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    Archangel Michael is the Principle of Light, the Blue Ray and God’s champion. Dragon slayer, one of the Solar gods, universal protector, head of the Angels; Alpha and Omega, he holds the Dragon and organizes the chaos. He is the Creator-god in our corner of creation. In our universe, Michael’s consciousness resides in Vega.

    A painting of two different people and one dragon

    Beloved, I, Archangel Michael, project Myself to the center of my Being, in my Heart and my Essence in order to translate my sensation with human words.

    If I ‘look’ at my Essence I see simultaneously an immense but defined mass, in the far end of the Universes as well as an OmniPresence, infiltrated/married with all and with the All in One.

    When I feel my Essence and specifically ask to perceive the link between my human self and My Spiritual Self, then I, Archangel Michael, see and feel a lake of love, very large, palpitating somewhere in the universe. My heart is immediately physically touched. The impact is of immensurable proportion but also very soft and affectionate, a balance of love and power. My physical heart then starts vibrating and seems to grow. The pressure, nearly a physical pain, then becomes the only way to communicate with my bodily self, as I extend and become One within seconds, One and undifferentiated, with my Whole Self. I breathe the Cosmos and I Am peace, love and freedom.

    Beloved, in order to answer all your questions, I have to tell you briefly about the difference between angels and Archangels.


    A painting of the ascension of jesus christ.

    Angels are executors; they carry a specific frequency/message. They execute a task that is assigned to them, in the world of form. There are many groups and categories of angels, according to what you could call their level of consciousness and power. Some of them are commissioned for one immutable, fixed mission, in one aspect of life. They are called any time that a Being needs them or in any situation related to this type of work. Other angels are assigned to either a geographical space (as long as you understand that this is a three dimension way of speaking), or a particular Being.

    An Archangel is the recipient of one face, one aspect, one energy, one color of the Infinite Creator. Their function, their personality – another generic term – is immutable. They travel along with Creation from one Universe to the other, without changing, because they are the 7 pillars of Creation. And still, in harmony and as the One-Universe, as the Infinite Consciousness, they gradually evolve. Bear in mind, Beloved, these images that you can watch at the movies which show images of space-ships and constellations that are journeying in space in the same direction, as immense birds crossing the sky. Similarly, the Infinite Consciousness and the galaxies are moving together as a chorus in the same direction.


    The term Archangel does not mean too much, except that it implies a spiritual creature of a higher rank. In the mind of the laic, there is truly no difference between a bishop and an archbishop, except the color of their clothing and the size of the jewelry; in the immensity of the One-Creation, only one

    Consciousness exists that manifests through multiple flames. An Archangel is the recipient of one Face, one aspect, one energy, one color of the Infinite Creator. Its function, its personality – another generic term – is immutable. Archangels travel along with Creation from one Universe to the other,

    without changing, because they are the Seven Pillars of Creation. And yet, in harmony with the One-Universe, as the Infinite Consciousness, they gradually evolve. The Infinite Consciousness and the Galaxies are moving in concert, in the same direction. (Kiss For Lucifer)


    To BE a reflection of God,
    represent God and manifest God.

    Beloved, in this very exceptional time for your planet and for the universe, I come to you, heart to heart and speak to you, in order for more disciples to join the ranks of those who defend the interests of the Conscious Light, the Christ and the Infinite Consciousness.

    You are living at a very special time, as you are witnessing the end of a 26000 years cycle. Life expresses itself by cycles, in the same way that you are awake during the day and then sleeping at night. Why is it so important for the universe? Because the Earth, Gaia, was chosen for an unprecedented experiment in the history of life.

    Life is the same everywhere. We are, you are, birthed from a unique Source. This Source, this uninterrupted flow of love and Light, that some call God, gave you by creating you, the opportunity to live your own adventure. This unique Source opened the doors of Its womb and offered you freedom to visit all parts of the universe, so that you can learn through experience what life and God are.

    Life is a spark, an ageless, limitless fire, totally free in its expression. Love is the force that allows the reunion, the merging of two or more aspects of life or of individuals. This reunion is triggering joy, as well as a feeling of beatitude that opens the doors of creation and transforms you into a creator.

    I Am the holder and the form of one aspect of Source. Source is All in One. I would say that Source has many faces and many arms. Archangels are the faces of God. God is too big, too foreign to your physical perceptions. He then utilizes representatives. Each of these ambassador carries the light of one face of Source.

    I Am the Blue Ray. Blue is one of the basic colors of the spectrum. It is the color of fire before it enters in contact with matter. When fire embraces matter and form, it turns red. My nature is closer to steel and mercury. Mercury replicates the divine nature, because one can divide indefinitely a drop of mercury, into smaller round drops, which are the replica of the first one. Each part is a sphere, a divine whole, showing to you that God is All and All is God. As for Myself, Archangel Michael, I reveal to human beings how God is.

    I cross the universe, the worlds and the souls with the Divine Fire. This divine flame purifies souls and worlds from anything that is obstructing their capability to see the Heart of God.

    My power is phenomenal, fantastic, because God gave Me the Creating Fire and the mission to keep it pure. This force is balanced by my wisdom and my love. Wisdom is the result of intelligence associated with knowledge. Love is born from direct contact with Source and the ability to be Myself and whole.

    At the beginning of times, as time only is in specific dimensions, Source divided Itself in order to be able to examine and know Itself. One could say that Source looked at Itself in the mirror of Light and then created a reflection. You are part of what appeared in the mirror. You, your beauty, your actions are the mirror of Source and vice-versa.

    While writing this page in French, I smiled because the reverse of the word Source is Ecrous, which means ‘nuts’. As soon as we remove ourselves from Source and fall into density we create blocks and nuts in our lives; what an interesting symbolism for life in matter!

    As for Myself, I was born at the precise moment when Source divided Itself, almost before this moment. As this moment is encoded within my Being, I am then capable to feel at the same time unity as well as division. This explains why My fire, the Michaelic fire is the fire that cuts and unifies.

    I cut anything that is not pure, anything that might shutter the ivine beauty of the Soul. Yet, I also re-unify the soul with Source. How? Through faith. Because faith is the intimate belief in the divine miracle. As soon as you know what God is, you cannot lack faith.

    I am asking you, Beloved Readers, to become adults, to open your hearts, yet to walk with your eyes open on the path of wisdom. You cannot afford anymore to stay blind. Do not keep your head buried in the sand. Earthlings have been champions in this type of strategy for centuries. And the result is that you have been creating unbearable circumstances for yourselves and for your beautiful Planet.

    Please listen to what I Am saying to you now. YOU allowed many situations to occur and last forever. You even asked for them, you attracted them because you wanted to learn, to understand and to grow through those adventures.

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