COSMIC LOVE, The Sacred Union of the Archangel Michael, the Earth and the New Jerusalem

It could be a fairy tale… But, is it? A love story between the Creator-god and the Earth, between the Archangel Michael and His Bride, the New Jerusalem. According to Mythology, constellations are the bodies or homes of the gods, who interact and love each other. Tradition states that the gods have visited our Planet in the past and changed its fate. This book invites you to open your heart and see through the veil, communicate with the gods and with God…

Cosmic Love is a compilation of texts, a candid yet powerful account of the most important spiritual and occult events that have precipitated the End of Time/s. Besides a precise time-line, Cosmic Love offers insights about metaphysical concepts: what are the Creator-god, the Adam Kadmon, the Archangel Michael, the New Jerusalem, the Lodges and the Dragon? What are their relationships, their roles in the ongoing transformation of the Earth? How can you follow the gods’ dance and reach a natural state of compassion and love?

Paperback: 364 pages

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0692370129

ISBN-13: 978-0692370124

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Saint Michael the Archangel, has guided mankind since its inception. Through photos collected in sanctuaries, cathedrals and museums around the globe, enter the world of the Archangel. A simple, yet informative and revealing text about the true nature and functions of the Archangel. Plus, an in-depth study of the name Mikael in Hebrew.

ISBN 978-0-9825726 -8-9

135 pages Full color – 8.5″ x 8.5″

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As announced in the prophecies of the Bible and other sacred texts, the Consciousness known in the Christian tradition as Archangel Michael has embodied to assist and lead the Earth and humankind in the transformational process now taking place. In order to reach adulthood, mankind has to free itself from all illusions, beliefs and organized religions that have been used as crutches throughout its growing process.

Before and behind

  • The Secret Societies
  • Jesus or Gautama Buddha
  • The pharaohs and the kings
  • The Serpents and Dragons

There is Archangel Michael, Creator of the Divine Bloodline.

Amen exposes the foundation of all religious myths and conspiracy theories that are based on the actuality of a global and Divine Plan for mankind. Amen reveals the truth about the Knights Templar, Jesus, the Great Mother, the Dragons, and the Grail Bloodline.

ISBN 0-9555990-6-X / 978-0-9655990-6-1

Paperback, 395 pages, $31 USD

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See also – Amen book excerpts:

Jesus Illusion

The Divine Plan

The Lineage And The Mother

Secrets Of The Knights Templar

Three Levels Of Grail

Are The Jewish the Chosen People

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The Spiritual Book That Helps Readers Make Peace with Satan, Evil

A KISS FOR LUCIFER reveals the truth about the Darkness, the satanic tradition and Lucifer. Rennes-le-Chậteau, the hidden cult of the Goddess, the Reptilians, the function of Archangel Michael and the slaying of the Dragon.

A KISS FOR LUCIFER links many aspects of our collective existence, including religion, politics, sexuality, Satanism, and the evolution of human DNA.

Michael El Nour correlates the subjects of the darkness hidden in all of the worlds’ religions. The spiritual role of the United States, the emergence of a Great Monarch, the sacred bloodlines of kings and presidents.

Is the human DNA the genetic blueprint of degenerated Reptilians in human disguise, or is it the manifestation of God’s plan?

In A KISS FOR LUCIFER all these elements converge in one burning focal point: The preservation and evolution of specific DNA.

Although A KISS FOR LUCIFER concerns itself with many unconventional themes such as Lucifer, the Dragon Royal Bloodline and Grail. The author does not seek sensationalism and dramatization but in-depth knowledge about the most occult aspects of our Society.

Read A KISS FOR LUCIFER and exit duality for ever!

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Easy to read, heart filled book, MANIFESTATION is the story of Archangel Michael embodying Himself and walking on planet earth.

This book infuses the reader with an uplifting energy of joy and the capacity to manifest.MANIFESTATION explains the reality of Heaven merging with Earth and how to achieve it within yourself.

With MANIFESTATION discover Archangel Michael’s Universal Technique on:

  • Chakras transmutation
  • Remembering the Selves
  • Clearing duality and separation
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Path of Unconditional Love
  • Principles of Manifestation

Merging Heaven & Earth

Through/with Archangel Michael, learn how to remember who you are, how to merge with your Essence and be It, in Love and Joy. This process of embodiment is the protocol by which Beings of High Consciousness are establishing a presence on Earth in order to merge Heaven and Earth.

I Am Archangel Michael. And You… Who are You?

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I AM THAT I AM answers the need for a straightforward, in depth picture of the Spiritual world.

This powerful synthesis brings together and connects the pieces of the puzzle experienced by spiritual seekers:

  • Who Am I and how am I structured?
  • What are the chakras and how I effectively work with them?
  • What are subconscious mind and karma and how I clear them?
  • What is the shadow?
  • What is my relationship with the Cosmos?
  • How do I connect with my soul and with God?
  • Is there a Spiritual Government?
  • What are the Serpent of the Genesis and the Kundalini?

I AM THAT I AM offers a simple but effective technique, using the Alta Major, to grow faster, reach inter-dimensional consciousness and self-integration in the Cosmic scheme. A complete guide to multidimensional awareness and enlightenment. All the information needed in one book.

I AM THAT I AM is a real shortcut.

It carries one of the most powerful energies available to the seeker today.

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Eat healthy.

Start a raw diet without depending on sweets.

Become creative and open your mind to a different diet.

Salads, soups, entrees, seafood, desserts and more.

ISBN 978-0-9825726-3-4

Soft Cover – 7” x 8.8” – full color

70 pages  – $16.00 USD’

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