The energy has shifted again and my Presence is rising in power.


Mont Saint Michel 2.27.23 Photo Mathieu Rivrin



February:  under the eyes of Lilith and in an attempt of erasing the past, i had a disagreeable reminder that the past is inscribed in individuals’ energy field and data-bank. It is very difficult to change and erase the past. If time is just an illusion and we exist within a loop or vortex, past and present are simultaneous. Just a series of potentials that we access while changing orientation.


My body was badly affected and i had to trim again my human connections with individuals from the past. Sadness, grief, anger.  Balance and gratitude are back, with a few messages from my Presence to sustain patience and faith.

One year of war in Ukraine,  death toll in Turkey and Syria: more than 50,000


it is my understanding that the situation is much more complicated than we can see, as the war for Earth domination is mostly happening between powerful entities. Human beings such as Schwab, Gates, Soros, and the big tech owners are just puppets. It is our responsibility to be as clean as possible to avoid being a recipient for any of those energies: how high is your frequency? what are your thoughts focused on? how bad is your ego?

more later.






HERE WE GO, 3/5/23 rough draft, let me know if i left terrible mistakes — ohhh Sekhmet!!



The internet is filled with sensational conspiracy theories that are only the reflection, the illusion created in matter of a predominantly spiritual situation.


As the earth and humankind are slowly ascending, changing to a higher vibrational state, a lot of individuals are merging or, at least, meeting their extensions or other parts of self, living in other dimensional spaces and realities in the galaxy.

Although the communication is still very primary, millions have had contacts with ET civilizations. However, what we know is very fragmented, often testimonies from people who are very damaged.


It is not unsual anymore to speak about ETs  because we know that humans originated from the stars; their DNA is a mix, inherited from other constellations.


It is time for us to accept the fact that humans are far less evolved, technologically and spiritually than a lot of other civilizations. We have been kept in outrageous infancy and secrecy about our history and origin.





Because of the ongoing war in Ukraine and the positioning of Putin, the trend now is focused on the bad Khazarian Mafia — ornated in most posts with the titles of Satanic and operating Babylonian money magic.

Why are the good people associating the Khazars with Babylon? Not sure yet, besides the fact that they are said to worship Lucifer and practice Satanism with the strings of horrors that we know.

In the notes below are gathered the so-called history of the Khazars. In a few words, Caucasian population that emerged between the 2d and 8th century, around present Turkey. They were ruthless, liked to steal others’ identity and behaved as badly as the Assassins. Tired of their behavior, the then ruler of Russia asked them to become more civilized through the commitment of a religious banner. They chose to become Jews.


So, we have fake jews who wanted to become the chosen people.


That is one of the most prevalent chronic diseases that have affected mankind.


Unless completely perverted and disabled, all souls, even demonic, long to connect, be a part of the Deity’s life, whatever name you want to give to the Entity, the Consciousness that is your parent and life giver.


Eastern kings and emperors claimed to be the sons of the Dragon.

Monarchs to be kings by divine right.

To fluff their ego, humans create dynasties.

and the word Bloodline immediately triggers a trend on the internet. The Rothschild bloodline, the satanic bloodline, the Kennedys, the Khazarian bloodline.


More about bloodlines at the end.



Scholars and politicians, more specifically at the time of the creation of the state of Israel in 1947, have debated about the physical connection between jews and khazars.


“Various authors since the second half of  the nineteenth century suggest that Eastern European Jews are  at least partially descended from Khazars who migrated westward between  the tenthand twelfth centuries, at the  end or at the time of the collapse of the Khazar empire.  » Wiki English


According to Brittanica: The Khazars[a] (/ˈxɑːzɑːrz/) were a semi-nomadic Turkic people that in the late 6th-century CE established a major commercial empire covering the southeastern section of modern European Russiasouthern UkraineCrimea, and Kazakhstan. They emerged in the geographical area between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea.

Map on website:

(I could not find the website www. I am the but I found a book about Rothschild family with this reference – Andrew Carrington on



By the beginning of the 7th century, the Khazars had become independent of the Turkic empire to the east. “ wiki US

another hypothesis has been debated, according to which the Khazars would be connected to Japheth, from Noah’s family. It was also said that they would be a part of the lost tribes of Israel. In any case, scholars are devided on the connection between Khazars and Ashkenazi, the jews of eastern Europe.


Below is the text that is duplicated in all posts about Khazars.


“It was Mike Harris that connected the dots and made the actual discovery of the presence of the Khazarian Mafia’s secret history and blood oath to take revenge on Russia for helping Americans win the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, and their blood oath of revenge against America and Americans for winning these wars and sustaining the Union.

Note: Mike Harris is the Financial Editor of Veterans Today, a radio host, a former GOP Finance Chairman, Gubernatorial Candidate for Arizona, and a Senior Vice President of Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland. Mike was a part of the VT group that attended the Damascus Conference to Combat Terrorism and Religious Extremism. Mike emphasized and supported the historical declaration by Keynote Speaker, VT Senior Editor, and Chairman Gordon Duff that the real problem behind World Terrorism is a large Organized Crime Syndicate.

At the Syrian Conference on Combating Terrorism and Religious Extremism December 1, 2014 — in his Keynote address, Veterans Today Senior Editor and Director Gordon Duff disclosed publicly for the first time ever that World Terrorism is actually due to a large International Organized Crime Syndicate associated with Israel. This disclosure sent shock-waves at the Conference and almost instantly around the world, as almost every world leader received reports of Gordon Duff’s historical disclosure that same day, some within minutes.

And the shock-waves from his historic speech in Damascus continue to reverberate around the world even to this very day. And now Gordon Duff has asked President Putin to release Russian Intel which will expose about 300 traitors in Congress for their serious serial felonies and statutory espionage on behalf of the Khazarian Mafia (KM) against America and many Middle East nations.” Posted in 2020

Now, direct interview of Mike Harris, 2022:

The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia w/ VT Editor Mike Harris (1of3) (

because of their ruthless practices, i.e. using identify theft to seize others’ property, Khazars were in conflicts with Russians and Persians/Iran — compare with present situation.

‘they chose Judaism, ….but did not really adopt it; they stuck with their old ways of baal worship, molock, child sacrifices and have … until today.” 17’   all these stories have a grain of truth to them, Hansel and Gretel, vampires.


Latest news about the Khazarian Mafia’s involvement in the Ukraine war:

This video, featuring author Jack Otto makes the connection between Rothschild and Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminati (See book Creator God, section Solar System).

“The Rothschild KM created a master plan to control all of Judaism and mind-kontrol Judaics. The Rothschild KM has hijacked Judaism, patterned it off of Babylonian Talmudism (Luciferianism or Satanism), and gained control over the banking and Wall Street professions in general, Congress, the major mass media; along with most wealth and economic means of success.

Thus, the Rothschild KM could pass out wealth and success to those Judaics who drank their Kool-aide and use them as cutouts, assets, and Sayanims. In this manner, the Rothschilds hijacked Judaism.

Their financing of the Israeli Knesset and construction of it using Freemason occult architecture displayed their commitment to the occult and Babylonian Talmudism and all the evil accompanying it, including child sacrifice to their secret god Baal.”

It is my opinion that this is partially correct. The timing is off. I would have to spend more hours on the subject to confirm Additionally, Luciferianism and Satanism is not the exclusive affair of the Rothschilds.

Gordon Duff : “Duff explained that what is going on in Iraq and Syria with ISIS is not Terrorism, it is simply CRIME. That is, it is the works of an international Crime Cabal that has gotten control of the American Congress. Yes, this is a large Organized Crime problem that must be understood at its simple root cause.

Duff identified this Crime Cabal as Israeli and pointed out that this is Worldwide Crime on a scale never experienced before.” Jack Otto explains how the state of Israel, dominated by Ashkenazi Jews would be under the rule of Khazarian families, the same group that infiltrated the American congress and now aims at the destruction of the US. Although Otto does not mention the name Zion Protocols, he speaks of the documents explaining the plan of the Khazars, fake and bad jews. (Zion Protocols: see book Kiss for Lucifer, in which I spoke about the protocols in 2003, I think).

Duff explained how the illegal Supreme Court Decision of Citizens United made it possible for an Israeli-American Organized crime magnate now operating out of Macao, Sheldon Adelson to essentially buy control of both Houses of Congress in the last election and being able to bring Congress under control of this International Crime Syndicate which specializes in human trafficking and narcotics.

Duff also identified American Generals McInerney and Vallely as being involved in organizing Daisch along with Senator John McCain.

He also pointed out that Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel [who has just resigned] was the one that prevented the American bombing of Syria in response to the False-Flag gas attack at Aleppo, Syria.

This keynote address delivered by Gordon Duff was historic because for the very first time ever a Top Intel and Security Consultant publicly explained how the problem with ISIS/Daish is not terrorism but is Crime.”


  1. Bibi Netanyahu, the operational head of the KM,deployed the Mossad and these Dual Citizens to set up and institute this attack on Americawhich was to be blamed by the CMMM on Muslims.

They informed their top Rabbis and “Friends of World Zionism” not to fly on that day and to stay out of NYC, as did “Larry Silverfish”, one of the primary men involved in the operation.

The Israeli Mossad front company, Urban Moving Systems, was used to transport the mini-nukes made from the stolen W-54 nuclear pits from Pantex (and originally made at the Hanford processing plant), where they were stored in the Israeli Embassy in NYC and transported to the Twin Towers for detonation on 9-11-01.”


A LITTLE MORE HISTORY- originated from Babylone but were Caucasians…

“Remember the ancient Khazarians were ethnically Slavic (being originally near the area known today as southeastern section of modern European Russia, southern Ukraine, Crimea, and Kazakhstan). I guess part of their original territory, Kazakhstan, is where the name “Khazars” originates and being racially white for the word, “Caucasian” derives from the Khazarian ancient territory bordering the Caucasus Mountains.

The Khazars were irredeemably a very warlike and criminal tribe, wholly devoted to paganism, the Babylonian occult magick arts and worshippers of Baal, which is the Satanic deity mentioned often times in the Old Testament associated with cannibalism and bloodletting, the sacrificing of children and babies.”


Food for thoughts. Reading that is painful:

“Goyim [non jews] were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat.

“With gentiles, it will be like any person: They need to die, but God will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant. That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew.”[10]Sephardi leader Yosef: Non-Jews exist to serve Jews,” Jewish Telegraphic Agency, October 18, 2010; “5 of Ovadia Yosef’s most controversial quotations,” Times of Israel, October 9, 2013.


The Khazarian Mafia is often associated with the Elohim or Beings who attended or created the human race after the last global earth catastrophe.

First, a reminder about the term Elohim, found at the beginning of the Bible:

EL: Lamed Aleph p 266 (Fabre d’Olivet, Langue Hébraïque Restituée).

“This root raises itself up on the merged signs representing power and extensive movement. Ideas = elevation, strength, power, extension. Hebrews and Arabs both used this root in the word god, deus

Lamed: as a symbol or hieroglyphic image, lamed represents a man’s arm, a bird’s wing, anything that expands upwards, elevates itself, deploys itself. As a grammatical sign, lamed is the sign for expansive movement.”


“Plural of aleph lamed he – supreme being for Hebrews and Chaldeans, derived from El. Singularly, this word, used for the Most-High is in fact, in its abstract sense,  the pronoun This One or These Ones, utized as the ultimate. People from Asia have used this bold metaphor at length: Him.

The Hebraic Elohim was obviously composed of the pronoun El – aleph lamed — plus the absolute verb, Be-Being He Vav He- From the core of this verb came the divine name Iah , iod-he which proper meaning is Absolute-Life. The verb itself, connected to the pronoun El gives AEloah — Aleph-Lamed-Vav-He = The-One-That-Is, which plural AElohim, means exactly Him-Them-Who-Are, L’Etre des Etres (Being of Beings).”


I have spoken at length in the past of the intervention of ETs in several areas of the planet.

It is upsetting for humans to accept being engineered by ETs, whether Sirians or others. Yet, now that humanity is eagerly embracing technology, it is easier to understand that a little push was necessary to assist a race still in infancy.

What upsets and saddens Me/me are the ongoing horrors that are said about the Elohim. The Elohim are not the ones who committed horrors. They loved humans. But their descendants, the giants or Nephilim did and thus the deluge was decided, or whatever natural disaster to clean up the mess. Of course, everyone suffered, not just the ugly ones.

Genesis 6: 4-7: “The Nephilim[d] were on the earth both in those days and afterward, when the sons of God came to the daughters of mankind, who bore children to them. They were the powerful men of old, the famous men.

When the Lord saw that human wickedness was widespread on the earth and that every inclination of the human mind was nothing but evil all the time, the Lord regretted that he had made man on the earth, and he was deeply grieved. Then the Lord said, “I will wipe mankind, whom I created, off the face of the earth, together with the animals, creatures that crawl, and birds of the sky—for I regret that I made them.” Noah, however, found favor with the Lord.” Christian Standard Bible translation.

In Fabre d’Olivet’s literal text, the Hebrew word here translated into Lord is IHOAH, thus closer to Jehovah.

In conclusion, yes, the 13000 years of descension have been hard for everyone. We have all suffered but in order to start the Aquarian Era on the right foundation, love, we each and all, humans and less-humans must take our responsibilities.


Additionally, there is a complete misunderstanding about Lucifer, darkness and Satanism.

The most outrageous problem and illusion of internet influencers is that they have no clue about the occult, and they do not understand that they were/are probably Satanists themselves, but are not aware of it. This is what humankind had to go through, that is it! 





There is only one Bloodline, that many tried to connect to or identify with: the descendant of the Creators, and Creator’s emissaries, the Elohim, Annunaki, or whatever word you prefer.


Each system is the body of expression of a Creator, assimilated in biblical language with The One.


There are two lineages, the true Occult Lineage and the physical one, whose function is to participate in a show and to play a role assigned by the occult lodge and the invisible Hierarchies. All in physical reality is a reflection, an illusion glimpsed in a mirror held up by the spiritual reality.

While the occult and spiritual lodges (that only exist on the inner planes) accomplish their work silently and anonymously, the human lodges—whether they pretend’ to be “occult” or not—and the governments stand at the forefront of the scene. Whether or not they are aware of it, these two governing bodies are under the authority of the spiritual government.

The Jewish people and their story (real or counterfeit), broadcasted around the world through the Bible, is the perfect image of the human lineage’s role. This certainly does not imply that the Jewish people are the Lineage or the chosen people. But it symbolizes:

– The belief in a chosen people

– The faith and the challenges inherent in such a role

– The efforts made by the Dark Lodge to destroy the people who hold the DNA a and are linked to the Divine.


– The delusional arrogance of those who believe that they are of the Lineage, but whose only responsibility is to occupy center stage with the assigned role of attracting the crowd’s attention. Anything important and essential in the Quest and the Grand-Oeuvre exists only on the inner planes. Any attempt to transpose concepts that have to do with the spiritual worlds into the physical realm can only fail. Such efforts lead to chimera, to twisted hypotheses and endless theories fabricated by those who err between the cardiac emotional plane and the mental plane.

Most religious texts were written by souls who had access to intermediary dimensions. These writings are a bridge to the spiritual realms but have also stirred confusion in people’s minds. Whether one speaks about The Church, the Temple, Ezekiel T emple, or reconstruction of the Temple, it is urgent to stress that all these concepts are first to be understood in the spiritual sense.

Did Solomon b uild a temple in Jerusalem, whose size and splendor have left traces, as is true of the pyramids of Egypt or the temples in Babylon? Probably not. Most importantly, Solomon is a key link in the lineage. This is why the occult lodges, the Kabbalists, and seekers everywhere have instinctively revered his name and his memory.

In preceding chapters, we described the concept of timelines and spatiotemporal loops. For several years, under the impulse of the Invisible Hierarchies and of the Archangel Michael, mankind’s history/story has been undergoing purification to be realigned with the Divine Plan (= map and blueprint of elaboration and evolution of the Race). This signifies that the racial, political, and religious concepts that have been elaborated throughout the centuries must be cleansed and rectified in order to reflect the Original Plan, and converge for its manifestation.

The tensions between nations and cultures are a consequence, a reflection of the distortions of the Plan. Races evolve around two skeletons: a story and a blood lineage.

In order to prepare for the advent of the Divine Kingdom, the Royal Lineages are cleansed and set in alignment with the Divine Plan (= impelled to return to their true function).

Nothing and no lineage will survive unless it is:

– In total harmony with the Plan launched by the Divine Heart/Mind.

– In acknowledgment of and service to the Royal Lineage, as directly chosen and set into place by Spirit.

Mankind’s global history is a repository of parallel stories about people, such as the Jews and the Arabs. Each group is convinced that it enjoys a privileged relationship with God and eventually claims to be the Chosen People, from which the Messiah or King, Standard-bearer for the race and recipient of divine power, is presumed to have descended.






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