Chiron in Aries until 2027

Chiron, now classified as a comet, was discovered in 1977 and moves between Saturn and Uranus. Located between the anchor of structure, form and the the effervescent revolutionary Uranus, Chiron is one of the bridges between the past and the future.

Although it feels obvious, the relationship between Chiron and the Sagittarius, also a centaur, is still debated. Studding for this page, I must mention that the internet uncovers the diversity of the human mind, each speaker or writer adding his/her own personality in the mix. A very sweet and interesting being even says that Apollo taught Chiron ‘Homeopathic healing’…. (?).

Chiron briefly entered Aries in 2018, made a u turn into Pisces, then stabilized in Aries in March-April 2019. Will stay in Aries until April 2027, with a few visits to the Taurus. Ephemeris available, with a magnifier:

Chiron was the son of Saturn/Chronos who took the appearance of a horse to impregnate the nymph Philyra. It is sometimes said that the nymph took the appearance of a mare to escape the god; hence Saturn turning himself into a horse to rape her. Ashamed and repulsed by her progeny, Philyra abandoned the child. Chiron, half-god, was different from other centaurs who were known indulging in drinking and fighting. He was adopted by Apollo, who became his mentor. This is the story of the soul, falling through time and into an animal-like state; the soul is then mentored into mastery and self-healing with the assistance of the Sun, the solar self.

According to the lore, Chiron became a healer while trying to heal himself. He had to accept his wound and make it a gift for others. It is said that Chiron assisted many Greek heroes, such as Jason, Achilles and Asclepius, god of medicine. Because Chiron could not heal, it is believed that he represents the aspect of our life, the challenge that we cannot change. He is thus teaching the importance of embracing the pain, accepting our fate and use the lessons for selfish service. Develop the soul, keeping the godly seed in our heart; turn the weakness into a strength and dedicate our talents to others.

Why speak about Chiron? Because we will be working with it on our self and identity for the next 8 years.
“This is the essence of Chiron’s wise healing. The mythological Chiron did not simply retreat into his cave and suffer. First, he did everything he could to see what could be done about it, by learning even more about the healing arts. Then, even when it became clear that nothing was going to eradicate the problem completely, he still didn’t simply retreat. He taught and mentored many of the great Greek heroes and healers: Jason, Peleus, Asklepios, Aristaios and Akhilleus.
It’s not that nothing can be done for these deep wounds, but it’s a bit like pulling up a weed – a piece of the root often remains even after we think we have disposed of it all. This is usually an important influence in shaping who we are, and is just as fundamental to our spiritual and psychological growth as any feel-good, optimistic or inspiring experience can be.”

First, to have an idea of how Chiron has affected your life recently, look at 2010. The Centaur arrived in Pisces in May 2010. What happened for you at this time. In my Archangelic world, using my cosmic knowledge, it is another confirmation of the intelligence and superb organization of the universe: in May 2010, the cycle ended, where its last part had started, in Egypt. I have to say that I was not expecting that when I started to prepare this page! For the new readers, do you remember the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption in Iceland? It had to do with this event (More in the book Cosmic Love).
This is another confirmation that my insights and assertions in terms of timeline are accurate. After this event and assisted by Chiron’s energy, humankind underwent eight years of healing!

So, have you noticed a change in your focus starting in 2010? Then, as Chiron took a few steps in Aries in April 2018, ask yourself again: anything mid 2018?

The sign of Pisces is a dual (2 fishes) water sign. It carries intuition, empathy, the ability to feel and express emotions, a spiritual nature. But, ruled by Neptune, a Pisces native might escape reality, become too emotional or even a martyr. This is why the Jesus’ story ends with martyrdom.
Men were given time and patience to tenderly unearth all emotions and illusions that are no more serving them, all habits of the dual world. And yes, people have learnt to express their beliefs and emotions, like and dislikes by any means, internet, videos, youtube, twitter, comments, followers, etc
While Chiron was in the Pisces, people from everywhere and from any religious background have been confronted to questions about faith, countries, reassessing their beliefs and the alternatives between war and loving communities. We have excavated many aspects of the religious wounds produced by duality, ignorance and self-righteousness: the sunken occult system that failed under the assaults of the Darkness; the tragedies with and within Islam, the shameful behaviors of the religious leaders, Christian or else. From Suni vs Shia to Muslim vs Christian to brown vs white….

There is an expanding crisis of faith and a strong rise of questions about victims vs aggressors. When does a victim cross the threshold and becomes the aggressor or the hero? When does religion becomes a pretext to greed and political power? Jews/Palestinians, Muslims/Christians, India/Pakistan Muslims/Buddhists. How victims use the situations to become heroes. Migrants and foreign countries.

Until the transmutation imposed by Pluto, the Piscean energy is still dual. Neptune’s and Jupiter’s energies (they are the rulers of the sign) are played out at the mundane level. Looking at the last 2000 years, we realize that our understanding about God and Spirit, about what we truly are is childish and has not brought peace and unity.

Chiron was in Aries in 1918, 1968-69. During these years, we planted the seeds for the dismantling of the old society, the rise of the feminist movement, the start of the gay and homosexual revolutions. The wounded men and women looking for their true identity and value/s. Recently we have added the transgender community, the latter not always at peace with the feminists… what a meli-melo to reach our soul and spiritual self! Instead of raising our heads toward Heaven most humans are looking below the waist….

In the Pisces, Chiron’s influence is still soft and patient. The Aries energy is energetic, action oriented and more self-centered. In fact, we might be pushed around to perform our self-cleaning or accept our wounds. We now have movements pushing people to be angry, for change.
Chiron’s abandonment points at the fundamental questions about identity and self-worth: where do we feel shame or guilt? What is the specific aspect of ourselves that makes us different? How is it affecting our life (house placement) and how we can turn it into an asset? Or a motivation for service.

Globally speaking, is man still a centaur, between the instinctual horse, screaming to overcome his reptilian brain or a man? Is mankind following Saturn or Uranus? Is Chiron ready to transform into a spiritual christic warrior?

Look first your native chart. Where is Chiron? The wound inflicted by Chiron is strongly connected to your main life-times and the dilemma that your soul decided to solve in this cycle. The situation is then repeated in early childhood or even when you were a baby.
Look in which house Chiron is now transiting. If you do not have a clue, google for both, sign and house, or call for an appointment. You will probably find a correlation between the two positions, native and now/transit.

In substance, for 8 years the demi-god, the wounded healer and humankind have looked at their wounds. We will also be triggered to ask ourselves, how we can be in our power, or how we lose our power –out of shame, because of our wounds. We hesitate and eventually let others’ needs or will take over.

Now, Chiron, who flies between Saturn and Uranus, Lord of the Aquarius, stands in Aries, the sign of new beginnings. How are we supposed to function to follow the anchoring of the new?

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, beginning, initiation. It is connected with the first Ray and the will/power energy. First question to ask ourselves: how we can be in our power, or how do we lose our power –out of shame or lack of self-confidence? Are we still hesitating and eventually let others’ needs or will take over?

From the perspective of the Monad: Ray One is will/power. The spiritual seeker’s goal is first to incarnate his/her Monad and then be of service to the Monad’s greater purpose, as manifested through personal blue print. The Monad is naturally serving, working for the general benefit of the Cosmic-god and Divine Plan. Have you merged with your Monad and are you listening to its voice? Chiron is Aries is then your opportunity to express the Monad’s will-power in the context of the greater good, to rebuild the system, in harmony with the other planets.

Aries is ruled by Mars, action, decision, but its esoterical ruler is Mercury. As for Pisces, the esoterical ruler is Pluto, asking for transformation.
Thus, when the soul has worked enough, transforming the pain into wisdom and empathy, in service to others. Then, assisted by the high mind, the Centaur can morph and take the right action to activate a brighter future, for himself and for the community.

Have Mercury and Pluto achieved their task, refining the mind and clearing the density of the human inferno? We are all invited to participate in the global change, he formidable movement, with the Ram’s will and Uranus’ audacity.

image: Thetis and Chiron MET DP822263.jpg wikimedia

Esoterical astrology:
Jupiter and sub ruler Neptune rule the outer expression of Pisces, the sign of sympathetic service. His exoteric idealistic reasoning is to save the sorrowful from prodigality (Jupiter) helping them onto spirituality {Neptune}. Esoteric ruler Pluto in Pisces renounces the emotional body and is thereby reborn a powerful intellect. He there after becomes highly motivated for humanity and its survival. Previous limitations {self set} no longer exist
In Aries the exoteric Mars puts forth great thrusts of action; what is felt by inclination is immediately acted upon. The fiery independence is easily excited. When the esoteric ruler Mercury is in Aries, the mental body is sensitive to the needs of others. The individual is able to impregnate others with his divine ideation and to put them first.” Mercury also rules the Virgo, Mother or manifestor of the Christ. Aries will then trigger the manifestation of the Christ-Kingdom.

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