October 2022, Eclipses and End of Samhain-Halloween

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END OF HALLOWEEN- just hit me….more will be added tomorrow.


October might feel like we have a little more freedom, although Mars is still going very slowly in Gemini and retrograde until January 12th.  Decisions and actions are difficult; although you might want to move on, one step forward only brings you 2 steps backwards. The Uranus-Saturn square is tight, and the intense energies seen to prepare everyone for a hard winter.

But Mercury, Pluto (10/9), Saturn (10/23) are now direct.

Before the eclipse, oct 9, full moon in Aries, conjunct Khiron. This is important, as the month of September was dedicated to completing time loops and toxic karmas.

Time to let go of your wounds and all attached behaviors to be able to follow the high speed energies, the new opportunities that will be presented during two eclipses – they generally come in pair.

  • Partial SOLAR Eclipse Oct 25, 2022, at 6:49 AM, at 2° Scorpio 00′ – 3.48 PDT
  • Total LUNAR Eclipse November 8, 2022, at 6:02 AM, at 16° Taurus 01′


Sun and Venus in Scorpio are assisting in looking below the surface. Who are you as a soul, what is your purpose and what is the role of relationships and partnerships in your life? Time to communicate or time to move on? Scorpio, ruled by Pluto involves transformation. Check what house you have in Pluto to know what area in your life will be impacted.

The full moon connected to your subjective reality and thoughts is activated by Aries. Opposite Venus, feelings of loneliness or detachment in relationships might arise.

“We are now in the middle of the Sun-Venus cycle. Even if this is a conjunction, the transit feels like a Venus “Full Moon”. This is when the initiatives or the intentions we set back in January (when Venus started a new cycle) will come to fruition.”[i]

While we might enjoy introspection, Uranus is still kicking in the sky, squaring stubborn Saturn. Habits, programs and may be the world as we have crystallized it (Saturn) is ready to disappear. After years of learning about energies, quantum waves and the possibility that our reality is only a simulation, are we ready to let go?

The October 25th solar eclipse involves a grand Air trine, GEMINI AQUARIUS LIBRA, connected by an equilateral triangle. The air flows and allow fluidity and communication.

Thinking (Gemini) outside of the norm (Aquarius), yet with respect to balance (Libra).

Mars, Mercury, Saturn hold the apexes of this grand trine. Action might be taken to anchor, materialize (Saturn), new ideas of equality (Mercury in Libra). These energies remove some of the dramatic impact of the ongoing Saturn square Uranus.


Eclipse conjunct Venus, square Pluto, at 2 Scorpio. “The Moon has the precise degree of its fall in this decan (3º Scorpio) which is supposed to make it extremely unfortunate. We are only one degree away from it! The Solar Eclipse October 2022 is a devouring moon. It resonates with the goddess Kali. The moon in Scorpio 1 has been referred to as a vagina dentata (yes, a lady’s part with teeth!). So the Moon is desperately famished here and can also be sexually insatiable. Therefore the collective either become totally ruthless and Plutonic with their hunger, or they could feel a great fear of starvation.”[ii] I like this author, always reassuring! With the ongoing Uranus pressure, sudden and pivotal events can be expected. As many, I  believe that the next months will be decisive for humankind and that we can only trust that the universe and our soul will provide for the best possible outcome.

“Are we on the brink of nuclear war? When asked this question, President Biden had a curt answer: “No.”

After the invasion of Ukraine, Putin ordered Russia’s nuclear forces into a higher state of alert, the first time the Kremlin had done so since the Russian Federation was established in 1991. This came after issuing thinly veiled threats of a nuclear attack should any foreign power try to stop him from war.

America appears to be calling Russia’s bluff (or at least the Biden administration wants to appear stoic in the face of a real threat). Still, Russia and the U.S. control 90 percent of the world’s nuclear weapons, so any talk of a nuclear attack raises questions no one has seriously been asking since the end of the Cold War.”[iii]


By October 28th, Jupiter will be back in his traditional home, Pisces. Jupiter visits a sign every 12 years. In Pisces, inspiration, spirituality will be emphasized. Again, although this is a bit simplistic, you can look at the house you have in Pisces in your natal chart.

Finally, as eclipses generally come in pair, be aware of our next collective step, November 7-8 with a  total lunar eclipse.





French general pays tribute to the AntiVaxxers: “They seem normal, but they are superheroes”

Frontnieuws, Sep 16, 2022


General Christian Blanchon’s Message in Tribute to the Unvaccinated

They’re there, by your side. They seem normal, but they’re superheroes.

Even if I were fully vaccinated, I would admire the unvaccinated for having withstood the greatest pressure I’ve ever seen, including from spouses, parents, children, friends, colleagues, and doctors.

People who are capable of such character, courage and critical ability undoubtedly embody the best of humanity.

They can be found everywhere, in all ages, education levels, countries and opinions.

They are of a special kind; they are the soldiers that every army of light wishes to have in its ranks.”




[iii] Are We Facing Nuclear War? – The New York Times (


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