de derviches, des vitraux, des intérieurs d’église et de mosquée…
    C’est inédit et très audacieux.

    Je comprends que le caractère hors norme de cet événement puisse échapper à certain(e)s.
    Mais, dans le contexte actuel, c’est fabuleux et très courageux.
    Cela aurait mérité que tous les médias occidentaux saluent cet événement (certains l’ont fait). La RTBF, télévision belge, n’a pas jugé bon quant à elle de l’évoquer…

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