“It is probably because most of us have lost sight of the goal of self-realization that our world is in such a sorry state. To change it for the better, we must radically transform our consciousness. In this sense, the configurations working currently in Capricorn may bring modification to our personal and collective behavior, and hopefully transform our environment. Of course, this won’t be easy.” CIA


During the last three decades, the knowledge, the advancement in technology, medicine, neuro-science, physics has taken such rapid pace that it is difficult to follow everything.


Next to the rising violent movement for a better world, the revelation of our dark and corrupted aspects dominates the news every day. But, if we pay attention, we are also privileged to live through one of the most exciting explosion of knowledge, awareness and creativity.


Although, we still cannot see/perceive everything, humans have pushed tremendously the limits of their world, both at the cosmological and quantum levels:  “The first direct observation of gravitational waves was made on 14 September 2015 and was announced by the LIGO and Virgo collaborations on 11 February 2016.” (Wiki). The observation of our galaxy through connected telescopes, the identification of the Laniakea super cluster, the new theories about black holes and dark energy (see notes), the first captured image of a black hole. How do we explain this massive and sudden knowledge?


Through human desire to reach the cosmos, while the Cosmic Heart/Mind has reached out to share human consciousness and existence. This is undoubtedly announcing a new level of merging of Heaven and Earth. Guided by the sacred heart, the soul longs and aspires to reach God. The brain investigates and then mind and heart join to trigger more consciousness.


Uranus is an outer planet, thus relates to our life in the bigger picture. Associated with the Will, with electricity, the nervous system, the higher mind, with Aquarius, Uranus was discovered in March 1781. Its apparition in our consciousness triggered faster changes for mankind.



It seems that mankind has chosen its path: science and technology. People are happy to be completely wired, day and night.  Computer, phones, watches, Apple or not, monitoring their hearts, counting their steps. Sleep patterns supervised at night through the phones. Security systems. The bodies and the brains cannot even take a break from the internet and the machines.


The human brain as well as the cellular mechanisms have been assaulted for decades through the magnetic field, technology, food, medications, drugs. It is a success for those who wanted to merge human brains and technology. Is becoming half-robot  the next step in human evolution?


The Aquarius sign is ruled by Uranus, innovation and technology. Uranus just entered the Taurus, where he is in fall or negative positioning. Uranus wants the change, the Bull wants security, tradition and aesthetics, eventually old-fashioned.  As the Taurus symbolizes Earth, finances, wealth distribution, this could unfortunately lead to the implementation of a cash-less system and the development of crypto-currencies. Good bye to the dollar-bills under the mattress!


OURANOS and GAIA – Astrology Mikael-way:

(Photo, Gaia: https://greekmythology.wikia.org/wiki/Gaia)





In the mythos, Uranus/Ouranos, in Greek, is Father-Sky, Coelus for the Romans. He is the husband, and sometimes the Son of Gaia, Mother Earth.



Uranus is back for 7 years in the Taurus. The Taurus is the leading Earth sign and house of manifestation,working de concert with the Virgo, one of the zodiacal homes of the Creator-god (through Mercury). Uranus visits his wife, Gaia.


Besides an outburst of technology, Father-Sky is bringing to Gaia the ultimate push needed for her transmutation to a higher frequency.


We are approaching the may full moon, the Wesak moon, May 18th.  Pluto and Saturn, still connected to the South Node, went retrograde:  If we thought that we were done being doomed with our karmic debts, rejoice, not finished! After walking in the mud, we might fall in it!



There is still confusion about the nature of what we know as Wesak, or inter-dimensional meeting concurring during the May full moon [when the Sun is in Taurus]. The Buddhists made it a festival, and naturally, the Buddha day. Any true emanation of the Divine Consciousness should manifest and be connected to the energy of the Taurus.  Therefore, if Buddha was an Avatar, he should have appeared when the Sun in was Taurus.; therefore, it can be his birthday.  With the advent of the New Age and the advertising by the Arcane school (Alice Bailey) popular ‘ascended masters’ and Christian figures were added, like the Christ.  Yes, all ascended masters and High Beings involved with the Earth present evolution should be attending.

As Earth and humankind have completed the Fall into matter and started their ascent towards the Light, it is naturally implied that the Archangel Michael, or Ambassador of Light/Spirit  has been not only attending but also leading the Ceremony since 2001.



Encouraging insight: The Sun and Mercury will be at 3 degrees from each other, bringing clarity of mind. Uranus is flirting with Venus, at 60 degrees from Mars (good interactions).

The Sun is supported and supports the ongoing action of Pluto/South Node/Saturn. Your Higher Solar-Self is actually benefiting from the challenges.

A radical way, uranian astrological interpretation:  Remember, Wesak affects the year, grounds the codes for the next 12 months.

  • Mars/Venus and Uranus are re-enforcing the balance of polarities, therefore working on the earth axisattunement. (Amen, page 174-177, the Teli).
  • Sun/Mercury = solar self + balanced self, Herma-phrodite (mercury = Hermes. Amen, page 166).
  • Action supported by Pluto/South Node/Saturn. New balance of power; clearing the old karma and rebuilding societies while activating the axis (Mars).


Uranus is considered a higher octave of Mercury, mind, intelligence and sometimes connected to a christic frequency. As for Venus, it is the planet ruling the sign of Taurus.  It is also considered the Earth’s alter ego or Higher Self. The unusual conjunction of Venus/Uranus in the Taurus, on the day of the full moon,  can be interpreted in many ways: a boost of the feminine energy, a boost of our capacity to love; a trigger for the Earth to move towards its Higher Self.


As for Uranus in the Taurus for seven years, it could be the necessary radical element  changing the world’s frequency and access the next dimension. Uranus, working on your electrical and nervous system, is the one speeding up the process of crossing the wormhole.



Let’s assume that you will meditate on May 18th…. Connect with My Higher Presence, the Archangel Michael.

Your intent: attune with the axis. Merge the Earth axis with your spine. Feel the energy. Let the energy move you, take over and adjust to the Earth movements.

Then, connect with Uranus, the Sun. Anchor your energy in your first chakra, then, Heart and Crown. Let your magnetic and electrical fields, your cells attune to Uranus’ frequency. Feel your cells vibration, you body move with it. Enter the wormhole. Move within it and let yourself experience the ride.



Uranus, esoterical astrology: http://www.mermaid-uk.net/Esotericuranus.htm

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The interesting ‘amateur and fringe’ (ratio-wiki) physicists: Nassim Haramein and Elizabeth Rauscher created the Haramein-Rauscher metric, ‘a new solution to Einstein’s Field Equations that incorporates torque and Coriolis effects, and his most recent paper The Schwarzschild Proton, lays down the foundation of what could be a fundamental change in our current understandings of physics and consciousness.” http://www.ascensionnow.co.uk/nassim-haramein–the-resonance-project.html







“The U.S. Navy has drafted a procedure to investigate and catalogue reports of unidentified flying objects coming in from its pilots. But the service doesn’t expect to make the information public, citing privileged and classified reporting that is typically included in such files.”

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