Gustav Meyrink said:

    “One does not reach power with questions and knowledge in the domain where he is to meet his destiny. One does, without knowing.”


    In brief, and in a very simplified manner of speaking : as per contract with the Archangel Michael, after working for the Archangel as His Ambassador, the soul that was in the body had to leave in order for the Archangel to embody and play It’s role on Planet Earth. (Full story in the book Manifestation).

    Most individuals are unable to see or sense the Frequency of such a High Being, because their senses and spiritual apparatus are not ready. Seeing aspects of the Energy field/Light Body of an Archangel as well as frequential communication with such an embodied Consciousness is a privilege. Many people, even those on a spiritual quest, cannot overcome the prison and lust of the Astral world and of the ego, unwilling to surrender and sacrifice human desires to their own loving, yet demanding Divine Presence.

    Conscious communication with the Archangel is either an immediate and natural inner response (generally the result of shared DNA memories and codes) or the later consequence of humility, and will-to-work closely with Him/Her. The student will then receive the assistance needed to open his/her fields and codes faster than the average.

    The work silently achieved for the Planet and for Mankind by Michael El Nour since 1998 is unseen by the mundane eyes. Yet, the accelerated evolution of Consciousness, the changes of the Earth, manifested in nature, political and social turmoil are evidence of the Presence and impact of the Archangel Michael.  For a brief summary of Michael’s work, read the book Cosmic Love, the Sacred Union of the Archangel Michael, the Earth and the New Jerusalem.



    Michael El Nour

    • Is a highly knowledgeable and experienced international spiritual teacher and leader,whose innate capacities, perceptions, inner knowledge, teachings have been decades in advance compared to the most renown spiritual authors and teachers.
    • Michael’s body has experienced an Ascension at age 28, then came back in order to  continue his/her task until the embodiment of the Archangel in 1998. Michael is also a full Kundalini master, triggering and supporting his students in this regard. Embodying the Presence, the Monad and Christ Consciousness, Michael delivers the frequencies pertaining to these levels of Consciousness.
    • Has been leading metaphysical workshops and conferences for more than 30 years, triggering fast changes in people’s life and multi-dimensional capacities (You are the limit).
    • Has had no spiritual teacher or mentor except his/her Archangelic Spiritual Self.
    • During very unique workshops and retreats, Michael naturally and lovingly shares the codes inlaid in His Field, and Essence, practices the magic of the Word. He also brings:
    • A synthesis between the old spiritual tradition as taught by the Gnosis, the Lodges, secret schools and the refreshing aspects of modern consciousness – without the naivety of the New Age.
    • An intuitive grasp of the universal mechanisms as now revealed by the latest research in quantum physics.
    • An honest look at the history and evolution of Humankind’s connection to God and Consciousness through mythology, cults, Secret Societies and organized religions.





    Michael El Nour was a pioneer in Europe and then in the United States, opening the fields of alternative medicine, healing and holistic therapies. Michael started studding the materia medica and Homeopathic Repertories at 13 years old. He/She was one of the first practitioners in France –early eighties- using the nosodes as a tool to cleanse the immune system deficiencies created on the DNA by the use of vaccinations, antibiotics, allopathic medications as well as traumas.

    A natural healer and medical intuitive, Michael also utilizes Homeopathy as a tool to balance the body during the alchemical process associated with deep spiritual work.

    With decades of practice as a Homeopathic Doctor, Michael uses a combination of healing and coaching techniques. However, Michael believes in the necessity for all individuals to become their own healer, taking responsibility for their lives.

    Michael has also used sounds, Toning, as a powerful and fast cleansing and attunement tool for fast breakthrough.


    Do you want to attend free spiritual classes at night, while sleeping? Is your spiritual advancement the most important matter in your life? Are you motivated by your love for Spirit, for God or by your human ego?

    When you connect and call forth Archangel Michael, you have the privilege to receive the most powerful and fastest assistance in your life. Archangel Michael, using his/her Bodily Self as a relay, has been appearing physically or in people’s dreams all over the world since his/her embodiment, teaching and supporting each one according to personal level and needs.

    Trust, love and integrity are the engines of this extraordinary opportunity, offered to humankind: get directly involved with the Spiritual Government of the planet. You want to participate and reach your maximum, do not wait, the time is now.