While the material world appears more divided than ever, most humans have forgotten that they are participants in the life of a global Galactic Consciousness. As intelligent and conscious cells in the body of a Creator-god, Earthlings share the Deity’s destiny and story. Who Is Your Creator-God gathers and unifies parts of the master-plan, the harmonious manifestation of divine Intelligence and Love projected in the material world. Throughout centuries of initiatory steps, the Deity’s hand and will are blatantly visible to the ones with opened eyes and heart.

Humankind has intuited and translated its understanding of the Creator in mythology. Who Is Your Creator-God correlates core traditions and legends about the neighboring constellations, with the functioning of the chakras, and reveals establishes a coherent galactic chakra-system.

The zodiac and astrological tradition are also scrutinized to bring out the underlaying drama in the mechanics of creation and human evolution, often confused with a malevolent conspiracy.

As revealed by the story of Pope Sylvester II and the Baphomet, mysteries in humankind’s history are only occulting the Creator-god’s powerful hand. Who Is Your Creator-God exposes crucial steps in the interaction and ongoing harmonization between the Divine Consciousness and humankind in the last 5000 years.

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