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Bastille Day, Public

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Bastille Day in France: interesting declaration of President Macron.

Watch French people celebrating: y to celebrate. From the US, France which appears the size of a handkerchief and manage to have

–        Beat up and wounded at the head, a policeman had to use his firearms against one of his aggressors. According to the prosecutor, « policemen were first attacked with stones and iron bars, while they responded to a arson fire in containers. Six special security officers (CSI) called to assist, were then assaulted by “about fifty individuals wearing masks, and armed with iron bars, heavy rocks and glass bottles, who suddenly arrived from the city”

–        The Interieur Office announced that a “total of 897 cars were burnt and 368 people arrested during the nights of July 13th and 14th”.

Where is the famous romance in Paris?  As for the freedom, 11 mandatory vaccinations instead of three! Because only 90% of the population is vaccinated and 95% are required to control diseases. (?..?)

President Trump was invited to the Bastille Day celebration. Too bad, I could not hide in this suitcase. Mr. Macron, almost half his age, smiled at the Daft Punk music while Trump kept his jars clinched, in his newly acquired president mask. French President Macron said: we have found reliable friends, friends who came to rescue us. the USA are this type of friends. Therefore, nothing will ever separate each other. Mr. Macron thanks the USA ‘for the choice that was made a hundred years ago’.

Interesting to read that, as yesterday, on the 14th, I was suddenly back to 2004, remembering the unexpected ‘transmission’ from my Higher Self, that radically changed my perspective and path. This is the recovered text:

“Through the words that I pronounce and anchor publicly, on this soil, I, the Archangel Michael, engage My responsibility. In this country that I have overshadowed and protected for centuries, this country that has made the choice to reject the Royal Bloodline, a lineage that I, Myself, prepared and have preserved since the dawn of Mankind; the Lineage that is the emanation of the Divine Plan; the Plan of which I am the instigator and the protector…

France has chosen an extreme path. … France has elected to halt our privileged relationship….

What is a bloodline? Why would people or families be obsessed or fight to carry or engender a bloodline? Why would someone’s DNA be so important? What is my subconscious mind picking up on mid-July 2017? At the human level, it is obvious that revolutions/turn around, such as the American and French Revolutions were necessary.  …. At first sight, we could wonder why a loving Spiritual Authority would claim that ‘France severed its connection with the Archangel’? A little abusive? isn’t it a right for any living creature to experience freedom, power? And retrograde to speak about Royal Bloodline?

This subject is too vast to be treated in a few lines. But why were people and kings so preoccupied to create dynasties. The fear of dying, disappearing in oblivion?  Funny if we compare HBs’size with the  Milky Way (1). Is then breeding obsession of so many parties, human and ETs, evidence of the importance of the DNA in the creative process and as one of the main parts of the universal mechanisms? more in the membership section.

While feeling the energy of Bastille Day, watching the coincidences, my mind has been struggling with the divide between my beliefs and the 3D reality:  why is it so difficult to change reality, personal and as a whole, while believing that our universe functions as a hologram, therefore is only the criss-cross of beams of light who only take substance when observed (quick shortcut)? How much is our personal state of mind shaping the responses that will build our ‘world’, our experience? Is it pre-determined or not? How many shifted minds and loving consciousnesses do we need to manifest a global change?

Although published in 1991, the volume The Holographic Universe from Michael Talbot (who died at 39 years old, after publishing a series of books linking mysticism and physics) proposed a model of interactions of the mind with the universe. FULL ARTICLE IN MEMBERSHIP SECTION


(1)   Wiki, Milky Way, our Galaxy: “diameter between 100,000[30] and 180,000 light-years.[31] The Milky Way is estimated to contain 100–400 billion stars.[32][33] There are probably at least 100 billion planets in the Milky Way.[34][35] The Solar System is located within the disk, about 26,000 light-years from the Galactic Center, on the inner edge of one of the spiral-shaped concentrations of gas and dust called the Orion Arm. Recent estimates of the number of galaxies in the observable universe range from 200 billion (7011200000000000000♠2×1011)[7] to 2 trillion (7012200000000000000♠2×1012) or more,[8][9] containing more stars than all the grains of sand on planet Earth.

(2)   Living in this world, as a conscious being (For BF):


Macron et les Francs Masons back in the news (photo Philippe Lopes, pool Reuters)

ð  i.e. July 2017, Valeurs Actuelles : http://www.valeursactuelles.com/politique/emmanuel-macron-et-les-francs-macons-86024

ð  https://bestofactus.blogspot.com/2014/12/quand-le-franc-macon-macron-macrotte-la.html

His arrival in the Cour du Louvre, on the night of his victory on may 7th, coming out of the darkness to ‘walk into the light’, surrounded by Beethoven’s Ode to Joy , will lead Serge Moati, a journalist who was a lodge member for quite a while, that this was an ‘initiatic rite’. One of the President’s acquaintance said that this dramatization was chosen on purpose.  One day after the victory of the candidate of En-Marche, one of Emmanuel Macron’s friends confessed: “I cannot imagine that a guy who was just elected President of the Republic would participate in a ceremony without understanding its meaning”. Emmanuel Macron seems to enjoy playing around with masonic codes at the risk of bringing questions while he is flirting with esoterism. For his official picture, on which nothing was left to chance, he made sure to introduce symbols, that, although insignificant for the general public are very eloquent for the Lodges’ initiates.”


IN THE NEWS, IMUNIZATIONS (thanks to MB for links and texts)


manifs contre l’obligation de vacciner: protests in Italy against immunizations.




Dr Christian Tal Schaller

évoque, entre autres, une étude en Allemagne: les enfants vaccinés sont plus malades que les autres:


Sylvie Simon, journaliste et écrivaine:

inefficacité des vaccins:


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