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Aries-Libra Nodal Axis – Part 2 – Adjust Relationship with the Spiritual World – Public

By July 27, 2023November 7th, 2023No Comments



Somewhere on the internet, a spiritual influencer said: “we as humanity have created the new timeline. Nobody has done that for us. ”

What a sad stage in the relationship between Spirit, the Divine Soul and Heart and [this type of] human beings. This is denying the very existence of Higher Beings, of an intelligent purpose at work in the cosmos. And, if I allow my Uranian energy, I would say that this comment emanates from a level of ego or ineptness difficult to understand. Fortunately, this is an isolated public incident, at least that I am aware of. I avoid supporting such communities.

In truth, the way it works is that if 2 bodies, egregores, souls are not aligned at the vibrational level, they just do not collaborate.

However, as evidenced by thousands of posts and videos available, there is indeed a strong current in favor of a society simply denying the existence of a loving and actively involved Entity, a Creator searching for a closer level of co-creation.

Interestingly, speaking about the position of the south node, the same individual mentioned the necessity to stop being a pleaser, and to get out of the emotional level for more efficiency in building the new timeline.

The Hierarchy’s answer to that, with a smile: yes, at the Hierarchical and Divine level, there is no emotion as such, just a purpose to manifest. No pleasers. No worries, we will just ignore you, until you are ready to rejoin our community.

Is it then a good idea to reveal or repeat how the Divine has provided hands-on assistance and is actively involved, in 3D, in the manifestation of a better world?



As mentioned in part one, the last time the north node entered Aries was on December 27th 2004. The question to ask yourself: what were you doing at the end of 2004 and in 2005? In 2004, I was discovering Myself, bringing all aspects of Self I could find and reach,[1] anchoring My Presence on Earth. On December 26th, following an altercation with the old Capricornian lodges, the powerful 9+ earthquake struck Indonesia.


[1] Amen, page 191, three levels of the Grail


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