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December 2019 and January 2020, the end of a Cosmic Story, a forced-evolution package.


œThere was this extraordinary council on planet Sirius. Human beings did not evolve fast enough. The normal tactic of the two lodges’the White One and the Black One’is to walk graciously on the chessboard, exchange some stakes and perform pirouettes. It is essential, in order for the universes to keep their inexorable moves, that the light and the shadow always stay balanced. But the consciousness of human beings was not being touched, not to the point of being able to transmute the Yin and the Yang and of reaching the divine frequency, the marriage. This is why, in the crystal palace where they were meeting, an unusual uproar started. Everyone was expressing his opinion. Do we have the right to intervene directly? Were we going to implant a new grid of command, in order to precipitate the marriage of the energies? The brothers of the shadow and the brothers of the light have always respected each other, each group having an impact on the march of the world and the earthly horde. But it is true that the extremes induce complicated or even dishonorable situations, considered from a human point of view. In the case of the human family, the desire to experience matter increased century after century, guided by the old Saturn, Master of Time and density. The Taurus era was at the door, with the god Molock…


The Elders were watching the situation. It was time to intervene. The restoration of the memories of the Brothers and of humans might take millions of years. The Tradition had been twisted, the feminine lineage almost destroyed. The Elders knew that is was the wisest solution, the closest to the truth. They will have to reproduce the law of the marriage in the second and third dimension. Nothing in this universe is complete without the fusion of the energies, of the extremes. Human beings had the habit of taking refuge in the illusion, duplicating it through shows, rituals, in which they would call for the ones they were mistaking for gods.


The council decided then to use the temples, the sacred schools, the priests and the rituals. The fusion of the energies, the marriage of the Light and the Shadow will be part of the sacred ceremonies. The shock generated on the genetic codes, the interference with the soul, will be so severe, that the initiate, hurt and in pain, would have to return to the light in order to re-center himself. The initiate will come back in full awareness, complete, conscious. Never more will he be lost, because his memories would have been imprinted by the experience. The dark initiation was born. Of course, the Brothers of the Light will be at the center of the experience. They had, in their blood and in their magnetic structure the purest codes, the original ones. Although some of them had already been altered by genetic manipulations, the Elders will find a way to overcome this handicap. In fact, the challenge was interesting. Kiss for Lucifer, Michael El Nour
I am listening to O Fortuna, Carl Orff….


The nodal axis that we have been blessed with, Cancer-Capricorn, has triggered the letting go of ancestral trans-generational karma as well as bloodlines feuds.
The December 25-26 eclipse marks the end of this initiation. I want to salute those who took on the responsibility and have participated in the big cleaning in the past few years. It was sweet and sour but had to be done.


According to Cosmic Fire, Alice Bailey

Cosmic humor: the paragraph 666 of the A. Bailey’s Esoterical Astrology quote Cosmic Fire, on the planet Neptune… “The Law of Sacrifice and Death is … in a mysterious way the reverse of the first law, that of Vibration. It is Vulcan and Neptune in opposition which is as yet an almost incomprehensible thing to us.” (C.F. 597.)

Also note the importance of Sirius, under the influence of which this story started: “Sirius influences our entire solar system psychically via the three synthesizing schemes’Uranus, Neptune and Saturn.” (C.F. 378.) South Node

Now, Jupiter, overshadowing the Saturn-Pluto-Ceres conjunction in January and throughout 2020. 1. “Jupiter … is a deity who is the symbol and prototype of … ritualistic worship. He is the priest, sacrificer, suppliant and the medium through which the prayers of mortals reach the Gods.” (Secret Doctrine II. 49. Note.)
How many times did I repeat that I did not want to re-install any habits, rituals, protocols? Although rituals have assisted the soul for thousands of years, we need to establish a more natural relationship with the Divine.

œPlato identifies Jupiter with the Logos (SD). The mysteries were presided by Jupiter and Saturn (SD). 661

Vulcain: œJehovah was identified to Saturn and Vulcain 676 quoted from SD.

Capricorn: ‘connected to the pentagon…associated with the birth of the spiritual microcosm and the death of the physical universe. 676 Five pointed star, Venus.

The deeper and true meaning of the transits that we are experiencing was detailed in a January 2018 article.


Redistribution of power:

Yes, as mentioned in many astrologic reports, redistribution of power; yes, the banking and governing structures will progressively change over the next decade. But, most importantly, a complete renewal of the spiritual and human teams who were mankind’s occult guardians is occurring. And the forced experiment with the Dark of the Dark is over.

With the peak of the patriarchy and the abuse of all kinds perpetrated under the leadership of the degenerated reptilians, the sacred feminine was denied. We are now experiencing the healing and restoration of the feminine, facilitated by 18 months of the north node in Cancer. These energies have emphasized the need to care for self, to love self and others.

The shift brought by the Saturn-Ceres-Pluto conjunction and Jupiter’s visit in the Capricorn, does not only concern the 3D, physical governing bodies but the inner planes, entities, Extra-terrestrial factions and egregores that were either in charge or illegally visiting Earth. The transmutation can be compared with what you do when you do a big energy cleaning of your energy field, removing entities, implants, ET programs, other human’s grip on your body. At the human level, the matrix created thousands of years ago and reinforced over time, a matrix sustaining the forced evolution of the race through the dark initiation must be dissolved or destroyed.


We summarize what we know, not much, yet useful.

By the end of the nineties, the Greys were asked to leave. Abductions slowly stopped.
In 1996, the Sirians left the inter-dimensional dimension from which they were —legally— ruling Earth.
The ETs (Orion?) who had illegally controlled and manipulated the South-American population for (?) for (hundreds?) of thousands of years were removed and their access to Earth blocked.
2004-2005: The ETs who had invaded Eastern Europe and Russia were put under control.
2016-2017, the Mantis who had invaded and controlled mankind for thousands of years were removed from their functions. Among other things, they oversaw the Roman Catholic Church and the secret societies connected to the Church’s power.

The luciferian hold on earth was officially stopped in 1999, but continued to wage war against the Michael Lineage. Michael’s Light is firmly anchored on Earth and has opened a new vortex to facilitate its work here.

In 2003, the organ of manifestation of the Divine Plan, the New Jerusalem, was anchored on Earth. It started being effective and bringing fruits in 2009. No wonder why an acceleration of human awakening is taking place, plus, I have to mention, more virulent attempts to stop the Light.

In 2014, the new inter-dimensional government was established that replaced the previous one, under the rulership of the Archangel Michael (old team: Sanat Kumara’s and Lucifer’s rule).

The December 25th eclipse belongs to the 111 Saros,

The 111 saros tarted in 1208. In 1208, after the murder of Pierre de Castelnau, pope Innocent III launched the Albigensian Crusade, thus the extermination of the Cathars and the consolidation of the Roman Catholic Church as the dominant force in the struggle for power. It is difficult to predict what could happen to the Church, but a new step in global spiritual healing is certainly at hand. The Roman Catholic Church was fed by the so-called Baphomet, which was created a few years before 1000 CE.

Unfortunately, the power of this magical egregore — discussed in the book Amen (Amen, the Archangel Michael, the Messiah and the Grail Bloodline, Michael El Nour) has persisted. It indicates that this magical, un-natural connection to the Divine has endured until recently; yet, this situation cannot continue. This is the reason why I have severed my relationships with anyone that seemed to serve any occult group and power of the past. The December eclipse and the aspects of 2020 will probably, finally, end this situation.

The spiritual realms as well as mankind (creation, earth and earthlings) are technically ready. Mankind, as the mirror of Consciousness, must now take responsibility for a natural, direct connection with the Divine and with the Creator-god. Humans must behave like adults instead of only focus on the instant satisfaction, pleasures, consummation and fun.

In human innocence, I did not want to believe that the energies would take so long to be transmuted, one little step at a time. As for those who are not aware of this situation —the average human and especially the spiritual community— it is time to look at the truth and take responsibility. Behaving like victims, and accusing the bad ETs of manipulation is not enough. Have you recognized your lack of spiritual maturity? Are you conscious of what your astral selves are doing? Mostly not.

Functioning through the ego and the lower chakras is the evidence. Despite a formidable expansion in consciousness, most humans are still unable and unwilling to change their behavior, with each other and in terms of respecting the Earth. Producing babies, experiencing fast reward and 3rd-chakra-power, draining natural resources, over consuming, having fun. Etc, no need to explain.

Choices for mankind: in need of a despotic reaction or trigger?

Jupiter, the traditional ruler entered the Capricorn on December 2nd, 2019. It joined the pack, magnified the December 26 solar eclipse, conjuncting Sun, Moon and the South Lunar Node. As expressed a few days earlier (December 15th), Jupiter is now assisting Uranus in the Taurus (Trine).
Capricorn is associated with hierarchy, power, cold power, ascension. Because of the position of Jupiter in the Capricorn, some of the 2020 transits could suggest two paths, one being the rise of despotism, or of a strong force or the an event that would adjust the situation. Or a sudden move involving a dictator.

œIn his book, Astrology for the Millions, the late astrologer Grant Lewi called the last Uranus in Taurus cycle (1935 -1941) the Age of Dictators because the 1930s produced Hitler, Mussolini, Tito, Franco, Tojo and other authoritarian leaders.

Another comment made in 2019, when Pluto and Saturn initiated their dance: œSome astrologers worry that when Saturn and Pluto are together, danger of the rise of totalitarian dictatorship is strong in nations around the world. Admittedly, that could be a concern. Often, planets will test our commitment to certain values, so this year, we may have to fight hard for our belief in democracy. Avoided in 2019 with Neptune: œThank goodness for Neptune, for without his care, Saturn and Pluto together can put up quite a united front of force, but Neptune will soften this aspect.

China has about one million people in educational camps. What does China want?

I wrote this prior to the recent declarations of Kim Jong-un. In December, the images shot in October were broadcasted again. œPyongyang propaganda has orchestrated scenes remembering Game of Thrones, at the birth of winter, on the slopes of Mount Paektu, the mythical location of the Korean nation. Kim Jong-Un says North Korea needs to take ‘positive and offensive measures’ to protect country’s security. (Fox News, 12/30/19). He is marketing his ideas, parading on a horse.

œIf it is indeed a static engine test for a new solid or liquid fuel missile, it is yet another loud signal that the door for diplomacy is quickly slamming, if it isn’t already, said Vipin Narang, a nuclear affairs expert at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States. Washington Post

Russia: 20 years of Putin. What exactly is Putin thinking? This can be another post. œA new road and rail bridge now connects Russia to the Crimean Peninsula. The $4.5bn transport link is the longest in Europe and is seen by many in Kyiv as a symbol of Moscow’s control over Crimea. The United States and European Union consider it a violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and have imposed sanctions on companies involved in its construction.

œRussia’s new Avangard hypersonic weapon system is now operational. Avangard, which Russian President Vladimir Putin only announced in March 2018, travels at Mach 27 and is designed to take out U.S. ballistic missile defenses ahead of a wider nuclear attack. Avangard is just the latest in a series of hypersonic weapons under development by the U.S., Russia, and China.
As for the United States, the strengthening of the immigration laws does not solve the problems. Two French and a Cuban citizens recently died in the hands of the immigration. (see notes). Now, how will the US and the rest of the world be able to keep the journey going without violence?

And finally, do you call the present use of technology freedom? You are followed, tracked, analyzed and manipulated every second. Impossible to use your personal (personal?) computer or phone without being interrupted by advertising. Going in a store with a cell phone in your pocket implies receiving advertising from the store within minutes.

1/3/19 are we starting to ignite the fire with Iran. A right wing POTUS and Ayatollah Khamanei.


The spiritual situation:
Volunteers around the world have participated in the effort, cleaning karma, excavating secrets, completing time loops; a few only consciously supported my efforts, two decades of spiritual healing and preparation. The Earth energy field was filled with information, repeated words and commands.

The work is complete. At the galactic level, the Dragon has merged with the ArchAngel and produced the Phoenix. On the earth, the Dragon is running freely, awaken and nurtured by celestial frequencies; in turn feeding the Earth with new vibrations and life-codes.

The old vortices were locked, blocking access to the unwanted invaders from space, and severing the energies used by the religious currents that were the foundation of the last cycle.
A new entrance is opened, welcoming the new guardians, the Lyrians. The vortex is overshadowed by the Archangelic Presence, at a galactic vibrational frequency. All attempts to counter the Divine Plan failed.


1/4/2020: the escalation in the middle-east has to do with the functioning of the vortices. We have spoken about this since the beginning of the war in this area (Ishtar Gate article, not even sure it is somewhere in the website). The attack on the American embassy was calculated. We all have to focus on a resolution; on keeping our frequency and heart at the right level.


note (in response to a reader): I do not like the term Blue Avians used by C. Goode and D. Wilcock. The chicken type beings that they represent look pretty funny. Although, I have myself produced a painting that looks half bird, half feline, I have never met the chickens that he shows in his videos. Like everyone, myself included, we are blinded by our human condition. So many species exist out there… the Cosmos is very complex and we are trapped in a bubble that will, hopefully, be torn soon. might take a few years. Their last video, although interesting, contains

Also, I do not trust Mr. Goode.

I am conscious that strong opposition is still an option. I am ready.

Be blessed while practicing service.


the message issued on 12/30/19:œWith his grey redingote and funny hat, Napoleon appeared as a very simple man and a bit corrupt. Yet, he had nothing in common between him and the ‘vile metal’ that corrupts and dishonor men.
Yet, money was his travel companion. Not taking this component into account would be to forget that the French Revolution,…, was the direct consequence of a financial crisis that the Old Regime could not control. It would be ignoring the fact that the failure of paper money was one of the main factors of the Directory discredit, and that, indirectly, it triggered the advent of a sword capable of reestablish order. It would be ignoring the fact that the military expeditions Bonaparte decided or lead, were undertaken for economical reasons (Saint Domingue, Italy) or failed because of a cruel lack of means (Egypt).
It would also be ignoring the value of the financial recovery that consolidated the consul regime. And, if we go back to the epic, denying the weight of money would be silencing the incredible challenge that Napoleon took on: to finance 15 years of war without triggering a State bankruptcy; when, two decades earlier, the American independence war, although very modest military wise, had been enough to put a thousand years old monarchy on its knees. (The Price of Glory, Napoleon and Money, Pierre Branda, historien).

Despots can be useful.


– Read more:


Elongated skulls in Germany
œOur data points to Barbarian tribes in Western and Central Europe specifically acquiring exotic looking women with elongated heads born elsewhere,” explains genomicist Krishna Veeramah from Stony Brook University in a press release. 2018
The team speculates the women had their supple heads bound as infants in order to produce the distinctive, elongated look a cultural practice carried out in other parts of the world over the course of history, including elsewhere in Europe and Asia.

Susan Miller about 2020 money:

– Death in the hands of the US immigration: a french citizen, from Angola, ’40 years old,… dided Sunday in the Albuquerque Hospital in New Mexico.
Cette mort fait suite celle de Nebane Abienwi, un Camerounais ¢gé de 37 ans, décédé en octobre d’une hémorragie cérébrale alors qu’il était détenu par l’ICE San Diego, en Californie. ‰galement en octobre, un ressortissant cubain, Roylan Hernandez-Diaz, 53 ans, s’est apparemment suicidé alors qu’il était détenu par l’ICE en Louisiane, selon ces services d’immigration. Entre décembre 2018 et mai 2019, cinq enfants originaires du Guatemala étaient également morts en détention apr¨s leur interpellation par des officiers américains de l’immigration.

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