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    Are you looking for integrative, non-invasive techniques to improve your health and your life?
    Make an appointment with Michael El Nour, experienced Homeopathic Doctor, DHm.

    Homeopathy is a powerful, non-invasive method that restores balance and strength in the body and mind. It is not a panacea, a miracle pill, although the results are often amazing.

    Homeopathy is based on several principles:

    • The body is inhabited by consciousness, life and life-force, connected to nature and earth elements
    • Nature and the body respond to each other through resonance, hence the law of similarity. The body and brain, the DNA then respond to the information conveyed by the homeopathic product. This is not proven by present science; you then must research and evaluate what you want to introduce in your life.


    A close up of yellow flowers with green leaves

    A very simple example: the bile/gall, secreted by the gall-bladder, is greenish-yellow. Chelidonium majus produces a yellow juice that evokes the bile. Chelidonium happens to be a cleansing for the liver and gall-bladder. Alchemic physicians noted the resemblance of the acrid, bright yellow-colored juice emitted from broken stems, root, and leaves to bile—and considered this a ‘signature’ of its usefulness to ‘superstifle the jaundice.’ This ‘signature,’ along with an empiric record of usefulness in biliary diseases, led Rademacher (1772–1850) to adopt Chelidonium as one of the most important ‘liver remedies’ in his system of Organopathy. He considered it a specific for diseases ‘of the inner liver,’ that is, the bile-producing tissues

    The introduction, in the body, of a pathogen, of a foreign substance, or simply, a new information, such as a sudden emotional challenge,triggers a reaction, a set of symptoms and eventually a disease, as recorded over decades in the Materia Medica. A diluted form of this pathogen addresses, would bring back to balance a body displaying the same list of symptoms, with or without contact with this specific pathogenic agent.The body and mind respond by finding resources, re-balancing homeostasis (maintenance of internal stability) and health.

    For instance, a healthy individual ingesting some Arsenic would develop acute intoxication with gastro-intestinal symptoms, nausea, vomiting, cramps, dermatitis. The nervous system is thenaffected.A homeopathic dilution of Arsenicum Album addresses different type of intoxications, acute or chronic, not necessarily triggered by arsenic poisoning, yet displaying these symptoms. Any substance that induces pathological symptoms on a healthy subject, can, when ingested in infinitesimal dosage, make similar symptoms disappear from a diseased individual.Are you ready to rejuvenate and change your life style? Call + 1 760 342 8008 for an appointment!

    Homeopathic products are highly diluted. The original substance, a plant for instance,is macerated in a mix of water and alcohol. Three weeks later, the solid material is removed, and the liquid considered a ‘mother-tincture’.One drop of the mother tincture is then diluted with 99 drops of alcohol, then succussed (shaken and struck). The result is a 100th dilution, 1C (C comes from Cent, one hundred in French).Then one drop of the 1C is mixed with 100 drops of alcolhol. Succusion is applied. The result is 2C. At the 12th dilution, 12C, no more part of the original substance can be found (although we have now nano technology and the results are probably evolving).

    A bee is sitting on the flower of an herb plant.

    Apis Mellifica, Honey Bee

    Michael, Doctor of Homeopathy, Dhm, discovered Homeopathy at age 13 and was immediately captivated because it is looking at human beings as a whole, addressing the body and the mind, the emotional state of an individual. If used correctly, Homeopathy can shift an individual’s energy field rapidly, giving a chance to the mind and immune system to restore themselves.

    Michael was a pioneer in using and researching Nododes: homeopathic preparation issued from a pathological specimen, such as pus (Pyrogenium) or pathogen (Psorinum, Streptococcinum, etc) and vaccines. Although very powerful, these techniques do not replace conventional vaccination and are not considered ‘scientific’ for many. However, countries like India have used homeopathy since the 19th century. In the US, homeopathy was introduced by the European pilgrims and flourished before being marginalized by the general scientific consensus. Doctor James Tyler Kent was an American physician, ‘the ultimate homeopath’, far ahead of his time. He published the Repertory of Homeopathic Materia Medica, which was Michael’s favorite book since adolescence text.

    Michael was also trained and certified in Chinese Acupuncture (1982), Iridology and has a lifelong experience of energy healing and medical intuition. During a session, toning is also available: the use of sounds to clear, rebalance and encode one’s energy field with different frequencies.


    This is a very serious site, with lots of resources, for professionals that you could use to find a Materia Medica (MM)

    Boericke M.M.

    What is homeopathy :

    Children: this is an easy way to start:

    Using simple symptoms and look what are the main remedies corresponding to this symptom. For instance, COLIC:
    Then you go to the Materia Medica and check the full picture of the proposed remedies, for instance Belladona:

    You will notice that your child ‘ or yourself’ is/are exhibiting other symptoms, clues, a PUNCTUAL, present strong emotional trait or behavior (like, ‘do not want to wear socks, feeling hot’; or ‘hiding in the closets’) that is covered by the right remedy. the more UNUSUAL, the better. Of course, the M.M. does not say: ‘hiding in the closet’ but you will find: hides, or hot feet.

    You read all remedies listed for Colic and determine which one is covering the most clues in the present, in your child’s body and behavior.

    Have fun!! And book an appointment for assistance!

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