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5/16/23 I am done reading one of Jamin’s books. Lost Paititi and the Non Human Remains of Nazca. 

Funny, my consciousness was first on Mexico and Costa Rica, now on Peru. Another layer of alignment. Ask questions if you need.

The afterlife in Inca’s culture:


“When an Inca emperor died and was mummified—via the removal of organs, embalming and freeze-drying of the flesh—his heir might take on the imperial role but not his father’s possessions, which the mummy and his other children required for their sustenance. Thus, each Inca emperor went farther and farther afield to amass the glory that would redound upon his ancestral line, or panaca: venturing down to the coast, or into the jungle, to collect the fantastic gold, silver, shells, feathers and other sumptuous goods that the afterlife required.”

This is the story of the mummy Maria and many others, a story that was published years ago. i was not impressed at the time but am ready to update my beliefs.


Why is it coming back to my awareness? Probably because my awareness is needed in south America. Additionally, reminding us   that humans are living in a fully policed and manipulated society. It is difficult to trust anyone, with titles and education or not. As for alien disclosure, we need more individuals willing to raise concern and shout their disapproval of governmental and army policies. Otherwise, human slavery by an alien and astral elite will not stop.

Gaia, new agers as well as many doctors, scientists, hospitals, international laboratories, Physics institutes, CSeti were involved.  Amongst the specimens was a body with eggs inside the abdomen.  The DNA, skin, bones of several specimens were studied.  Abnormal skin. The results show 14.29 to 33 or 36.27 % of human DNA present. (p. 184). Also “analysis revealed several interesting details showing a great similarity with terrestrial reptiles.” p. 185  When i was 19, i had a close friend who suffered chronic fatigue and heavy traumas. She became pregnant in strange circumstances and gave birth to a reptilian baby. Now we know!!

Thierry Jamin’s website:


Thierry Jamin. Nazca mummies 3 fingers and eggs –

Unearthing Nazca The Complete Story (2019) on Vimeo

Strong reactions in the scientific community: i.e.

I can only confirm alien involvement in  human DNA improvement as i remember participation in the  process. A lot of present human scientists are involved in research with alien civilization knowingly and in 3D, or unknowingly , from another dimension. Just look at the man in the blue lab coat on this video around minute 34. lol

What is frustrating is that governments and secret services are involved and still controlling the cover-up. Now, if alien civilizations wanted to make themselves known, they could easily do it, with or withouth NASA, CIA and whoever’s authorization.

more later.


“The real story told for the first time by Thierry Jamin! In October 2016, Thierry Jamin, a French researcher and explorer, was contacted by grave robbers, or “huaqueros”, from the southern coast of Peru. The latter reveal to him strange mummified objects discovered in a secret place in the Nazca desert. Convinced of the reality of the facts, Jamin and his group embark on this quest. Strange humanoid mummies, with elongated heads and three-fingered hands, hit the headlines and upset the world of Peruvian archeology and world ufology for more than four years. This incredible story is the “Roswell Affair” of modern archaeology, and its implications will unfold throughout the century. More than 230 pictures.”

(Website story sent by one of our Readers. thanks).

The Inkari Institute “has had the opportunity to work jointly and several times with the Peruvian government through the Ministry of Culture for, in particular, the discovery in 2012 of a burial chamber under the main temple of the ruins of the city of Machu Picchu.

It was in October 2016 that a journalist friend of Thierry Jamin accompanied by an individual who wanted to remain anonymous, came to him to appraise a small mummy of 24cm and a small head, both covered with white powder and resembling two small humanoids of reptilian appearance. The latter come from the Nazca region of Peru.

This will be the beginning of an unlikely story where reality exceeds fiction, mixing discoveries of humanoids of different appearances or sizes, and this against a background of grave robber, white CIA 4X4 crisscrossing the region in search of a mysterious underground entrance giving access to a complex of mazes under the plateau of the famous Nazca desert,  Known for its geoglyphs or necropolises or pyramids covered by the desert.

Not to mention the tensions that the Inkari Institute will have to face to ensure that these mummies can be protected as cultural heritage of Peru.”

Their DNA is supposed to be only partly human. If you investigate and find a good website in English, LMK.

Les momies non humaines de Nazca – Thierry Jamin


French video –


“A team of journalists from M6 went to meet this grave robber who entrusted the famous mummies to Thierry. They found him in the Nazca desert, a region full of ancestral burials, and where they were able to film dozens of skulls witnessing the hybridization between humans and extraterrestrials. Mario, as he is called, admits having given the mummies to Thierry and he confided, off camera: “I still have one like that at home, she is great.” He’s asking for $100,000.

Prices are going up very quickly now. Since the publication of the discoveries of Thierry Jamin in the media, they have been multiplied by ten. “Here, these mummies from another world have become a real business,” says Mario. For his part, Thierry is determined to carry out further analyzes to prove the authenticity of the mummies. A piece of vertebra will be analyzed in a laboratory in the United States, to decipher its DNA, he says.”

you might remember about the Atacama skeleton, that was often referred to as a Sirian specimen was fully human. I have ordered one of Thierry Jamin’s book and will tell you more later.


not watched it yet. May



astrology à la Michael:

Transcription from Karma workshop:

The houses show your path in life. You are born here and you go through the zodiac: As a baby: ‘Oh I am alive, Oh there are other people besides me, Oh I have a mother and I have a father, Oh I have siblings, Oh now I have a family, Oh if I have a family I can play with my family, Oh but now I am 7 years old and I have chores, and now I am 14 years old and I want to have a girlfriend, but if I have a girlfriend then I need to have money to take her out, … or care for my family, and I need to take responsibilities in my life, if I want to have money I have to learn, get an education, and with this education then I will have a career, and this career is going to expand my horizons, because I am going to have a new group, the people I meet at work, and then oops I am done and prefer to be by myself, not in an hospital or in jail though!…house 12.’

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