Grand Circus, August 2017 Eclipses; Be Prepared

Grand Circus, August 2017 Eclipses; Be Prepared

In the context of preparing ourselves, harmonizing with the energies of the two august eclipses, 7th and 21st, the idea is to review our relationships with others and with love, through Venus’ peregrinations.   The eight-year Venus cycle played a significant part in the clearing of the darkness on Earth (2004-2012) as discussed several times in the past. cannot find the other articles….. better smile! time to reorganize my writings in another volume!


Now, we can also be inspired by the Venus Synodic cycle, the relationships between the goddess Inanna and the Sun, the journey between the Morning Star and Evening Star. Eugene Johnson offers great insights that I will briefly introduce.    “when Venus disappears from the morning sky and reaches an exterior conjunction with the Sun. This period is described in myth as “Inanna’s journey through the Underworld.”


“According to the Sumerian myth, Inanna desires to visit her sister Erishkegal, the goddess of Irkalla the land of the dead. To do this she must pass through seven gates before getting there and each Gate is marked by a Moon Venus conjunction, and at each Gate Inanna will be required to give up something important.


“We have been following in the previous articles in this series, Innana, Queen of the Heavens, adorned herself with her robes and jewels and seven divine degrees fastened to her belt, before beginning her  journey to the “land of no return”  ( Astrologically this ‘replay’ began on March 25, 2017 with a Sun and Venus conjunction.)  to attend her sister Ereshkigal’s husband Gugalanna funeral.

Rudhyar delineated an eight-fold development of compete aspect cycle.  For this essay, I will pare it down to the essential four phases, namely: the conjunction, the first quarter square, the opposition, and the last quarter square.


The conjunction event is considered as the ‘incarnation’ of a new entity, new purpose, idea, or project.  Here, in our experiment, it is the successive Moon, Venus conjunctions we are looking at.

The first quarter square, which is the opening square, marks a crisis point in the cycle in which direct action is required for the process to proceed successfully.  This is a critical time in the evolution and formation of the fundamental purpose that was incarnated at the conjunction.

At the opposition, the ‘full moon phase,’ the challenge is to clarify and objectify your purpose.  At this point in the cycle the ramifications of the ‘bigger picture’ begin to come into focus.

Then, at the last quarter, the closing square, the challenge is to revise your thinking and reevaluate the meaning and consequences of what you are doing as it relates to your initial purpose.

This is a time when all the ‘unnecessary baggage’, inappropriate attitudes and ideas must be eliminated, before proceeding to the finish line and the completion of the cycle.”


This cycle ends with the fifth gate on August 19th and affects everyone;  I suggest to read at least the fourth gate, with a summary and conclusions

This Fourth Gate, the ‘keynote’ is compassion, hence the challenge during this “Venus Month” is to become awake to how we can become more compassionate and empathetic to others.   As Inanna had to give up her breastplate, the armor that protects her heart, likewise before we can be fully and truly compassionate we have to give up our psychological ‘armor’  and allow friends and love to come into our heart.  While this armor does protect us, it does so with the price of dulling the quality, and quantity, of our lives.”






Following are the best articles that I have gathered (Thanks, T.T. for your contribution), about the eclipse and about President Trump:

News, sensations, Eclipse could mean disaster for Trump

Donald Trump eclipses the presidential seal


Leads to: Duncan Steel’s book: modern time examples start on page 26   my favorite website

Americas collective karma, one of the few astrologers who predicted Trump’s victory, Linda Johnsen:

“Looking at DJT’s vedic chart we see that he was born during a lunar eclipse that makes Rahu [author’s note: moon nodes cycles] extraordinarily powerful.  It puts him in sync with the current prevailing U.S. Rahu era. The Sun, which rules Leo his rising sign (see here for argument against that) , is in the 10th House  conjunct to  Rahu (the Moon’s North Node; Ketu is the Moon’s South Node).

This is without argument a very strong indicator of fame and power, and in the extreme, an egotistical and overbearing personality.  During the campaign Trump was running his Rahu dasha; as it was transiting his 1st house and a Mars sub-cycle was also activated, all that contributed to his astrological advantage over Mrs. Clinton.”

I have in the past taken each U.S. President’s natal chart and run a comparison with the U.S. chart, there have been some very interesting correlations, but the DJT/U.S. combo is, hands down, the most striking.  I will not detail it here but look for yourself.  Johnsen’s conclusion is that “in astrological terms, Trump’s energy completely dominates the destiny of the United States of America.”” a list of the other eclipses of the Saros series and challenging consequences in the US and more.


“The New Moon will be conjunct Trump’s Mars and Ascendant as well as (maybe) opposition the USA 1776 Aquarius Moon (depending on start time).

An eclipse conjunct Mars tends to stoke up anger, so can be argumentative if not violent, accident-prone and overly stressed. At that point Trump has another of his wild confidence tr Pluto square his Jupiter and a feeling-unloved tr Saturn conjunct his Moon – so he’s likely to be over-reacting.

A Fire Grand Trine tends also to be supremely confident, taking risks without much thought of what comes next, inducing selfish and ego-centred impulses. Burnout can be a problem.

On the absolutely best reading, this could be a magnificent entrepreneurial plan to Make America Great Again (sic). Though Mars Saturn Uranus tied into the Eclipse is aggravated and reckless, especially with a buccaneering Uranus opposition Jupiter.”





(great article, different elements and info compared to other writers):




And (Thanks, MB!) the last, but not the least: Chinagate? Trump versus Clinton, with a Chinese twist!


As an amateur astrologer, I will not interpret the President’s chart and connection with the upcoming August Solar Eclipse, but would make some comments.




TIME-LINE : A few dates for the new comers, to follow the movement: EXCEPTS from the book COSMIC LOVE

–        2001: Release of the Great Dragon, Earth Kundalini

–        2002: release of the Galactic Kundalini

–        2004: anchoring of the New Jerusalem – womb, container, of the codes of the New Paradigm.

–        2010: end of the 13000 years cycle (NOT 12!)

–        2011: The Creator-god moves His/Its HEART upwards => the earth and mankind in general can attune to the higher chakras instead of being nurtured primarily by the lower centers

–        2013: closure of the Sinai Vortex, source of Middle Eastern spiritual power, and connected to the three religions that it produced.

–        2014: New Spiritual government for Planet Earth (Replacement of What was known as Shamballa and under the leadership of Sanat Kumara).

–        End 2016: Conclusion of the power of the Mantis beings over mankind, generally supervising the Greys (September 2016). The Greys were already ousted and their portals closed years ago. A lot of other alien movements as evidenced by the internet buzz, probably translating an attempt to keep or seize power. The next alien leadership will be from Vega.

–        June 2017, solstice: doors are closing. To ponder on.

We are not announcing the end of the Reptilians or of the Dragons because this is an incorrect understanding of the Cosmic body in which you exist. We believe in the end of the degenerated Reptilians’ power, of the Vampires (mostly Reptilians using blood, human substances and energies as food), of the Satanists and Luciferians groups and Lodges. All these groups’ spiritual power, responsibilities, were removed from Above years ago. It takes a few years to actually manifest in the physical realm.  The Great Dragon, being the carrier of the Earth life force and material Self of the Creator’s Consciousness, cannot LEAVE the Earth. When the Great Dragon was released from the Abyss by his Higher Self, the Archangel Michael, It started Its/His rehabilitation and alchemical transmutation , merging with the Michaelic Consciousness to produce the Phoenix, 2002 (in simple terms).  As for the Reptilians, late descendants of the Great Dragon, they have no choice: transmute and merge with their Higher Self, their Divine Presence or disappear.



“Unlike the 1918 Great American Eclipse, the August 21st, 2017 Great American Eclipse will affect the American Sibley chart, opposing the Sibley chart’s 27 degrees Aquarius Moon in the 3rd house.

This eclipse also very strongly impacts our current sitting President. Donald Trump has his natal Mars at 26 degrees Leo, his ascendant/rising sign at 29 degrees Leo conjunct fixed star Regulus. While the 7th house is open/pulic enemies, the 12th house is hidden/deep state enemies. However, Trump’s Mars being so close to his ascendant – a highly visible area of the chart – means secret enemies don’t stay secret for long. A lot of workings kept behind the scenes up until now are and will continue to be brought out into the open. An eclipse to Mars typically puts a person in fight or flight mode, to the ascendant can affect health and/or show selfishness. Conjunct Regulus either crowns the victor of said fight or knocks the crown right off.

Donald Trump is the only President in this list to have been born under a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, so eclipses in general affect him more than the general population anyway. William Taft – who dodged an assassination attempt – was born three days before a solar eclipse. Harry Truman was born two weeks after a solar eclipse.”


Astrologers have focused on the fact that  Donald Trump was born during an eclipse, and is thus very receptive to this type of energies. Very obviously, the United States — and the world are now in the bottleneck.

No exit, no clear vision of the future. More people, thanks God, are finally aware that the politicians are just actors in a grand circus, feeding their egos and pockets, and that humankind will soon have to face the consequences of its choices, as a group. As the Sun is supposed to be swallowed by a dragon or momentarily occulted, we could choose to project our fears on this event.  However, an eclipse is a portal, the opportunity to grow, shift direction.  Conclusion about President Trump: let’s pray for the best to happen for everyone. This is not a light moment and responsibility for a President, for a soul.


Mars is also at the center of focus. Although violence, anger are predictable, Mars happens to be in good aspect with Uranus in the Ram; we also have these beautiful triangles allowing the flow of energies between the eclipse cluster — Sun, Moon, Mercury, Dragon Head, Regulus, Mars— Saturn (only 6 degrees from the Galactic Center) and Uranus. Without forgetting Pluto’s role; sometimes what looks to the lay men as the path of disintegration or even death, might be the path to renewal. This is the meaning of Pluto.

“From an astrological perspective, this eclipse is not negative since the Sun and the Moon will form a Grand Trine in Fire with Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. As a consequence, its powerful energy will impact all people who have awakened and know that a better world is in the making, that will guide them to step to a higher level of consciousness in their personal and professional lives.” (Patrik Giani, Jupitair, see above links).

Pluto is conjunct with Vega (the future pole star and home of the Michaelic Consciousness, of the Creator-god), in the Capricorn. Mars and Uranus could be the movers, the agents of the change. Mercury, the bridge between Heaven and Earth, is in his home, the Virgo. Through better communication and attention to Heaven, things can change. All this is re-enforced by the presence of the North-Node/Dragon Head, which implies a will, a direction and not a hazardous outcome (Dragon Tail).


A reminder: eclipses are ongoing steps towards alignment between: (See Amen Book)

–        the male/Sun/Light frequency and the female/Moon/Darkness

–        the Creator-god or Michaelic Consciousness’ Frequency and His physical counterpart, the Dragon (North and South Nodes)


–        the Earth Axis, related to Mars

–        the manifestation of the Divine Plan versus humankind’s level of evolution


The Universe works perfectly, like a swiss-watch, and economizes lives and energy. Each President was and is elected for a reason, whether we understand what is going on or not. Not only the Heads of States reflect the average consciousness of a country, but also the culture, the beliefs that a nation still needs to experience and test.

Mr. Trump has a fierce and choleric ego. He wants to win or appear to win at all price. Any difference with the average human being, at this point, especially those who have the opportunity to exert power, at any level? He was elected, by people who agree with him, at least partially. The trashy reality shows are very successful, and Facebook is an ocean of illusions, very similar to a masked parade in Venice or New Orleans. Our President’s erratic behavior might be the instrument of change, so needed in the political scene.

The fact that he was born on an eclipse makes him the best candidate to sense and embrace the energies at work. His decisions will lead the United States and the world in the direction that is now set, as the merging of several frequencies: The Creator-god’s Intent for the Solar System and the Earth, the United States as a whole, within mankind.

We have already mentioned the connection between the August event and the 1999 eclipse often associated with the Nostradamus quatrain announcing the rise of the King of Terror.

The year 1999 seventh (“Sept.”) month,

From the sky will come a great King of terror:

To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois,

Before after Mars to reign by good luck


If he meant, one year and 7 months, we have a few interpretations available. 1998 and 2000. “From the sky will come a great king of terror”. Ed Tamplin had a very relevant insight, when posting his article, matching the show played out now by Trump and Putin.

“Earlier in 1999, NATO’s aerial bombardment of Serbia had brought war to Europe for the first time since WWII. But perhaps it was a little-known event, two days prior to the eclipse, that holds more importance for today. Vladimir Putin was appointed the new Prime Minister of Russia and, by the end of that year, would be president.

Therefore, this eclipse is important to President Putin and the fragile US-Russia relationship, especially regarding nuclear matters. The Caucus area of Europe could also be a key one to watch for political unrest. Based on past evidence, the August 2017 eclipse should present significant achievement in the field of aeronautics and space flight. Also expect technological breakthroughs affecting television and global communications.”



As this is a public page, I want to repeat that we, I am not focusing on the End of the World. What we all want is a shift of what we collectively manifest, an opening to a higher dimension, with more and enhanced communication with the Spiritual Hierarchies, with the Spiritual Government; a world manifested on the basis and principles of higher frequencies, Divine Love (love based on Heart Chakra turned upward — see above—and not on selfish desires) and service to the Whole. To ease the process of manifestation of this New Paradigm, the Earth Astral Matrix must break down. How can you assist?

Monitor your mind, erase negative thinking, practice compassion. Several times a day, link your head, your crown chakra with Above, whatever that means to you; connect with Higher dimensions, your soul, your I Am Presence. Take the Heavenly energies, the Cosmic frequencies and bring them down into your body, your heart. Shower the second and third chakra with spiritual vibrations to fuel your whole system with higher frequencies. Decrease the amount of tobacco, alcohol, coffee, drugs —legal or not—that you ingest daily. Eat more fruits.



Interestingly enough, at this crucial moment in human history, a new fact has to be added to the equation, internationally: the legalization of marijuana. This is not going to increase my popularity but awareness of what is at stake is important.  A wave of young enthusiasts discovers a passion for self-healing with the magical plant, not to forget the multitude of edible products, etc. America, Chinese and Russian investors are jumping on a new financial opportunity, with or without the banks and dress it like a bride! What about other plants? Natural therapy, homeopathy? Old fashioned, too many ineffective supplements on the market; not cool enough. Homeopathy, not in the insurance networks. Meditation… without cannabis? All plants, mushrooms are here for use and experience. Freedom of choice, freedom of fun.

Humans have used plants, incenses, torture, fear from immemorial times in sacred places, temples, churches, Dark lodges, wars, to open and increase their consciousness, discover other realities, heal, soften, alleviate physical and emotional pain, numb the warriors (before Vietnam, we had Hitler and drugs, the Celtic warriors, Hashish/Assassins).  Coffee, alcohol, marijuana, etc are astral products, astral anchors. They keep you in the astral dimension and bring around you astral beings. LSD damages your Alta Major. So, fun, freedom, cooking oil and cookies, with cannabis. Your choice…. While the Hierarchies are working on breaking down the astral matrix. Do you see my point? Coincidence?



True or not? august 9:






SAROS SERIES: Too much for the brain? Long article, Saros at the end. (For Tina …and me…). Ecliptic/s consequences.


  1. Sun and Moon cross/conjunct every 29.53 days


  1. Moon North Node and Sun cross every 346.62 days – thus an ECLIPSE YEAR = 346.62 days


Astrologers have noticed that:

After 223 cycles of 1. we have 29.53 x 223 = 6585.19 days

19, nineteen EY =  346.62 x 19 = 6585.78 days


When the two cycles coincide, we have a grand eclipse and then, a new eclipse-cycle. SAROS means ‘repeat’.


Other eclipses in the series:

Big changes, risks or assassinations of head of states, American presidents, Clington impechement, 1929 depression, first atomic bomb in Japan. Delightful.


“By the 6th century BCE, Chaldean astrologers had perfected a method of identifying the precise eclipse path. It involved identifying specific families of eclipses, which began at either the North or South Pole and gradually made their way toward the opposite pole as they traversed the globe in a longer 1000-plus-year cycle. Each successive eclipse in a particular family occurred 18 years, 11 days and eight hours apart, and was part of a numbered series called the Saros cycle.

Another equally important eclipse cycle was the Metonic. Here, eclipses occurred in practically the same degree of the zodiac, and therefore on the same day every 19 years. Astrologers can interpret the meaning of eclipses by using the two cyclical methods, as well as considering what planets are involved with each individual eclipse. The events of the past can also be considered as the basis of the future potential of the eclipses of 2017, with the total solar one the obvious standout.” Ed Tamplin POSITIVE ASPECTS OF THESE ECLISPES (great article, different elements and info compared to other writers):






December News and 2017 Overview – astrology 2017 – Eclipses February 2017, USA eclipse August 2017



December 2016 Full Moon and 2017 overview

Nostradamus, Quatrain X.72:
L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra un grand Roy d’effrayeur:
Resusciter le grand Roy d’Angolmois,
Avant après Mars regner par bon heur.

The year 1999 seventh (“Sept.”) month,
From the sky will come a great King of terror:
To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois,
Before after Mars to reign by good luck



We are still in December; let’s look at the 13/14th full moon at 22 degree Gemini. The Sun is in Sagittarius, conjunct Saturn. Time to focus and find your deeper purpose, or deepen your sense of responsibility and integrity while the outer-world or the tendencies (Moon) are still chaotic.


The Sagittarius and the Leo are the two zodiacal signs that do not refer to duality. The ram and Bull have two horns; Cancer, two claws, etc and Gemini, across from the Centaur is the clear symbol of duality in expression. The axis Gemini-Sagittarius illustrate the pathway from duality to the sky, towards which the Archer is pointing at, the move from the animal man (horse) to the higher self.

Beautiful balance on the day of the FM (look at the rectangle drawn between Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and the Moon). Although the Moon in Gemini might be a trickster, bringing out the dark twin, within the firm pressure exerted by Uranus opposing Jupiter the general movement is allowing harmony:

–         Moon, sextile Uranus:  basic level: the moon, energy triggering emotions, moods, instincts, tickled by the powerful and rebellious Uranus, might bring up the rebellious, nonintegrated aspect of the twin-man, the desire to be assertive and eventually use the basic self if the personality is not available to the radiance  of the Sun, the latter promoting more discipline and rigor (Saturn conjunct Sun).

–         The moon is also blessed by the energies of Jupiter; money could flow; yet, Jupiter is in the Libra, asking for equilibrium and justice. Libra is the home of Saturn, re-enforcing the idea of expending, restructuring the self (instinctual and solar) in the direction showed by the Sagittarius: the Sky!

–         Why do we have to aim like the Archer/warrior? Because Jupiter is still keeping Uranus and Pluto in tension; Mercury conjunct to Pluto invites you to change your way of thinking and communicating. Mercury happens to be in Capricorn, where the moon (emotions, astral) is in detriment. So, do not allow your subconscious feelings to blur the picture.

–         And for fun, Capricorn is connected to the Libra — through Venus— so… think with love…. Thus, heal the energies and illusions of the Pisces (Pluto trigone Khiron-Neptune in the Pisces), then differentiate emotions and love.


–         TRUMP’S Sun: “This Full Moon also happens to fall on President elect Donald Trump’s Sun. All the world’s eyes are on the US in the run up to Trump’s inauguration. Generally though, this mystical rectangle just looks like a nice present, with the hope that the contents do not disappoint! In our personal lives we will probably start to see whether a relationship, friend, new job or contract is more than just fancy wrapping over the next two weeks”



In order to have a sense of the 2017 energies, we will examine the position of the slow-moving planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto at the time of two significant zodiacal events, two solar eclipses.



Jump to August 21st, for the solar eclipse above the US; the chart is based on WDC;



GET READY, the eclipse will be visible in 48 states! Should we organize a Journey. For those interested, let Me know!

A great meeting of the New Moon with the Sun in Leo, welcoming Mars, Mercury, and the North Node (Dragon Head). The star Regulus, one of the four royal stars sits between the Sun and the Moon. A King sits in equilibrium between the two luminaries of the Light and Darkness.

Well, by August 2017,  the rough Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto triangle has slightly shifted. The energy seems to be brighter and more balanced, as the eclipse leads a positive relationship between Saturn and Uranus. (Saturn/Uranus Trine: 120 degres). Let’s have a closer look.

Besides the positive and constructive mix of energies Jupiter/Saturn, the frequencies produced by the eclipse might stabilize the world and bring harmony, anchor the changes triggered by Uranus. Order out of chaos. Is this too early or optimistic to think that the world has a chance to take a good turn? We’ll see.

Will the level of consciousness have evolved enough to bring out the higher nature of Uranus, the Awakener? Uranus is the Will aspect, Divine Will and the human capacity to function above the traps of the low nature. When the individual has explored all the desires, the narcissic ego, sometimes even expressed in mysticism, or the rebellious self, reclaiming freedom and self-recognition, one is ready for a different path: the will to do good, focalization of the Divine Plan and true service.

Pluto opposes Venus. Pluto, associated with the Water element (through the Scorpio) is positioned in the Earth Sign Capricorn. While Venus, an Earth Planet (through the Taurus) sits in the Water/Pisces.

Jupiter, in Libra, sits across Uranus, “esoterical Ruler of the Libra’:


Triangle, Jupiter Venus Plutograph



At the time of the February eclipse (26th), we have a dissonant triangle Jupiter, Venus, Pluto. In August, Jupiter-Venus-Pluto but Venus in the Cancer (see below).

This is a new moon, thus fertile with change and possibilities. In fact, although the moon shows in Pisces on the chart, it will cross the Aquarius in the sky (motion due to Precession). “Fixed star Skat at 09.06 aligns with solar eclipse February 2017 giving good fortune and lasting happiness. It also provides safety in a deluge. This is a star for good leaders in any adventurous field of activity, physical, economic or social. The name Skat means The Wish. This is a solar eclipse for making wishes come true. However, the promised good fortune will only endure if you have earned it.” Astrologyking


What comes to mind at first is that this eclipse brings new relationships. Venus-Mars conjunct. One aspect of life. But,

-Neptune is in the picture, Neptune, connected to the pineal gland, is the higher octave of Venus, carrying a different kind of love, more spiritual; Neptune diffuses, dilutes and dreams; transcending the Saturnian cold rigidity, and passed the phase of confusion in the astral and glamour, it brings beauty and oneness. “Neptune is used to dry up the illusions and attachments to the astral plane. Neptune helps the individual to go beyond the Solar Plexus by dissolving the attachments symbolized by its House position. In “going beyond,” the individual is able to tap into Cosmic or Universal Consciousness where all things are known and where all things are truly ONE.” Lynn Koiner

– Mars and Venus are also flirting with Uranus (mind opener) and Eris (the goddess of discord, who exposes, discloses), in fiery Aries: can we expect new information, revelations that will change our views? Will the energies dictate a reset for a new level of integration, adjustment of polarities, mandated by Jupiter harmoniously facing the eclipse?

VENUS, romantic love, emotions or more?

We can look and use Venus’ frequency as the goddess of love. ‘How and who do I love, when I am going to have a new partner’, etc; but, as always, we can refine our relationship with the energies of the zodiac for a deeper or higher purpose. In the grand scheme of life all is energies, frequencies (quality of energies), exteriorized a waves, and triggering with our own energies a feeling of harmony, discordance, attunement. In fact, how does our personality, then soul, then heart relate with what is perceived as outer-world, yet is my own substance? What is individualization, its purpose, in the context of unity and oneness, inherent to our belonging to the One-Creator-Consciousness. How do I use the period of individualization to evolve the part that I am and then bring more consciousness and growth to the Whole? Instead of being focused on self-satisfaction, how deep am moved (set in motion, action) by the realization that self is an atom of the Meta-Organism, and that my own illumination will affect the Whole?





. in 2017, Venus retrogrades  in the Pisces around March/April. Then, August eclipse, Earthly Venus in Cancer, Water sign, mutable. “When Venus is retrograde, it provides lessons in evaluating the real worth and value of people and things in our life (Taurus-Libra issues). With existing relationships, this cycle produces experiences wherein it is easier to discern the relative worth and value of these people in your life. Discrimination is more effective. You become readily aware of any problems, differences or unresolved issues. It is NOT a time, however, to act upon any unfavorable awareness. It is purely a time of evaluation rather than direct action.”

Venus being the second ruler of Libra, the Libra is tainted by with the Venusian characteristics. Venus rules our relationships, our contracts with each other. We need to expand our vision and choices in terms of the way we function with others, with groups, and eventually change ourselves (Pluto, end for rebirth), in order to bring harmony, peace. How do we express inter-connectedness (in December, Venus in Aquarius)? And later, in August 2017: do we need to change the way we see and judge people, learn to make compromises, or do we have to associate with different people and groups? What is the true definition of love? interestingly enough, while flirting with Venus, Jupiter is still looking straight at Uranus, ‘esoterical Ruler of the Libra’ (ABailey).

Venus is connected to both Taurus and Libra. In Taurus, this energy bathes in the stromp, impetuous life force of the earthly Bull, looking for anchors, security, pleasures and self-love. With the Libra, one externalizes the sense of self-love to others’ frequency. How do we

Venus in Cancer – August 2017

VENUS IN CANCER, Traditionally inclines people to give or long for a more nurturing type of affection, involving self-worth; search for introspection and sorting out what relationships are bringing to our life.

But Venus, because of its connection with Lucifer has also the role of the initiatrix. Two aspects. Its synodic cycle in relationship with the Earth appears as a pentagram.

Esoretically speaking the sign of Cancer represents the Cosmic Mother. With Venus in Cancer, we might be reminded that the origin of the unconditional and most nurturing love is the heart of the Mother, the Divine Feminine. Venus, having offered the initiation of the opposites, of discrimination, points at the unquestionable power of the Mother – give form to the ineffable Divine Essence, manifest, materialize life, bring it to fruition, concomitant with cohesive nurturing is how women, human beings can manifest love: through full self-acceptance as a conduit of life; through power as the natural consequence of inclusivity (I am one with God and a channel of God’s power, love and abundance)

The February eclipse pointed at the fusion of polarities as an issue to be addressed (Mars-Venus-Uranus-Eris). In August, Venus is in Cancer, part of an imperfect cross: Jupiter-Uranus-Venus-Pluto.

while Jupiter is still in the Libra, points at another aspect of manifestation of the divine purpose. The axis Jupiter-Uranus is a masculine axis, channeling the Masculine willful aspect of the Divine Consciousness: Jupiter, while expanding consciousness,  imposes through Divine love-power the rules/codes/frequencies, is powerfully balanced by Uranus. Uranus, the Esoterical Regent of the Libra,  transmits the Will aspect of the Divinity (for humans: I change, i do, I am this or that, because I chose to discipline myself.)

the second arm of the cross is formed by Venus-Pluto. Is harmony, pointed at by Jupiter in Libra, only possible when Venus has been understood, dealt with (opposition with Pluto, in the sign of initiation, Capricorn) as the natural emanation of the Divine Mother? After decades of efforts, very view countries promote the rights and power of women; in the western world, the manifestation of Feminine energy (and women, as a result) is still confused, or at least tainted with sexual competition and connotations and treated without respect.  Both men and women have to change their views: man evolving from the gross animal, fighting for territory and women stopping to advertise hormones and charms as their main value.

More on LIBRA:

“Libra is one of the four arms of the Cardinal cross” with Aries, Cancer and Capricorn, each meaning: “ Creation, manifestation, Legislation (Libra) and Initiation. Cosmically, they mean the activity of Deity when spirit and matter are brought into a definite relationship and, under divine purpose, produce that fusion of living energies which will be adequately potent in time and space to bring that purpose to its desired consummation. […] They mean again the working out of the plan under spiritual and natural law which is evolutionary in expression; this is the goal of evolution and its expression and is steadily revealing the nature of God, for the laws under which this solar system of ours is governed are expressions of God’s quality and character. This is Legislation, or Libra in activity.” AB, Esoteric Astrology, &240.

“When this understanding unfolds, then man becomes an initiate, vacates his position upon the Fixed Cross and begins the relatively slow process of mounting the Cardinal Cross. Then he becomes a cooperator in the great creative process and purpose.”  He becomes his own legislator, ruling his conduct wisely, controlling his impulses intellectually and then Libra enables him to balance the material and the spiritual law. When he has done all this, he discovers himself ready to enter into new and deeper experiments (should I call them experiences?) and as a participator in the divine plan and as a cooperator in the divine purpose”

A question to ponder on: Venus is often described as the holder of the energy of the heart chakra. Venus rules Taurus and Libra. Traditionally, in medical astrology, Venus is connected to the Kidneys and Libra to the kidneys and liquid exchanges of the body. Isn’t the Sun, connected to the Angel Self, the Leo and the heart, a better choice? in Chinese medicine as well as in the magical arts, the Kidneys are the recipients of the ancestral life force. And where should we place Jupiter, described by the Theosophists as the holder of Ray Two, love-Wisdom, fusion heart/mind. Do you know why Jupiter holds the second Ray?



Eclipses are not isolated events. They come in series. “the Babylonian astrologers found it was very important to study an eclipse in the context of the Saros Family that contains it. The entire cycle has a “personality” […]. This Saros personality is based on the first eclipse in the Saros Family (a birth chart for the entire cycle, so to speak) and each eclipse in the Family is helping to advance this initial chart to the next level.”



“The word saros means repeats; The meaning of each Saros Series is determined by the aspects that were present at the first solar eclipse of the series. This is because a Saros Series begins when an eclipse occurs at either the North or South Pole of the Earth. This indicates the static chart of the eclipse”


Well, well, the August 21st, 2017, solar eclipse is connected to eclipse that occurred on August 11th 1999. What happened in 1998 and 2000?  In his book, Nostradamus 1999 -Who Will Survive, author Stephan Paulus ” very credibly explores the possibility that an Earth threatening comet will be discovered during the Total Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999·” Was the ‘king of Terror’ a comet that would hit the Earth?

“According to the various interpretations of the Nostradamus prophecies, the tail of this comet contains a hidden comet, asteroid, or meteor fragment in its tail. When the comet passes by the Earth in September, the fragment will fall out of the comets’ tail and slam into the Mid Atlantic Rise, creating a massive 2000/3000 Ft tidal wave. This tsunami will inundate all the coastal areas of North America and Europe, as well as the Pacific Rim area and Sub-Continents.

There was a lot of noise and speculations about this zodiacal configuration as it was presented as one of the events predicted by Nostradamus. Besides the universal belief in the Visit of the Son, an Avatar, a Messiah, people in France expected the emergence of the Great Monarch (See the books A Kiss for Lucifer and Amen). The two eclipses occur in Leo/Virgo and conjunct Regulus, one of the four Royal Stars.

The year 1999 seventh (“Sept.”) month, From the sky will come a great King of terror: To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois, Before after Mars to reign by good luck

The above quatrain is now being interpreted by Paulus, and a host of Nostradamus scholars, as meaning that a monstrous comet will pass near the Earth sometime between July and September 1999, awakening a Genghis Khan type warrior. Both before and after the comet passes, war will reign happily.

Ok, we have a year, but then, month seven? People started to juggle to make it fit. “i.e. in reality, at the time of Nostradamus the seventh month refered to September” Different calendars? Was Nostradamus in fact speaking about two eclipses that occurred in 1540?

Do you remember the role of the prophet, as explained in the book Amen? Anchor events, prepare a time-loop.

Therefore, whether or not Nostradamus connected the years 1559 and 1999, he might have been, with his inter-dimensional capacities, anchoring an event that was to take place in 1999. Or, while he wrote the quatrain, he made a mistake, carried away by the fascination of numbers: 1999. But eclipses are not created by men. And 2017 is a year 1.

In 1999, Nostradamus was still incarnated. His astrological interpretations were very accurate. He was concerned by what he saw and felt while looking at the chart of August 1999. “ This is the first time, he said, that I have seen anything like that, announcing a radical change or challenging events.”

Mid 1998: the Archangel Michael embodies, 2000, year of the Crowning. I was then a little more than one year old and decided to leave Los Angeles during the time of the eclipse. On the night of August 11th, in the sky of New Mexico, I saw an open portal, a door.


UPDATE, Jan 5th 2017: miraculously, a letter came back in my hands, written in 1999, about the eclipse. remember: the August 1999 eclipse is connected to the 2017 one. “In 2017, the manifestation of 1N is the first time the ‘Nostradamus’ ‘King of Terror’ (or, ‘Alarm’)–the ‘Mother of All Eclipses’–has repeated since its much-touted manifestation @18Leo on August 11, 1999. The Fixed Grand Cross of that eclipse is notable for its appearance in the Book of Revelation of the Oxen Point, the Lion Point, the Eagle Point, and the Angel Point of the mid-degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.)”

“Saturn, time, erosion, reflection, retraction, obstacle in is the Taurus; in detriment; it is the only planet that is not in its own energy. it will slow down or move matter…. we see 4 squares and 2 oppositions + the Sun/Moon conjunction. it is more than rare et the energy is very strong. this could trigger conflicts, revolutions, financial crash (banks and financial markets), natural disasters or weather related of all scopes, as well as new awareness…. trust, dear Earthlings, pray and love each other, the Gods are taking care of you.”



Comment made in 1999; the eclipse and Nostradamus’ quatrains: : « Pour bien comprendre ces quatrains il faut savoir que le mot éclipse (d’origine grecque) se traduit en latin “defectus” d’où le terme défaut utilisé dans chacun des deux quatrains. Ces huit vers nous disent clairement que deux éclipses (défaut des luminaires ou des lumières) ont eu lieu à quinze jours d’écart en Mars et Avril.

La lecture des ouvrages astronomiques permet de situer ces deux éclipses en 1540. Le 22 Mars (à 16h 01 T.U.) a lieu une éclipse de Lune quasi totale dans l’extrémité Est de l’Europe. Elle est suivie deux semaines plus tard d’une éclipse de Soleil le 7 Avril (à 5h 11 T.U.) qui prend naissance dans le nord de l’Italie et qui est visible au lever du Soleil dans les Balkans et le sud-est de l’Europe.

L’éclipse a lieu en Août. Or notre fameux quatrain fait référence au septième mois. Ceux qui ont établi le lien entre Juillet et l’éclipse du 11 Août jonglent avec les calendriers en ajoutant la différence actuelle de treize jours entre le calendrier julien utilisé à l’époque de Nostradamus et le calendrier grégorien en vigueur maintenant. En réalité, à l’époque où écrit Nostradamus1, le septième mois fait référence au mois de Septembre, l’année commençant en Mars. Pour le coup, impossible de jongler. L’éclipse d’Août ne peut en aucun cas être mise en rapport avec le mois de Septembre. » .fr

in this French site; I do not know where the translation of the verses comes from.  English below.

« Il apparaît en effet que Nostradamus avait raison. Par le biais de ce quatrain important, Nostradamus semble bien évoquer 1999, mais en nous rappelant quelques aspects de son temps, faisant ainsi un lien entre les deux périodes. L’astrologue Nostradamus a peut-être été poussé dans cette voie par l’opposition Mars-Saturne dont il est question dans le quatrain: Mars, qui est cité, et Saturne, le “roi d’effrayeur” pour les Anciens, sorte d'”anti-Jupiter” funeste, et représenté comme un vieillard tenant une faux au lieu d’un sceptre :

Il est notable aussi que les plus anciens commentateurs de Nostradamus se sont peu occupés de ce quatrain. Soit que le terme de 1999 leur paraissait trop lointain, soit qu’ils reconnurent en lui un événement déjà réalisé par le passé, et concernant bien, malgré cette date trompeuse, le temps où règnaient les “rois d’Angoulême”, c’est-à-dire l’époque de Nostradamus, et non pas l’approche de l’an 2000. En lisant bien les introductions à son oeuvre écrites par le sage de Salon de Provence, on voit bien les préoccupations de son époque: les changements de calendriers, les années millénaires certes aussi, mais basées sur les chronologies des théologiens, et non pas sur notre calendrier, et qui ramènent à leur époque. La date qui figure dans le quatrain X.72 n’est peut-être donc pas, vue sous cet angle, une année de notre calendrier, et certainement pas une date exprimée “clairement”, comme on l’a vu plus haut.


Nostradamus seemed to be right. Through this important quatrain, he appears to evoke 1999, but, reminding the reader about events occurring in the 16th century, and making a connection between those two moments in time. Nostradamus, the astrologer might have been triggered in this direction by the Mars-Saturn opposition mentioned in the verse: Mars is cited and Saturn, the King of Terror, for the Ancients (??) a kind of funest ‘anti-Jupiter’ and represented as an old man holding a scite instead of a scepter.


The older writers have given very little attention to this quatrain. (Microsoft translation corrected) Either the end of 1999 seemed too distant to them or that they recognized in him an event already realized in the past, and for many, despite this misleading date, time where constructors “of Angoulême Kings”, i.e. the time of Nostradamus, and not the approach of the year 2000.  reading carefully introductions to his work written by the sage of Salon de Provence, you can see the concerns of his era: changes of calendars, the millennia years also, but based on chronologies of theologians, and not on our calendar, and bringing in their time. The date mentioned in the quatrain X.72 is probably not, seen in this light, referring to the modern era, and certainly not a date expressed “clearly”, as we have seen above.”






MOON VEILING URANUS, Esoteric Astrology


The energy of Uranus, pouring upon and into humanity, produces the urge to better conditions to provide better forms for the occult and esoteric life and to blend more adequately the inner and the outer man. This is one of the reasons why the Moon is spoken of so often as veiling Uranus. The Moon is frequently used as a blind when Uranus is meant. Today the Moon is a dead world and the reason is that the Uranian urge became so strong in that far distant time when there were living forms upon the Moon that it led to the complete and final evacuation of the Moon and the transfer of its life to our planet. Such a transfer is not necessary today as the consciousness of humanity is such that the needed changes can be brought about without such a drastic procedure. It is, however, this Uranian influence which lies behind the present shift of populations throughout Europe and Great Britain and which is responsible for the steady movement of peoples from East to West, from Asia to Europe in the earlier history of that continent and from Europe to the Western hemisphere in more modern times


“ L’énergie d’Uranus, se déversant sur et dans l’humanité, provoque l’impulsion à des conditions meilleures, à des formes plus aptes à l’expression de la vie occulte et ésotérique, et à une fusion meilleure de l’homme intérieur avec l’homme extérieur. C’est l’une des raisons pour lesquelles la Lune est souvent décrite comme voilant Uranus. La Lune est fréquemment utilisée comme un voile lorsqu’on parle d’Uranus. Aujourd’hui, la Lune est un monde mort parce que la force d’Uranus devint si puissante dans les temps lointains où il y avait des formes vivantes sur la Lune, qu’elle a provoqué l’évacuation complète et finale de la vie lunaire et le transfert de cette vie sur notre planète. Un tel transfert n’est pas nécessaire aujourd’hui parce que la conscience de l’humanité est telle que les changements nécessaires peuvent intervenir sans recours à de telles mesures radicales. C’est cependant l’influence d’Uranus qui est la cause de l’exode actuel des populations en Europe et en Grande-Bretagne, et de l’émigration constante de l’est vers l’ouest, de l’Asie vers l’Europe (au début de son histoire), puis de l’Europe vers l’hémisphère occidental à l’époque moderne.







Neptune takes 165 years to cross the 12 signs. It is thus stuck in the Pisces.

Chiron walks the zodiac in 50 years. “Chiron acts to open up wounds in the parts of our lives and of our psyches that it touches, especially by hard transit, and then Chiron asks us to work on healing them. Initially, hard Chiron transits can make us feel weakened or ineffective. As the transit progresses, we begin to learn what it is that is holding us back from healthy expression of the traits associated with the transited planet or point.”

We have had all opportunities to look at the old wounds related to the Pisces, debunk all illusions designed by the subconscious mind and the astral world (Neptune). The position of Neptune versus Saturn



a good summary about ESOTERICAL ASPECT OF CANCER:


JUPITER IN LIBRA – one of the best article found on the subject:

“Most importantly, it’s a time of finding our inspirations together. During the transit of Jupiter in Libra, the finer things in life are meant to be shared! Libra is the sign of “the other”, the seventh sign of the zodiac but the first one to turn it’s focus away from itself and look to build partnerships, teams. “No man is an island unto himself” is Libra’s mantra. Jupiter always shows us where we can catch a break and find some easy turn of fortune, and with Jupiter in Libra we won’t find those if we try to go it alone.


Jupiter does make things easier, but that’s not to say that the transit of Jupiter in Libra will bring easy relationships the entire way. … The square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn that has gone on for several years now does come back at the end of 2016 and into the beginning of 2017. While the Uranus-Pluto square tightens up and begins to bring major shakeups once again, Jupiter in Libra will be in aspect to the Uranus-Pluto square, forming a cardinal T-square that lasts several months. The cardinal T-square involving Jupiter in Libra is an article all to itself. It will be bringing big changes in money to both Main Street and Wall Street, for sure. This is a major economic rebalancing, or “market correction”, with equal winners and losers. Sometimes the gains are directly at others’ expense. The stroke of luck Jupiter in Libra brings to the Uranus-Pluto square is the knack for triumph out of tragedy. The changes in our world are so shocking, it’s often hard to perceive them as a good thing, but occasionally the explosions make for open roads and new opportunities for those with the gumption to try it.”


Medical astrology: simple, direct and reliable article: