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Rassouli, paintings, Reflection

Rassouli, Reflection

The energies anchored during the last powerful eclipses of January and February develop in humans’ psyche and life.  In March, wrapped between two full moons, the stars have invited you to use the lessons and assets harvested from the Pisces Era and three years of diligent inner clearing, to strengthen yourself, deepen your power instead of acting on impulse (Mars) and eventually with the patterns of the past. Although it is the right time to rebuild, individually and at the planetary level, you might be tempted to act too fast and go in the wrong direction. Of course, you have worked on yourself and globally for years, … but humankind is coming closer to the denouement.

Based on the understanding of your deepest needs (Jupiter retrograde), you must make de-cisions (cutting) that honor the clear vision of your soul and purpose. In April, for the new moon, Uranus will almost force you to take the step and brake down the old to re-design your life. You can then follow Mars (Warrior; Sword; alignment with your purpose; axis), Venus (two faces, the initiatrix leading to harmony), Mercury (Mind, bridge to Michael) and Jupiter (Ruler, Michael in the present context and Jupiter as the energy of growth, expansion;  symbol of the crescent of the personality uplifted by the cross of matter).

Jupiter is retrograde for four months. This is a time for forced introspection and emotional detox. It is also recommended to undergo a physical detox as  only Jupiter rules the liver and flirts with the star Unukalkai (Alpha Serpentis!!! Very exotic!), connected to the colon.

JUPITER RETROGRADE: detox or you might be sick:

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