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Gateway To Your Higher Self – The Hermaphrodite

By December 27, 2022November 9th, 2023No Comments


Transits December show a GATEWAY to your HIGHER SELF. Use it. We will practice during next webinar.

From the November eclipse to the December 23rd new moon: while the energy and Divine Plan are moving at high speed, use the blessings provided by Mercury, Venus and Mars to refine your alignment with your Divine Essence and Higher Self, whatever level you already are.

In those podcasts, my interpretation of the December astrological transits, with emphasis on Venus, Mars and Mercury.





Note: as my readers know, I have a problem speaking to a blank screen. My brain, usually so happy to communicate with a live audience, just freezes and my speech becomes awful. Better smile.

I stumbled on the pronunciation of Messier 87. Should I use the American or French pronunciation??

Anyway: Messier 87 (M87) is not the black hole. It is the name of a giant galaxy, located in the Virgo constellation, itself in Laniakea, our super super grandmother Super-Cluster. M87 exhibits a super massive black hole.

NASA Podcast: what is a black hole:

So, if we speak about alignment:

In the solar system: alignment with the Sun, a star.

At the Galactic level – Milky Way: the gravitational center, the Galactic Center, in tropical Capricorn and actually located in the Sagittarius (that would send you to use the Sideral Zodiac, that corrects the positions of the planets, moving, in our little corner, according to the precession of the equinoxes). The Galactic Center, or Sagittarius A, is also our first cosmic step. Alignment between 1998 more or less 18 years — not 2012. (See Who Is Your Creator God?)

Alignment with M87 and Virgo.

Alignment with Laniakea. That is where our awareness has taken us until present.

In case, you have not acknowledged yet, unless you accept to be your spiritual self, you, we are tiny. Hence, the importance of accepting and integrating your true nature, your spiritual nature.


Also, as mentioned by Astrid VT, and as my ongoing listeners will notice, I am not speaking about the Six-Pointed Star formed in the heart. This is a summary. Impossible to squeeze everything in a 20-minute podcast.

For the French speaking audience, we are gathering a group interested in Sacred Geometry…. back to the origin.








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