Demiurge-Baphomet webinar series



An uncanny look at the functioning of the matrix and of your brains

The tricks that dominated , ruled the past were necessary because of the general level of mankind, of the Creator's chakra system.

Changes have occurred within the Universal, Cosmic Body (in our little corner of the universes) that changed for ever human's ability to link with the deities and/or with the Creator's heart/mind.

These changes must be accepted by the occult system of lodges, by the religions in general. The population has to update its cellular and brain functions to follow the movement.

Magic versus direct connection

mankind's childhood and teenage versus spiritual adulthood.

Are you willing and ready to operate the change within yourself?

Register, educate yourself and plug to the new codes.

A minimum of 13 hours together plus the remote assistance that participants benefit from Michael as soon as they enroll. Michael work remotely and multi-dimensionally with each of you for several weeks.



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