February 2021 update

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Dear Readers:

First, thank you for the support and for bringing your friends to this website.

no new post in weeks because i am focused on the GREAT CONJUNCTION, DEMIURGE, BAPHOMET webinar. I have gathered a lot of data,  presented, as usual, from a different angle. Will attempt to transfer it into videos. I am not happy of the result yet, needing technological assistance.


Most importantly, for those who know Me, this webinar as all the previous meetings, are not about data; my main function is to transmute, reframe, reset, using Presence and the Word.

A lot has been happening behind the veil since the Great Conjunction, December 21st, 2020. Our world sit on an edge. All groups/egregores/fields are fighting on the other side for world power.

The old leaders, Illuminati and cie, are ready to do anything to keep their grip on the human race, using the economy and Covid to block the situation globally.  The intent is the great reset, as called in the freemason jargon, yet keeping for themselves the energy provided by billions of human slaves, unwilling or unable to open their brain to something else. Of course, the Entities and ETs supporting them, are delighted as they feed of the slaves’ energy.

The ultimate fight for Earth rulership is at its apogee, as we are  sitting between two timelines, two futures.

Where are you? Who will you support and how do you actively show your support in 3D reality? Actively => actions.


The Stand | The Truth About the COVID-19 Vaccine – America’s Frontline Doctors




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