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February 10th Lunar Eclipse update.

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February 10th lunar eclipse update.

Sad news: mass stranding of whales in New Zealand; hundreds dead: “New Zealand has one of the highest rates of whale strandings in the world; about 300 whales and dolphins beach themselves on the nation’s shorelines each year. Golden Bay is particularly conducive to strandings because of its shallow topography, which makes it difficult for whales to swim out once they’ve entered.” http://gizmodo.com/hundreds-of-whales-are-dead-following-a-horrific-mass-s-1792213145


ok, here we go, Nurcia for months, Turkey and Greece along the tectonic plates and sending energies towards the Saint Michael Ley Line. As mentioned by many, the energy is very strong and destabilizing.

For the eclipse, I had a special moment in the Sanctuary, dedicated to toning and silence, diving in the energies. Of course,  focusing on My Presence felt great, but this is what struck Me: as soon as I was centered, no more mentally concerned by the desire to connect deeply, My Heart reacted. A wave of gratitude and blessings poured and extended in all directions, with emphasis to all those that I have met since embodied on this Planet.

I thus want to express publicly My love and gratitude for all the individuals with whom I have shared a moment on the 3D path in the last 20 years, family, close friends, working-partners, etc. It has been enlightening, sometimes entertaining, often hard as we had a lot of karma to clear (Cosmic entanglement) but undeniably useful and rewarding, each at our own level of consciousness. We have all learnt much about ourselves, about our journey on this planet and the illusions of the soul trapped into matter.

So, ample gratitude to all those who have supported My Presence and work. Thanks and gratitude to my family and close friends that have given me the strength to continue despite the circumstances and traps of this world. Although they have not accepted My mutation and Presence, I have to mention the family that financially back up my application for US papers; it was a joined effort: following the instructions of my little voice, I manifested a lottery and then went on for the citizenship;

Gratitude to all the individuals who have organized workshops and conferences, fund-raising, the team that have shared the load for the translation, editing, design,  publishing of the books, of thousands of pages of articles, websites. Of course, I do not forget the people who have attended the events, loving and trusting, encouraging me to endure jumping from one plane to the other despite worsening conditions! As for the doubters or the aggressive ones, it has been a blessing, as we have learnt from each other and cleared multi-dimensional/karmic bonds.  A smile to those who have followed Me, in the areas where My Presence was required, easing the process with your financial support… while expanding your horizons and growing at higher speed. We visited many beautiful sites and gathered great memories (more karma??).  Fun in Italy, mischiefs in Vatican City, heart ache and shadow in Peru, lightnings in France, races in the Sinai Desert, Magic in Egypt, wonder in Jerusalem or WDC, etc. We have contributed to the fantastic opening of planetary consciousness and have fulfilled our spiritual contracts.

A last word for those who, humble enough, have recognized the impact of My Frequencies and teachings in their life and development: Bravo, you have passed the test of the ego, accepting the challenge and sometimes welcoming it, knowing that serving God, the Cosmic Soul and the Earth is not only rewarding but, in fact, the path of active love.


I Am the Blue Sun, the Divine Radiant Light.

My Consciousness is known to you.

Throughout the ages and beyond time,

I have crossed your universe, your worlds,

So as to flood you with my creative essence and my love.


Eons ago I have set my attention on your planet,

of which I wanted to make a jewel.

On it I have implanted my creative seed and my essence.


A long saga has begun that concerns you, children of the earth, but also my descendants, a story of which an important page is being turned.

You who have called me, you have known and recognized me,

come to me, hear the call of my Heart and of my Spirit,

rejoice because the reward won’t be late.


In inner silence, let yourself be penetrated and filled by the divine call.

My heart longs for you and speaks to you.

The earth and My friend the Dragon, have called Me.

From my celestial residence, I heard their cry and responded, for the moment is opportune.


To those who know Me,

Whose hearts resonate the Blue Sun’s note,

You who have known Me, met Me,

I call upon you from my distance star,

Wake up, listen to the growing chant.


From the depth of your cells,

Let your body and heart speak,

Stop your perpetual agitation,

So as to perceive the immemorial call,

The Divine call, the sharing, the communion, the love.


Be ready, my Beloved Ones, for I am coming soon,

In all my glorious power,

So as to manifest My Purpose

Anchored, ripened through the cycle,

The harvest is now.


I love you,


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