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2023 in Astrology and Cosmic Evolution – Public

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it is recommended to read or listen to the last 2 topics to understand the following.

  • The Hermaphrodite
  • The Creator’s Resurrection


Nothing extra-ordinary to signal for 2023, except that we passed the manifested threshold into a new reality, a new reality that you are invited to co-create and thus take responsibility for. A few links are included at the end of the page with astrologers’ insights, to which I am adding my color.



Apr 19-20, 2023 {Palm Springs, April 19th] Hybrid SOLAR ECLIPSE

Saros 129 that started in 1103.

Hybrid eclipse – “A solar eclipse in which the Moon’s umbral and antumbral shadows traverse Earth (the eclipse appears annular and total along different sections of its path). Hybrid eclipses are also known as annular-total eclipses. In most cases, hybrid eclipses begin as annular, transform into total, and then revert back to annular before the end of their track. In rare instances, a hybrid eclipse may begin annular and end total, or vice versa.”


May 5th, 2023. Penumbral LUNAR ECLIPSE – Wesak moon. Sun in Taurus.

Saros 141, that started in 1608

Oct 14, 2023 – Saros 134, that started in 1248



October 28, 2023. Partial LUNAR ECLIPSE

Saros 146, started in 1843.


All these eclipses are connected to April-May 2005 and 1987, as well as October 1987 and 2005.

These dates allow you to link those eclipses with specific moments, movements in your life, thus areas of consciousness and changes that you must focus on or did not complete yet.




Saturn in Pisces

Ahhh, Saturn is giving us a break and giving a break to Uranus – the exact squares are over. Saturn will enter Pisces early march 2023.

In Aquarius, Saturn blocked Uranus, pushing for re-volution. A revolution implies the will for change.

Saturn is rules, obligations, but also habits, conditioning and comfort. Yes having been exposed to the principles of equality and personal freedom, do not like to be under the rulership of dictatorship or even a government. Yet, we tend to accept detrimental situations because we like comfort or because we are afraid to face the unknown. Past and future were colliding, karmas and the wish to break away.

“On March 7th, Saturn heads into Pisces, leaving Aquarius and not to return to the sign for another 27 years! Saturn will continue in Pisces until 2025/2026.”[i]

In Pisces, Saturn will modulate the influence of Neptune, in his own sign. Neptune spends 14 years in a sign; Saturn: 2.5 years.

Are we going to sink into confusion, or, will we use our renewed capacities to access the depth of our subconscious inner self to mold our future?

Did we reach deep enough into the roots of our failed experienced from the past to have reversed the mechanisms and only rely on pure knowing — intuition based on a stable Divine Presence in our life, enabling the Higher Self — higher octave of Neptune and Uranus to mold our future?

[i] 2023 Horoscopes: Astrology This Year | Cafe Astrology .com



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