Shock: European Union Reports 1.5 Million Vaccine Injuries, 15,472 Deaths



COMMENTS on emails – when it is time for our eyes and ears to be open, then we hear and see.


The video I received  from JS. USA


Secret Esoteric Knowledge of the Christ Within – El Secreto Sagrado del Cristo en el Interior – YouTube

Did not watch the full length. Heard about the liquids as Chrism,  and the cabbalistic interpretation in Europe, in old schools. I do not take responsibility for the interpretation as Christ within. This is a level of interpretation that is a little too newagy for Me.

What I like, as old timers know: mankind cannot focus on lower frequencies of survival, sex, money, power and greed,  and reach the next level;  wannabe masters, spiritual seekers must avoid them to keep the energy at Christic/Divine Heart level. 


Raising The Chrism | Universal Truth School  (I like the text, did not watch their video)

Chrism = consecrated mix of oils, myrrh, balsam, used in churches.

Cerebrospinal or cephalorachidian fluids (rachis = spine)

Watch the MRI with pulsating fluids on wiki, fun: Cerebrospinal fluid – Wikipedia


The most important and fundamental technique/protocol that I have applied on myself, taught and practiced with groups is/was the triple level alignment, in which one activates and moves the cerebrospinal fluids as well as the Kundalini energy. In this technique we also added the osteopathic level because sacro-cranial techniques do release and activate the cephalo-rachidian liquids.

So, practice.  This has been a part of my routine, although I mastered and raised the Serpent, Kundalini early again in this lifetime.


ANWER TO A. Germany


“I just got an interesting report. Could it be that vaccinated people are now a transmitting station and broadcast certain frequencies that also, especially, unvaccinated people could receive?

They want to change the nature of DNA, thus cutting us off from higher consciousness. Our perception should be reduced so that we would become technological slaves. The human must recognize his true greatness, accept his God-given power, vibrate in the divine frequency. Hope you can translate the article well.”


Yes, all and everything is energy, with a specific frequency. And yes, we all, constantly communicate with each other, with the environment and with the Creator-god (our common Body and Consciousness).

With last decades of changes, we are all more sensitive and receptive.

We communicate through chakras, DNA, cells, brain and even guts (the other brain) Yes, if you sit or speak on the phone with someone whose immune system or frequency-codes are low, you can immediately feel the shift in your body: pains,  that you normally do not feel (= increase of the level of inflammation)  awakening of old symptoms, memories, etc. If you stay with this individual or accept to share his/her life, then your systems will level down. And you might catch and keep some of your companion’s personal challenges, entities, etc. repetition.

Yes, vaccinations have healed the world from disasters but, the side effects are important and undeniable.  So, if a nano chip is inserted, in any way, your body will respond and communicate with a different frequency…. And emit the message encoded on the nano chip.  And yes, the old rulers are not gone yet, Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter and Neptune all retrograde = we have more transmutation, more inner shifts to accomplish.

And yes, foolishly maybe, but consciously read my body’s answers to Covid: it does alter the heart and crown chakras (as discussed in webinar in 2020), which can translate into physical dysfunctions, concomitantly with keeping mankind at a lower level.



2 segments ready. Encouragements are welcome, lots of work.

Also looking for assistance for someone in France.  No money, no computer, poor health of course. Monetary donations? used machine? Ideas?


Be blessed.

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