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July 27th Total Lunar Eclipse

July 28, 2018 11:31 pm
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Blood moon, yes, it was already red and fantastic last night! The longest eclipse of the century…, if we look at the records starting in 2001 and if we look at the length of ‘totality’—please correct me if I misunderstood. In fact, the July 27-28 eclipse totality will “span 1 hour 42 minutes and 57 seconds.”  But the longest, recent one, “occurred on July 16, 2000, with a duration of 1 hour and 46.4 minutes…. It’s no coincidence, by the way, that the extra-long total lunar eclipses of July 16, 2000, and July 27, 2018, belong to the same Saros series and are separated by one Saros period (18.031 years).” Also, “Earth is passing between the sun and Mars, placing Mars at opposition in our sky.” Earthsky.org To understand what windows of opportunities will be opened for you in this eclipse, therefore in the next few weeks,  take your astrological chart, as usual, and place the eclipse in it, as well as Mars and the main luminaries. As we are linking the July 2018 eclipse with its sister of July 2000, (the two eclipses belong to the same saros series), try to remember what happened to you in the year 2000, and if you can, more specifically in July 2000. The eclipse is taking place in the Aquarius (Ruler: Uranus, at 90 deg.), the sign of the collective, of egregores. If we adjust the chart with the Precession of the Equinox, the eclipse is actually happening in the Capricorn (2), precipitating the changes made by our governments. The Moon, at 4 degrees Aquarius, is receptive, emotional, nurturing, is confronted with fiery Mars and the South Node/Dragon Tail. The eclipse is a doorway to collective (Aquarius) change, to break away from the past. This is the opportunity for liberation, detaching ourselves from ...