Russia: right or fake news? “The New York Times reported Friday that a U.S. intelligence assessment concluded that a Russian spy unit paid Taliban-connected militants in Afghanistan to kill U.S. and coalition troops even as the Trump administration sought to reach a peace deal involving the Taliban and the Afghan government.”

“President Trump said late Sunday night that he had just been briefed by intelligence officials about reports of an alleged Russian plot offering bounties to the Taliban to kill U.S. soldiers and that “intel” told him they did not assess the intelligence to be “credible.”

“Intel just reported to me that they did not find this info credible, and therefore did not report it to me or @VP,” Trump tweeted, adding that it was “possibly another fabricated Russia Hoax, maybe by the Fake News [New York Times] wanting to make Republicans look bad.”

US and the Middle East  “How Washington intends to triumph

by Thierry Meyssan. https://www.voltairenet.org/en

During the quarter of Western lockdown, the map of the Middle East was profoundly transformed. Yemen has been divided into two separate countries, Israel is paralyzed by two Prime Ministers who hate each other, Iran openly supports NATO in Iraq and Libya, Turkey occupies northern Syria, Saudi Arabia is close to bankruptcy. All alliances are being called into question and new dividing lines are appearing or rather reappearing.


Sophia is wisdom. Michael is faith

Michael the Archangel, Hagia Sophia

US and China

Decades ago, when western investors moved to China and shared intellectual property, they believed that China will move towards a more liberal economy and global philosophy. As we know, it didn’t happen. The government control over the population Chinese has grown as much as its economy.

“The U.S. is citing security concerns in blocking China Mobile Ltd., the world’s largest mobile operator from entering the US market. It’s culling Chinese-made drones from government fleets and discouraging the deployment of Chinese transformers on the power grid. The Trump administration has also tried to constrain the global reach of China’s Huawei Technologies Co., the world’s largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer.” https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-06-28/u-s-china-feud-quietly-gets-nasty-with-red-tape-as-weapon


BBC : The BBC’s China correspondent, John Sudworth, travels to Wuhan – the city on the banks of the Yangtze river where Covid-19 first emerged. As the city returns to life, he examines one of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind: did the virus emerge naturally or could it have been leaked, as the US alleges, from a Wuhan lab, where work was being carried out to research bat viruses? As John and his team discover, asking questions and getting answers in Wuhan is no easy task.


HAGIA SOPHIA cannot be a mosque


SO…. 3rd ECLIPSE in a few weeks, JULY 4-5TH 2020

more on this eclipse in members’ section http://archangel-michael.us/eclipse-july-4-5th-2020/


July 4th, note: just looked at the Saros series for July 4-5th lunar eclipse: 149.

Saros 149 started on June 13th 1984. This is a brand new saros, which implies a  NEW PROJECT, new beginnings. This saros will span until 3246   https://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/LEsaros/LEsaros149.html

1984 was a pivotal year for the generational effort of shadow clearing at the planetary level; plus, anchoring of the blue print for the balanced energies of the Conscious Light = Light merged with Darkness = Spirit in Manifestation.

2002 was the preparatory year for the release of the Great Dragon. In June 2002, the Dragon, a flying dragon, started to appear around me. The Dragon never left since then and merged with Its Higher Self, the Archangel Michael. This is the vertical alignment of the Cosmic Man.

the July 4-5th eclipse is a full moon eclipse, a completion of the moon cycle. It is the last eclipse on the axis Cancer-Capricorn, and is occurring next to the south node; three indications of completion. Completion of 18.5 x 2 years of work to prepare the planet energetically and let go of the past. Because of Covid19, mankind is forced to detangle, to let go of emotional and physical attachments, of karmas. This is again the silver lining of the story.

Yes, the next months will be challenging; yet, we must practice faith, focus on the big picture and on the elements of hope and reconstruction. The beneficial stars present in the chart hint at the positive outcome. https://astrologyking.com/lunar-eclipse-july-2020-full-moon/

The present lunar eclipse covers  a large portion of the American Continent. It is therefore a crucial new beginning for individuals but also for the Americas.

As mentionned by President Trump at Mount Rushmore: the United States celebrates 244 years of existence. 244 = 2 + 4 + 4 = 10.Completion of a cycle and start of a new one. The universe is perfect; we only need to trust.




The July eclipse hits exactly in opposition to America’s Sun. Same transits as in 2001 when the nodal axis was also Cancer-Capricorn and after the July 2001 eclipse. The September 11 event changed the US inexorably. The United States’ Sun, conjunct Sirius, is opposed to the July 4-5th 2020 eclipse and many astrologers focus on the challenges, the deep political and social discontentment. Let’s open the picture.

Two traditional studies of the July eclipse planetary transits on the United States astrological chart. For the foreigners, July 4th, Independence Day, is the date considered the birth of the US. Also, the path of the July 4-5th eclipse covers America, therefore will specifically impact the US.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spekNi1LQfs&feature=youtu.be  Steve Judd

After minute 4 of the video – ‘the structure, the nature of America is going through a fundamental change; it is pretty much irreversible, equivalent to an upgrade.” Do we have the right leader for that?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqbj_q08Ccc Pam Gregory – important point about the Pluto return = touching the US natal Pluto (Power, hidden control  but also capacity to transform) .


True, the US must confront the basic philosophy of its foundation, its principles with the facts: have we achieved the dream, what the US claims to be as a nation and how we must all work to improve it.  Beyond the Black Live Matter issue, the United States has taken the challenge of mixing individuals with radically different educational, cultural, religious backgrounds. How does one organize a hospital or social services with 200 languages?


Back to astrology: the vicinity of the south node points at the errors of the past that need to be corrected.

“In the horoscope of the United States, Pluto, as it moves through Capricorn, is opposing the Sun in the natal chart, reflecting major and irrevocable changes on many levels. This aspect has occurred only once before in American history, during the period of the Revolutionary War. Although it is not intrinsically an aspect of war, it challenges the deepest definitions of what constitutes nationhood, and raises many issues of autonomy and the way in which the government is structured and how much authority it may or may not exercise. The deeper issues underlying the Revolutionary War concerned not only human rights, but also the autonomy of the individual states comprising the nation, and these issues may once again rise to the surface as new ways of defining the national identity are proposed.” https://www.astro.com/nat/natus2_e.htm


In the natal chart of the US, the dark and scary Pluto is balanced by Neptune in the Virgo, itself in good aspect with Mercury. (Triangle Neptune, Pluto, Mercury).

As already mentioned in the previous post, the US, the world has, individually and collectively make decisions about the questions of power. Retrogrades planets force the soul into self-examination. Everyone is invited to reconsider and adjust: what is self power? Ambition? How can I balance personal ambition while respecting other, when controlled and brainwashed by my government, my religion, fake news? What limit of control and obedience is acceptable, safe, with the Covid19 crisis? How do I imagine and contribute to the Aquarian vision? Do I include a spiritual authority and government in my psyche? How is my life, my actions reflecting my beliefs?


What the stars are saying: in general and in 2020, to avoid falling into the negative, dark and controlling nature of Pluto, humans need to focus on reaching Neptune’s higher octave, a more refined spiritual state.  Use Pluto’s transformative side. The US became the champions of the false dream, economical and societal; the mythical heroes and unreal romantism advertised by Hollywood associated with a large base of retrograde Christians are both part of the neptunian lower aspects that we have to overcome. The ambiance is volatile because Neptune 2020  directly opposed the US natal Neptune. Plus, Mars in Aries, square Sun and Mercury. Although on the descendant, Venus, planet of love is conjunct Uranus natal, the game changer.




Now, let’s expand out vision through a glimpse at the history and purpose of the United States, as revealed in the architecture of WDC and in the Capitol building.  In the chart used by most astrologers, the Sibly chart, the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are in Cancer. Across is the Capricorn where the July 4-5th 2020 eclipse takes place.

“In the Statuary Hall of the Capitol is the so-called Car of History… the statue shows a female figure, said to be Clio, the muse of history, standing on a winged chariot. On the chariot is a bas-relief portrait of George Washington, with an angel holding a trumpet… the chariot wheel rests upon a segment of the zodiac…[that] contains only three signs… Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius. p. 104

Franzoni’s Car of History emerges ‘as one of the most extraordinary esoteric symbols in the Capitol building, intended to be a play in the contrast between Cancer, ruled by the Moon, and Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. In esoteric astrology these are called the great portals of Birth and Death.” P. 107

Car of History

Car of History

The Car of History Marble by Carlo Franzoni: Clio, the muse of History, stands in a winged  chariot, or car, representing the passage of time. The car rests on a marble globe on which signs of the Zodiac are carved in relief. The chariot wheel is the face of the clock; its works, installed in 1837, are by Simon Willard. https://www.aoc.gov/art/other/car-history-clock



“The wheel of the Car of History rests upon the image of Capricorn, which is at the zenith or top of the globe.” According to David Ovason, in The Secret Architecture of our Nation’s Capital (p.108) “Porphyry recalls that the ancient philosophers insist that in the heavens are two gates, one of which is the gate of Cancer, the other the gate of Capricorn. Cancer is the gate through which souls descend into earthly birth, while Capricorn is the one through which they ascend in the postmortem return to the spiritual realm.”  The portals are also called the Gate of men or Silver Gate and Gate of the gods or Golden Gate. At the time of the building of the Capitol and the carving of the Car of History, ‘the three signs of the zodiac [appearing on the globe] were ruled by only two planets: Sagittarius was ruled by Jupiter [still is]; Capricorn and Aquarius were ruled by Saturn.” P. 114. Jupiter and Saturn complete each other’s frequencies and are the two basic vibrations that one must balance to climb the initiatory ladder.

Currently, the moon, the builder of form, has lingered in the gate of the Capricorn and the eclipse happens in the Capricorn, indicating that the United States, although forced to rethink its human foundations, is still fulfilling its spiritual and occult purpose: guiding mankind through the Portal.


Pluto’s return is fundamental and beneficial, assisting in the transmutation of the American society and the world as a whole. In the illusionary chaos, all is perfect.



We are recreating our world. To do it properly, we need to transmute our past, our feelings, our receptive recipient; all of this points to the Moon and the feminine aspect.


Now, the ongoing transformation of the Mother, recipient and manifestor of form, in cooperation with the feminine luminary, the Moon is also part of the United States’ intended mission. The Mother figure is at the center of Washington’s architecture, under different forms: Mary, the Virgo.

David Ovason discusses at length the presence of the Mother figure in the symbolic of Washington. “At the ceremonial cornerstone laying of the [Washington National] Monument the moon and lunar node were in Virgo.” (p. 129). The chosen time was very precise: 10:59…

Once again the day seems to have been chosen because of its Virgo links. On that day, three planets were in Virgo, the moon, mars and Uranus… at that time one important star was rising at the eastern horizon, above the Capitol Building. This was the star Spica”, Alpha Virgo or ‘Star of the Sea’, Stella Maris.

“When the cornerstone of the Washington Momument was laid, the Sun would have passed over Sirius… Jupiter took control from the moon (p.138).

Finally, on the Car of History, “the circular face has six bas-reliefs spokes… each of these spokes is decorated with the five leafed floral motif associated with Virgo.

These pages are written while I have stalled on the conclusion of a chapter of my next volume, about the life of the Creator-god or Adam Kadmon. The chapter is a merging of ideas found in articles published since 2018 concerning the collective initiation that humankind just completed, under the guidance of several feminine archetypes and the two goddesses figures, Ceres and the Virgo,  initiatrix to the higher path, with Mercury. “As we approach the mysteries of WDC, we shall find that the image of Virgo, her symbol of corn and cornucopia, takes one more and more importance….the design of the city adapted Virgo as its arcane leitmotiv.” P 155

Virgo is associated with Mercury, now retrograde, as the three heavy-duty Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. The retrogradation is an invitation to go inside and review the lessons or deepen their meanings. we are moving into the frequencies of the new nodal axis, Gemini-Sagittarius. Through information, delivered by Mercury, also ruler of Gemini, we will let go of the dogmatic aspects of the Sagittarius.

Let’s participate in the effort, each and all united to anchor our consciousness to the a higher octaves of all our stars, planets and luminaries.  of our relationship with a

As for the United States, the New Portal is open and blessed. This probably explains all the efforts to weaken and stop the United States. Yet, if you live in America and elected to stay, or have chosen this continent as your home, you must find your way of supporting the access to the Golden Gate.



Gates: Quote from Lunar node axis Gemini-Sagittarius. http://archangel-michael.us/lunar-nodes-axis-gemini-sagittarius-may-2020-to-january-2022-new-global-direction-2/

“In the ancient tradition, it was believed that, at the solstice, the Gate of the Sun, the Golden Gate is briefly opened, allowing heightened awareness.” Furthermore, according to Orphic and Pythagorean philosophies as reported by Macrobius, ‘the souls ascend by way of Capricorn and then, to be reborn, descend again through the gate of Cancer.’ Macrobius talks of signs. The constellations rising at the solstices at this time (and still in ours) were Gemini and Sagittarius. The Gate of Cancer means Gemini. In fact, he states explicitly that this gate is where the Zodiac and the Milky Way intersect. [Hamlett’s Mill, 242 – Macrobius lived at the end of the roman empire, around the 5th century].”



Astrology, Sibly Chart http://www.astrology.co.uk/news/sibly.htm

‘Ebenezer Sibly was a mason. He was initiated in 1784… and was first Master of N° 253 in London. The Sibly chart is carried in the right hand of a trumping angel”

Different charts for the US; David Ovason defended the date of July 2nd 1776, when Sirius and the Sun were both at 11.22 Cancer. (p. 150).  “There are three major charts used by astrologers and many more minor charts.  One is the Sibley chart which uses the date of July 4, 1776 (signing of the Declaration of Independence) and a time of 5:10 pm, with Sagittarius rising.”



Languages in LOS ANGELES: “According to Professor Vyacheslav Ivanov of UCLA, there are at least 224 identified languages in Los Angeles County. This does not include differing dialects. Professor Ivanov estimates that publications are locally produced in about 180 of these languages. Only 92 languages have been specifically identified among students of the Los Angeles Unified School District.” Census Bureau, 2015 http://www.laalmanac.com/population/po47.php



This post is not meant to say that the United States are blameless. History is about soul experiences, individually and collectively, processing different situations, feelings during which humans dramatically explore the frequencies of the chakras. Slavery and abuse are the dark manifestation of the 3rd center’s frequencies. Also, politically incorrect or not, the soul chooses a religion, a continent according to what it wants to learn.

the US and the world in general have experienced the negative aspects of the Capricorn. Nations and earthlings must practice inner power and the Capricorn’s lighter side.

Also, this post is not an absolution offered to freemasonry and dark reptilians, as so many actors in Washington were masons. Yet, because the old lodges served the Divine Plan for centuries and kept the ancient knowledge, even when deeply involved with the dark side, there is a general intuition and response to the life of the Cosmic God and therefore to the Plan.
Now, time- lines adjustment, ET leadership shift, modification of the role of the ancient tradition are noted. However, the deep nature of the universe and thus of our Cosmic Man IS, although evolving towards a different manifested Self (humanity being a part of it).

Finally, for those who are aware of what planetary vortices are opened or closed, there is obviously a precise Plan being implemented. The movements of occult and political power, the seismic activity are amongst the visible signs.



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