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Hello dear Readers, happy rebuilding of your lives!


Did you survive Christmas? Some with too much food and others with nothing? The divide increases rapidly. Even in California, people, wealthy families ignore, do not know or pretend not to know that a few miles from them other parents have no car and cannot buy a fake tiny Christmas tree for their children.

While writing, I am watching ‘One of Us’, a documentary exposing the abuse and dissentions in the Hassidic Jew community. At the core of the documentary is the story of a mother of seven who left the group and is attempting to divorce.

The lawyer (I guess) explains the existence of the Hassidic community as “an answer to after WWII. It is an entire community built on survivors. With trauma. And they bring that in. These kids belong to whom, to the parents?  Or to the 6 millions that die?  The children are the community’s property. These souls were brought to the world to rectify something.”

Trying to leave them is worse than the Church of Scientology (lawyers, black magic, abuse, blackmailing) or the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The whole world is erupting; the population, often torn in the middle of conflicts that they did not chose to start; as usual, religious beliefs are at the chore of most conflicts… besides oil… there is so much pain and chaos now, on the planet, while millions are decorating their homes and overeating. This is insane.

After working enthusiastically for twenty years and believing that we would see a global result faster, I am assessing the amount and depth of innocence —angelic innocence— that it takes to continue claiming, writing, publicly advertising my presence on this planet, while the old system and leaders still seem to be in charge. May be a zest of stubbornness, as I continued chasing them for years and believing that they would be willing and able to change faster.

The growing chaos could be the result of the ongoing clash between the old world/vibrations and the new ones. Twenty years of Photon Belt, Archangelic Light and codes poured, anchored on Earth assisted by a growing number of light workers, walk-ins, and independent minds all over the globe. The wave of light, information, consciousness, pushed and nurtured by cosmic configurations is pushing the darkness and the old world to a far corner of our reality.

Filled with love, pouring out from my brain, my eyes, without any efforts for a few days, I still humanly wonder how much more suffering will be necessary for the forces of the light to reach enough strength and win, take the leadership.

Expressing gratitude to the All-In-One, to My Archangelic Presence, for these waves of love, I feel stronger, knowing that it means that the astral self has receded. Yet, while transferring love I wonder how to be more effective, more helpful in the transformation of the earth.

A weird thought just came: holographic fake information. Not new, it was said, decades ago, that the war in the middle east was ET induced and the skirmishes/escarmouches holographic. I was showed the image: A line of evacuees, waking on a trail, somewhere in the world… holographic image. Neptune.





Main astrological aspects for 2018


Jupiter walking back and forth in the Scorpio, like an old emperor, his hands locked in his back. More revelations, more purifications. Conjunct Mars at the January full moon: more alignment needed with the Cosmos and for people with their solar self. We might have revelations about the UK and English crown, as links, info, coincidences about them keep converging towards me. What would be fun: if the English crown [or, as we were told, have sold to the Vatican] still owns the Virginia Company [= a good part of the United States]; what could be fun is for Donald Trump to find out and explode!! Starting with a tweet! “You, pope, gimme back my precious $$! We need to stop the deficit!”

Jupiter sextile Pluto (Master of Scorpio) in January: the change is happening anyway, smoothly but surely. We should go with it, embrace it.

Saturn in-home, in the Capricorn, conjunct Venus are opposing the Moon: karmic, emotional issues, contractual relationships that are still not resolved need to be addressed for your soul to benefit, reinforce the positive changes brought by the rest of the planetary aspects. Venus and the Moon will meet again on the new moon, January 16; you have then two weeks to work on your last issues.

To summarize, in 2016, 2017, we have practiced, grasped how important it is to respect our inner guidance and surround ourselves with the right people, romantic partners, partners and groups. In 2018, we start a cycle or reconstruction, restructuration, Saturn in Capricorn, based on our decisions.

Uranus enters Taurus … for 7 years Uranus enters Taurus (May 15th)  “In mid-May, Uranus will enter Taurus for a seven-year stretch that lasts until 2025. This brings the radical planet some stability as the earthy fixed nature or Taurus will dampen the random and unexpectedness of Uranus. During this transit, you can expect to see changes in the way finances flow. The monetary system will likely become more high-tech as banks and virtual currencies drive the change to a more equitable system that will benefit the man in the street and disenfranchised individuals. [Mkl: really? More equitable? no more cash, less freedom, more control. Markets based on loving exchanges? Very realistic]. This once in a lifetime ingress will particularly affect all Taureans and those people with planets in the early degrees of Virgo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. More:

Jupiter moves closer to the trine to Neptune in its home of Pisces the fish. This aspect brings together the powerful Piscean planets because Jupiter is the old traditional ruler of Pisces and Neptune the new modern ruler. The trine is a beneficial connection and shows there will be harmony and support for both Jupiter and Neptune related things now. During this period you can expect spiritual enlightenment, religious exploration, appreciation or arts and cultures, and tolerance for diversity and metaphysical systems. More:



Received this link: nothing truly new but a good reminder of the international Nazi infiltration after WWII. We have followed these websites and examine the ‘revelations’ for months in 2017. Please read, reread past articles.

the original, English: published in June 2016.

The book published by Michael Salla in 2015; Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Alliances: “how the Vril/Nazi flying saucer programs in the 1930’s gave birth to the ‘Dark Fleet’; how Project Paperclip scientists both helped and hindered the development of the US Navy’s ‘Solar Warden’; how the MJ-12 Group was behind the creation of the ‘Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate’; and how Ronald Reagan was instrumental in the creation of the ‘Global Galactic League of Nations’ space program. Finally, learn how the Sphere Being Alliance and other extraterrestrials interact with these and other programs. The full disclosure of secret space programs and extraterrestrial alliances will unshackle the chains of deception holding humanity back from reaching its highest potential as galactic citizens.”

“President Ronald Reagan made a startling admission in his Presidential Diary on June 11, 1985:

Lunch with 5 top space scientists. It was fascinating. Space truly is the last frontier and some of the developments there in astronomy etc. are like science fiction, except they are real. I learned that our shuttle capacity is such that we could orbit 300 people.

NASA’s Space Shuttle program at the time held a maximum of eleven people per shuttle, and only five were built for space flight. Even if all five took off together, it would be impossible to place and maintain 300 astronauts in orbit.

Finding the truth behind Reagan’s extraordinary revelation requires diving deep into the shadowy world of highly classified aerospace programs.”

To compare with older book, Rise of the Fourth Reich, by Jim Marrs published in June 2008. Everything was already summarized in this volume. With the role of secret societies and Illuminati’s programs. 

Do you remember that Allan Dulles is notoriously and sadly famous for launching operations MKUltra, Artichoke : use of drugs, LSD, hypnosis and other tools to controls people’s mind, force ‘enemies’ to say what they are supposed to hide.

If you have Netflix, new series: Wormwood.

What is finally exposed, thanks to the internet, is the depth and global model imposed to humankind: a complete system of mind control, life control, now stretched to a maximum through the Web.  In the past, the public have discovered the power of the pharmaceutical labs, of the ex-secret societies, etc What do you feel about Amazon, Apple, Paypal, Facebook, all the internet giants, the ongoing intrusions through the cell phones? When will you say no?

In the 70’s, there was no Web to circulate the information; but, in some circles, it was known that Russia, China, Israel, France, the US were studding the mind and psychic abilities. In the metaphysical circles, it was known that behind and beyond WWII, the Nazis and governments of all colors were mostly interested in finding out how to harness spiritual power. Spiritual power is the ultimate power. Remember Indiana Jones. As spiritual power cannot be stolen, seized and based on ego and unfair, unloving domination, human leaders and Nazis took a shortcut, settled in the use of technology, thus aliens technologies to achieve results faster than through spiritual evolution, and efforts.

Remember the 2003 documentary: LSD, Unabomber and the internet. The birth of cybernetics.



This is where we are. We have been deluded and most have acclaimed, cherishing this forced-fed global contamination and manipulation. The result is that we are trapped; no one knows how we can straighten up the situation or if our neighbor is a quarter or mid-ET. Although anything is dual, technology and the internet being both a blessing and a plague, we might have to make a choice. Where do you personally stand?


  1. Chinese year of the dog… “Selfishness, greed and ignorance being a major source of inequalities on Earth, only a social and cultural impulse, at the individual and collective level, can give a new hope to the millions of people in the world who are still suffering from neglect, indifference and the rejection from their community.”


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