THE LIFE OF THE CREATOR-god: moving with the Lunar Nodes

Creative vector illustration of wind rose magnetic compass isolated on transparent background. Art design for global travel, tourism, exploration. Concept graphic element for navigation, orientation.

Nice animation of lunar nodes

Home made animation, even easier to grasp, a professor, a football and a tennis ball
The nodes, Dragon Head and Tail are points in space, marking the intersection of the Sun and Moon orbits. They move clockwise = backward along the ecliptic -apparent movement of the Sun= contrary to planets. Between May 5-6th and January 2022.

The lunar nodes axis is our collective compass for 18 months.  A general note first. The south/north nodes are not bluntly past/karma and future/good or problem vs solution. They are 2 energies that work in balance. The South is acquired experience, gifts, where karma = stories, energies, beliefs connected to this past experience. The North is then a new direction in which we use the foundation, the accumulated wisdom and strength collected in the south to go higher in our personal and collective development- as a unique soul and as mankind. Riding the nodes is rethinking, repurposing, adapting the acquired gifts to new situations and collective directions.

If considered as Dragon’s Head and Tail: the Tail, animal like, anchored in habits, reacts; the Head thinks and consciously takes a path towards a goal;
The axis Gemini – Sagittarius (Gem-Sag) is one of the arms of the mutable cross (Gemini, Virgo, Sag, Pisces) – Gemini, element air, is the most fluctuating of the four, and the most dual. Gemini is then the most conducive sign for change.

Gemini: Dual sign activating the movement. Mutable sign par excellence. Considered an adolescent and hermaphrodite energy. Analytic mind. Curiosity, facts, data Curious, innovative; sign ruled by Mercury, the Gemini looks at facts (true or fake could be our next step), practical knowledge used immediately; Connected to the third house, thus immediate environment, community, family and acquaintances, short trips, close environment.

The Sagittarian centaur, half-human, half-horse, bonded by his animal, instinctual nature, is a traveler whose journey aims at finding the higher truth. Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter is the house of philosophy, religion, global beliefs, consensus, beliefs, laws general truth or accepted truth coming from an authority.

Faith. It is the inner knowing, the inner guru. The true Sagittarian teacher should provide an expanded, yet synthetic knowledge; his downside is dogmatism. International projects, long distance travel.

Gemini’s ruler is Mercury, mind, intellect. Therefore, the Gemini environment triggered by the analytic and curious mind of Mercury induces movement through the acquisition of knowledge and data.

Two signs opposite each other are always working de concert and must be balanced. The experience acquired with the Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter is the house of philosophy, religion, global beliefs.

We are now asked to use the Gemini inquisitive and journalistic mind to collectively review all the beliefs that our world is made of, social, religious, political, and personal. We need to decide on what basis we want to rebuild our world.
“For an individual this [south node] may suggest a past life wound. For the collective, the south nodal placement magnifies the sign’s shadow dimensions. Therefore, expect south node Sagittarius to trigger collective work through expressions of questioning the `company line’: the beliefs, rhetoric and rules of the establishment. Sagittarius is the archetype of the teacher/preacher one whose truth is absolute. Of course, any `truth’ rests on data and `facts’, which is Gemini’s domain. The ‘truth ‘is only as valid as the facts it rests upon. Gemini is the fact gather; the journalistic, the forensic cop, the lawyer. Sagittarius is the judge, the commentator, the agenda setter. Because Gemini will be in the north node a solution to this nodal shift will simply be believe nothing unless you question everything. Focus on the Gemini `fact-finding’ as we navigate this new cycle.”


With the Covid crisis, we are supposed to live at the mercy of data (True or fake) hammered down ad nauseum in writings, through verbal communication, imposed surveillance, etc. The north node happens to make a square with Neptune in the Pisces. This implies the possibility of quick spreading of the virus as well as fake information about the virus.


The teams in power have all rights, laws are imposed upon manipulated information; all news revolve around the pandemic; while the sheep are locked-down, cannot even make a living (beware, we have to save lives!!) the financial masters, politicians and power mongers did not stop acting; in the contrary, Covid is the open pretext to take more power, impose new laws, implement structures, install global tyranny and treat humans like a muted herd of slaves. Who knows if we will be able to refuse vaccinations and shots containing malware, spying devices and poisons? For all those who chose the United States as the land of freedom, we are now trapped in a powerful system of tracking, lying and violence.

True, our history, religions, societies have been exposed, and revealed to be more hypocritical than we could imagine. Now, are we going to accept the present rhetoric and imposed laws, the numbers without exercising our brains and our rights? Covid19 is so convenient. Our freedom is annihilated before our eyes. Hospitals are paid if the death certificate for a patient mentions ‘covid’; paid more for the use of a ventilator. As barely anyone is tested and we have no idea how many are/were actually infected, how true are the statistics about the death rate by Covid19? How do you fight? By refusing to buy all the lies and new mythology.


Time to review the pillars of our societies, starting with our religious beliefs, our naivety with governments and international organizations, our childish beliefs about our creation myths, our creators. Time to integrate the role of extra-terrestrials in our existence. We will not insist again on the role of the darkness, our own human darkness, but…, this is part of the deal. Open your eyes, make space in your brain as you might be challenged in the next 18 months.

If everything is only the illusory manifestation of packages of data, emanating from the collective mind (Mercury, also the messenger), then it is our, your opportunity to review your beliefs, your credo, your teachers, check your faith (all Sagittarius characters), then move your mind with Gemini in the direction of the future. Aries launches the seed; Taurus receives and nurtures it. Gemini choses its path.
Short travel and commerce with close collectivity or acquaintances will predominate long distance and international exchanges.
While the north node moves to Gemini, Pluto and Jupiter are still only 3 deg apart, considered conjunct. Pallas, Jupiter’s daughter still very close to her genitor. Mercury is in good terms with Neptune (still in Pisces), Pluto and Jupiter.
This looks like a clear choice, made with Mercury, the conscious choice for the reality (Pallas, coming out of Jupiter’s head) that we are creating (Pluto, death and rebirth).





Last Gemini-Sag nodes axis occurred between October 2001 and April 2003. Just post September 11, an event that changed our societies. You can also examine what happened in your life at the same period.
Between 2001 and 2003



November 2002. GW Bush signs the Home Land Security Act into a law —- ohoh, bad for us…. Based on facts? What new HAS will we invent in 2021?



What happened on the Inner Planes between 2001-3?


As mentioned in article Solstice 2019, Ascension, “At the solstice and according to western astrology, the Sun stands at the end of the zodiacal sign Sagittarius. The Sun is then in close alignment with the Galactic Center of our Milky way, located between 26-27 degrees Sagittarius.
Summer Solstice happens between the signs Gemini (Ends June 20th and Cancer, starts June 21st). The winter solstice at the cusp (imaginary line between 2 signs) of Sagittarius and Capricorn.



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