1st Sunday of the month
    11:00 am (USA PST) 20:00 (Europe CET)

    Let us share time in sacred union with our Higher Selves, with the Divine and with My Archangelic Presence.

    Bring in the new paradigm through your connection with your Divine Self.

    Feel the new reality: the love and wisdom available through the angelic and spirit world, through the Presence of the Archangel Michael and anchor this reality consciously in your life.

    When we meditate together, in the third dimension, we generate a synergy, a powerful egregore and can move faster to a higher vibration.

    Take advantage of this influx of energy as well as of the more refined frequency to connect easily with the spiritual world, and manifest your healing and your dreams.


    With the participation of Michael El Nour, Laurent Cangemi, Laurent de Vecchi, Christophe Megevand and Michele Garcia (Gong)

    If you do not need immediate healing, bravo; then, you should focus on surrendering to the wisdom of your Monad that will lead you on the just and easy path. Also surrender to the Divine Plan’s justice, the life of the Biosphere, the Earth and to the Cosmic Man – your Creator-god.

    Truly sit and meditate in silence for at least twenty minutes. Of course, you can meditate on your own timing, but the impact might be weaker. These meetings during which you show your will to enter in harmony with Michael El Nour, Avatar, will ease your access to the night classes, on the other side of the veil.

    Night classes and healing, while you sleep:  Connecting yourself with the Archangel Michael’s Family of light facilitates your access to the night classes. For decades, people have reported attending consciously, studying, receiving healing and protection. Join and participate in the rehabilitation of mankind. Receive the teachings, the love of the Archangel, at night, out of the illusion of the physical plane.

    Before the meditation, and if you wish, we suggest reading aloud the prayer to the Archangel Michael:

    Archangel Michael,
    Ambassador of the Light and Divine Face,
    Guide me and protect me
    On my journey toward the Divine Heart.
    Through your power and under your wings
    May I find strength, joy and love.

    May your saint angels be with me
    And instill in my life a taste of paradise.
    May your Sword cut all ties that are keeping me imprisoned,
    All obstacles that are impeding me from rejoining my soul.

    Keep me in faith, integrity and justice,
    So as to be spared by the Sword of Judgement,
    In order to receive Divine Mercy and Grace,
    For all that I still do not comprehend.

    Archangel Michael,
    Thank you for your Presence, next to God and next to Mankind.
    My heart is open, in service to the Archangel and to the Divine.


    If you have connected with the Family of the Archangel, and wish to be closer to my physical Presence, you can register on this site. Why should you do that? A physical bond with the Avatar hasten and reinforce the process of transmutation and opening of consciousness. Reading a book or pages of the websites, you might have felt something, a call, a longing in your heart to which you are answering responsibly. Your are proclaiming your true wish to work on yourself in order to achieve the alchemical marriage, in your heart, and to assist in the transformation of mankind, one soul at a time. This is also the opportunity to demonstrate your commitment and support to the Divine Plan, to the Light and love that shall carry humankind forward.

    With love and My blessings
    Archangel Michael