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The January 5th partial solar eclipse is a gateway to the next world. As Orpheus, after the dive in the subconscious and the shadow, the visit of the Underworld, after playing with all the available frequencies/notes and creating your own ambrosia, you can visit  or attune with Vega, the abode of the Archangel Michael, Principle of Light. The January partial solar eclipse happening at 15 Capricorn marks the timing, the onset of the attuning mechanisms between the Earth and Vega, in the Lyra Constellation. The Sun and Moon are tightly embraced between Pluto (degree 20) and Saturn at 11 Capricorn. Note the importance of the Pluto-Saturn placement in conjunction with the Star Vega, Alpha Lyra. Pluto and Saturn are the agents of transmutation and rebuilding in harmony with the Lyra’s frequencies, and the Archangel Michael, the Light Principle, after the passage in the Underworld and the letting go of the Sirian cosmic leadership.