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    Private sessions with Michael El Nour available via phone and Skype.
    You can request personal coaching or a homeopathic evaluation.

    If you can travel to the Palm Springs area, we recommend a face to face meeting. You will enjoy the treat of a powerful TONING session (clearing, alignment, multi-dimensional cellular and DNA encoding). Michael has been practicing Toning for more than 40 years.

    During a 45 minutes conversation with Michael, you will receive the blessings of his/her tremendous energy and high frequency. A healing is taking place inter-dimensionally encompassing all levels of your being. One’s healing always depends of one’s understanding, stepping into awareness and abilities to handle the shifts. A contact with Michael El Nour always creates an immediate breakthrough in one’s life and spiritual journey. Then, you only have to respond to the call of the Divine, within you, and to work. You will discuss your personal challenges and view them in the context of your holistic divine Self. Michael follows the instructions of your Monad (Highest part of your Soul) who knows what you need on the moment. Whether you are solving a human, daily issue or discovering a past/parallel life, if your chakras need to be harmonized or expended, if your Kundalini is calling, or your Monad ready to anchor Itself in your body, you will receive the impulse that YOU are ready for.

    What you can expect:

    • A connection with your Monad, your I Am presence.
    • The immediate attention and protection of the Archangel Michael
    • DNA expansion and clearing
    • A strong boost in your energy field and a quantum leap
    • A loving response and a connection with the Divine
    • An open, straight forward, empowering conversation

    What will not happen:

    • You will not receive a spiritual-miracle-pill, as growth occurs with CONSCIOUSNESS. You are your own savior. Others can only offer a key, an open door, but you have to use the key or have the courage to walk through the door? A channeled, sentimental, flowery message. Michael El Nour does not channel, and Masters do not act in such a way.
    • A removal of your ‘magical spells’, black magic ordeals. My protection and blessings are available to everyone. However, in order to be free from such situations, you have to let go of your victimhood-addiction. Michael will point out to you where the problem is but you have to understand why you are in such a situation, take responsibility and then make the change.

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