A fast outline

  • Everything in life is about relationship(= relating with the material world in any form and situations) –
  • at a more self rewarding level, we can enjoy the concept of being the eyes, hands and brain of the Creator-god exploring his manifested creation.

as soon as the soul emerges from the Womb of the Universe or the Mind of God, it has to RELATE with new circumstances.

each new experiences in the world of DUALITY builds the 2 pathways, male and female in polarity.

the experience of feeling first, analyzing later, decision about self and the world impacts the male or female energies. http://shiatsusocietyireland.org/science-proves-meridians-exist/


Consciously building the mechanical aspect of self, energy system and chakras, accelerated the evolution process. Balance of polarities allows the building of the MIDDLE PATHWAY, Sushama, Sushumna. Emotionally and mentally, the existence of Shushama and then the surge of kundalinic energy are concomitant with inner balance. In the Kabbalistic Tree of Life one balances the Self between the Pillar of Severity and the Pillar of Mercy to access the Middle Pillar or Middle Path.


Adding this conscious intent plus the visualization of the 3 energy channels should be done while working of psychological patterns and traumas, each of them also evidence of our past responses to life-experiences.


“I was told that we are here to serve a ray, a divine quality. How do i know my role and how do i manifest it?”

1- one does not serve a Ray. One IS ray three or four, or, for most humans a mix of rays.

2. Role: clear as much trash as possible from the subconscious mind and past/parallel existences in order to BE, for your BRAIN and DNA to be as CLEAR and POWERFUL as possible.  Holding one’s BLUEPRINT is your primary focus. Then, it could, not an obligation, it could translate into a specific function on Earth.

Example: you are a part of the group that must anchor a new religion, a new technology, a quality, your energy apparatus will be used to do so. If you excel is X or Y, then you might become a leader in the field.