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Nodal Axis Change – North Node in Aries – July 2023. Public

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If you do not have Ephemerides, this website lists the north node locations from 1916-2028.

Finding-the-North-Node-from-1916-to-2028.pdf (

New beginnings, big time. Change of the nodal axis. Our collective compass is on the axis Aries-Libra. As the Nodes are re-directing your life between past and future, they also have to do with karmas. Therefore, locate Aries and Libra in your charts, to determine what areas in your life need attention and are moving in a new direction.

Does Mr Musk dabbles with astrology? His X app appears in the news right when the north node stabilizes in Aries.

This is a good commentary about the true meaning of X, sent by M., one of our readers.


North Node Aries, July 2023

We will divide our insights in two sections: the meaning of the new axis at the personal level, and from the standpoint of our Creator-god. I realize that this is too long, so will post a part 2 later to have more time to focus and not overwhelm you. lol.

On the enclosed chart, July 19th the North Node or Rahu, Dragon Head was located at 29 Aries. The last time it happened was on December 27th 2004. The question to ask yourself: what were you doing at the end of 2004 and in 2005? I was discovering Myself, bringing all aspects of Self I could find and reach,[1] anchoring My Presence on Earth. on December 26th, following an altercation with the old Capricornian lodges, the powerful 9+ earthquake struck Indonesia.

The south Node or Ketu, Dragon Tail, is in Libra.


First, for general info about North node and South Node, you can refeer to :

“The nodal axis indicates what frequencies humans are evolving through collectively and where they should focus. It is also the area in which the eclipses or windows of transformation and opportunities take place over the course of one and a half years.”

WishList Member – Archangel Michael (

Eclipses mechanism, part 2 Videos – Archangel Michael (



Our discussion relates, is anchored to the present matrix —  the tropical zodiac doubled with the space-time linked to the precession of the equinoxes WishList Member – Archangel Michael (

The nodal axis is our collective compass: what humankind must focus on for 18 months, what ereas in their life will be activated.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac.  “Aries starts a cycle of incarnation.”[2] The life force and sent out by the Divine Heart/Mind and flow freely, with the enthusiasm and vitality of a teenager, who aggressively and emotionally explodes when facing a barrage. Ruled by Mars, Aries, a fire sign, can be aggressive and will need the assistance of its esoterical ruler, Mercury to stabilize and avoid disasters.

Fortunately, it is balanced by Libra, sign of equilibrium, ruled by Venus: ‘I make peace with the other.” However, if the soul is not rooted in its essence and anchored in the Spiritual North/Axis, it has a tendency to hesitate constantly, being unable to make a decision and give up its integrity to please the other. Libra, is an air sign and esoterically ruled by Jupiter; thus, when the soul is a little older, sensitive to Jupiter’s call, it will manifest as a mediator, a judge, and ‘become conscious of the collective, shifting from I, Me to We.”[3] Signs always work in pair; on the axis Aries-Libra, Aries is I, Libra, exoterically ruled by Venus, is the other [First ruler is exoterical, exterior. The next is eso-terical. Eso=within]. So, we are collectively invited to create or re-create an updated version of ourself, within the new frequencies, while balancing (Libra) our relationships (Venus, Libra’s ruler) in the right axis.

At the soul level, all human beings have the opportunity to start over, renew their Self, with the independence and the courage of Aries.

During the previous cycle and years, dominated by the powerful Pluto, humanity has been asked to move from egoistical and cynical exercise of power, ego and personality based, rewarded by money and sex to a more divine and loving expression of one’s specific blueprint.

Do you know who you are and what, how you want to manifest your essence in the physical world? How can you contribute to the rebuilding of our societies? Are you feeling confident enough to just be yourself, in your power, without forcing or conniving, without losing yourself? Can you naturally add love and others to the mix? The age of aquarius and Uranus are oriented towards working more as and for the  community. Is the path that you have chosen to invest yourself in, serving the community instead of your ego?

Fortunately, more human beings have heard the call and reached enough and often enough their divine self, the Monad, to express emerging life and fire at a new frequency. This is the only way you will efficiently and positively participate in the collective creation of the New World, as well as the anchoring of the new timeline.


[1] Amen, page 191, three levels of the Grail

[2] Esoterical Astrology, Bailey, &92

[3] Jupiter, messenger of the new age, Francon Gilberte.

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